KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


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18. What Goes Around, Comes Around Two-fold.

Chapter 12 : What Goes Around, Comes Around Two-fold.


EST 11:30, CE 3016-06-12, LST 19:30, CE 3016-06-12


I was standing by my chair looking hot. Despite my bangs obscuring my eyes like a sheepdog, I could still somehow see myself clearly through the mirror. Turning my head from right to left, I pretended to show off my big silver hoop earrings. Wearing a red sweater with silver sequence around the low v-neck, along with a pair of light stone washed jeans with black high heeled boots, I was ready to hit the town for a good night out with Mako and friends.

I continued to stare at myself in the mirror, deeply drowning myself in thought. I stood there recollecting my thoughts, reflecting on the frenzy week gone past, and the havoc I'd left in my wake. Who would've thought, or ever believe, that a chic such as myself, race driver by profession and a girl who just wanted to enjoy life with friends outside of work, would be the same person who lead such a perilous double covert life. Assessing my own beauty in the mirror, I smiled at myself knowing that my secrets were very safe, given only few trusted people within the sophisticated ranks of our resistance organisation knew that the very person I stared down upon, me, Kixi Rajki, nothing more than an attractive girl who liked to drive fast cars and go out and have a good time, was also the feared warrior Kay Blade who topped the USS' most wanted list. Still staring at myself, I mused at seeing my own image and further allowed my thoughts to drift. 

The news of Cerberus' brutal slaying had been constantly broadcasted over open media channels of many sorts throughout the Sol System. Breaking news after breaking news, along with it were broadcasted messages of hate towards those responsible. In fact those responsible were the ones who actually were dominating the headlines more than Cerberus herself. Unusually flattering, seeing both myself as Kay Blade and Cerberus' youngest daughter Paige Langley at the centre of attention in the daily news for more than a week now, did feel a little weird. Much condemnation, hate, promises of revenge and swift justice against us constantly dominated the media, further clouding the reality of the deluded populace of Sol. All I wanted now was to ease my mind, chill out and even if it were for just this one night, forget about it all. And that I would. After all I was just Kixi Rajki to everyone.  Speaking of which, the final race of the F-Zero championship was just under a week away. From tonight, my intent would be that for at least a week, there would be no being Kay Blade for me. This in fact had also been advised to me by Jarvis. Given the importance of what lay ahead, he encouraged me to forget about my double life and fully concentrate on the upcoming race, a race vital to both mine and Kajtia Xiz'injhürek's hopes in becoming system wide champions.  

Paige, thinking of her would obviously not remove my thoughts from my other life. Since dropping her off at Vocheuhiri, where she had commenced the beginning of her long enduring training at another of the Arjian Resistance Cell’s secluded and well hidden facilities, I was in contact with her once a day as a minimum. The trip to Earth’s twin, Venus, had been a relatively low key one. I basically picked up Paige from Gamma Delta IV in a Maelstrom Cruiser, flew straight to Vocheuhiri and had dropped her off at Epsilon Prime, our base on Venus, and left back for Earth very much immediately after that. I didn’t find the need to stick around at all necessary, as our agents there for one had been briefed on Paige already, and secondly I had revised all that I had needed to on my part to the young girl during the trip from Earth already. So communicating with her once a day as Kay Blade, since I wasn't yet ready to tell her I was really Kixi Rajki, would present little or no problems in concentrating all my efforts and energy towards the upcoming race, where winning would be imperative. That I slowly assured myself while still staring at myself in the mirror.

Suddenly I was snapped out of my concentrative thoughts. Interrupted by someone else, who’s familiar gentle touch felt warming like it always did. Turning around just as Mako pulled back her hand which she had gently tapped me on the side of my neck with, she asked me if something were troubling me. A genuine question given it was odd just seeing me frozen in a trance like state, given the two of us were dressed and ready for a night out down town which we intended to make a good relaxing and enjoyable night out of. Assuring her that all was indeed fine, and that I had just been thinking of the events of the past week, plus the upcoming F-Zero race, we then decided it was time to head out for the Moon Deck Bar where we would also be meeting the others. Giggling as I shut the door to our apartment locking it, I spoke out to Mako who still seemed a little concerned regarding having seen me a little lost in my pensive state only moments earlier. "You and I look cute together. Let’s go hit the town and party hard my little sweetheart."


EST 12:25, CE 3016-06-12, LST 20:25, CE 3016-06-12


It was dark now and neon lights glazed one of Celestia's finest entertainment districts as both Mako and I hovered and then landed into a crowded hovercar parking area. As we glanced around, we saw dancers, party hoppers, business men and hookers. Observing some heads turn to look in my direction, notably at my Saab Viggen Quantum GT hovercar which was a factory souped up vehicle I seldom took out, I waited for the upward lifting opening doors to retract fully before stepping out. Mako who had done the same glanced around noticing the nosy onlookers. Turning to face her, I raised an eyebrow giving her a cheesy look not sure if the onlookers mostly males, were either checking out my rare piece of machinery, or if they were simply perving at both my girlfriend and I. The latter I obviously found most flattering. Looking at her watch with a worried expression, Mako commented.

"Hey Kixi? Didn't both Ālrai and Miyuki say they were going to meet us here exactly at 8:30? It's 8:29 and I see no sign of them, nor do I see Kajtia or Chris. We're not usually the first ones here."

"Ah don't worry about that Mako. Remember tonight is about us having a good night. No stressing out about anything if it can be helped. They'll be here soon. No sweat, just chill." I said calmly to Mako placing my hand gently on her lower back. "C'mon, let's go inside, the others can meet us in there."

"Hey! There you are! Here before us. Ready to head in girls?" Ālrai who was accompanied with Miyuki questioned us, having a big smirk on his face as he saw that Mako and I were making our way to the entrance queue.

"Oh hell to the yeah, why do you think we've already lined up to get in." Both Mako and I replied in unison as we all then began to stroll up in the long line of other hopeful party-goers.

While we waited and inched closer to the entrance, we could more clearly hear the songs that were currently being played by the DJ. I even started bobbing to the beat and danced in place, causing some lookers to give me catcalls as they passed by on the street. Just then, Kajtia my F-Zero co-pilot rocked up with Chris. The two looked like a good match together. Officially they were not yet a couple or dating, however Chris had been interested in the stunning tall black haired woman for a long time. Finally he had summoned up enough courage to ask her out on a date. And here they were. "Hey! You two! Over here!" I called out to them waving and getting their attention to where the rest of us were almost at the bar's entrance. Skipping the line to where we stood, and to the utter annoyance of others who were already waiting ahead of them, we finally got in. The bouncers in fact allowed the six of us straight in, further annoying others who already had been ahead of us in the line, upon seeing four hot pretty girls accompanied by two descent looking guys. This immediately gave us the look of disdain to those we had just jumped ahead of. Not that I or anyone else actually gave a shit. Once inside, we approached our reserved seating placement in the back, then sat down to order some drinks.

