The Love Game

Edward left you. So you try to cope. Well you fricken can't. That is, until Jacob comes. He shows you the light, he puts the color in the world. And now Edward is back because you decided to save him. Even after all he's done to you. You save him, but your not sure....who do you love more?


2. Apologies

I'm sitting in Biology class, waiting for Edward to arrive. My brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail and I've been debating whether to take it out or not. Mikes been pulling on it all day, and I'm about ready to donkey punch him. I wonder what I'll do today. Maybe I'll go to La Push and me and Jacob can hang for a bit. I would love to watch the sunset with him again tonight. I'm really glad Edwards back too, although I'm not sure what to think about all this. I mean he left me!! But he does love me. I know that. Jacob loves me too though. I was so deep in thought I didn't even realize that Edward had sat down next to me and class had started.

"Hello," he pleasantly whispers to me. I jump at the sound of someone so close and I didn't even realize it.

"Oh hey," I half whisper back.

"What are you doing today?" He asks.

"Erm.....uh I dunno yet." I keep my eyes on the teacher. "Maybe going to Jacobs..."I add without thinking. I hear him take a deep breath and I realize what I just said.

"Bella, you know I'm so sorry. When I told you that I didn't love you, that was the most blackest kind of blasphemy. I love you Bella, and I'm so so sorry that I made you believe otherwise." He whispers leaning so close I feel his breath on my neck. "My love, I am forever in your debt for forcing myself out of your life. I thought that was best, but the whole time we were apart. I was thinking about you, and I was missing you."

I feel a warmth spread through my body that I haven't felt in a while. The warmth of being loved by a vampire. It's a chilly warmth, not all hot like Jacobs love, it's like a hot day with a cool breeze blowing all the time. I try to hide my smile but I smile anyway. He chuckles as I start to blush through my smile and then I blush deeper as he chuckles. Why am I forever blushing around everyone? And then I blush more at how embarrassed I am for blushing in the first place. I think to myself. The bell rings and class is dismissed. I get up and realize that all my books aren't even where they should be. I look over at Edward and find all my books in his arms and that he's walking out the door with them. I follow him, half wanting to know where he's going, and half wanting to jus get my books and leave.

"Where are you going, Edward?" I voice.

"To the woods." He answers smirking.

"Why? Can I have my books back?" I reply.

"Not yet." He says smiling before he darts around the corner and out of sight. Ugh why on earth?? Why can't I jus let him have my books and go into the woods by himself. I don't want to go into the woods. Not that much. Maybe a little bit. I have Edward back now. Oh Bella what are you gonna do now? I think as I reluctantly follow him.

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