Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


6. 6

Ender exited the turbo lift and entered the bridge as he called out, “Status report!” As soon as he sat in his chair he noticed Nikolai overlooking one of the consoles to his left when Petra replied, “Julian’s ship has arrived and is presently scanning the surface while also orbiting the planet behind us.” Ender looked back at Petra nervously and asked, “Does he know we are here?” Petra replied calmly (as she is looking down at one of the monitors on her console), “Not yet, but he can still outrun us and outgun us.” Ender continued to look at her nervously and asked, “Any suggestions?” Petra replied, “There is an asteroid nebula at 39 mark 4 that would render the main weapon of Julian’s ship useless.” Ender looked over his shoulder towards Nikolai’s direction and asked, “Nikolai, is the ship ready?” Nikolai looked back at Ender and replied, “Phasers are fully charged and torpedoes tubes are ready to fire but don’t get me too many bumps.” Ender said, “No promises Mr. Delphiki.” Nikolai sighed in disappointment and walked hurriedly towards the turbo lift before the doors closed behind him.  Joachim stated, “Sir if we go in there are targeting systems will be inoperable as well as visual and our shields will be useless.” Petra spoke out, “Then the odds will be even Mr. Weiss.” 


    The Endeavor pulled away from Colony IX and headed straight to the blue and red hazed nebula with asteroids surrounding and inside it as the M.D.D. started to appear as it turned from the corner of the planet behind the Endeavor.  Inside the Endeavor, the red alert lights flashed as crews grabbed emergency supplies and repair tools as they either walked fast or ran down the passageways.  At the same time, the maintenance and Iron Men gun crews quickly loaded up the bazookas and machine rifles before setting them inside the UMS coffin size hangers while others made last minute repair or mechanical touch ups before pushing the suits (that are locked in on metal slabs) up and into their individual coffin size hangers before locking in place all the while various crew members yelled various commands or reporting ready.  


    The Endeavor began speeding up as it headed to the nebula asteroid field when on the M.D.D.’s bridge Julian pointed to the main viewer and called out as some of the bridge crew looked surprised, “There she is!  There she is.” He sighed with satisfaction as he smiled and said, “Not so wounded as I left to believe, so much the better.” The M.D.D. began to give chase trying to catch up with the Endeavor.


    Petra is looking at one of her monitors in front of her (as it lighted her face blue) and she stated, “Penetration in two minutes.” She looked back at Ender and also added, “The Little Doctor is closing.” While Ender continued to look at the main viewer as he leaned forward and balled up his hands together.


    On the bridge of the M.D.D. the rear of the Endeavor started to grow larger and larger when suddenly it began get smaller and Julian looked to the helm at his left in anger and asked, “Why are we slowing?” Phillip replied innocently, “Caesar if we go in there our visual will be useless as well as our targeting systems and the main weapon.” Julian looked frustrated at him before slouching back in his seat and sighed depressingly.  


    Petra stated, “They are reducing speed.” Ender said, “Vars, patch me in.” Vars replied, “Aye sir.  You’re on captain.” On the bridge of the M.D.D., Julian watched the main viewer in frustration when suddenly Ender’s voice is heard on the intercom, “Hello Julian, it looks like you are too slow to reach Colony IX before we did!” Julian looked up in shock before turning back to glare at communications as she looked back at Julian in surprise and shook her head in confusion as she pressed various buttons on her console.  Ender spoke, “Caesar, I’m laughing at your superior intellect.” Julian glared at the main viewer and said, “Move toward him.” Phillip turned to face Julian and called out, “No Caesar!  You have the Little Doctor, you can do whatever...” Julian leapt up and shoved Phillip away (Only to throttle him from his seat and hit the floor) as Julian screamed, “MOVE!” And once he was behind the helm he slammed his hand on a button and the M.D.D. rapidly sped forward to catch up with the Endeavor. 


    Ender smirked as he watched the main viewer, as it showed the M.D.D. trying to catch up, and he said, “Doesn’t take much to set him off.” Petra turned from her console to face the main viewer and stated, “We’re now entering the nebula.” The main viewer then turned from showing the blue and red asteroid nebula, crystal clear, to static lines and jumpy imagery as the ship made a single light shake.  The Endeavor flew past and amongst the asteroids that littered the nebula as it entered and disappeared in the blue and red haze.


    The M.D.D. flew in as well and on the bridge the main viewer changed from crystal clear imagery to static and jumpy images as well and the helm officer, Lazarus, called out, “Visual inoperable, reducing speed!” He looked back at Julian as if to gain approval but Julian ignored him as he made a single high pitch laugh as he sat back in his seat and said, “Ender, Ender.  “How can you see better of a dark night than anybody else”” (Moby Dick).  The M.D.D. moved passed the surrounding asteroids forward while overhead the Endeavor passed from left to right.  Julian asked, “Yamato, anything on sensors?” From the console wall on Julian’s right, Yamato replied, “Sensors cannot lock, too much interference from the asteroids Caesar.” Julian grunted in anger as he glared at the main viewer.

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