It was his brown eyes in which she saw the future. It was his smile that brought her in to his life, his voice so captivating and they were both deeply in love.


6. The best

*Calums POV*

"Do you need anything while I'm in the kitchen?" Nikki asked, my body was sore from tryouts and I was exhausted, my eyes closed but I was still awake. "Can you get me more water baby?" I asked as she walked out of my room. Minutes later she came back up and handed me the water bottle as she climbed on my back. "Poor baby" she giggled a bit and began to massage my back for me. A groan left my lips as it felt amazing, "fuck princess" I mumbled and smiled, opening my eyes to look back at her as she kept going; hitting all the right spots. Her hands were a bit cold against my bare skin but I didn't mind as she got rid of the tension in my back. "I've needed this so bad" I mumbled, "Thank you so much". She kept going for a little bit longer until she stopped and climbed off my back, laying down next to me. "What else do I get princess?" I placed my hand lightly on her back. "Anything you want" she said softly and kissed my cheek. "My mom won't be home for a while and I wanted to know if you would make me food baby" I smiled a wide smile as she rolled her eyes before she sat up, "what do you want?" She asked, "wait really? I was going to probably order some pizza" I chuckle a bit before she shook her head, "I'll go find something to make" she got out of my bed, walking out of my room as I watched. "She's the fucking best" I mumbled to myself before I got up, walking downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen to see her already cooking, a small smile forming on my face. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and rest my chin on her shoulder. "What are you making?" I asked softly, kissing her cheek a bit. "I found some chicken in the freezer so I'm making that" she glanced back at me and smiled a bit. "You're literally the best girlfriend ever" I mumbled, my arms wrapping around her a bit tighter as I heard a small giggle escape her lips as she continued to cook. Once everything was done I got water for both of us and set it down on the table as she brought the plates and set them down. "This looks so fucking good" I sat down and waited as she came back and sat down as we both began to eat. "Where did you learn to cook like this?" I had a mouth full of food but I didn't care. She giggled a bit more and looked at me, "My mom" she said softly and continued to eat as we talked. "Cal! Honey, I'm home!" I heard my mom yell as she walked into the front door. "Hey mum" I said and sit up so she could see me sitting at the table. "There's food on the stove that Nikki cooked" I took a sip of water as I see my mom smile. "Thank you" she said and set her stuff down on the counter as she grabbed a plate and sat at the table with us. "How were tryouts?" She asked me, "I made the team and I'm captain" I smiled. "Honey that's good! I'm so proud of you" she said happily as we all ate. Nikki was the first done as she began to do the dishes as I watched and moved a seat closer to my mom. "It's official" I whisper as my moms eyes widened and looked at me, "really? When?" She asked a smile forming in her face. "I asked her today" I said softly and blushed. "I'm so happy for you! I have to tell your sister and dad" she said and pulled her phone out to text my sister, Mali. I blushed a bit and stood up to clean my plate up. "Thank you for dinner princess" I kissed her cheek softly and placed my hand lightly on her hip, "It was really good" I could see her smile as she nodded, "Anytime" she said softly.

After a while if relaxing on the couch and watching tv with my mom I see Nikki stretch a bit as she sat up. "I have homework to do, I gotta get going" she said softly and looked at me as I nodded and sit up. "Let's get your stuff" I stood up and we walked up to my room to get her backpack. "You're the best, thank you for everything today babe, it really means a lot" I said softly and placed my hands on her waist, pulling her a bit closer. "Anytime Cal, I don't mind" she said and stood on her tippy toes to kiss under my jaw. We walked back down as she put her shoes on and said goodbye to my mom as I walked bed out to her car. "Text me when you get home and tomorrow I'm going to pick you up kinda early so we can go on a little breakfast date" I said and hugged her tightly to my chest as she nodded. "Text me in the morning then too" she said softly as I nodded and pressed my lips onto hers in a sweet kiss. "Be safe, do your homework" she said to me and smiled as I nodded and she got into her car and put her seatbelt on. She lived not even 2 blocks away but I wanted her safe as she pulled out of the driveway and drove off. 'Man, I'm so fucking lucky' I thought as I walked inside with a big smile on my face. 'So lucky'

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