Battle Begin! - Character Creation

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I'm going to make a fun Movella for you all. You will design me a character. Yes you. Write in the comments what your character is like, through the trait-rules I will put in the first chapter, and then I shall pick out two of your characters, pit them against each other in a chapter that will make them go head-to-head! And at the end... A story may develop overall. So have fun, and get creating! Remember, I shall have a character of my own as well...


4. Battle II

Another number generator to decide who's going to be the next duo to encounter one another. 

1 = Aldrin (My character)

2 = Eris (Lozzie's character)

3 = The Silence (Lia's character)

4 = Guild (LewBob's character)

5 = Faith Warner (Willow's character)

6 = Morgana (Vicky's character)

You know what, I'm gunna use a dice for this, because why not! 

So we have a four. 
Aaaand a... One! 

Ooooo! This should be a good match up indeed! Difficult for me to plan, but I like difficult. And... I just noticed I put "he stealed food" in my character profile... Aldrin you absolute moron...


A battle of the good guys! 

Name: Guild
Side: Good
Back story: A wanderer with a strong sense of justice, he devotes himself to helping anyone on his travels, as long as they are not attempting to hurt someone who doesn't deserve it.
Personality: Cheerful, always happy to help and values his friends very deeply.
Looks: Average height, neither thin nor muscular, has short but unruly brown hair, blue eyes, and wears a light set of steel armour with loose joints, allowing him to move easily
Weapon of choice: Swords, usually dual swords, and is proficient in acrobatics, making his combat style very quick and stylish
Flaws: Trusts people easily, and puts far too much investment into his friends, making him extremely emotionally susceptible to betrayals, and often doesn't hesitate to put himself in the way of harm for the people he protects. Also can be slightly flashy when fighting.


Backstory: Once a thief of local communities, he was an outcast. He scratched his living off rocks, and when he could, stole food from the weak. His parents were murdered once when he was a boy, and he and his older sister traveled alone out into the world, and joined a clan of thieves. Yet he had to kill her as she disobeyed the clan's codex. He had a daughter once too, who was also killed by the clan members when he left. 
Good or Evil: Good. After losing so much he loved, he wants to protect anyone he can.
Personality: The man is good at heart, but never admits it, giving a scary shadow about himself. If he sees someone in danger, he will do as best he can to save them, even if he gives the impression he does not want to. He does not like anyone who kills for pleasure, unless they absolutely have no alternative. 
Looks: A brown, torn trench coat with a hood. A red, thin scarf around his neck. A mask that covers his face. A set of heavy, bulky boots at the base of black trousers. 
Weapon of Choice: A bow that his father gave him when he was a boy. He is able to bend arrows in mid flight through heavy practice, like a curve ball. But when he's out of arrows, he can only use his fists. 
Other: He knows the area he lives in like the back of his hand. Every crack, every crevasse. And is a strong believer in vengeance. 

We're gunna have a good battle here, ladies and gentleman. I can feel it!
The chapter should be up tomorrow evening or Monday morning. 

Keep your eyes peeled!

- Aldrin

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