Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


8. 8

Ender pressed a button under the UMS suit logo that said, “Disengage” and Ender called out, “Cease firing!” Joachim replied, “All UMS’s, phaser and torpedo crews standing down.” They all watched on the main viewer as the trashed M.D.D. drifted before the Endeavor with random small explosions spewing forth and electrical sparks.  Petra called out, “Captain, I detect an energy build up from the weapons systems within the M.D.D!” Ender looked at her alarm as Petra continued, “Due to the extensive damage the main weapon is building up to an overload!” Ender looked at Vars and yelled, “Ms. Vars, hail the M.D.D. Tell them to prepare for immediate beam out!” Vars replied, “Aye sir.” Suddenly Petra looked up from one of her monitors and looked straight at Ender with a look of terror and yelled, “Sir, Kha...” Four torpedoes struck behind the Endeavor’s bridge on top of the saucer section causing multiple explosions while on the bridge the ship violently shook and the lights flickered as Ender stumbled while holding onto the overhead handlebars and the data and power on the transparent panels before him went completely blank and looked like just plain glass before him as the alarm sounded.  Ender yelled, “Report!” Joachim replied, “Weapons are offline and the UMS’s are returning to the ship on automation!” Ender pressed on the powered off glass panels and desperately pressed a button on his arm rest but nothing happened and he yelled, “Why aren’t....” Petra called out, “Sir, Khan has arrived!” Ender and the rest of the crew looked shocked.


    The Vengeance II appeared from the blue and red mist behind and over the Endeavor and turned and stopped over the wrecked M.D.D. as it faced the Endeavor.  Ender and the rest of the bridge crew were transfixed on the main viewer as the Vengeance II is facing directly at them over the M.D.D. when Khan’s voice came over the intercom, “You are lucky Mr. Wiggin, next time you won't be.” Ender yelled, “KHAN!” Then before the crews very eyes the Vengeance II turned about and sped away, disappearing into the blue and red mist with asteroids floating about.  There is a beeping sound from Petra’s station that is growing rapidly and Petra called out, “Sir she’s going to blow!” Ender yelled, “Joachim get us out of here!” Joachim looked nervous and replied, “Sir if we go to Trans-warp we will lose Trans-warp and main power!” Ender sat in his seat and yelled back, “I DON’T CARE!  NO POWER IS BETTER THAN BEING DEAD!  GET US OUT NOW!” Joachim immediately pressed various buttons and the ship banked hard to the right when outside the Endeavor made a sharp starboard turn and once it turned away from the M.D.D. it immediately went to Trans-warp and large electrical bolts danced around the wrecked M.D.D. before it suddenly exploded.  The explosion created a large yellow ball of light and blew away the blue and red mist and engulfing the asteroids that surrounded or were within the nebula before the ball of yellow light imploded on itself and vanished, leaving behind empty space.


    On the Endeavor’s bridge everyone (with the exception of Ender as he held onto the overhead handlebars) grabbed hold either to their seats or on the consoles as the Endeavor immediately went to Trans-warp.  Just a few moments after the ship went to Trans-warp it suddenly decelerated and the main overhead lights went out and changed from white to red and yellow as everyone was throttled forward in their seats or some lost their grip on the consoles and fell/tumbled on the floor as Ender’s feet slid forward but held onto the overhead handlebars tightly.  There is a whining sound of deceleration and Ender yelled, “Mr. Weiss what’s going on?” Joachim yelled over the alarm and whining noise, “Sir we are losing Trans-warp power!” The whining noise then began to slow down and stopped as the ship came to a halt and Petra yelled out, “We are clear!” Ender pressed a button on his arm rest and the powered down transparent panels before him retracted back up/down as he sat in his chair and stated, “I need more than that commander!” Petra is looking at her monitors and her console as she pressed various buttons and said, “Sir we lost both Trans-warp and main power.” Ender said excitedly, “Tell Mr. Delphiki we need both of them back right away!” Petra replied, “Aye sir.” Ender turned to Joachim and said, “Mr. Weiss...” Joachim cut him off, “Scanners are inoperable sir!” He and the rest of the crew worked feverishly at their stations as looked up at the main viewer and tried to calm himself even as he said, “Great, we are sitting ducks.” While the Endeavor drifted dead in space.


    The doors slid open and Khan entered the sickbay when suddenly there was a short cry of anger as a glass cup flew and smashed against the wall to his left.  Khan spoke aloud, “I guess Julian Caesar is awake after all.” In one of the bio beds before him Julian was lying back trying desperately to break the grip of two male, physically strong nurses holding him down as he thrashed his hands (his right hand wearing a black glove) about and cried out in anger, “ENDER!  I MUST KILL ENDER!” Khan approached and stood next to Julian and saw his grey and white hair but ignored it and Khan replied calmly, “Another time, if you ever get one.  You have failed Lord Serenity’s wishes and instead of testing the weapon, like you were supposed to, you instead used it for your own personal vendetta.” Julian glared at him furiously as his left eye is bloodshot and screamed, “YOU IDIOT!  HE KILLED MY ENTIRE CREW!  MY FAMILY!  AND MY SHIP!” In an instant Khan grabbed Julian’s throat and squeezed forcing Julian to grab and tried to pull his hand away as he began choking but to no avail as Khan glared back at him and spoke calmly, but menacingly, “Talk not to me of blasphemy.  I’d strike the sun if it insulted me.” (Moby Dick) And Khan let go making Julian gasp for air and Khan looked down on him and said, “You will remain here till we returned to The Sanctuary, and you will explain yourself to Serenity and Thanos.” He then turned and walked away, ignoring Julian as he glared at him.

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