It was his brown eyes in which she saw the future. It was his smile that brought her in to his life, his voice so captivating and they were both deeply in love.


7. Treat her right

*Nikkis POV*

I was up all night doing homework and I honestly don't even remember going to sleep. I didn't hear my alarm go off for school and I woke up, rubbing my eyes a bit and looked at the time. "Fuck" I mumbled and scrambled to get out of bed and to the bathroom. I grabbed my phone on the way to call Calum. "Morning babe, I'm coming to your house now" he said into the phone once he picked up. "I woke up late" I said before I began to brush my teeth. "Oh, no wonder you didn't text back. Here, get ready and we can go on a breakfast date maybe Friday, I'll pick up breakfast and come get you" he said as I heard him grab his keys. "That sounds fine, thank you" I said as I spit out toothpaste and plug my phone in for it to charge. "Any time babygirl, anything you want?" He asked as I put him on speaker so I could put my contacts in. "Uh, can you get Starbucks?" I asked. I was happy I showered when I got home so I didn't have to do it in the morning. I put on some concealer and put on mascara. "Of course, what do you want?" I could hear his car start as he was driving. "Uh, surprise me please?" I bit my lip and walked to my closet to grab clothes. I pulled out high wasted black shorts and I found one of calums shirts as I slip it on, tucking it in as I looked in the mirror and looked decent. "Yea, I'll text you when I'm outside" he said, "Thanks babe!" I said before he hung up.

I put my stuff together and grab what I needed, putting on perfume and deodorant. I set my backpack down by my door and fixed my hair in the mirror. "Nice going Nikki" I mumbled to myself and took a deep breath as I put on my white converse and did what I needed to do before I got a text from Calum that he was here. I grabbed my charger and put it in my backpack, holding my phone as I walked downstairs and grabbed my keys and walked out the front door, locking it as I walked to the passenger side of his car and got in. "Hi baby" he said and leaned over and pecked my lips softly as I smiled. "Good morning and thank you" I said as he handed me an ice coffee and he got me a chocolate chip muffin. "Anytime" he said as he grabbed my hand in his as he backed out and began to drive to school. "I'm sorry we couldn't get breakfast today, I don't even remember falling asleep last night" I said, looking at him. "It's fine babe, we can go on Friday" he smiled a bit and glanced at me. Soon he pulled into a parking spot as him and I got out of the car as I was holding the bag with my muffin and my coffee as I laced our fingers as I held his hand. "Nice shirt by the way princess" he winked down at me as I forgot I was even wearing his shirt. It was his Maine one and he left it at my house a while back and I forgot I even had it. "I've actually been looking for that one too" he said and raised his eyebrow at me. I giggled lightly before sipping my coffee, "I kinda forgot I had it but I needed a shirt" I said. We walked to my locker as I grab what I needed as I hear a yell from down the hall and see the boys. "Hey mate!" Mikey said as he smiled at Calum. "Hey mike" Calum said and smiled back. "I thought you guys were going to breakfast?" Luke asked and looked at us. "I woke up late and we wouldn't have had time" I said as Calum put his arm around me. "So I picked us up Starbucks while she was getting ready" he said and kissed the top of my head. "How come you don't get me Starbucks?" Luke pouts as I giggled, "cause you're not my girlfriend" Calum said back. "So? I'm your best friend" he pouts even more. "I gotta treat my girl right" he said as the bell rang and we all went to class.

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