KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


10. The Wrath of Cerberus

Chapter 5 : The Wrath of Cerberus.


With a wail, I raised myself up on my knees and bowed my head. My head lifted, and I looked out through partial tear-clouded eyes after a wave of light passed through me. For a moment, my heart felt as if it would stop; dreading; as I watched Cerberus hover over my head.

Cerberus, my sworn nemesis, indifferently gazed down upon the wounded eM, who remained quaking on the floor beside me; traumatised; panicked eyes a telltale of fear and terror.

Sneering, Cerberus returned her gaze back at me. I looked around quickly as if suddenly realising where I was. Swallowing hard, I extended my arms upwards, palms of my hands opened. "We surrender." I said, my voice low and despondent. I could hear my own heartbeat; I could even hear eM's ailing breaths.

"Get this one on her feet and hold her back onto the wall." Cerberus barked the order to her two closest men, not once did her eyes ever leave mine.

The two nearest to her then proceeded to take hold of each of my arms, and aggressively raised me onto my feet. Before pinning me to the wall, the soldier to my right, violently twisted and pinned my right arm behind my back causing me to shriek. I wanted to cry, but managed to hold back the urge. For eM’s sake I had to hold on strongly. 

A second later he released my arm from his firm heavy lock and I found myself pinned against the wall. My head snapped up as I was pushed hard, back first into the wall. Still facing Cerberus, I struggled in my position up against the very same wall. The two men now held me captive by their firm unyielding grips. 

“If she tries to break free, break her fucking arms,” Cerberus snapped, momentarily staring at me, her eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold and hard. Looking away from me, she took a step toward a terrified eM, and silently knelt down on one knee beside her. 

eM’s palpitations continued, as did the tremors of her body. Yet now, it wasn’t because of her wound which for the time being had actually been stabilised. Cerberus however didn't say a word to her, immediately reaching out for eM’s left arm.

All the while eM’s hands had developed a mind of their own and began quaking, but a belligerent Cerberus ignored the matter. Not hesitating, and despite Cerberus already anticipating that it would be a futile attempt in learning the fallen woman’s true identity, she proceeded in scanning the microchip in eM’s left wrist.

I neither flinched nor moved a muscle, helplessly watching on. I could hear my own heartbeat; I could even hear eM's nervous breaths. 

As expected, the identity scan returned a null reading. Cerberus looked neither disappointed nor surprised as she put away her small scanning device, but continued to hold on to eM’s wrist. 

“General,” she then glanced up at her right hand man, General John Dekker. “Scan Kay Blade’s wrist. If she gives you any trouble, break it, and after you’re done, if she does try to resist, don’t hesitate to smash her teeth in along with her nose.” 

Dekker, a tall black haired man of at least six foot in height, his barrel-chest curved outwards, making the already large beefy soldier seem even bigger than he already was. As he approached me, his large heavy body and strong muscles momentarily blocked my view of Cerberus and eM. I gulped as his dark unforgiving eyes– menacingly, felt like they had pierced straight through me. I dared not resist as he abruptly grasped my left arm out of the already tight grip of his own man; my arm alone, felt as if it would snap just from the jolt that jerking action had caused. Consequently, I choked back a gasp, as a teardrop streamed down my cheek.

“As already expected Director Langley, her microchip has failed to reveal her true identity.” He said as he released his tight grip of my arm. 

The brief relief of blood flow returning to my limb  was short lived, as the soldier to my left took hold of it again. And then once again, my arm felt as if it would pop out of my shoulder as soon as I was pinned to the wall for only a second time in as many short minutes.

The pain shot up my arm like fire. I cringed. It exploded in my head with a blinding whiteness. It made me dizzy. It made me reel. The pain was like needles that had been dipped in alcohol, had been jammed through my skin, like my arm had been replaced with ice and electricity wired straight into my spine.

