The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


7. A day in the park

 Emily enjoyed a couple of days off, the weather was a warm and sunny early summer and she spent the days outside with her friends at the park, it was nice to be out instead of inside at work.
 She couldn't help but feeling sad for Loki, he spent all his time under ground alone, he might never see the sun again, but she guessed he kind of brought it upon himself.
 She just wanted to have fun, eating ice-cream and talk girl talk, but soon enough one of them had to bring up Loki.
 "What is he like Loki ? Is he scary ? They say on tv that he is a monster". Her friend Jenna was looking at her waiting for an answer.
 Emily sighed, people always wanted to know how scary he was. "Scary ? No not really, he is kind of easy to look after, he spend most of his time reading or just sitting around deep in his own thoughts".
 Jenna lokked questioning. "I have a hard time imagining it. Isn't he some kind of deitie like Thor, walking around in armour and leather ?"
 "Some say they are gods, I don't really know, maybe they are some kind of aliens". She pondered.
 "And no he doesn't wear armour, he wears ordinary clothes and looks like a normal human except for the eyes". Emily felt a chill down his spine.
 "What about his eyes ?" Her other friend Susan, who had just listened up till now, asked.
 Emily looked thoughtful. "It's hard to explain, they are kind of hypnotic, they draw you in. In spite of who he is and what he did, he has beautiful eyes".
 Jenna was looking at her with shock, but Susan just laughed and said. "To be honest sweetie, I can't help but thinking he is kind of sexy".
 "Susan, he is an psychotic intergalactic mass murderer, how can you look at him an see anything other than a monster ?" Jenna looked shocked and a bit indignant.
 "I don't think what he did is in any way okay or say that I would jump his bones getting the opportunity. I just think he has a strong face and alot of charisma". Susan shrugged.
 Emily sighed. "I actually think it is difficult to see him as that monster, he just seems so normal, even vulnerable, even though he tries to hide it".
 "Do he talk to you ? What kind of conversation would one have with someone like that ?" Susan asked curiously.
 Emily took a bite of her ice. "Yes we talk, or he kinds of ask alot a questions about my life and such. Apart from using some weird old words sometimes, it is just normal conversations".
 "It is just really hard to imagine him sitting there small taliking with everyone stopping by". Jenna said.
 Emily bit her lip. "Oh he doesn't, actually he only speaks to me, everyone else kind of gets the silent treatment".
 She felt both of her friends look at her kind of funny, and she hurriedly shrugged and smiled. "Should we get going ?"

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