The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


4. Now he want's to talk

 Emily leaned against the elevator door, what the hell did just happen ? Who did he think he was ? She was embarrassed by her own reaktion 
 She was also confused as to what to tell her colleagues watching on the surveillance, at least there was no sound, but they would surely aske what had happend.
 She took a couple of deep breaths, she had to get a hold of herself before going back to the surveillance room, she didn't want them to se how much he affected her.
 She opened the door and walked in with a big smile on her face, her voice casual. "Hi again".
 Both men turned around staring at her, eyes wide and mouths open, she had hoped they had been preoccupied, she ignored them heading for her corner and the book she was reading.
 "What did he want from you ? It looked like an cosy conversation, we didn't know if we should send in reinforcement, but you didn't hit your panic button".  They watched her curiously.
 Emily shrugged. "There was no reason for panic, he just wanted to talk, I think he is starting to get bored down there".
 She walked briskly to her chair and buried herself in her book, but she just keep reading the same line over and over.
 She could feel the others eyes on her for quite some time. It was a relieve when she shortly after ended her shift.
 It was nice to have some time, even if she loved her job, she enjoyed the sun and air outside very much, and she didn't get alot of that while at work.
 After 2 days of work she had almost forgotten the weird feeling, and it was a night shift, which ment no need to go to the cell unless he called, and he hadn't done that one single time.
 She made herself comfortable in the surveillance room with her book and a cup of tea, with expectations of a quiet and boring night. 
 The guy who had the day shift had reportet that everything was as usual, not a word from Loki.
 But she hadn't read many pages when she heard an unfamiliar sound, she looked up confused, one of the guards turned around looking equally bewildered. "I think someone is trying to reach you".
 She looked at the surveillance, there in the middle of cell Loki was standing, starring intently into the camera, he had called for her. "I better go se what he wants".
 When she entered the elevator she felt her stomach cleanse up, but he couldn't know that she had the shift or could he ?
 She walked slowly into the cell, Loki was standing in the middle of the room, rocking back and forth on his bare feet, his long arms folded at his back, a crafty smirk on his face. "Welcome back Lady Emily".
 "Hi Loki, is there anything I can do for you ?" She felt a bit tense and tried to look at him without getting caught in his mesmerising stare.
 "Oh I could think on several things you could do for me". His voice drawled, he winked at her his mouth twisting into a lopsided grin.
 Emily felt the heat rising to her face, what the hell was happening here ? Did Loki seriously just flirt with her ?
 When she didn't answer, he merely shrugged, turned slowly and walked away with the grace of a large cat, he flopped down on the couch."I couldn't sleep and I'm bored".
 "I am not allowed to sleep and I am kind of bored to, so wanna talk ?" She answerd, pulling over a chair and sitting down backwards, her arms resting on the chairs back.
 "Tell me about yourself". Loki leaned forward, his long legs wide apart, looking like he actually cared about what she had to say.
 How much could she tell him ? Right know he seamed so ingratiating and charming, but only 3 months ago he tried to take over New York, on the other hand for what evil could he use her life story ? 
 She started. "There isn't really much to tell, I'm 26 years old and I have worked for shield for 5 years now, I would love to do some field work, to make a real difference".
 "So young, so lovely, so naive. Are you born here in New York ? No, you have to be from somewhere small and idyllic". He straightened up but keept his eyes on her.
 She felt the heat cravling up her face igain, did he just call her lovely ? Okay he had called her naive to, but seriously lovely ? "I grew up in a small town in Idaho".
 He clapped his hands gleefully, like a child at christmas morning, he seamed to be very pleased with himself for being right. 
 For the next half hour he did a third degree about her life and work and she answerd the best she could, trying not to give him anything that could be used against her.
 His sudden interest in her was surprising, but as hensaid he was bored, the tima had to feel like forever, alone down here in this cell.
 Loki lazily stretched his long body yawning, then said with a velvety voice. "And now it is time that I bid my lady goodnight".
 "Goodnight then Loki, sleep well". She rised from the chair, sending him a genuine smile before exiting the cell pondering what had just transpired.

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