“Stop shaking girl.” Cerberus snarled back at eM ignoring me for the time being. “You’re only going to make matters worse for yourself than what they already are.”  She shook at eM’s wrist— deliberately, causing her hand to flop around, clearly not at all helping her trembling to stop. "You’re already hurt. I don’t wanna have to hurt you further if I don’t have to. It's your partner over there who I really want.”

eM silently nodded, unable to prevent a tear from rolling down her cheek, causing Cerberus to smirk, somewhat satisfying her. 

"Oh don't cry girl," Cerberus further mocked in a pretentious caring voice, as she gently fondled the top of eM's hand with her other hand. "You are not a victim of foul play, for it is you who chose to come here under your own free will and commit your crime."

With the hand that Cerberus had on eM's wrist, she suddenly made her grip firm, while with the other she had been using to fondle eM’s hand with, she abruptly rotated the hand without any warning, pointing eM’s thumb away from her so that her hand became maximally supinated. 

eM screamed from the pain that followed from the resulting supinating rotational wristlock. Her wrist ramped up from the stiffness all the way to searing, blinding agony faster than she could blink. 

Upon seeing her victim writhing and squealing in agony from the joint lock on her wrist and radioulnar joint, Cerberus mercilessly sneered. 

“I said don’t fucking cry girl. You brought this up on yourself! So don’t expect any sympathy from me.”

Then, just when the pain was at its worst, it dissipated, like fog off some terrible lake. As quickly as she had applied the wristlock, she had released it, but still continued to hold onto eM’s wrist. eM stiffened and breathed deeply, sending a rapid heartbeat to Cerberus fingertips, eM’s outright fear fuelling the Director’s satisfaction further.

“Now, speaking of your partner, I'm familiar with the fact that she goes by the alias of Kay Blade. However since you two terrorists like to elude authority and I can't identify either of you, what name does your sorry little self go by?" 

"I'm eM Blade." She answered slowly, whispering in shock, swallowing in the process. Her voice quivered as she tried ever so hard to calm herself down, but ultimately couldn't. 

"eM Blade." Cerberus repeated softly back to herself, whispering, holding back the urge to further unleash her anger. 

Then before looking back up at her General, and then to her other soldiers, she once again whispered out the name to herself, “eM Blade.”

"eM fucking Blade." She finally said out aloud, turned to face me directly, but continued to stay down on one knee in front of eM never letting go of her wrist.

Shaking her head, she turned and looked back down at eM on the floor, and then once more shot me an angry glare immediately afterwards.

"So it seems we have two fucking terrorists who wanna be what, a dynamic duo or something. Hey boys, I hereby present to you both Kay and eM fucking Blade."  She sneered out loudly, this time raising eM’s arm up as high as she could, waving it around as if it were her own limb; as if it were eM that were actually greeting everyone; her tone scornful; her upper lip curled in disdain.

“You’re such a fucking moron!” Cerberus cursed spitting on eM, finally letting go of her arm, and allowing it to drop across her chest. 

Her warriors all laughed, yet Cerberus wasn’t neither done with entertaining them, nor done with spiting me; all at eM’s unfortunate expense. 

What she did, instead, was stand up hard and fast, tossing her head back, sending her hair over her left shoulder and smirked. After that, she reached down for eM’s head and roughly clasped her nails around her hair. Showing absolutely no sign of remorse, Cerberus pulled at eM’s hair, excruciatingly forcing her up onto her feet. eM could have sworn that she had felt numerous strands of hair being yanked off while painfully clutching her head with her hands. However that wasn’t all the hurt; abruptly being forced onto her feet by all means didn’t do her wound any good. The resulting pain was so unbearable that eM screamed in horror as Cerberus then tossed her over to the General. 

Staggering toward Dekker, a creaky black glove fell on eM’s shoulder, as he grabbed her, and took a strong firm hold of her. Following that, another landed on my girlfriend’s shoulder, giving it a painful squeeze.

eM smelt the oiled leather, the crisp linen, the official issue detergent. The smell of Skysec military cleanliness. Upon steadying his hands on eM’s shoulders, he wrapped one of his arms around her neck, locking her in a tight headlock. 

It was a warning, unspoken but clear just the same: If she tried to move, he would snap her neck clean. Dekker even looked at me in the eyes without remorse or regret. Watching eM’s struggle was probably more painful than the actual hits, that inevitably I would soon be receiving over and over again.

