first love


5. Hospital

every time when people come to see me I can hear them but I'm not awake sometime I just wont to wake up and hug them,make them stop crying that i'm there for them and that Jacob wont have to skip school anymore. Weeks came and came and I'm still nit awake I just need to wake up so I could say I love you back to Jacob I'm cry and no body can see my tears running down my cheeks and I felt someone wipe them for me and I woke up and there was Jacob there smiling down at me,and I said


I love you Jacob"


I love you to lily"

 and there was my heart pounding I almost can hear it I tried to talk more but the doctor said if I keep talking it will make my voice permanently hard to talk.After a couple of days I could go home, but I had a broken leg and I could talk more or do my favorite sports anymore like soccer,volleyball and track. 

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