The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


25. Hot showers and a visit from Thor

 "Emily? Emily, I need your help." Loki's voice rang out from the bathroom.
 She knew he was in the bath and she therefore had no desire to go out there. "With what Loki? What do you need my help for in the bath."
 "Just get here out sweetie, I asked nicely". His voice sounded slightly mocking, but also commanding.
 She sighed, if he was up to some sort of stupidity,  he would get one over the neck.
 When she came out she saw him sitting in the bathtub, he sat up and looked at her, she was happy that he had foam in the water, it covered just the most necessary.
 "What is it Loki?" She looked at him and tried to avoid looking at his muscular wet chest and instead keep her eyes on his face.
 He looked at her sweetly and held a sponge towards her. "Will you wash my back? I can not reach."
 "I'm not your handmaiden, you know right ?" She said and rolled her eyes, but she grabbed the sponge anyway.
 She walked up to the tub and began to wash him very gently on the upper back, she was somewhat uneasy about the situation.
 "I do not bite Emily, at least not because you wash my back, so you can safely take a better hold." He said and sent her a wry glance.
 She sighed. "It just feels a little uncomfortable, okay Loki, to stand here and almost touch you."
 "Why? I have since seen you looking at me and you seemed to enjoy the kiss before." He glanced teasingly at her.
 She blushed and lost her grib on the sponge, she tried frantically to grab it again. "Loki you can not just say something like that, a gentleman does not say something like that out loud".
 "I don't think I ever claimed to be a gentleman, and it is not the sponge." He replied, grinning now.
 She pulled her hand away and blushed even more, okay that was it, she could not do this, so she turned to leave.
 Loki grabbed her wrist and before she could grasp what was happening she lay on top of him down in the tub, her clothing already soaked.
 "Loki damn, why would you do that ?" She looked at him and tried to get up but slipped and landed on top of him again.
 He laughed, it was a happy laugh, as if he truly enjoyed himself. "Because I wanted to."
 "You are not quite normal Loki, you know that right?" She was suddenly all too aware that she could feel his body very clearly through her wet clothes.
 His eyes caught her and suddenly the smile disappeared and his gaze was so intense that it almost frightened her, then his arms slid around her and pulled her against him and his lips caught hers.
 This time she didn't hesitate fr a second, but returned his kiss, even though she knew it was wrong, but she just couldn't help it.
 Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Tony stuck his head inside. "What are you two ... Whoopsi .. uh Thor is here, so get some clothes on."
 "Fuck Tony". Emily threw the wet sponge after him, rather flushed and embarrassed that he had seen them, but it only hit the closed door.
 Loki helped her out of the water. "We'd better get some dry clothes on if my brother is here."
 She hurried to wrap a large towel around herself and tried to peel the wet clothes of underneath, Loki just laughed and rose from the bath tub. "I'll probably will never understand your discomfort with nudity, you have nothing to be ashamed of."
 "Uh thanks, I think, but I'm just not as broad-minded as you." She replied, trying to keep her eyes from his body.
 Loki dried himself of and then went into the bedroom to get dressed, Emily hurried to get out of the wet clothes and get dried of, then she went through the door with the towel around herself.
 She managed to get underwear on under the towel before she took it off and began to get dressed, she could feel Loki's eyes on her.
 "Emily, put on some sensible shoes and a warm sweater." She looked at him in astonishment, but his gaze made her just do as he said.
 He was in jeans, a gray hoodie and sneakers, and he looked almost like a ordinary teenager.
 When she had gotten dressed, he opened the door and grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry Emily, both for what I have done and what I probably need to do but trust me okay?"
 "Okay". She replied confused but amazingly enough she actually trusted him, though it probably seemed stupid.
 They came into the room and Thor looked up, he was standing beside Tony. "So good to see you again brother and Lady Emily."
 Suddenly Thor stopped and stared at her, then he looked at Loki and his voice sounded angry and very high. "Brother what have you done, explain to me how Lady Emily has gotten immortality ?"
 She looked at Thor, then looked at Loki, immortality? Loki looked apologetic at her and whispered. "Trust me Emily, think of a place you feel safe."
 "Sorry brother, sorry Tony." He grabbed her and suddenly they were surround by a green flash of light and then everything aroundt them disappeared.


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