The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


5. Her Hearts desire

 As Emily stepped out of the elevator the lights went off, a siren was blaring and red lights flashing, she felt herself start to panic.
 What was happening ? She looked for the guards, but couldn't se any. "Hallo, is anybody here ?"
 She got no answer, the elevator door was closed and she new it locked down when the alarm went off, she was cut off from going back up, what was she to do ?
 Emily slowly made her way down the hallway, there was still no guards to be seen, but the doors ere slightly ajar.
 She could feel the fear creep into here, growing like at big knot in her stomach, she had no weapons only an panic button, but there was no reasons for more alarms, the help was surely on the way.
 She breathed deeply and kept walking. what was happening ? Surely Loki couldn't have escaped or could he ? She called out again. "Hallo, anybody here ?"
 Emily flinched, she thought she saw a shadow out the corner of her eye, but when she turned there was no one to se. She closed her eye and took a deep steadying breath, but her eye flew open when she heard a triumphant laughter.
 There where no longer any doubt in her mind Loki was afoot, how he had escaped she couldn't figure out, but she was sure that was the case, and she had to get away fast.
 She ran for the elevator, even though she knew it wouldn't work, but she didn't know what else to do, her heart was pounding in her ear.
 But before she could reach it, Loki stepped out in front of her and she stopped dead in her track.
 "Lady Emily, what a pleasure to finally meet you on equal ground". He was smiling, his eyes ablaze with madness, he slowly and nonchalantly moved towards her.
 He was looking nothing like an ordinary human, now clothed in his asgardian attire of black and green leather.
 She feelt the panic spreed inside her, she had to get away from him, she turned and ran, but after only a few steps she ran into somthing that felt like a brick wall, it was Loki.
 He grabbed her arms, looking down at her, his head slightly tilted as he asked. "Did you really think you could run from me ?"
 "Let me go Loki, please ?" Emily knew she was begging, but right now she didn't care, she just wanted to get away.
 He was slowly shaking his head, chuckling a bit. "But that isn't really your hearts desire, not if you are to be honest with yourself".
 She could feel the tears coming and she blinked frantically, she would give him the pleasure of seeing her cry. "Yeah it is, I promise I won't do anything to stop you from leaving, if you just let me go".
 He let go of one of her arms, his hand seizing her chin instead, cupping it, his green eyes locked into hers, his voice velvety as he purrs. "I know what you really desires".
 She knew he was going to kiss her, but she couldn't move her head, couldn't fight, he was way to strong, when his lips touched hers she tried to step back, but feelt the wall agains her back.
 His lips where soft and cool, she kept still as a statue, she could feel him smiling against her lips, then he sucked gently on her upper lip, she squeezed her eyes tight, her stomach going for a roller coaster ride, she felt hot, almost feverish. 
 He started nibbling her bottom lip, and before she could think about it, her hands grabbed his neck, running through his hair returning his kiss passionately.
 He pressede her up against the wall, one hand on her hip, the other entwined in her hair, his kisses both intense and so very gentle. 
 She knew she would allow him to do whatever he wanted to her, she had no resistance what so ever, she was completely under his spell.
 His mouth moved down her neck to her collarbone, she was gasping and making small whimpering noices.
 She could feel his breath against her neck as he gleefully whispered. "I told you, I know exactly what your heart desires".
 Emily sat up and turned on her bedside lamp, it took her a minute to be fully awake, sweaty and breathless. She was embarrassed, did she really just have an naughty dream about Loki ?

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