Aura Is a gift, a rare magic which you are born with. People follow the rhythm of their heartbeat and unlock their own magic, flowing inside of them.

Scarlett holds powers within her which she is aware of, but keeps a secret. But one fateful day she will meet someone, someone who will unlock her sacred powers, and allow her to step free.

In a future earth, after the wars, will the Worlds cooperate with her destiny?


3. Chapter 2. The Kings Approval.

I stepped out of the door and met the summer breeze. I took a deep breath and rolled my sleeves down to my wrists and slipped my gloves on, to cover the blue marks wrapping around my knuckles. The superiors had informed me, that horses and a carriage would be there for 'us' at the capital center, and with 'us' i mean the other people who accepted this mission and I. But sadly, the merrier men, the less cash we receive. But hey, money is money.

I really don't live that far away from the castle, but I don't live in the rich and nobles sector either. So I do have a ten-minute walk awaiting me through the narrow streets.

starting off slow is the best thing to do because there is a slight chance there might be too many people so that there isn't enough transportation. I've made that mistake once, and I refuse to make the same mistake twice.

Those ten minutes passed by fast, and I found myself in the capital center, the tall spires shooting far up into the sky, the Aura Generated mosaic floor with pure energy flowing through your feet, I felt powerful. I looked around, surprisingly few people, we had plenty of horses and for a moment i thought the carriage wasn't needed. But we had to bring something back and forth between the two Countries, so something to carry it with would be necessary and pretty useful too.

These people were new, I didn't recognize anyone at all. So this was not one of the 'usual' jobs, but I assume all the information will come sooner or later.

While lost in my thoughts i didn't notice the crowd that had gathered around us, they were looking awfully weird and my gaze landed upon the 'king' himself. His eyes were over at the other members of our mission, i tried to establish eye contact with one of them, but they refused to look up from the ground. They looked somewhat worried about this whole 'scenario'

The king's eyes landed on me and his face lit up, he made his way through the crowd and he threw his arms in the air. "Ah! A familiar face or should i say mask, Nova" he swung his arms around me and patted me on the back. "Sire, it's an honor" I bowed. Manners? I got 'em. And the whole 'Nova' thing? Cover name, nobody uses their own name anymore. it's technically a death wish or a cry for attention

"Oh, no need to be so formal, it's nice to see you here, i was worried none of the usuals were going to be here" he laughed and gave me a friendly smile. "This mission is confidential and completely different from the usual stuff, i can't tell you, but it is uttermost important that you get this to the king of the vest"

I stood straight as a plank and shook my head up and down rapid fire, he then nodded to me and disappeared into the crowd with guards behind him. I let out a deep sigh.

"Fuck, what have i gotten myself into" My voice scared me for a second until I realized I had equipped my voice spell, which made it impossible for others to tell if i am male or female. "You stupid thing" i scratched my head and turned towards the horses. I picked my usual one, Pitch Black was his name, i just call him Pitch and he respond mostly to me. The others picked one after another and we were settled.

I felt a strange sensation of pride and honor as if they were waiting for me to make a move. "Leader Nova" one of the men came over to me. "The king told us about you, you are a usual so we are under your command," he said with a raspy voice and rode to the front.

Leeeaaaaaader!? I felt a huge smirk underneath my mask and hood. "Aha," i said cold and looked over at the king, he nodded to me and we rode off. I fucking knew there was something underneath all of this sudden kindness, he wanted to make sure i wouldn't betray him. What a snake, but why bother complaining, i know where to go and everyone in my way will definitely feel my wrath.

One of the other men came up beside me and looked me up and down. "The king held a speech yesterday" he started. This guy wasn't so big but carried a huge sword with him. His marks were very bare and covered his right arm. "He was praising you a lot, he made you a general" he handed me a seal. "You weren't there to receive it so he told one of us to hand it over to you"

I was stunned, completely lost for words. "Thank, you?" I placed the seal on the top of my hand since placing it under the coat would be ridiculous. "Aaron," he said "thank you Aaron" I whispered and looked at the gem.

I sat and admired the gem for a moment and thought of my newly achieved rank. what on earth would i do with this rank, i'm just a simple wanderer, the king would never know if i suddenly disappeared. The horses started acting up and the carriage stopped abruptly. "what is going on up there?" I yelled at my inferiors.

"Please!" A little female voice said in front of the carriage, I rode up beside her and looked down on her. She was standing with her eyes closed and hands above her head. "Woman, what on earth are yo-" "I need help!" She stopped me mid-sentence. "This is the royal escort! How dare you stop us?" One of the men screamed at her and she whimpered as if she was beaten.

"General" Aaron came over to me. "This might be a trap" we both looked down on the tiny woman. "I know" I sighed at him and handed my horse to the nearest living thing.

"What is so important?" I asked her and she looked up at me and took a deep breath as if she was stepping over several lines "Um! There are thieves ahead, and I need to pass through, so I was wondering if i could walk with you. i am a healer! I'm useful too in worst case scenario!"

I looked back at the men and they nodded. "Fine, but not a word to the king"



Good evening, hope you enjoyed this chapter which i spend two weeks in France making. It's long (again) but you'll forgive me sooner or later. It's a little bit rougher since my mood has been, well, relaxed.


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