"A bourbon and coke please... with extra bourbon and less ice," I requested winking at the waitress. She looked at me in a rather peculiar way, let me tell you, not realising that I was simply a girl that was into other girls.

"One apple Martini." Miyuki responded in turn.

"Water with lemon..." We all glanced over at Mako as she just stared back at us. "What?. . . I'm just watching my figure!"

After finishing our orders, we glanced around. Ālrai and Miyuki not actually being a couple, were checking to see if any superbly hot women and men had walked in.

"Hey, he's kind of cute." Miyuki’s eyes lit up as she directed her comment towards Kajtia, who although tonight had her own date, had been perfectly fine to express her own opinion regarding Miyuki’s choice in men.

"Nah, not really. Now he's alrig-"

"No, he isn't."

"Well, perhaps he's sing‒"

"Nope. One wife. Two kids.”

“What? You can tell by how his shoes are‒"

"Shh... it's alright. Just... shhhhh."


The drinks then finally came. We were practically dehydrated so the drinks went down fast.  Scanning my microchip on my wrist to put my signature on the tab, we ordered more rounds. A good hour passed while we chatted, joked, laughed and forgot about everything outside of where we were. We were all having a swell time. 

The table to the side of us had been empty despite the many people present. Undoubtedly reserved, and sure enough it ended up being the case, as three above average looking guys with descent enough builds took up those seats beside our table.

"Hey Jason... check out all the hot girls here tonight! Especially at that table near us. Four girls and two guys. I reckon some of those girls will want to dance with y‒"

"Shut it Paul..."

Now having ordered drinks of their own, the three guys who were sitting at their own round booth table couldn’t help but constantly look over to us.  A candle flickered in the middle of their table, casting a glow on each of their faces. Finally though, Jason who was probably the better looking of the three, leaned over to our table, introducing himself, his friends, and obviously interested in conversing with us.

"How are you stunning ladies doing tonight?" he asked with a seductive tone in his voice, and clearly ignoring the presence of the two male companions that were with us. Miyuki being the closest to him, she licked her lips as she too leaned forward to move in towards Jason's face. He just glared at her, not keeping his eyes from hers, all the while struggling to keep his eyes from her boisterous bloomage. Although I did notice his eyes wonder a bit to the side to where Mako was seated. I could tell instinctively that he had the hots for her. Well too bad for him that one she was taken, and secondly that she wasn’t interested in men, I thought to myself. Miyuki revealed herself to Jason, her perfume smelling of jasmine and green tea. She wore a deep green, glittering tube top that covered not enough, resulting in her looking somewhat, let's see, slutty? Probably not the nicest thing to think of my own friends, even if I were only thinking it, but that sort of look clearly did attract the guys around here.

We're just a few guys who would like to have some nice babes to dance with. Jason asked Miyuki, while she kept eye contact with him, stroking her upper lip with her tongue.

Glancing at the two, and clearly not interested in dancing with any males, nor liking the fact at how his real interests lay towards my girlfriend, I stood up placing my hand on Mako’s shoulder gesturing for her to also stand up which she promptly did.

Both Mako and I politely excused ourselves, after we raised to head out the dance floor. I motioned for Mako to come. The others however decided to remain at the table for a little while longer, with Jason, Paul and their other friend switching over to our table to sit down and squeeze in where Mako and I had been sitting.  

"We'll kick back for a little while longer and sip on our drinks. We'll meet you on the dance floor soon," Chris spoke on behalf of the others still seated raising his glass at me. Nodding in acknowledgement I then turned away and casually made my way to the dance floor. Then glancing behind me, I took a hold of Mako's hand so that way we could more easily get through the packed people who were either talking or already dancing, without losing one another in the crowd.

While on the dance floor with Mako, the song went off and a slow one began. The club only played a few slow songs here and there. Mostly it stayed on upbeat dance music. Neither of us minded the slower music though, in fact we loved it as I pulled Mako in tightly against my body, moving her with the music.

We continued to dance to the rhythm and beat of the song, cuddled close in together, it felt like I was living in an ecstasy. Mako looked really hot. Especially seeing the pale skin of her face and exposed areas of her body. I lost my train of thought. I watched her eyes moving, as she reached out with one of her hands into her pocket while still keeping the other tightly wrapped around me. Retrieving her small comms device, her eyes eyed what was clearly a message before putting the device back into her pocket and once more having both her arms wrapped around me. And then I noticed it, something had suddenly mesmerised her.

 "Who was that that just messaged you Mako?" I said shaking my head in concern that something was wrong.

Clearing her throat knowing that she knew that I suddenly knew something was amiss, she tried to continue "Ummm." Mako felt my chest rise. Her arms slid up around my neck, pulling herself closer to me, her lips to my ear "Kixi..." Mako felt electricity run throughout her body when her lips touched my soft pale ear speaking my name. Her mind went blank as to what she was going to tell me.

My body responded to her closeness. Arm wrapped her tighter to me. "Talk to me Mako”.

Touching her lips back to my ear so no one could read her lips she spoke, "Jason put something in my drink just after we left for the here, the dance floor. That was Ālrai who just sent me a message. Jason obviously knows I would come back eventually to take a sip. Ālrai and the others are just playing dumb for now and pretending they didn’t see anything. To be honest, I don’t like neither Jason nor his mob. I don’t know what Miyuki is trying to achieve by flirting with him. I am so glad you’re holding me tightly in your arms Kixi. I really love you, I love you a lot.”

I frowned at the thought of someone trying to hurt my sweet Mako. And this was just some clown in a nightclub, who had absolutely no idea about the great lengths that I had gone through even recently to protect my one and only true love. My eyes scanned the crowd to find Jason and co still sitting not too far away at the table where the rest of our friends were still conversing. I took a deep breath contemplating on what to do next in response to Jason’s crowdedly actions. “Yes I know Mako, I love you a million too,” I quickly responded leaning my head forward and quickly kissing her on her lips.

In the meantime, Miyuki, Chris and Kajtia got up and headed through the crowd to where Mako and I were dancing to a new dance beat, and almost simultaneously Jason and his buddies got up and followed them to the dance floor to where we were too. 

Ālrai remained alone at the table, however not just to mind our stuff. Ālrai had been the one that had suspected Jason in putting something into Mako's drink in the first place, and had discreetly messaged her. Now since everyone but himself had gone to the dance floor, he took the opportunity to look at her drink and quickly analysed it, confirming that indeed it had been the case. Given the others had now joined both Kixi and Mako on the dance floor, Ālrai quickly decided to send Mako another message confirming his find.

Mako clung onto me as she danced with me. I placed a kiss onto her temple wanting to believe that I could keep my calm regarding Jason, but somehow we both knew that that would never hold. The others finally arrived on the dance floor to where we were. That was Miyuki, Chris and Kajtia, along with Jason and his two friends.

