Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


4. 4

Ender stated, “Captain’s log supplemental.  For the past four hours the ship has been undergoing repairs and from what Nikolai told me we are ahead of schedule and should be ready to get underway within two hours.  Commander Arkanian was able to find out the status of her parents and brother and it is what I feared to be.  Her parents and her brother were on the planet below when Julian fired the M.D.D. and since then I stayed on the bridge and left Arkanian alone in my quarters as she grieves for her loss.  Before she left she told me that my sister, Valentine, is on one of the core colonies of the Starways of Congress and I am very relieved while Chief Engineer Delphi’s parents have passed away before we arrived and apparently does not wish to know if he has any siblings.  In a lighter note, Mr. Delphiki was able to hack into the communications systems of the Starways of Congress and is able to locate Dr. Volescu on the planet Colony IX where apparently he, and a handful of security to watch him, are the only inhabitants on the planet as the original settlers could not adapt to the harsh desert environment.  I have notified Mr. Delphiki and Mr. Weiss to prepare to get the ship underway once repairs are completed.” Ender is sitting in his command chair signing off on a report before handing it back to the yeoman next to him as the turbo lift doors opened and Petra stepped onto the bridge in a clean uniform as she resumed her station.  Ender turned in her direction and looked at her with a concern look and asked, “Commander?” Petra looked back at him with a confident expression and replied, “Yes sir, I’m ready.” Ender nodded and turned forward and said aloud, “Mr. Weiss, are we ready?” Joachim replied, “All stations report ready sir, but the Ministry of Colonization refuse to remove the gangway off our port side.” Ender said, “Ms. Vars, get me...” Vars interrupted, “Sir we are being hailed by Lt. Colonel Ramirez.” Ender replied, “On screen.” 


    Ramirez appeared on the main viewer and Ender greeted her, “Colonel I’m sorry we have to leave so sudden but...” Ramirez interrupted in a demanding tone, “We detected one of your officers hacking into our system and I order you to power down your ship and prepare to be boarded!” Everyone on the bridge looked confused except Ender as he replied curiously, “Or what Colonel?” Petra, Joachim, Vars and the rest of the bridge crew looked at Ender with surprised looks as Ramirez glared at Ender and said, “Excuse me captain?” Ender glared back at Ramirez and said, “You heard me Lt. Colonel.  We intend to leave and if you refuse then we’ll just simply pull out and tear off your port docking bay leaving you with only one way in or out of your station.” Ramirez demanded angrily, “I will order the remaining Interstellar Fleet warships to disable your ship and board you by force!” Ender replied calmly but firmly, “You can try Colonel, but if you do I will not hesitate to destroy or disable the rest of your fleet and leave you defenseless if Julian decides to come back and finish you off.” Ramirez glared at Ender showing no expression as Ender continued, “We can play games like this Ms. Ramirez but I must warn you that there are more worlds out there that are in danger of Julian other than yourselves and I have made a sworn oath to protect any known civilization from complete destruction or threat by any known force and use whatever means to protect them, even if it means destroying you or the destruction of my own ship in the process.” Ramirez spoke in a demanding, angry tone, “Captain Andrew Wiggin you will...” Ender interrupted her, “Mr. Weiss, prepare to pull out on my mark!” As nervous tensions rose on the bridge, Joachim replied firmly, “Yes sir.” There was dead silence as Ramirez and Ender stared at each other (expressionless) when all of a sudden Joachim called out, “Sir, the port docking bay has pulled away!” Ramirez said, “Captain Wiggin, you are cleared to leave.” Ender nod and replied, “Thank You Colonel.” Ramirez spoke in a firm and angry tone, “Mr. Wiggin, this will be the last time we will ever see each other.  From now on you are never to return to Hegemon space.” Ender made a small smirk and replied, “Thank You Colonel, there is nothing here to come back to anyway.” Ramirez struggled to keep from showing her surprise look when all of a sudden Ender pressed a button on his right arm rest and the Lt. Colonel’s image changed from that to the burning planet of Hegemon below them and the space before them.


    The Endeavor pulled away from the Ministry of Colonization and the smoldering planet of Hegemon into deep space as Ender stated, “Helm, set course to Colony IX Trans-warp factor 6!  All stations prepare for Trans-warp drive!” Everyone on the bridge closed their armrests and Joachim said, “Trans-warp at your command sir.” Ender replied, “Execute.” And the Endeavor flew away leaving a blue and red streak of light in its path.  Once the ship was in Trans-warp Ender asked, “Time to destination?” Joachim replied, “One hour sir.” Vars looked surprised as she turned to Ender and exclaimed, “Sir, you are big hailed by Julian Delphiki!” Ender calmly replied, “On audio.” Everyone on the bridge tensed as Julian spoke, “Well, well, Mr. Ender Wiggin.  Looks like you have been banished from what’s left of your home world.” Julian made a high pitch laugh that made some of the bridge crew cringe in fright and Julian continued, “Don’t worry Ender, we will meet again when we reach you at Colony IX, see you then.” There was silence and Vars said, “He’s gone captain.” Ender looked confused and said aloud, “How does he know where we are heading?” Petra replied, “Sir, there’s a good chance that he may have left a virus in Ministry of Colonization’s ansible that tracks down on what I and Mr. Delphiki were researching sir.” Ender cursed under his breath before he spoke aloud, “Helm, increase to Trans-warp factor 7!” Joachim replied, “Yes sir!  We will arrive there in 25 minutes!” Ender pressed a button on his arm rest and said, “All stations red alert!  Man your battle stations!” The klaxon alarm sounded and the bridge lighting changed from normal to red.

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