The man in the cell

Emily has just gotten a promotion after 5 years Working for shield, taking Care of the new High Security prisoner.. But is he really what he seams to be ?


18. A conversation with Tony

 Emily was leaning on the sink splashing cold water into her face, how was she supposed to handle this ? She hadn't thought that was even a possibility.
 He was supposed to be some kind of Good or something, did Good have sex lifes ? Well she read that Thor had a girlfriend, a woman from earth, but she hadn't really given the sexual side any thought.
 I mean did they have like needs to ? Was there a risk she would wake to find him sporting a morning hard on or even worse interrupt him masturbating, thenidea was so absurd it made her giggle.
 But she better talk to Tony about the weird psychic connection or what ever it was they had, where was that coming from ?
 She went into the bedroom, Loki was on the bed, staring absently on the ceiling. "Uh Loki I need to go talk to Tony, can I trust you you stay here ?"
 "Where else would I go ? Yes I will stay here for now". His eyes were distant, like he was in his own world.
 She hurried out and closed the door behind her, calling out. "Jarvis, where can I find Tony ? And would he happen to be alone ?"
 "Mr Stark is ind the kitchen, and yes he is alone Emily". The electronic voice of Jarvis sounded.
 "Thanks Jarvis". Good then Thor had left, for some reason she didn't really wanted him to be there.
 She went into the kitchen, Tony was leaning against the counter a cup of coffe in his hand. "Well hallo again Emily, where is reindeer games ?"
 "Loki is on his bed behaving like a sulky teenager, but I needed to talk to you about something strange". She looked at him.
 He padded on a chair and went to get her a cup of coffe. "Well the, let me hear what it is ?"
 "Well I was taking to Loki about the dreams, it isn't something he is doing, he actually seemed quite confused by it, and it isn't only dreams but also if he is very focused on something". She took a sip of the coffe.
 Tony looked at her. "Hmm that does sound weird, so some kind of psychic connection, some thought transference between you and him".
 "Yes, until now it has only been if the dream or thoughs had me in them and if I am sleeping or unconscious, I don't know if it goes further than that". She took anothe sip of coffe.
 An amused smirk was tucking at Tony mouth. "Oh so our residential rock star is dreaming about you, hopefully no to naughty dreams".
 She felt herself blush, she didn't want Tony to know that, bit she was pretty sure he could read her like an open book right now.
 "Uh well, maybe you two shouldn't be sleeping in the same room after all, you know I wont have any funny business going on at night". He said winking at her.
 She put down her coffe cup a little to hard. "Uh shut up Tony, like I would touch that.. That.. Uh for Gods sake".
 "Well well he isn't all that bad looking, if you are into that dark brooding type and you can get by the being a psychopathic maniac thing". Tony said with a shrug.
 Emily should have stopped herself, but her mouth got the better of her. "He is not a psychopath, he.. Well he is just troubled and misunderstood". 
 "Oh dear, seriously ? Please be careful, don't fall for the act love, that one i a bag of crazy and then some, and he is all about tricks and deception". Tony looked at her worriedly.
 She briskly got up and walked out of the kitchen, she didn't care to talk to Tony anymore. "Thanks for the coffee Tony, and stop worrying, I know what I am doing".
 When she walked into the room Loki was exactly were she left him, he looked up as she entered, but she just flopped down on her own bed, being annoyed, Tony was such a jerk at times, he was so wrong by the way, she was not the kind of firl who fell for dangerous men, and she could never fall for someone like Loki.


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