Then to the utter disbelief of everyone, Jason approached us, forcibly putting his hands and arms around Mako. "Hey get your hands off her, she's not interested in you and is taken."

"Yeah she sure is taken, by me. And she's interested. But hey I don't have to leave you out of this girl, one of my buddies here would happily dance with you, you're quite stunning yourself."

"No thanks. And I'm not into your type and neither is she. Please leave us alone."

"You trying to say we're not good enough for you?”

"No I said we're not into your type."

"Meaning what?”

"What do you think numb brains? You saw the two of us touching, cuddling, and kissing each other while we were dancing. Work it out!"

There was a slight pause with everyone staring at us before Jason and his friends burst into laughter. 

"Well, well look at what we have here. Two girl lovers, fucking lesbians. Well I think you could easily swing both ways, if not you, then your girl over there for sure. Let me borrow her just for a bit so she can at least have an opportunity to know what." Jason smiled mischievously. 

"No! Get lost, fuck off arsehole!" I angrily said pressing my hands on Jason's bigger chest pushing him back a step. 

Then looking around to see Chris and Kajtia, he quickly put two and two together. 

"Oh I recognise you." He quickly said all amused and facing me again. "Your Kixi Rajki the F-Zero driver and that there is your stunning co-driver Kajtia Xiz'injhürek. Well Kixi it's been a pleasure meeting you, and I sincerely hope that you both lose the fucking title. Ah what am I saying. Like you two women even have a chance. Both Michael Vickers and Ramsey Gatehouse are gonna put you both in your place again just like last season and the season before that one. Oh and for the record at least your co-driver is not a little dumb girl lover like you. Now step aside you todger dodger leso moron. I'm making your girl my own intellectual property as of now."

Forcing the two of us to let go of one other, he then stepped in forcibly pushing me away from Mako, Placing his much larger body in between us, he shoved me to the side and grabbed Mako in a hold that would unmistakably mesmerise her.

Trying to hold my calm and the urge to snap this jerk's neck, ignoring his derogatory insults that had been directed towards me, I did my best to compose myself. I could sense that Chris had wanted to take a shot at Jason, as did Ālrai who had just arrived on the dance floor in wake to all the commotion. However short of any actual bloodshed happening, they had to back off for now from any violence as did I. 

"Look dude, she's just like me. A lesbian, please let go of her. Surely a bright intelligent dude such as yourself can see how petrified she of your actions and that she isn't interested in you. Please take your hands off her before we call security."

"She can be tamed. She just needs to feel me and taste me to realise that what she's currently got with you is unnatural. I can make her mine and wanting."

I stared into Mako's eyes. She was totally petrified at the thought of being taken away from me and having a male touch her, especially one who was forcing himself upon her. 

"Let fucking go of her now arsehole! And I fucking know you tried to spike her drink earlier on too."

I then furiously approached him, but didn't attack him like I knew how, like the warrior that I was, like I fought when I was my double Kay Blade. Instead I began slapping at him, very much like the average more fragile woman would do, knowing that it wouldn't hurt the much bigger and stronger man. Then to the utter shock of not only me, but to all my friends and those who were nearby on the dance floor, he let go of Mako, momentarily grabbed me by my sweater and then pushed me hard and away. I stumbled backwards, losing my balance and finally fell flat on my arse. Other onlookers who had just witnessed firsthand a much larger guy simply throw me, a much smaller and fragile girl around as if I were nothing more than a ragdoll, stood there with their mouths open in total disbelief.  Kajtia quickly came to my aid helping me back onto my feet, while Miyuki went to see if Mako was okay.

"You attacked me first dumbarse, and if you were a guy, I would have smashed that pretty face of yours by now!" Jason yelled down at me, although  I could barely hear him due to the loud music that was pumping. Both Ālrai and Chris moved in to confront Jason, however his two buddies quickly moved in to flank both Ālrai and Chris. As Kajtia was helping me back on my feet he did manage to shout out more offensive slurs aimed at me. "Yeah look what we have there, the celesbian race driver whore and her co-driver arse licker.”

Preventing Ālrai from getting to Jason, one of his friends that was flanking him to his right spoke calmly "Dude. Calm down. This isn't worth a fight in this club right now. It's not worth the trouble you'll be in. You need to calm down." Ālrai was breathing hard, about to explode. Chris beside him was about to explode too, but he was containing it. He was always the one to think before acting. Chris knew there would be a time and place, but was hoping it would be never." There are witnesses everywhere, we don't need violence dude." Jason said turning his eyes toward Ālrai who stood within striking distance of him.

Ālrai couldn't break the eye contact on Jason, words grunted out "You started this cunt! Mako told you she wasn't interested in you, and then you threw her girlfriend Kixi across the dance floor as if she were nothing more than an object. Don't give me that bullshit that it was self defence as you put your hands on Mako first without her consent. Kixi tried only to have you let go of her and you, you nothing more than a big bully practically hit a defenceless girl!" Ālrai continued to growl clenching his teeth in anger. 

"I know dude." By this stage, Miyuki, Mako, Kajtia and I were now standing behind both Ālrai and Chris. It seemed that Jason didn't care and his next statement confirmed it all. "I don't like her kind." He continued pointing his finger at me. "It's quite disgusting actually. Your girl deserves better, a normal life, I was just trying to let’s say…. Liberate her." Jason said spreading both his hands out, amused and finding the whole matter one big joke.

"You're a jerk dude. Plain and simple." I yelled out at him snarling and pointing my finger out at him.

Before  Ālrai could speak again, Jason thought it was a little funny seeing me and my friends getting so angry for what he perceived as nothing. "What are you mad about? I didn't do anything to her, yet.  And for your information, it’s cute to think you could actually care for that blonde lesbian bimbo over there. You're probably banging her girlfriend on the side, because it’s quite obvious that she’s a girl and she likes cock just like they all do!"

"Ahhh!" Ālrai lunged at Jason, but Chris grabbed his arm hard pulling him back. Kajtia grabbed his other arm helping Chris hold Ālrai back. Ālrai turned his attention watching Jason and glared at him. Chris seemed calm but Ālrai stood there feeling the rage that swirled inside of him. Chris held tighter to Ālrai 's arm. He had never felt such emotions radiate from him before. Ālrai 's jaw tensed as he then was somehow ale to break from Chris’ and Kajtia’s grasp, a dimple popped out as he walked carelessly toward Jason. Jason’s two friends sort of tried blocking Ālrai’s path, but in the end there was no need to, as Ālrai had by now managed to put aside the urge in decking Jason in the mouth. "I saw you slip something in Mako’s drink. I’m not stupid Jason, and neither is everyone else for that matter. You see Jason, you might not like lesbians, but your opinion is invalid. Kixi and Mako are going to get married one day. They love each other and would do anything for each other beyond anything you can possibly ever imagine. And as for us and them, we’re part of one big happy family, and we protect our family. You’re not worth the trouble buddy.”