Cerberus cupped the palm of her hand under eM’s chin after Dekker briefly loosened his forearm grip over eM’s neck. Gently, Cerberus touched the soft smooth skin under eM’s chin with her fingers, fondling the tip of her thumb across eM's lower cheek bone. "I will deal with you later eM Blade,” she said, and then removed her hand altogether once she had finished speaking. Cerberus’ voice had became a husky, erotic whisper, just like that. Spiteful, malicious, venomous; it was her way to torment her victims once she had them exactly where she’d wanted them. 

Cerberus couldn’t help but cackle a laugh as she saw the desperation in eM's eyes; the ghostly pale facial expression; the fear.

"And now for the main catch of the day. I’m sure gonna have lots of fun with you Kay Blade." With a scuff of her boots, Cerberus grunted, taking two sets of footsteps back toward me. One was heavy and slow, like an adult's, the other seemed quicker and lighter.

Dripping with spite, she gazed intently at me as her eyes narrowed, coming within less than a metre of me, close enough to kiss me had she wanted to. Her teeth ground as her lips pursed by suppressed fury, she let out a burning ball of air that was searing the walls of my lungs. Intimidating, her mouth formed into an unpleasant twist.

Ensuring that I remain on my two feet, her two men holding me, continued to hold my arms with ruthless pressure. I locked eyes on Cerberus as I drew in a deep breath, the burning hard stare would last only as long as it took me to think of the most brutally cutting thing she could tear me down with.  

"I know I'm in no position to request anything,” I swallowed, but somehow, I managed to meekly squeeze the words out. “But please don't hurt eM. It's me you wanted and now you have me.”

However Cerberus’ breath grew thin and ragged. 

"You don't know how long I've waited for this moment. To finally capture you." Cerberus ground out the words between clenched teeth, while her cheeks flamed with anger.

No differently than she had done with eM, she gently placed her hand beneath my chin, touching me, her touch felt soft and gentle; a trait completely non reminiscent to a ruthless merciless tyrant; like that in which she was.

Beautiful, alluring, and seductive; for that brief passing moment, it felt as if she wanted to feel me rather than kill me. Slowly, she moved her hand under my lips, and then proceeded to touch them with the tip of her thumb. I tried not to flinch. In all this chaos; A brief soothing calmness passed; It had become evidently clear that this adversary, my greatest nemesis, also had a liking towards other women.

"You're right about one thing you know,” Cerberus said smiling at me seductively. 

And then, like the sudden change of the wind, her muscles flicked angrily at her jaw, the tension of her jaw betraying her deep frustration. “You're not in any position to request anything.” She growled, her voice ruthlessly hardened.

“What I do to eM Blade obviously depends on how you answer me... and... I have many questions for you, questions in which you will promptly answer." Cerberus spaced her words evenly as she spoke, her tone chilly. Following her words, with the tip of her thumb which she still had on my lips, she pushed down hard. Pressure built up on my teeth, while I helplessly stared into her venomous eyes; cold and proud. Abruptly she then took her hand away from my mouth altogether, only to put it back palm up under my chin. 

Defiantly, I turned my head away to the right, my mouth pinched shut as though holding back what I really wanted to say. 

Ticked off at my bold disobedience, Cerberus forcibly turned my head around to face her again. At the same time, she lowered her hand from my chin down to my neck, applying a firm steady grip.

"You Kay Blade will look at me when spoken to and will answer me. You no fucking longer have any rights! Now, you can start by telling me what you and your pathetic little partner were doing here in the first place?" 

Cerberus cracked her neck as if preparing for a fight. The veins in her neck stood out in livid ridges. If she could, she would have raped me where I stood before squeezing the life force out of me. She was not only intent on killing me, but she was going to make this personal too. 

Yet I had no intention to give her that satisfaction. Especially given how things currently stood, and that eM nor I had no real means of which to escape. 

"You can kiss my arse Cerberus!" 

