The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


19. Nightmares and blue eyes

 Emily was awaken by an unknown sound, she sat up in bed, it was dark in the room and at first she was confused to where she was, but then she remembered she was in Stark tower, in the room she shared with Loki.
 And the noice that had awaken her, it seemed to be coming from Lokis bed or at least somewhere in that area. "Loki ? Are you okay ?"
 She didn't get an answer, and with a sigh she got out of bed, walking slowly to the other end of the room, when she got closer she realised it was a whimpering sound.
 Loki was thrashing about in his bed, his brow was furrowed and beaded with sweat and he was whimpering like he was in pain.
 She gently put her hand on his shoulder, shaking him lightly, there was no reason for him to suffer through what looked like a really bad dream. "Loki wake up, it is just a nightmare".
 Suddenly he sat up, stif as a bord, his eyes staring at her, but it wasn't Lokis intensely green eyes, these were icy blue and his gaze where more or less insane.
 She knew she had to get out of there and away from him right now, there was no dou doubtin her mind that he was highly dangerous right then.
 But before she could really react, his arm shoot out, grabbing her by the neck and literally liftet her from the floor, she desperately clawed at his hand but to no avail.
 She tried to speak, but it wasn't possible to get a single sound out, when she thought that she would loose consciousness, he threw her across the room and she hit the bed post of her own bed with a sickening sound.
 Emily had never broken anything before, but she was quite sure she both heard and felt several bones break on impact, and she screamed as the pain wrenched through her.
 Her vision was going dark and she was sure she was going to die now, she heard an alarm somewhere, Jarvis had reacted to her beeing i danger, but she doubted anyone could get there in time.
 Suddenly she was lifted from the ground, Loki had her in one hand by the scruff of her neck, those blue eyes staring at her but somehow seeming blind.
 "Loki please hear me, I know you are still in there, It is Emily here, I know you can fight it, I trust you". Instead of fighting him she relaxed and she grabbed his free hand, pulling it her her face and kissing it softly on the palm.
 She could literally feel the life seeping from her body, something inside her was brooken beyond repair and she knew she was going to die now matter what.
 "Emily ? Oh God no Emily, what have I done ?" Suddenly she was cradled in Lokis arms like a baby, close to his chest, his beautiful green eyes, filled with sadness, looking at her.
 She tried to smile, she could taste blood in her mouth and she whispered laboured. "I know it wasn't you Loki, you weren't you".
 She could her sounds outside the room, it had to be Tony charging down the corridor, but there would be nothing he could do, no one could save her now.
 "Emily please remove my arm cuff, I am the only one who can save you, please trust me". He looked at her pleadingly.
 She shouldn't do it, but she couldn't let them punish him for her dead, so the only logical choice was letting him go, no matter what he choose to do when freed.
 She used the last ounch of energy to grab his wrist, making sure to let all her fingers touch the cuff, she heard it beeping and then it fell to the floor in the exact moment Tony burst thr through the door. "Loki stop, let her go".
 "I can't Tony, I got to save her, trust me I am the only one who can". She heard Loki answer, the world was shimmering, green sparks flying and then everything went black.
 Even though she was unconscious or she thou thought she was as she couldn't se or feel anything, somewhere deep in her subconscious mind, she could hear Loki whisper for her to hold on, to keep fighting.

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