"You know what guys, I think it's time we all leave. Before they spoil our night further." Miyuki butted into the tense confrontation between the boys. Then putting her hand on Ālrai's shoulder she further encouraged him to let it go. "C'mon Ālrai, these guys are not worth our trouble." Then speaking in Zurogo as she was certain Jason and his friends didn't understand the language convinced both Chris and Ālrai to back away by saying, "We're elite warriors who have fried far more formidable opponents, and have skills far beyond what any of these what I would say are nothing more than big kids will ever be capable of attaining. He’s not worth wasting any of your talents on." Listening and then pausing for a moment, Ālrai and Chris both nodded as a dumbfounded Jason and co looked on having no idea on what was just said. 

We all agreed to leave. Although I was cross. In-fact that was an understatement to how I was feeling at the present moment. I was furious and wanted to get back at the big guy Jason. How dare he, or anyone else for that matter put their hands on my precious Mako. Jason and his boys reluctantly, but wisely decided that enough was enough. There would be absolutely no way that he would win Mako over. He knew it and had decided to move on leaving the dance floor only minutes after we all decided to get our things and call it a night.


EST 17:15, CE 3016-06-12, LST 01:15, CE 3016-06-13


We all finally parted ways for the night. Kajtia and Chris left together, just like they had come. The two appeared to have a real swell time together tonight. The two seemed right for each other, and if anything, by observing the two together tonight, things seemed very promising for them. A welcoming thought in my eyes. As for Ālrai and Miyuki, Ālrai had picked up Miyuki and the two had come in together. They left together just like they had come, with both Mako and I giving them our quick goodbyes. In a couple of day we would all see each other again at our Arjian HQ headquarters all the same.  Mako and I slowly and casually walked back to my parked hovercar. Still enraged I could think of nothing better than to beat the living crap out of Jason. And suddenly it was as if my prayers had been answered. Out of nowhere I saw him and alone. Better still he hadn’t spotted us.

“Mako wait here, I have a score to settle with that bastard.” I quickly said to her as she too spotted him. I had already opened the boot of my hovercar so I could change into other clothing, before Mako could reply trying to discourage me from following through with me wanting to confront the bully.

"You really don't have to Kixi. Let's just go home." Mako’s tone of voice was really down. Already upset at the incident that had taken place inside the club, she really just wanted to go home.

“Oh we will go home Mako…..After I settle this that is.” I gave her a quick fake smile as I turned away to look into the boot of my hovercar. Changing my jacket, I quickly then looked around to see if anyone else was looking. There wasn’t another soul in sight. At least for now. Great, I thought as I removed my boots and then lowered my jeans completely taking them off.

“Why are you getting undressed Kixi?.” Mako asked alarmingly.

“Because when I beat the prick up, even though he’ll see the face of Kay Blade, it will look a little suss if he sees her, me, dressed the same as I was as Kixi.” I replied swiftly as I quickly put on a black leather skirt and another pair of black boots, but this time with low heals. Quickly using the Nanotech Facial Veil implanted into the pores of my skin, I allowed my face and hair to briskly change into that of Kay Blade.

“I really don’t want you to do this Kixi. Really let’s just leave it. He’s not worth it. Like Miyuki was telling Ālrai and Chris, he’s a waste of your talent.” Mako gulped as she spoke knowing her attempts to convince me to let this go would be nothing more than futile.  

"No Mako. He tried to hurt you and furthermore take you away from me. I know you would never do so willingly, but that's beside the point. Also if he isn't taught a lesson, what's to stop him from trying that shit again in some other poor girl?"

"I guess so." Mako gulped again worried that I might literally actually kill the guy. "Just promise me you won't seriously hurt or kill him. We don't need any of that shit right now Kixi. Really we don’t."

"Don't worry, I won't go that far. I'm just gonna set matters straight with him. Nothing more and nothing less. Just wait here in the hovercar. In-fact wait in the driver’s seat. Just in case we gotta make a quick getaway. Be ready to move in if things go badly pear shaped from here.”

I quickly closed the boot of my hovercar and left as Mako nodded in acknowledgement, her facial expression clearly showing signs of disapproval towards me despite the fact that I was doing this for her. I could understand why as well. We didn’t need the violence right now. Not more violence in our case and most certainly not for this. Yet I didn’t give a shit. I was set in my mind on what I wanted to do, and I would follow through with it one way or another with or without my girlfriend’s approval.

He was all alone. For now. He's buddies were not far off, that much I confidently was able to observe. Excellent, the word passed through my head as I paced myself quickly in a manner that would allow me to sneak up and ambush him. However I had no intention in doing that. That I quietly mused to myself would not be satisfying enough. The flat heels of my boots tapped gently on the dark steel surface, allowing the man who had laid his hands on my girlfriend and pushed me aside when I had come to her defence earlier on, heard my approach whilst I got within metres of him and swivel around quickly to face me. 

"Whoa, where did you come from pretty girl? I know I'm such a popular dude and all but please don't sneak up on me like that next time."

"Oh is that so? You really think your Prince Charming hey?

"Well isn't it obvious babe? I mean look around, it's just you and I here and clearly you've come looking for me." 

Boy couldn't I wait to wipe that cheesy arrogant smile off his face. And it would come soon. 

"Perhaps I should formally introduce myself babe. The name's Jason, and you are?"

Clenching my whole body and making that fact obvious, I responded given I hadn't really come to play around or flirt with him. I had come here for one sole purpose only. To beat the living daylights out of him, and I had to hurry before his buddies returned. 

"You sure are a cocky little fuck aren't you Jason. You're damn right about one thing mister, I did come here looking for you, but not to flirt. And yes, allow me to formally introduce myself to you Jason, the name's Blade, Kay Blade and what you see now is the last pretty chic that you're ever gonna mess with.” 

Upon the realisation of whom I was, the confident cocky smirk on his face quickly vanished. 

"Umm look girl I, I , I don't know what you want from me. I've seen and heard of you and, and, and, um you obviously have the wrong guy if you're looking for someone."

"You really think so arsehole? Nuh I definitely have the right guy. You're gonna pay for what you did earlier." I said grimly.

"But, but I didn't do anything. I've never met you before until now. Please girl back off, I'm not whoever it is that you're looking for!"

Snarling I barked at him saying. "Yeah you are. You're gonna taste your own fucking blood in a moment."

Jason took a few steps back placing both hands out indicating for me to back off. Something I had no intention of doing. 

"You've been all over the news. You murdered the head of Skysec in cold blood. You, you, you just gonna do that to me? I've done nothing wrong. You're a criminal!"

“Who fucking Cerberus you mean? She tried to kill me first in the gladiatorial arena. She got what she deserved." I retorted. "And for your information, her own daughter killed her not me. Just goes to show doesn't it?"

"Show what? You are attacking me for no reason. Why?"

