The life with girl with oi


2. the first day

One day Essence was waking to school

And essences of like started hurting and he was mathematic EQA oh so she did it Julio and she told her teacher that if her mom says that if her leg still hurt after you clear then she can call her mom and she can go home. after she is done EQA oh he'll like started hurting and she laughed at me for saying goodbye to her best friend Tessa. When Tessa came back down after doing her EQAO her teacher came up to Tessa and said essence a left just to let you know. Tessa felt sad and worried because she said one of my going to do end up having Tessa stay pretty good.

The next day

Hey guy Essence here so today I had EQAO and it was math but it was best friend Tessa had no scrambler so she whet with miss green scrubber was miss moor I hate her .oh and after school Aryana and Tessa came over and went swimming in my pool it was fun but Tessa had to go at 7:00 and Aryana had to leave at 8:00 but we got Chang and had peanut utter cookies.

The FUN day

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