The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


12. In pain

 "Emily are you okay ? I just heard what happened and was on my way to see you". Fury walked over, looking at her questioning.
 Emily nodded, her voice a bit raw. "I'm fine, luckily Thor got there really fast and nothing to bad happened, I'm just a little sore". 
 Fury nodded toward Thor, and looked back at Emily. "I guess that you came to get your old assignment back ? It is quite understandable".
 "No". She said firmly, making Fury look utterly surpriced, she continued. "Loki didn't know what he was doing, he had just gotten a heartbreaking message from home. I do not want to see him punished in any way".
 "It is up to you Emily, but do not forget who and what he is and what he is capable of, do not let him fool you, promise me that ?" Fury look very serious.
 She nodded. "Of course not, but I do think that there is alot more to it than we know, and I want to find out what".
 "Go home for now and take a couple of days off, and promise to be careful in the future right ?" Fury followed her to the door.
 When they walked past Thor, he quickly said. "You stay, I want a private word with you".
 Emily would have loved to stay, she was certain the talk was about Loki, but she knew she was not welcome, so she went home. She didn't tell anybody about what happened.
 When she fell asleep that evening, she had another dream, this time she new it was a dream, and she was also quite sure they weren't random, they had something to do with Loki.
 When she opened her eyes, she was in a dark place, it wasn't somewhere she knew, she wasn't even sure it was somewhere on earth.
 The air was heavy and choking, it smelled awful, like iron and sulphur. She could hear a lot of noises, like banging on metals and steam getting let out.
 She heard something resembling a voice, but it wasn't really words, but like deep noices, then came an evil laughter and some unpleasant sounds and then a heart wrenching scream.
 It was the single most heartbreaking and terrifying sound she had ever heard, she felt like it was crushing her heart, making her want tomcurl up,and cry.
 She ran toward the sound, but she didn't move anywhere, she could hear the screams again and again, and she was certain it was Loki being tortured, he was in excruciating pain.
 Despite everything he had done, she could feel the tears running down her cheeks, nobody deserved to suffer like that. She had to get to him, to ease just some of his pain.
 Suddenly she was falling, around her was a dark whirling stream, she saw Loki falling, he was unconscious some kind of black cloud like tendrils curling around him.
 Then she was in a grand room, Lokis arrival on earth, know one saw her, she felt like a ghost, everyone looking right through her.
 She looked at Loki and knew rigth away he wasn't well, he was drawn and pale, sweat running down his face and his eyes an odd bluish colour, he wasn't himself at all.
 Loki looked at her, and the entire world froze, there was so much pain and fear in his eyes that she feelt physical pain from looking into them. She held out her hand toward him.
 Then suddenly she was in the cell, Loki was standing in front of her, his chest bared, he was himself again, his green eyes intense and filled with pain.
 She was staring at him, his pale skin was cover in horrific scars and she let out a gasp clamping her hands over her mouth, he closed his eye, the scars slowly fading.
 Now he reached for her, stroking her cheek gently, his voice heavy with pain. "Do you se Emily ? Do you see the truth ?"
 Emily sat up in her bed, the tears running down her face, she had to help him, had to make Loki okay again, but would anyone believe her ?

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