"Cos you did something bad to me. You just don't know it I guess, but you did. And now although I'm not going to kill you, I am going to hurt you. Just to set things straight and to serve as an example to your friends who are just like you."

"Look this is insanity Kay Blade. Really I'm dumbfounded. Care telling me what I did?"

I froze for a moment thinking. I realised I couldn't tell him this had anything to do about what he had done earlier on to Mako or to me as Kixi. If it was known that there was even an acquaintance between me as Kixi and me as Kay, let alone a discovery that we were the same person, I would be in very serious strife. Rubbing my hand momentarily over my mouth and over my chin, I decided to lie. Well apart from just walking away and telling Jason that I had the wrong guy, I really had no choice but to lie, because deep down I wanted to bash him. I simply just had the urge to do so. It was the violent nature inside of me. He had touched Mako whom to me meant the universe. Despite Mako urging me to let it go, I simply could not. So here I was now. Ready to re-arrange this poor guy's face. Maybe both Icarus and Paige had been right after all. I was no different to Cerberus. 

"You, you, you hurt someone close to me." I began stuttering my words, I was an awful liar. "Get ready to fight, the quicker we do this the quicker it will be over."

Then in a sudden change of tone, Jason stepped forward again, no longer fearing me.

"You really wanna fight me. I'm a man, bigger and stronger than you. And if you think I don't know how to fight, then you're a fool girl. I'll make you split teeth. Bring it then girl. But I'm unarmed, you wanna fight, we fight fair. No weapons."

"I’m unarmed too." I put my hands in the air a moment to reveal my whole body in full.  Just as I did, Jason's other two buddies rocked up. Shit! I cringed under my breath. I had forgotten about them. 

"Back off boys. This lady here is that criminal Kay Blade. Don't know what the fuck she thinks I've done to her, but she is eager to fight me and apparently kick my head in." Jason said our aloud and then laughing. His two friends then laughed too before silence followed. "Once I splatter her all across the fucking ground, we'll call the police. This has gotta be worth a reward of some sort for sure as this little bitch is a murdering little scumbag."

"More the reason why we should all jump in and stop her and call the cops. She's dangerous Jase!"

"Dangerous her? Maybe with weapons, or with her other criminal buddies, or perhaps when she attacks other women, but now....." There was a slight pause as Jason starred into my eyes, "She won't win. Further it's our chance to become heroes by helping in capturing her." I stood there a moment, almost frozen in time. What had I done? Had my ego gotten the best of me this time I wondered to myself. The guy may have been a prick, but he was no fool. And come to think of it he was right. I had never fought one on one and unarmed against another opponent who was not only stronger and bigger, but probably had some training in a martial art and had backup as opposed to no back up for me. I'd clearly under estimated him due to my overconfidence. Yet I'd been in far worse predicaments before and had gotten out of them, I swiftly told myself in attempt to boost my sudden diminishing confidence. 

"Whatever your problem is, you picked on the wrong person to pick on." He could sense it, the slight hesitation, the sudden fear build up in me. I still did have the option to run. He and his friends would never catch me. Yet despite the obvious perils I was in, I was far too proud to run away from a fight, and especially from one with a group of big boys who thought they were the shit, and could get away with picking on girls who refused to yield to their demands. No I had a job to do, a point to prove and thus I wouldn't be backing down now.

Jason and I faced off in the open but secluded area behind one of the smaller hovercar parking areas. Just past the small alleyway that he had walked through and that I had originally followed him through. The area was wide enough for the two of us to fight and not hurt others who unfortunately had gained our attention and to my utter annoyance. I could hear their voices, soft murmurs and whispers, I could hear my name. They knew who I was. Undoubtedly I needed to make this quick, because it was highly likely that someone may have called the police by now considering the negative comments I could hear regarding me. 

Turning his neck from left to right and popping it with a series of clicks in rapid succession. Jason was ready and eager to fight. He then proceeded to do the same with the rest of his body, loosening up the rest of his body. “Don’t hold back or I am going to break you, you criminal scumbag.” Jason snarled at me. I shrugged my shoulders, smiled, and slowly brought one foot behind my back.  I put my weight on it and brought an open palm up, “Wait!” I said and put my hand up to say “Stop!”

Jason turned his head slightly in curiosity. “You having second thoughts bitch face? The time for talk is long over. You thought I was alone, but you fucked up.”

Staring at him for just a moment, eying him directly in the eye, I was lost for words. I had wanted to say something but had lost my train of thought. Too bad, I sighed at the realisation that as long as the fight remained between him and me, and that as long as he didn’t get any direct hits at me, that I should be able to finish him off easily just as originally intended.  

I turned my attention back to the fight, “Now, where were we?” and with a quick flick of my hand, as if to say. “Come on.” Towards Jason, the fight was on. Jason rushed at me.  He dipped and weaved right as he was about to reach me and swung both fists at me. Stepping back, I easily avoided getting decked in the face by his clumsy but fierce punches. Yet he followed up with more swings. Realising that stepping back was not the solution as I would soon run out of space, I decided to enter into his space raising both arms upwards as if I were cutting upwards with an imagery sword. An effective block against such clumsy attacks, but not one that could be repeated over and over. Making contact with the palm of one of my hands on the bottom of his chin, I continued to lift up causing the bigger man to stagger back a fraction. Quickly, before Jason could respond with a follow-up, I swiftly punched him in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him, and stunning him for a brief moment.

Already early on in the fight, it had taken both of us dangerously close to the edge of a viewing area in which the drop below was well over 200 stories down. At this point, I had my back almost to the wall, despite his counter offensive. Jason was still open for more attacks though and I was not quite done either. The quick blow had opened Jason up for another attack and I obliged him, putting a simple sidekick into the his stomach, doubling him over.  I followed that up with a quick rising uppercut. The crowd watching our fight let out a collective wince for me. Despite who I was, undoubtedly Jason had his detractors. Taking the opening and using the environment to my advantage, I back flipped onto the wall and pushed off towards Jason.  The maneuver sent me front flipping towards Jason and just before I reached him, I flattened my body out, feet first.  Instead of colliding with my adversary though, I opted to wrap my feet around Jason's neck instead. The maneuver caught Jason off guard as he was recovering his wits, once again. I gave him an apologetic shrug, midair.  As if to say sorry for what was going to come next. I used my momentum creatively instead of piling into my opponent. I jerked to the right and swung around Jason.  Then, when I was directly behind my opponent, I curled my legs into his body and angled my body towards the ground, changing the direction of my fall, putting the weight of my jump into a powerful throw. Jason was pulled off his feet violently and was thrown across the steel plated ground flooring.  He skidded and tumbled along the ground uncontrolled.  He was stopped by the legs of the onlookers who had formed a sort of a barrier across the other end from where I still stood near the rooftop edge. Now about five metres from me, I noticed the groan escaped his lips as the pain from the attack started setting in. In seeing that, I couldn't help but smirk back at him. Jason looked up and his eyes opened with surprise. 