Releasing her predatory expression as she yelled, snarling: "What! Surely I didn't really hear that!" Her nostrils flared, my insolence only triggered her anger even further. 

"Well then, I'll say it a little louder. Get fucked you whore!" 

Cerberus’ expression turned brisk and business-like. Her face flashed in rage, turning red, and then purple. Fuming, she tightened her fingers around my throat, squeezing ever so tightly, cutting off my air supply. My lungs immediately started to ache, while my eyes bulged and I futilely kicked with my legs screaming.

My heart, once quickly beating, was now slowing in tempo. At the same time, I could literally feel Cerberus' heavy breaths, as her angry eyes bore down on me.  

Then, just when I thought it would be all over for me, she let go of my neck, my head spun as I desperately tried gasping for air. Instinctively, I tried to grasp my hands at my throat, but couldn’t, realising that her two soldiers were still holding both my arms with ruthless pressure.

"Perhaps you need to be given an incentive to speak? Do you know Kay, what the punishment for persons accused of espionage and terrorism against the State is?" Cerberus raised an eyebrow wagging her finger at me, while with her other hand, once more retrieved her baton.

"Should I? Perhaps you should refresh my memory?" I asked, my voice heavy with sarcasm. 

"It's a slow and brutal death at the gladiatorial arena which all citizens of this star system get to witness. In other words, an entertaining battle for all to watch, and ultimately death at your expense." The edge of impatience began creeping into Cerberus’ voice as she pursed her lips.

"Oh how lovely indeed.” I continued with the sarcasm, my voice rasping. “It most certainly beckons the question then. Why are you still here whore? You're the number one terrorist in all of Sol! You and that tyrant who calls himself a president." I finally snarled back, spitting on the ground next to her.

Fury and anger; Cerberus’ lips pulled back to expose clenched teeth. The ridges on her neck became dangerously pronounced. "That does it Kay Blade! Time to teach you some manners you fucking malapert!" 

"Oh did I just hit a nerve there Cerberus. The truth does hurt doesn't it?" I retorted unable to hide the scorn in my voice.

Blazing murderously, Cerberus’ icy eyes bore into me. Then, before anyone could so much as mutter another word, she quickly drove the tip of her baton hard against the under part of my chin, pushing it up and hard against the underneath of my jaw with a satisfying crunch; the taste of blood in my mouth that followed; hot, wet and metallic.

"You will not speak to me like that!” Cerberus angrily shouted, her stare piercing. 

“You Kay Blade will learn respect, and the only way that I'm gonna fucking teach that to you is by a powerful sensation called pain.” Her voice continued to stammer with rage. 

“Pain Kay Blade, now that's something you're about to experience a lot of." Cerberus concluded, her lips pursed once again, while she agonisingly dug her nails from her other hand into the skin at the back of my neck. 

There was blood pounding in my ears making it difficult to hear her when she shouted: “I can’t execute you just yet, but hell am I going to beat the living shit out of you!"

Along with her two soldiers who were holding my arms, she had me pinned to the wall with her baton, yet that didn’t prevent me from raising my knee and kneeing her hard in her stomach. Ultimately, that caused her to stagger backwards, effectively making her remove her baton from the under part of my chin. 

“I see. You want to play do you? You little fucking bitch!” She said glancing at the two men holding me, who were waiting on her instructions on how best to deal with me regarding my total lack of respect over their superior. 

“Men, let go of her arms while I remove her suit.” She ordered. “If she so much tries anything stupid... crack her fucking skull open!”

Heeding her warning, and fully aware that she would most certainly follow through with her threat, I didn’t dare resist as Cerberus slowly began to remove the part of my armoured suit that covered my torso area. 

I felt a shiver run down my spine as my head flopped to one side, and a stream of fresh blood trickled out of one nostril. I exhaled and shook off a wave of nausea.

“Good girl Kay in not resisting. You don’t need this suit anymore, because your days in giving the government and Skycom Corporation trouble are officially over,” she whispered.

