Aura Is a gift, a rare magic which you are born with. People follow the rhythm of their heartbeat and unlock their own magic, flowing inside of them.

Scarlett holds powers within her which she is aware of, but keeps a secret. But one fateful day she will meet someone, someone who will unlock her sacred powers, and allow her to step free.

In a future earth, after the wars, will the Worlds cooperate with her destiny?


4. Chapter 3. Miria

"Oh what the hell" I groaned.

The girl squealed and jumped up on my horse. "Thank you so much general," she giggled. I flinched when she said the word 'general', had the news already reached this far, how could she know. "I'm Miria," she said and I settled down behind her and took control over Pitch. "Nova" I sighed. "General Nova? I don't think you're being honest," she whispered with a less bubbly voice "what makes you think so?" I kept my eyes on the carriage. "A general is an honourable fighter and a highly respected player, Nova doesn't seem like an honourable name"

I sighed. "No usual use their real name, and I just got promoted to general so there is no way in hell I'm changing that, and don’t say my new title so carelessly." I placed my chin on her curly blond hair. Time passed on and I could feel the tension building up as we slowly approached the forest bed.

"Nova" she whispered. "Yes?" I said hoarsely and she held her blue dress tightly. "I'm sorry," she whimpered. "We all knew this was a trap so don't get sad over spilled milk. Anyways, none of us are afraid of whatever is between the trees". "But!”

"Don't worry"

"Halt!" I yelled and stopped everything. "Draw your weapons; secure the carriage and horses, the carriage takes priority!"

Miria started crying and I quietly hushed her. "Hide under, and I mean under, the carriage. We'll protect you from the bandits". She nodded”but they aren't bandits Nova," She whispered and crawled underneath the carriage.

"Secure me a victory without casualties" I shuddered from her words and drew my scythe. The other chanted their weapons out and luckily, there were no weaklings. What did she mean with 'not bandits'?

"Miria sold us out, that bitch," a voice said from the trees, the voices continued and made it easy to locate most of them. "General, we didn't know you had a scythe" Aaron stepped over beside me. "No wonder you aren't scared” He forced a smile, I nodded towards the trees and pointed out who I was going for, he nodded back and told the rest of the troop. "No worries, this'll be over quickly" the words flew around my ears and slowly drove me mad.

"Shut the FUcK up" I cooed and they all fell quiet. "Get started or I'm gonna take a fucking nap"

"General! Profanity" Aaron hushed me. "Mje mje Profanity"

The arrows started flying around our ears, I raised my scythe and my marks underneath my clothes lit up. A sharp blue light emitted from my mask and the first men charged into the forests quiet.


"Let's go" I nodded to the swordsmen, they dived into the forests darkness, the archers, and spearmen guarded the carriage. I swung my scythe at the trees and sent several bandits flying; the screams filled the forests quiet nature.


"Miria, heal all men with low health, if you want to be helpful you better do it now!" I yelled with a hoarse voice. She nodded and bumped her head up in the carriage. "Poor thing" I chuckled and charged after the leader. He panted heavily and was honestly nothing to brag about. He probably only lead them because of the money he promised. "What a disgrace" I spat and raised my scythe. "Please! Mercy!" He pleaded and hid his head in his tiny arms. "For what reason?" I swung my scythe and his severed head flew past his inferiors. "Retreat!" The men scrambled back into the forest.


"General, that was a little bit too much don't you think" Aaron sighed and called back his weapon. "I like to establish dominance" I looked at my scythe. "And I barely get to use my weapon for its intended purpose, so open opportunity"


Aaron looked under the carriage at the frightened Miria. "Zero casualties, you held your word" he patted her on the head. She nodded and crawled out.


"No one here should ever mention what they saw me use, that scythe will be your death if told on. And believe me, I’ll know" I sighed and mounted my horse again. "Is that understood?" I glanced across every single one of them. They all nodded and continued their mission. Nobody felt like dying today.


"Good" I locked my arms around Miria. "Good job scaredy cat" I smiled and helped her up on my horse. "Nova" she said. "Yes?” "What rank are you? If you don't mind me asking" she looked up at me as the carriage started going again. "I'm a general," I answered. "No not that rank. Like your level?"


"Hmm... That's a good question, what does the thing above my head say?" I asked and pointed at our level and health. "It's a skull, so you're far above me, but what's the number?" She got too curious. I lowered my head down beside hers and whispered without my voice disorder. "I'm not sure you want to know" my voice disorder indicated my strength enough for her to know

She jumped startled and I turned my voice disorder back on. "Surprised?" I chuckled. "Maybe" she whispered. "Good, then my disguise is convincing" I straightened my back and sighed satisfied.


We rode forward out of the forests and past the borders to the other district.

"Technolagia" one of the men gasped amazed. The home to all technology, and the most prosperous kingdom.

"As soon as we cross the borders your character will reset into your technologic shape, as well as our carriage and horses. So we're gonna have to push them across the borderline, is that understood?"

They nodded and jumped off their horses and dragged the carriage and horses across. Our transport flashed before our eyes and a truck and several cars appeared before us. "The ones who got a licence drive the truck with me, the rest will take the cars and set them on auto drive, if you don't have a license that is." I informed them and they agreed. "General" Aaron came over, his level was much higher than before and so were the rest of the crew. "I’ll drive the truck with you" He nodded towards Miria. "And I assume you are taking your leave now"

Miria nodded insecure, "yes, thank you for your assistance" she bowed and left quickly, it looked like it was her first time alone, yet in this district. "Keep an eye out" I mumbled to Aaron. "I don't think this is the last time we get to see her"

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