Just prior to throwing the bigger man, as I was about to let go of Jason during the throw, I had planted both hands on the ground.  When I completed the attack, I sprang off my hands, throwing myself into a quick back spring, followed by another, another, and another to build momentum.  When I was almost to Jason, I bounced off the ground and threw myself into a spin that would have made an expert gymnast jealous.  Flattening out in the air like a sideways whirling tornado, so that my body was perpendicular with Jason’s as I neared the fallen opponent, my spin got increasingly fast as I whipped my arms in and out, efficiently putting me into an almost uncontrollable rotation, arced at Jason. Just as I was about to reach Jason, he threw one of his legs out, shin angled down.  The entire force from the spin was pushed into my leg. The entire crowd was silent and it was as if time itself was holding its breath as I descended.  Every person watching the fight was so enthralled, watching for the next move in the epic fight. Jason barely had time to breath, let alone dodge.  But, it was a testament to his experience that he did hold a black belt in a martial art, and that Jason kept the presence of mind to roll to the right in a desperate dodge towards the wall to his left.  Just in time. My leg smashed into the ground, slamming into the ground with my knee and shin flat into what just happened to be a part of the floor made from wood, a decking of some sort, crushing it into a torrent of splinters that rose up around me in the air. Seeing Jason dodge, most warriors, myself included would have allowed their opponent to stand up. That was the honorable thing to do.  But, there are no rules in a street fight.

With the speed of a cat, while the splinters were still hanging midair, I spun my body around and swept my foot towards my opponent's head.  The attack was so quick that Jason wasn’t hurt. It actually pushed him a foot and a half into the air. Jason was curious though as to why he had not been hurt? That was my intention. Swiftly, I rolled forward and halfway through, slid straight, so that I slid under Jason and stopped facing the rising opponent’s back. I cocked both arms back and double punched upwards into Jason's back.  Air whooshed from his lungs as he was pushed even higher into the air.  The impact from the attack gave me a couple feet between Jason and me.

I looked to my right and saw people from the crowd stepping back in order to get out of harm’s way. I could see the lip of the decking edge just metres away. I was just an arm’s length away now, “This is going to hurt you, just as much as it is going to hurt me.” I promised Jason with a forewarned wince. I quickly performed a handspring to my feet, crouched just under Jason with my legs coiled underneath me. I exploded from the ground toward Jason's rising form.  He grabbed me around the waist, twisted midair, and arched the two of us towards the wall, easily angling Jason's head first, towards the raised lip of the decking. Jason collided with the raised decking and his head plowed through the woodwork with a painful cracking and crunching sound as the wood shattered under the enormous pressure from the attack. I let go and managed to aim myself towards the level below. I landed with ease and rolled to my feet.  Then, I looked back at Jason and a look of brief sadness flashed across my face. Jason's body hung vertical for the briefest moment, suspended in an ephemeral moment in time, then he collapsed, head still firmly stuck into the ground.  The rest of him hit the ground in an uncomfortable position, but Jason was still breathing. "That had to hurt." I said to myself.  I looked down at one of my hands and noticed one of my nails bleeding. "Dammit!  I broke a nail!" I exclaimed in frustration.

Despite the violence I had just shredded, I wasn't done just yet. Using my legs to spring up and leap in the air, I landed a metre from Jason who was now laying on the ground face first. Turning him around so he was now facing upward, I curled my right hand into a fist. Generating energy from my hips, I punched him hard in mouth. Retracting my arm I then repeated the same action, again and again. As I did so I could hear and feel the breaking of bone and the splatter of blood as first his nose broke, then his jaw, followed by parts of his cheekbones. His face was practically a mess with blood splattering all over it and consequently on my own fist, arm and parts of my clothing. There was no honour in what I was doing, but then again there was no honour in a big strong man pushing girls around in the first place, spiking their drinks and belittling others because of their different preferences and views. Fuck him! I thought to myself as I kept laying into him with my fists. "I'm gonna fucking rearrange your pretty face real good prick!"

Due to the frenzy of my attack as I unleashed my rage on Jason, I almost failed to realise his two friends charging at me coming to his aid. Turning back backwards but still on my knees, I was able to push the first guy back by raising the palm of my hand up and throw him back several metres in the direction he had come from using telekinesis. Almost instantaneously I sprung back on my feet, but unfortunately for me not quick enough to prevent him from first grabbing me and then body slamming me on a nearby wall. Crack! I first felt the full impact of the wall hit my back, followed by the back of my head hitting it seconds after. The world around me was about to turn black as I almost passed out. Jason's friend Paul was on a fire, and vengeance burnt in his eyes. Him being a much stronger man physically, and me being a much weaker chic no longer counted in his books given the serving I had just given to his buddy Jason. He grabbed me by my jacket and readied his fist for a punch. "You're gonna taste my fist whore!" Half dazed from the hard impact of the wall, I hardly felt it. First the punch to the side of my jaw, then the knee to my gut, and then the big loud thud as I hit the ground hard. I looked up at him and realised there would be no point in pleading for him to stop. Not after what I had just did to Jason. Without any remorse, he kicked me in the gut. The pain that followed was excruciating. I groaned and screamed as he continued kicking me in the gut. The onlookers cheered, while others yelled out insults. "Beat her to death! Kill the fucking criminal slut! She deserves a slow brutal death! Don't stop until she is dead!" I had no answer. The guy had me on the ground and was physically stronger than me. The kicking eventually stopped, but not the agony I was in. Paul went down on his knees and picked up my head which had rolled back. Lifting my head he stared down into my weak eyes and without hesitation spat in my face before knocking me out cold with one single punch to the face. I hit the ground hard which caused a terrible cracking noise. Momentarily, my body twitched spasmodically before it stopped. I lay there still and sprawled face down before Paul turned me around. Staring into my unconscious face with nothing more than pure hatred, he spat in my face once more before dropping my head hard on the ground and letting go. Keeping his knee buried deep into my chest, he used all his body weight to hold me down in the event that I were to suddenly wake up again and attempt to flee.