She wrenched my arms out of the suit since I made no effort myself to help her take it off me. She then realised that the boots would have to come off first. Irritated by that fact, she squatted down, and in turn lifted each of my legs up to remove my boots. I dared not try and kick her this time upon feeling a heavy hand from one of the soldiers cup the back of my neck, and apply unrelenting pressure on it.

Finally, Cerberus got the suit off me. I tried not to shiver, now stripped of my armour suit. No longer wearing the flexible garment that felt thick yet soft, I felt exposed and vulnerable. 

“You’re such a bitch!” I muttered, my voice degenerated into a guttural rasp.

Yet the Director this time decided to ignore my latest words of insults, giving her men a satisfied nod, as they both once again took a firm hold of my arms and pinned me to the wall.

Cerberus motioned another of her men forward; he immediately walked towards her, a knife in hand. Upon handing her the knife, Cerberus focused on my face; her expression implacable.

Suddenly, she lashed out, leaving a shallow but long cut across my stomach. I clenched my jaw but made no sound much to Cerberus’ displeasure. Her face immediately contorted in anger making me smirk, and I kept on smirking even when Cerberus cut me again.

"Last chance Kay. Tell us what you and that little twerp of a partner of yours were doing here and we will let you live." 

“Let us live?” I questioned raising an eyebrow. "Surely you won’t do that? You can’t expect me to believe that. Lying bitch, so why not go fuck yourself!" 

In retaliation, Cerberus snarled. I felt a horrid crunch across my back as she pushed me hard against the wall before punching me in the face. My head whipped to the side, but defiantly I simply smiled, staring her in the eye without an ounce of fear. Cerberus seemed unsettled by that, covered it up seconds later, but I caught it, and smirked dangerously. Cerberus then stepped forward once again, to stab me across the side. I clenched my jaw so hard, that I heard a pop, and was pretty sure I had broken a tooth. However, as if not caring, I held in my urge to scream, sucking in deep breaths, to not give Cerberus the satisfaction of hearing me scream in pain.

"Men, no matter how agonising what she is about to experience is, continue to hold her firmly on that wall." Spiteful and pitiless; Her voice chilling and low as she issued the command to the two soldiers restraining me, and handed back the knife to the same soldier that had originally given it to her.

I heard the sinking thud as her baton collided with my stomach. It felt like an anchor had dropped on me. Under different circumstances, the force of her blow would have knocked me back a few steps, making my feet as dizzy as my mind was, but at least somewhat helped absorb the impact. Yet I wouldn’t be granted even that minute easing of the pain, the wall and firm hold of the two men holding me, stopping me from having been knocked backwards. No differently, all my insides were crushing in. I felt so sick, and a little vomit was creeping up my throat.

Unrelentingly, she hit me again and again as I groaned in excruciating pain. Coughing out blood with vomit, I dropped my head down, losing count at the amount of times she had hit me. Somehow though, miraculously, I didn’t pass out, remaining conscious, but wishing dearly that I hadn’t. 

Eventually, she ceased with assaulting me with her baton, but only to grab my hair with her hand so she could yank my head back up. Sharp unbearable pains lanced through my head, chest and stomach, while colourful spots flashed in front of my eyes. My whole body had been beaten, and every movement caused some muscle or bone to ache. Coughing blood, I was barely able to keep my eyes open as Cerberus gazed intently at me, her own eyes dripped with spite. 

"Now are you going to cooperate? It will make whatever you have left of your short miserable life a lot fucking easier!”

"No!” I rasped, coughing. “Fuck you!" I licked my lips and spat in her face, snorting. "You can go to fucking hell!" 

Irritated, the blonde-white haired woman wiped the spit off her face and used the hand she did it with to slap me across the face, causing me to drop my head down again. Her face was clouded with even more anger, and her eyes were dark and wild as she stared at me once I managed to raise my head up.

"Don't you dare spit at me again bitch!" She yelled before backhanding me again. I took a deep breath through my nose before spitting out more blood out onto the metallic floor.

Cerberus then just smirked before lifting her hand and wiping the rest of the spit away, looking at me with a gleam in her eye. Her face crinkled as her smirk turned into laughter. In turn, I suppressed a laugh, but sputtered like an old water tap.

