The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


13. Loki's illusion

 Emily got dressed in a hurry and went directly to work, even though it was early, she marched right up to Furys office.
 There was no secretary outside, and she went to knock on the door, as expected Fury answered. "Come on in".
 Emily breathed in deeply and went inside, she stopped in her track right inside the door, Fury was standing next to Tony Stark, having clearly been in the middle of an discussion, they were both looking at her.
 "Emily, didn't I tell you to take a couple of days off ? Is something wrong ?" Fury was looking at her with concern.
 But Tony Stark walked past him and extending his hand towards her. "So that is the infamous Emily, whom is so whole heartedly defending everyones favourite sociopath in the basement".
 "Loki is no a sociopath, at least no more than certain other persons present". She answered, shaking his hand firmly.
 Tony smiled crookedly and turned towards Fury. "I like her, she got some balls".
 "Was there something you wanted to talk to me about Emily ?" Fury looked at her, ignoring Tony completely.
 Emily pulled herself together. "I know this sounds strange, but I had a dream, but not an ordinary dream, they are connected to Loki somehow, like his dreams or thoughts are somehow projected to me".
 "He was being tortured, and something really bad was enclosing him, he wasn't himself when he attacked New York, it was like he was possessed". She bid her lip, looking at Fury.
 Tony tilted his head, watching her. "And you don't think him capable of manipulating those dreams ? You want us to believe that Loki is an innocent victim ? Maybe he just have you wrapped around his pinkie ?"
 "Shut up, no one asked for your opinion Stark, I am not a stupid little girl, I am very aware that he might be playing some trick and he haven't got me wrapped anywhere, I just think we need to consider this". She said heatedly.
 Tony laughed and went to pour himself a whisky. "I really like her Fury, maybe I should offer her employment ?"
 "We were actually discussing something like that Emily, we had some singns that something really big and really bad is about to go down, and we think Loki might know something that could help us". Fury said.
 Emily was surprised, they didn't think she was crazy, they actually thought there was something more to all this, she might be able to help Loki after all. "What are you planning to do ?"
 "Could you please give us a little time to take your info into consideration and get some things figured out". Furynsaid and Tony nodded.
 "Yes, you can wait in the basement, check up on him, we'll find you when we reach agreement". Tony said winking.
 Emily walked out the office and took the elevator down, she stuck her head into the guard room, saying hi and then casually saying. "I am heading down into the cell, Fury and Stark asked me to wait for them there".
 She went to the elevator down to the cell and walked through the well known corridors, what would Loki say when she showed up ? Would he be asleep ?
 When she walked into the cell everything was back to normal, nothing was broken like the dream, he was standing in the middle of the room, looking at her. "What do you want Emily ?"
 So suddenly no Lady before her name, she looked at him, then looked around, no something was wrong, it was to perfect. "What about dropping the facade Loki ? I am not buying it".
 "Well spotted". His voice now came from the bed, the room kind of blinked and she was back in the ruined room, just like the dream, the only thing not broken was the bed.
 Emily looked at him, he was lying on his back staring at the ceiling, henwas wearing jeans and an unbuttoned white shirt, his black hair unruly, his bare feet dangling of the bed.
 He popped himself up on his elbows, looking at her. "But what are you doing here Emily ? Ain't you scared of me ?"
 "No Loki, it might be a new concept to you, but I am not scared of you, I know you weren't yourself, just like you weren't you when you attacked New York". She answered.
 Loki stood up, starring at her, his expression unreadable. "Oh so you suddenly know everything about my purpose, do we ?"
 "Just stop it Loki, I am actually trying to help you, I don't really se anyone else doing that, without me they probably let you rot here or in some other black hole, so if you ever want to see daylight again, just stop". She snapped.
 She could taste the fear, like bile in her mouth, but she bit it back, she couldn't let him intimidate her, she had to keep the upper hand.
 He sat back down on the bed sighting. "And what would you want me to do ? And what exactly do you think you can do ?"
 "Right know we are waiting for Fury and Stark, they know something evil is about to go down, and they are working on an solution". She answered, hoping they would show up soon.


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