Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


9. 9

Ender stated, “Captain’s log star date 2351.1, we have been adrift for more than an hour and main power is back online.  Unfortunately Trans-warp Drive is still under repairs but I have been reassured by Mr. Delphiki it would be fixed within half an hour.  I have received the casualty reports from Dr. Talbot and we have 13 dead and 21 wounded during our confrontation with Julian Caesar (as he calls himself).  Lt. Vars has been trying to contact Starfleet on our situation and what has transpired since we left Federation space but so far no success.  Once the Trans-warp drive is back online we are heading straight to Starbase 11 where we will transfer Dr. Volescu to Federation custody and await to stand trail while we transfer off the excess medical personnel.” Ender is lying back in his bed, awake, when all of a sudden the doors to his quarters opened and Nikolai came rushing in and went straight to Ender’s computer and turned it on before he exclaimed, “Ender you have to see this!” Ender (still in his uniform) rolled out of bed both angry and puzzled and he asked, “Nikolai what the hell are you...” Nikolai cut him off, “I was able to find out that Khan and Julian are not working alone!  They are being aided by Lord Serenity and Thanos!” Ender came up behind Nikolai and looked at the monitor and saw a detailed file of the M.D.D., the rebuilt of the Vengeance, the Genesis Device, the USS Reliant, Lord Serenity and Thanos as Nikolai scrolled down and Ender looked a little startled and said, “How did you get this?” Nikolai smirked and replied, “Before this mess started I setup my computer terminal to be able to hack into the M.D.D.’s computer core and copy whatever files it can get its hands on.  Once we started fighting my terminal began its hack and with the confusion of the battle and damages you inflicted on the M.D.D. it made the hack easier than expected.” Ender looked at Nikolai fascinated and said, “Nikolai, you most certainly do not disappoint.” Nikolai replied, “You can thank my brother, Bean.” He looked solemn as he said his brother’s name and Ender patted him on the back as he sympathized, “He is a good friend.  By the way, how did you two know each other and how was he able to keep you in the dark from me?” Nikolai replied, “He did a little digging about his past while he did his duty at Battle School and when he found out about me we made a promise to keep our friendship a secret, once he told me about our relationship and past.  It’s not something you would want your teachers or Graff to find out.” Ender made a short, stifled laugh and said, “True.  In the meantime, finish repairing the Trans-warp engines before the Interstellar Fleet finds us.  I don’t plan on handing Dr. Volescu back over to them.” Nikolai stood up at attention and replied, “Yes sir.” And he left Ender’s quarters while Ender sat before his terminal and scrolled down to see a file highlighted “Julian Caesar” And he sighed and said to himself, “Julian, you have gone mad.”


    The doors slid open and Khan entered the Vengeance II’s sickbay and to his surprise (while keeping a neutral expression) he saw Julian inside a sealed, glass stasis bed with health monitors and indicators over the head of the tube and two male nurses in hazmat white coveralls and masks stood over him.  Khan approached and asked, “What’s his status?” One of the nurses turned to face him and replied, “Sir, Julian’s Anton’s Key is, turned on.” Khan tried to keep from showing his frustration and said, “Which means he will continue to grow till he reaches the size of a giant and his heart will give out.” The nurse replied, “Yes sir.” Khan asked, “How long does he have?” The nurse replied, “It’s hard to say, nine, ten years tops.” Khan grunted in frustration and the nurse said, “We are keeping him in cry-o-stasis to keep him  from growing.” Khan said, “Good.  Once we reach The Sanctuary wake him up so he can explain his failure to Lord Serenity and Thanos.” The nurse replied, “Yes sir.” And as the nurse resumed his duties Khan looked down at Julian and nodded his head with a look of disappointment before turning around and leaving sickbay.


    The turbo lift doors opened on the bridge and Ender stepped out and assumed his command chair before pressing a button on his right armrest and asked, “Mr. Delphiki, is the Trans-warp drive repaired?” Nikolai replied, “Yes sir, but keep it under Trans-warp 3 till we are sure it is fully stable.” Ender said, “Will do chief.” He pressed the same button before turning to Petra and asked, “Commander, are all stations ready?” Petra replied, “All stations report ready sir.” Ender said, “Excellent.” He turned forward and pressed a button on his arm rest and stated, “All stations, prepare for Trans-warp drive.” He and the rest of the bridge crew closed their arm rests and Joachim said, “Trans-warp at your command sir.” Ender said, “Ahead Trans-warp 3.” The Endeavor went to Trans-warp leaving a streak of blue and red in its wake.


    Khan stated, “Sir we failed to get Dr. Volescu, but we know who has him.  I also want to report Julian Caesar has destroyed eleven planets, including the home world of the Starways of Congress, with the cost of the destruction of the Little Doctor by the USS Endeavor.” Lord Serenity stood before Thanos (as he sat in his throne) as they looked at the disappointed face of Khan Noonien Singh in the projection before them.  Serenity looked very frustrated as well as Thanos and Serenity replied, “When you arrive bring Julian over to us to answer for his failure to follow my orders.” Khan said, “Yes Serenity, but he has also sustained injuries during the battle.” Thanos bellowed, “Explain.” Khan replied, “His right hand is severely burned that he has to wear a glove to maintain the nervous system in his hand and his hair has changed from black to grey and white.” Serenity asked, “Anything else?” Khan said, “Yes.  Julian’s Anton’s Key is now active.” Serenity throat growled in frustration as Thanos continued looking at Khan with an expressionless face and Serenity replied, “That will be all.” And Khan’s image vanished before them.  Thanos bellowed, “That boy is an incompetent fool!  He has destroyed the main leverage you have against both Zhargosia and the Federation!  He will bring us all to ruin!” Serenity kneeled before Thanos and replied, “Thanos, Dr. Volescu can still be retrieved and we still have the Genesis Device to further pursue our cause.” Thanos said, “How do you plan to get Dr. Volescu when he will be deep in Federation territory?” Serenity replied, “I don’t have to do anything great Thanos.  I’ll just let the Zhargosians do it for us.” Thanos asked, “How?” And Serenity looked up at Thanos and grinned.

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