Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


5. 5

The Endeavor came out of warp and entered the Colony IX system at full impulse before approaching the planet’s orbit.  Ender asked, “Is Julian here?” Petra replied, “Negative sir.” Ender exclaimed, “Helm, come the Endeavor on the other side of the planet and scan for Volescu’s location immediately!” Joachim replied, “Yes sir!” The Endeavor then flew to the dark side of the planet when Joachim called out, “Got him sir!  He’s located in an underground facility and I detect two other life readings as well!” Ender asked, “Can you beam him up?” Joachim replied, “Negative sir, but I can beam people down.” Ender stood up and said, “I’ll be in transporter room 1, have a two man security detail meet me there!” He walked fast to the turbo lift just as Petra stood up to protest when Ender cut her off, “Ms. Arkanian you have the con!” And he entered the turbo lift and the doors closed before Petra had a chance to reply. 


    In an underground science lab, Dr. Volescu is looking through a bioscopy and pulled out a droplet and drop two drops on a petri dish as two armed Interstellar Fleet soldiers stood behind him at the door entrance.  Volescu said, “Hmm, interesting.” When suddenly the doors between the soldiers blew inward and just as Volescu and the soldiers turned two bolts of blue light fired struck each of the soldiers and they both fell unconscious.  Volescu cried out in shock as the bolts of light struck the soldiers and two blue uniformed men (One Andorian and one Orion) appeared carrying phasers as Ender appeared between them with his phaser raised and entered the lab.  Ender pointed his phaser at Volescu and stated in a demanding tone, “Dr. Volescu you are coming with us.” Volescu stared at Ender and the security men (as they looked at the computer walls panels next to them) in shock and after a few moments of silence Ender replied, “I take that as you will comply.” The Andorian security man called out, “Captain, I found what is causing the transporter interference!” Without looking back Ender said, “Disable it.” The security officer pointed his phaser at it and fired, causing the computer panel to exploded and sparks issued forth as it and the surrounding computer panels powered down.  


    Ender’s communicator beeped and Ender pulled out his communicator and said, “Wiggin here.” Petra called out, “Sir, Julian has entered the system!  Prepare for immediate transport!” Ender replied, “On my mark!” Ender grabbed hold of Volescu as the two security officers stood close but then Volescu cried out, “Wait!  My equipment and notes!” Ender pointed his phaser and fired at the two separate desk computers, causing them to explode and sparks flew about the tables and set the scattered paper and notes around them on fire as well as the lab equipment and chemicals.  Volescu watched in horror as the flames grew and engulfed his working area in flames and screamed, “NO!” And he before he could try to break free from Ender’s grip, Ender yelled onto his communicator, “Energize!” And they all dematerialized before the stunned soldiers woke up.


    Once they rematerialized, two more security officers approached and had their phasers raised and pointed at Volescu.  Ender let go of Volescu as he looked shocked and raised his hands before walking off the transporter pad with the other two security officers behind him and Ender said, “Put him in the brig.” Volescu was looking at the transporter pad and then at Ender in amazement before being nudged forward and Volescu walked away with the four security officers escorting him out.  


    The M.D.D. approached Colony IX as Julian leaned forward in his seat with a look of puzzlement as he stared at the view screen showing the planet and asked rhetorically, “Where is she?” A crewman at a console to his far left said, “Caesar, I’ve scanned the surface and found no man made structures.” Julian smirked and replied, “Ohh it is not down on any map; True places never are.”-(Moby Dick).

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