Star Trek Endeavor: The Wrath of Caesar

Julian Caesar is on the verge of whipping out an entire race and freeing a doctor that could potentially create more of him and it is up to Ender Wiggin and the crew of the Endeavor to stop him.


3. 3

Ender and Petra entered a large room with a meeting table and a few older men and women sat behind it till they entered and Ramirez stood at attention and saluted Ender but he waved his hand and looked a little embarrassed and said, “No, please don’t salute me ma’m.  I should be saluting you.” They all sat down and looked at each other confused when Ramirez spoke, “Mr. Wiggin we have you, the one who defeated the Buggers and saved...” Ender cut her off, “That was then not now and all I have is a wrecked ship that needs repairs.” Ramirez said, “We will repair your ship immediately captain.” She looked to her left, pointed and said, “Next to me is the Minister of Colonization, Jena Dahl, next to her is the representative of the Starways of Congress, Gaffer Arame.  We have been trying to notify the other colonies about this Julian Caesar but we are unable to reach them through ansible because our communications are somehow being blocked and we can’t send ships to strengthen their defenses cause Julian and Khan somehow get there before the warships ever arrive.” Ender replied to their confused looks, “Yes, they possess a unique type of engine that has their ships able to travel faster than yours but the main concern is communications.  I’ll send my communications officer and some of my engineers to see if we can break what’s causing the signal jam.” They looked a little relieved and Jena said, “That will be most grateful Mr. Wiggin, but let me advise you that you should have a security detail around you at all times when you are here at the station because some people do not like you for what you did to the Formics.  They even label you as a Xenocide for whipping out the entire Formic race.” Petra glanced over at Ender but sees he is not concerned by what he is told and says, “Thank You for the advice minister.  Julian mentioned he has destroyed nine other worlds that were colonized.  May I ask which colonies is he talking about and how many people were able to evacuate Hegemon before it was destroyed?” Ramirez and the others squirmed unsettlingly in their sets as Jena replies sadly, “Julian broadcasts the destruction of the colonies through ansible to us and the people of Hegemon.  The colonies he destroyed were on Baia, Calicut, Helvetica, Mindanao, Fuji, Moctezuma, Otaheti, Outback, and Rov.  If Julian keeps on going from here he will reach the other worlds that form the core of the Starways of Congress and are heavily populated.  Also out of the 4 billion people that were on Hegemon, only 20,000 were able to survive before Julian fired the Little Doctor.” 


    Ender and Petra looked on somberly and Ender replied, “Thank You, we will get underway as soon as possible so we can stop Julian from reaching the core of the Starways of Congress.  Before we leave I need to know where is Dr. Volescu, because Julian is also searching for him as well.” The minister and representative looked at each other nervously while Ramirez looked at Ender with an expressionless face and replied, “He’s at a safe place where Julian won’t reach him.” Ender said, “Thank You for your assurance but tell us where he is so we can get him and lead Julian away form the Hundred Worlds.” Ramirez raised her voice, “I’m sorry but I cannot release him to you!” Petra glared at her as Ender kept his composure and replied, “May I ask why?” Ramirez said, “Volescu is in the custody of the Interstellar Fleet and he is in a place where there is no way for him to escape.  If we move him there is no guarantee that he won’t try to escape or someone will try to break him out even if he is under your custody.” Ender said, “I will guarantee you he won’t escape from our brig and I will have a squad of my best security around him at all times so that Julian or any of his compatriots won’t try to break him out.” There is only silence in the room as Ramirez stared at Ender as if she is pondering her thoughts while the minister and representative looked at Ender and Petra with a stern gaze.  


    Ender looked agitated and spoke aloud (as if giving an order), “Colonel you can’t just keep him wherever he is forever!  Sooner or later Julian or Khan are going to find him and you will wish you would have given him to us when you had the chance!  Where is the leader of Hegemon?” Ramirez replied somberly, “If you want to find our leader, look down at the planet below us.” Ender apologetic, “I’m sorry Colonel, I thought your leader would have left the planet before the attack.” Ramirez looked at him angrily and spoke, “You though wrong captain.  Since Julian fired the M.D.D. I am in charge of the 40,000 survivors of Hegemon here and at the Interplanetary Launch.” Ender sympathized, “I understand ma’m, so there is no other way I can persuade you to turn Volescu over to us?” Ramirez replied firmly, “From what you have offered so far, no.” A soldier behind Ender and Petra spoke aloud, “Ma’m we are receiving a transmission from Julian Caesar!” The screen behind Ramirez and the tow officials turned into static as they turned and then the screen cleared to show a picture of a planet as Julian spoke, “Moskva, a planet that is colonized by over 200,000 Russians and slavic colonists.” A bolt of blue light appeared and struck the surface of the planet to everyone’s shock as they watched the planet’s surface being burnt away like Hegemon.  


    Petra clung to Ender’s right arm as he looked over and saw Petra trying very hard to control her feelings as she looked like she was about to cry and he touched her hand reassuringly with a look of sympathy.  Then screen then changed to show Julian’s face as he looked at them grimly and said, “I know you are still alive Minister and Lt. Colonel Ramirez.  If you want us to stop this cleansing send us our founder to the following coordinates.” Ramirez’s desk beeped and she turned and saw her mailbox blinked and when she opened it she saw the sender ID was Julian Caesar and she looked shocked as she looked up and exclaimed, “How did he hack my mail?” She showed her desk to the soldiers at the door behind Ender and Petra and they shook their heads as they looked confused and Julian continued, “You have 24 hours or else I’ll cleans another world from your filth.  I also have a message for Ender Wiggin.” Ender and Petra looked tensed as Julian continued, “Stay out of my way or else I will cleans a world because of your interference.” Then the screen changed back to its normal setting and Ramirez and the others turned back around and Ramirez said grimly, “Mr. Wiggin, Ms. Arkanian would you please leave us.” Ender looked confused and angry and said, “You’re not seriously...” Ramirez called out angrily, “Captain Wiggin we thank you for the hospitality the Federation has rendered to us and we will consider an alliance and contact the Federation if we are willing to join their peaceful organization!  That will be all!” Ender stood up angrily as did Petra but to her surprise Ender replied firmly, “Yes Colonel.” He then turned and exited the room as Petra hesitantly followed as she is still surprised by Ender’s reaction.


    Petra walked fast to catch up to Ender and when she finally did she said, “Are you going to allow them to give in to Julian’s demands?” Ender replied dryly, “The Lt. Colonel is already on edge and if I pressed any further there is no doubt she will try to keep our ship from leaving by any means.” Petra said, “Are you sure she will go that far?” Ender replied grimly, “I don’t know and that is exactly why I am leaving it to you to find Volescu.” She stopped as did Ender as she looked baffled and said, “Ender you know I’m not that much of a computer genius.” Ender patted her on the shoulder as he smirked and said, “I know you will find a way.” Petra then looked serious and said, “Ender, I have to find out what happened to my family.  I need to know they are safe.” Ender looked depressed as he sighed, “Very well.” Petra gave Ender a hug and kissed him on the cheek before they continued their way back to the Endeavor.

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