I would have been fucked, liteally if it hadn’t been for Mako who had out of nowhere come to my aid. Yeah for a change she came in to rescue me, and how ironic since it was me who had picked this fight with these bigger boys out of wanting to avenge what they had done to Mako earlier on in the first place. Mako literally hovered in with my Saab metres away from my unconscious limp body and Paul. The bright lights from my hovercar temporarily blinded everyone facing it which included Paul. A tactical move to her own credit as it would prevent anyone recognising the make and type of the hovercar. To avoild identification on her own part, Mako had logically changed her face into eM Blade using her own NFV. Jumping out of the vehicle, she flung herself towards Paul shooting him first dead centre in the chest, stunning him. Falling to the ground he rolled off of me as eM then proceeded to stun Jason, his other friend and several others who had tried to make a lunge at her. Using her own telekinetic abilities, she repelled several more would be attackers back, causing them to slam into nearby walls, hovercars, bins and other lose objects. Setting the perfect example to discourage any further attempts by the others to stop her, she finally lowered the palm of her hand and holstered the gun she had in her other hand. Pickling me up by my legs, she dragged me across the floor towards my Saab. My head and arms which were sprawled out behind the rest of my body following. With the lights of my hovercar still shining brightly in front of everyone, no one was still able to recognise that it was a rare Saab Viggen Quantum GT as she lifted my limp body up and slumped me into the front passenger seat. Wisely she then took off flying out in reverse so that the bright lights could still effectively blind everyone allowing for us to not be identified.

Flying away to safety now, and blended into the busy fast moving skylanes of Celestia City, we were certain that no one was able to identify my rare Saab Quantum GT hovercar in which Mako had used to come back and rescue me. The nanites in my face had repaired the damage I had had inflicted on me, after Paul had virtually knocked me down with a single punch. I had since reverted back to my real self, Kixi Rajki, but undoubtedly underneath my facial skin, I was sore, while my head rang from having being knocked out cold temporarily by a single punch to the face. Mako had also reverted back from eM Blade, as she too had been required to change her appearance in order to not have been identified when she had come in to rescue me. I hardly noticed Mako remaining silent while she negotiated the Saab in the always busy Celestia air traffic, as I was in a pensive state. Thinking of just how weak women in general were against the average man in terms of outright strength. Sure I was an elite fighter, proven in the fight alone against Jason tonight where I had very much ripped him apart. But that was as long as I didn't get hit back. For it only took his friend one punch to the face to knock me down, one kick to the gut to make sure I fell to the ground, and another punch to the face to literally knock me out cold. The whole fact it had happened was because I lost my shit against Jason, laying into him once he was on the ground and forgetting there were others still around. Had they been Skysec agents instead of some tough big kids, I doubt I would have gotten away. I barely did against those guys. Shaking my head in disappointment, I made a mental note to myself regarding the issue as it would require immediate improvement. Although Mako who now decided it was time to break the silence, had other things to say to lecture me with.

"Perhaps you don't realise it, but you are an extremely violent person in nature Kixi. I realise he was being a mega jerk in the club, but in the end no real harm had come upon me, you, nor anyone else for that matter. Beating him up for me was totally unnecessary, and in the end you got the same beating back from his friend whom would have finished you off if I hadn't managed to come back for you. What the hell were you thinking Kixi, seriously? "

"He put his hands on you after you told him that you weren't interested. He then pushed me aside when I tried to intervene. I know I had to allow him to given the circumstances, but what kinda arsehole dude pushes and beats up on girls. Fuck him Mako, and furthermore, once he realised that you and I were lesbians, he further tried provoking the situation. He deserved the beating he received."

"Ahem," Mako mumbled quietly to herself still not convinced before bringing up another point. 

"That dude and his pals were F-Zero fans. Did you notice that Kixi?"

"Yep. And from the beginning I got the hint they weren't fans of both Kajtia and me. They'll be cheering for our rivals that's for sure, but who damn cares anyway. It's not like they're the only fans around and they were all jerks anyway."

"I know. Was just saying that's all."

"Anyway I know I may have gone too far in turning into Kay Blade and beating up on the poor dude, but a guy that thinks he's tough by bullying girls around is gonna have it coming at one point. C'mon Mako in all honesty, he did ask for it."

"I guess so."

I sighed a little before speaking again. "Putting aside those jerks when they came onto the dance floor, overall we all had a good relaxing night out. And like always we can go back to the Moon Deck at any time. After all it wasn't me as in Kixi Rajki that belted the living daylights out of one sole loser, it was Kay Blade. You gotta love the Nanotech Facial Veils that you and I process Mako." I softy giggles in amusement.

"Yes Kixi the night was overall a good one, and while the Nanotech Facial Veil does give us a somewhat unique ability, it shouldn't be abused. I know you would do anything for me Kixi, but that retaliation attack on that dude wasn't needed. As a result you've also tainted the image of Kay Blade. Too many people are still blind in seeing what we are fighting for. You, in beating up that dude on what he now believes was just a random attack, since he is clueless to know that Kay and you are the same person, just adds more negativity, further giving ammunition to those who think Kay Blade and all those belonging to the resistance are nothing more than terrorists." 

Mako was really laying into me in terms of making her point across to me. And she wasn't wrong. 

"Again Kixi, I'm flattered at your devotion to me, but you really need to cut down on the violence because you know the saying, live by the sword, die by the sword. If you keep doing shit like that, it will only be a matter of time before someone gets back at you with vengeance and finishes you off. I don't know what I would do without you if you are gone. You came so close to that tonight that it's not funny. He wouldn't have killed you, but you were unconscious. The authorities would have taken you into custody and it would have been all over for you. I doubt you would have escaped execution a second time."

I listened to Mako's caring and sincere words attentively, and not once did I try to butt in or argue. She was right about everything.  Instead I waited until she was finished before I finally spoke.

"Thank you Mako. Thank you for being truthful to me. It really shows how much you also care for me and love me. I wouldn't know what I'd do without you to either." A teardrop or two became visible in my eyes as I got emotional and then wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. "I love you, I love you and I love you more than anything in this universe."

Before she could reply I quickly added in. "And tonight you saved me Mako. You've gone a long way and I'm proud of you... And..."

"And what?" Mako looked at me a little baffled to my sudden hesitation.

"You'll find this hard to accept, but I believe it's true. Don't ask me how but it's the same weird sensation I had about Paige that did end up being right in the end."

"What is it Kixi?" Mako said now a little concerned.

"Oh don't be concerned my little sweetheart," I said smiling softly at her, the pain still radiating from the insides of my face outwards.

"In time, you will surpass me as an elite warrior."

"Ha! Yeah right Kixi." Mako laughed with skepticism. "Okay nice way to brighten up the mood with a joke and it worked."

"No Mako for real, I'm dead serious about this."

"C'mon now. We all know not many can rival your superior talents in general. Most certainly not me."

"Not yet, but long and rocky is the road ahead of us, many things will begin to change. At first it will be slow and hardly noticeable. But then there will come a time when things just begin to change rapidly and both of us will be caught in the middle of the rapid change."

"Yeah perhaps but what has it got to do with me surpassing you Kixi?"

"Because of the changing times, we all need to adapt. Your own training and experiences will become more and more intense as you adapt to change etc. It will bring out the best in you and in time you will realise your true potential."

"Still doesn't mean I can surpass you."

"No it doesn't, but I strongly believe it will happen, sometime further into the future."

I then dropped my head down in shame. "You're right Mako, I'm a violent person. I may be good at heart, but I'm violent. You are good at heart and always resort to fighting as a last option. You are a better person than me."

