Aura Is a gift, a rare magic which you are born with. People follow the rhythm of their heartbeat and unlock their own magic, flowing inside of them.

Scarlett holds powers within her which she is aware of, but keeps a secret. But one fateful day she will meet someone, someone who will unlock her sacred powers, and allow her to step free.

In a future earth, after the wars, will the Worlds cooperate with her destiny?


5. Chapter 4. A Surprising Turn.

I glanced around at the men; no-one was hurt in any way, everyone had at least half health. i looked at my own and my gaze shifted to our road.

"Aaron," i sighed

"Yes!" he tensed up

"where the fuck are we?" i let out a displeased growl and dragged my finger down my mask. "uh, i don't know" he sighed and stuck fingers in his ears and prepared himself.

 "What in the actual fuck do you mean you don't know!" i threw a rock through a tree and everyone looked to the tree, then back to me. "what are you staring at?" i snarled and kicked away stones. 

the road we had followed so strictly had suddenly disappeared. "we didn't move an inch, and now we're a completely different place my map doesn't recognise, give me a fucking break." Aaron looked around. "my map doesn't remember either, anyone?" everyone shook their heads. "hmm.... seems like we're lost," he said calmly. "no shit" i coughed. I jumped upon my horse yet again and ordered the thief class to foresee the path. He looked at me with great sadness. He didn't want to be the one to bring me the bad news. 

"great," I said and rode up to the front. "I'll be going in front, warriors i want you in the back." they nodded, and we continued into the forest without any idea of where we were going.

What we didn't know what was waiting far ahead of us was the palace of the elves, sly and wicked snakes who knew nothing but everything. Does it make sense? Beats me, that's their motto, "we know nothing, but everything". They're a bunch of arrogant cunts who care nothing but elegance and knowledge. You can smell their bullshit miles away.


"i can smell bullshit" i sniffed around. "sorry" apologised Aaron, "not you, you dork" i laughed, and they seemed to loosen up a bit. "i mean the elves, we're getting close" i chuckled. "good one Aaron."

"Thank you, " he sighed relieved. "General?" Aaron started, "are you using a voice disorder?" he asked, surprised by his question i huffed quietly. "I'm not" i shook. "yes, you are, you can tell by the way you laugh" he rode up beside me and looked through my mask into my eyes. "safety measures" i sighed and pulled my hood further down my mask. "is that so," he breathed out and went back to his place. everyone stayed silent, lookes like everyone wanted to know


It became colder, and i felt a chill run down my spine. "we're here" i stopped and so did everyone else. "what? i see nothing. i chuckled, cloaked my mouthpiece and unequipped my voice disorder. i whispered the words of the elves. "Show yourself an nin, cín arnad tu."

My voice boomed through the air like a hurricane hitting us from behind. The horses panicked, and some men fell. in front of our eyes stood the palace of Ignorance itself. Reaching high into the sky. "Aaron," i sighed. "General."

"can you smell the bullshit?" i smiled like a smug little shit underneath my mask. "i can" he answered.


"here's the plan."


While Aaron and the rest entered the palace i snuck in the back of the palace, last time i was here was a robbery arranged by the king in my district of humans. Equipped with the highest cloaking device i owned i slipped right past the guards who were way below my level. i changed my view to Aarons whom i gave a camera device to see the situation from his point of view.

"Aaron?"- i said from a safe spot.

"yes?" he whispered back from the crowd of guards leading then to the 'overlord'.

"Tell me when you're there, I'll be sure to translate and to tell you what to say and or respond to him" i responded.


"we wouldn't want you to be decapitated would we now"

"Uh, no"

"Exactly, talk to you in a bit."



i slipped into the halls of the overlord just as they entered. "general?" an immediate respond from Aaron. "I'm here, left corner underneath the statue" he looked towards me. "not so OBVIOUS YOU CUNT!" i sent and he twitched. "ok ok sorry!" he responded.


the king noticed and looked my way. "the treasure has safely been delivered to you, your highness, tell him that" i sent to Aaron.

"The treasure has safely been given to you, your highness" Aaron lowered his head to avoid his gaze. "yes, thank you" he responded. "but there is one thing that bothers me" he tried to look Aaron in the eyes and flinched when he wasn't responding to him. "The old man told me you would be escorted by a newly made general, where is he?" he questioned and rested his face in his palm.

"he was not able to make it, we were ambushed" Aaron responded as i told him to. "is that so" the king stood up and demanded a spear from the nearest guard.

Aaron prepared for a barbeque, but instead of aiming towards Aaron, the looked right in my direction as if he could see me through the device. My eyes widened, and everyone in the hall looked straight at me. Aaron mouthed 'run' right before i had to do the leap of faith towards the door.

The king smirked, "speak" he demanded. i jumped into the middle of 'our' crowd and uncloaked myself, "your highness" i coughed. "and there we have the general, you lied to me" he chuckled. 

"arrogance at its finest" i whispered, and they started snickering like a bunch of girls. the king looked unamused. 

"he heard you" Aaron sent me a message, "no shit" i responded.

"language" the king groaned. "you got phenomenal hearing your highness" i snickered, and he forced a smile. "well you're going to notice a lot of things because you are under my command from now on."

"i beg your pardon."

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