Battle Begin! - Character Creation

Good morning, afternoon, evening and night to you all! I'm going to make a fun Movella for you all. You will design me a character. Yes you. Write in the comments what your character is like, through the trait-rules I will put in the first chapter, and then I shall pick out two of your characters, pit them against each other in a chapter that will make them go head-to-head! And at the end... A story may develop overall. So have fun, and get creating! Remember, I shall have a character of my own as well...


1. Design me Your Characters!

Now ladies and gents, the rules! The rules are what your character design must go by. We need rules, otherwise these characters will all, unfortunately, not fit within the world I shall create. 

Rule 1: 

Your character must be set in a dystopian future world designed by me. Oh yes, my friends! Planet Earth under went a world civil war, known as The Cataclysm, 342 years ago. A war of extinction of the other side. Technology has regressed since then. No cars. No computers. No medicine. Barely anyone can read or write. So there will be no laser guns, no high-tech gear like x-ray goggles etc. Your weapons must be simple swords, bows, guns etc. 

Your characters must also be independent. So they're no gang leaders with an army at their side. Individual survivors, who may once have been part of a group, but now are alone. 

Rule 2: 

No magic! Unfortunately, magic can make anyone win, so no use of lightning, telekinesis or mind control. None of it. It'll make it unfair for others. No superhuman buffs either. I don't want a Captain America type person, who has super strength and can lift a car, because again, that'd be unfair to someone who may not or want to have that ability. 

Rule 3: 

Your character will not be indestructible. You must give them one or two flaws that will make them vulnerable. Per say, they may sometimes get too angry and their emotions will take hold of them. Or if they have big, chunky armour and a big hammer, they must be slow. If they're quick and nimble, a bullet must be able to take them out. 

But this is a side note, I will NOT kill off any characters. 

Rule 4: 

Give me their backstory. I need a backstory to make these fights actually work. Your characters will all know each other, or live in the same area of the ruined city of Detroit, so they all must be able to chat and have a reason why they fight each other. Makes them more interesting. 

Failure to follow these rules will mean I will ask you to edit your character. Rules maybe added, and I apologise if I ask you to edit your character due to a rule that isn't there. I will make edits.

So, that is all the rules I can think of for now. I will post your character descriptions in individual chapters, and message you personally as to who your character will be fighting against. So, now that's the rules, here are the guidelines:

Name: Duh! Or do they not have one?... Oooo!
Good or Evil: Just answer one or the other, and the reason for it.
Backstory: Must be short and punchy. Nothing too complex. 
Personality: You may link your personality and backstory together. That'd make it more interesting. 
Looks: What do they wear? Extreme detail maybe left out if you say "Blue hair with a fringe going from left to right across her face, and a scar on her arm from--" because I can't include that level of detail.
Weapon of Choice: Your character needs to have a weapon they are proficient in, and they must have a skill and talent they excel in. One weapon. No multitude of every weapon imaginable. 
Other: Who knows, you could create a character that has a pistol, is no good with it, but is a smooth talker. Talks his way out of a fight, perhaps. This is just the part where you add anything else you think is relevant. 

Right! Now! Go and write about your character for me in the comments. Let's see what you talented people come up with! A second Movella will be out, linked to this one, that will have the battles in them. This one is just for character creation purposes. 

Have fun! 

- Aldrin

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