"Better perhaps in one thing, but in battle overall, your clearly at another level."

"Better to lead Mako, you're better to lead."

"To lead?"

"To be a leader Mako, to be a leader."

"I, I don't understand Kixi?"

"A leader needs not only be good at combat, at piloting, at war tactics and so forth, but must have compassion too, in order to win the heart of the people. I possess none of those latter traits, however you do."

"Even if I do, I'm not following. Clearly you don't think I'm one day gonna be president of Sol?" Mako burst out into laughter as she lowered the altitude of our hovercar so she could slow down, then turn right and enter another fast moving skylane that would take us home to our apartment. 

"Your right, I don't think you will be, I know you will be."

"Whoa Kixi, I appreciate your foresight, your intuition, but don't you think that's a little too ambitious?"

"Nothing is too ambitious if you have a will to succeed and put your mind to it."

"But me, I'm a klutz half the time. Without you I'm useless."

"No you are not Mako! Don't say that about yourself. You do yourself no fair justice. And you did rescue me tonight. Anyone that were useless wouldn't have been able to pull that off."

"Still, president, me? Well it would be awesome but—"

I took in a deep breath just as I cut Mako off midsentence. "

"I know it's difficult to fathom, but as I said before, there will come a time when things start to accelerate fast, much will change and things will just happen. Anyway Mako, we're almost home, don't think about anything I said. If it does eventuate, it won't be for a long time still, and many things as we know them now would have changed by then."

Mako nodded in acknowledgement as we entered the parking area of our apartment complex. Somehow, deep down, in ways I couldn't explain, I believed that it would eventuate. Somewhere in the future, after the final showdown, whenever that would happen, that after our victory, that Mako would become president of not only Sol, but the ambassador of Sol for all its future allies. With me by her side not only as her love, but as part of her leadership and government, I looked forward to the day whenever it would come.


EST 18:30, CE 3016-06-12, LST 02:30, CE 3016-06-13


Neither of us muttered so much as a word as we slowly made our way back from the complex’s parking area and back to our apartment. Walking inside and shutting the door, I could now feel the extent of the bruising that I had suffered during my ordeal. Mako looked at me shaking her head.

“You took Jason out in vengeance for what he did to me, and his friend took you out the same way. It's a viscous circle and proves the notion live by the sword, die by the sword as true.”

She then wrapped her arms around me embracing me in a huge tight hug.

“But I don’t know what I would do without you Kixi if I lost you. Promise me that you’ll avoid any confrontations of any sort if absolutely avoidable moving forward.”

I just stood there in silence for a moment. Feeling her, the touch of her beautiful body all over mine, the sound of her gentle heat beating close to mine and the sound of her calm serene breathing. I loved her too much to say no. “I promise I won’t Mako, I promise.” And I really meant it. If anything I really learnt a lesson tonight. What goes around most certainly does come around.

Then pulling me back a fraction but still holding me in her arms she softly asked." Tell me what you want right now Kixi?” Her eyes were wide and frantic. Her body wanting nothing more than for me to take her right there. "Tell me Kixi. What do you like me to do for you tonight?”

Looking at Mako, my eyes widening too, “There is only one thing I want right now, and its exactly what you want.” I responded as my hormonal levels probably increased two-fold in that instant alone. And then it was on. The one thing Mako and I enjoying doing most with one another. Making out. 

"Oh God Kixi, faster, harder…Oh…Kixi please? Faster." Her body jerked in my arms. Her eyes rolled into her head as she loudly called my name into my breast area. "I need you now. I need you in me." She said kissing me hungrily.

She pulled her own pants down over her bottom, straightened her hair and leaned into my ear as she grinded into me. "Follow me and don't say a damn word, Kixi." She hooked her finger at the top of my sweater and pulled me behind her.

Directing us into our bedroom, we walked right over to the en-suite area. Taking off her clothes, Mako stood there leaning against the sink totally naked. Legs slightly spread and the wetness between her legs shining against the light, every part of her was soft and smooth as it always was. My eyes travelled hungrily from her face to her perky pink nipples, down to her tight flat stomach. My eyes smoldered as I returned to her centre bringing my fingers to my mouth. The smell and taste of her had snapped my patience. I advanced towards her, and pushed myself roughly between her legs.

"You are going to be the death of me Mako Jhasmin Zaneca." I pushed her onto the sink and palmed her breast in my hand. My mouth devoured her neck and then I started nipping at her nipples, grabbing her hip to draw her closer. I growled and then we both giggled in unison.

Her bottom slipped off the edge of the sink as I continued licking and nipping down her body. When I reached her centre, I tasted her with wild abandonment. My tongue ravished her swollen clit, I nipped and sucked on it until she was shaking and begging me to let her come. She yelped when I sucked her clit between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue, sliding two fingers in and out of her quickly. Her head was thrown back and she moaned my name repeatedly. The red-hot coil in her body exploded and she shattered screaming out my name.

I couldn’t contain it any longer, I after all was only human and I needed to be in her. I needed her body, mind and soul. She looked into my stormy eyes and suddenly she ripped off sweater and wrapped herself around my own soft and smooth hot body. She pulled me back over to the edge of the sink and sat on it.

She unbuckled my belt allowing for my black leather skirt to quickly fall to the floor. Reaching into my own underwear, she started to tease me by touching and rubbing her hand across my own vagina before then sticking her fingers in and out of it.  Suddenly she grabbed me tightly. I growled loudly and then moaned as I kissed her passionately.

She pulled my underwear down completely, allowing it to slip down my legs. Totally stepping out of my clothes, I put my arm around her and pulled her in against me.

"I want you Mako, I need you in me, and I desperately want you to make rough hot passionate love to me right now." I growled at her.

I positioned myself at her entrance and in one deep hard stroke sheathed a dildo deeply in her, immediately repeating the same thing to myself.  Both of us moaned and gasped at the raw need between us.

I picked her up while still in her and leaned her against the wall as she wrapped her legs around me. I started bucking into her and she used the wall for leverage. Gasping and moaning escaped the both of us. Mako ran her fingers roughly through my hair and yanked my lips to her. She bit my lower lip causing me to groan.

"Faster," she hissed into my mouth. "I am so close, Kixi." She could feel it desperately building inside her. I thrust faster and harder pushing that dildo into her causing me to feel a similar effect of my own. Finally we both got our release when her orgasm hit, sending me over the edge. The two of us kissed each other as we gasped for air. I slowly slid her down my body until her feet touched the floor again. I finished off by pulling her into a soft passionate kiss.

"Like always, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, you are truly exceptional." I smiled at her and she blushed despite having done this escapade many times before.

I slid my hand into hers, rubbing the tip of my thumb gently on the top of her hand fondling with it as we stared at one another passionately. "Let's do that again, but this time on our bed." We both eagerly smiled at one another giggling, slowly walking out of the en-suite and walking over to our bed.

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