My Bottle of Wine Boy


1. Bonnie and Clyde

My first bottle was Rose

And I drank it straight,

No time to grab a glass and



The first kiss infused me with

The initial bitterness I had experienced once before, then

A mild lingering sweetness

that I’d never noticed.


The rim

Then beckoned for another taste,

And I greedily obliged,

Taking great gulps in-between breaths.


I grasped the neck

Of the bottle,

Holding it tightly as the drinking

Intoxicated me.


The liquid decreased and the pleasure increased.

Oh! That first bottle;

Promising things that the second or third could not,

And I believed it.


For the drinking of wine was richer

And sharper than a can of Carling;

More decadent than a shot of Sambuca;

Its taste lingered past the night.


My slender hands gradually slid down

And I tipped the bottom,

Shaking out the last dregs until

I was completely satisfied that you and I were empty.


Alone, I clutched the empty

Bottle of wine, satisfied,

Yet already regretting

The hangover in the morning.

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