JE Thompson's wondrous short stories

All of the following are stories by me!

Please note, some of these stories will be found on another writing website. I am the same person who wrote those stories and these are my original works.
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Please also note that some stories are not actually suitable for U13s but a fair few are and that is why this is rated G


4. What War Is

This story actually can't be found in the description. I have recently been reading a huge book about warfare in the 20th century. The horrid images provided in the book inspired this story.




War. What is it to you? To me it is merely another example of the failure of homo sapiens. Just a poor excuse to build weapons and kill.
Picture this: An army is preparing itself for war against a strong enemy. The archers are accurate and hold powerful bows. The swordsmen have strong arms and know where to strike. The spearmen hope to impale as many enemy soldiers as possible. The horses are ready to charge and their riders are just as ready. The catapults and their men are prepared for the firing of a million steel balls.
As the soldiers march to the battlefield, only one thought crosses their minds: victory or death. Their only objective is to fight and kill. If they betray or retreat, no mercy will be given. They are to return home either as a hero or as a dead man.
The enemy comes into view. The swordsmen at the very front hold up their shields, to protect themselves and the men beside and behind them.
Without warning, they charge. As does the enemy. The archers prepare their first arrows and fire. These arrows bring down the enemy’s frontal forces. Flaming arrows are shot as well, to ruin the enemy’s catapults.
The frontal forces of both sides finally come together and fight. For some, the battle is over all too quickly. Others hold on and fight and fight until all their energy drains away. Only the best and the lucky can survive until the very end.
Modern warfare is all too similar; the only difference is the weaponry available. Giant noises fill the air as both sides kill from a distance. Tanks take the place of catapults and run down everything in their path. It takes more than a flaming arrow to destroy this machine.
It will take hours, perhaps even days, until the battle is ‘over’. The dead lie across the field, with some of the most unimaginable expressions of shock. Some have a sword or an arrow sticking out of their chest. Others have horribly mangled faces as a result of a bomb going off.
One side will be ‘victorious’. Years, sometimes decades, sometimes centuries later, many authors will write of how this side ‘won’ that war. But, in truth, there is only one man who wins war.
And that man’s name is Death.

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