Then, in an unpredictable fit of rage, Cerberus stepped forward and lay her baton across my neck, pushing down and hard against my throat. Barely able to breathe, I began seeing starburst. My whole world started slowing down, while my senses dulled. Then my vision started getting cloudy, narrowing, while the volume around me felt like it was getting turned down. My eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of my head, my veins felt like they were going to burst, as I could hear my heartbeat in my head. Then just as everything was about to go black, she released just enough pressure from her choke, for me to breathe in some much needed air.

"Men, you may let go of her now." Cerberus barked out, her soldiers promptly fell to command. About a second after issuing the order, she then released her baton from my throat, allowing me to stagger a step forward.

My vision was still a blur of confusion when Cerberus took one quick step back, and then forward again, to take a strike across my gut with her baton. As the long arm extended, it neared me at an alarming rate and cushioned between the waist and my already pained ribcage. The immediate impact left a sickening sight on my face as my legs appeared to crumble under the impact. A sour taste remained in my mouth, and for the first time since my beating had began, a look of revenge placed itself in upon my eyes. Although I knew nothing could be done. 

I breathed as if no air would ever be enough, as if I were a drowning victim suddenly brought up from the depths. I was on my knees, hands on the floor, the sides of my hair touching my face.

Now that I was on my knees, Cerberus took a quick clean strike to the side of my head with her baton. A bright white light exploded somewhere behind my eyes, followed by a terrible crunching sound of bone in both my head and neck areas. A pain that came from all directions assaulted my head, and I was unable to make any intelligible noise for several seconds as I fell face first on the floor. 

There I lay stretched out. Blood trickled from my nose and down to my bottom lip, where I tasted more of the metallic and iron crimson; blood from other lacerations on my face stained the cold metallic surface of the floor.

Not yet satisfied in anyway, Cerberus then stomped her foot behind the area at the back of my head just beneath my neck. A sickening crunch followed after my head slammed the floor, causing me to groan and clench my blood stained palms into fists.

Slowly, Cerberus bent down, removed her foot from the back of my neck, and turned me over onto my back. Being on my back now, I was able to lay my hand across my abdomen, where I felt blood trickling over my palm. The pain over the area; excruciating; was making the brain unable to concentrate. Blood slowly kept leaking out onto the floor beside me.

Hissing, she mercilessly placed first her knee, and then her shin down on my neck. My pupils widened and seemed to suddenly dominate the contracting whites of my eyes, as she pressed down hard on my neck without remorse, knocking the breath out of me.

Cerberus’ flexibility was nothing short of amazing. After using her hand to lift my hips up, she stretched out her other leg, and somehow, grasped it firmly, placing her calf around, and under my waist. Locked by one thigh at the waist and the shin of the other leg over my neck, my head and legs felt like they would snap from my torso with Cerberus’ full body weight pushing down on me. Pinned down, I could no longer move. Such was the pain and shock my body had gone into, that my arms and legs began spasmodically twitching.

“If it were up to me, and I were actually given the choice to kill you myself and now, this would be it Kay Slut!” Her piercing stare studied me with unforgiving judgement. “But what I will do is the next best thing. I’ll bring you close to the brink of death. I’ll give you a fucking taste of what’s yet to come for you!”

Barely and only just, I moved my eyes a little so that I could see up; Standing, I could see a very frightened eM, still being held firmly against General Dekker’s body. The same man’s massive forearm around her neck insured that she didn’t move; And was made to watch every moment of the brutal punishment being handed down to me.

In the meantime, Cerberus who was sighing and then shrugging at her own comments, without pity jammed a fist in my face.

"Now since you won't talk, I guess I'll have to speak to your little pet over there. What was her name again? Oh yeah that's right, eM Blade." Cerberus said stroking her chin with one hand, while with the other covered my mouth and pressed down hard, just so she could get some extra pleasure in seeing me struggle for air through my bloodied nose.

Trembling; fumbling; heart pounding. Even while being restrained by Dekker, eM was shaking in absolute fear. Never had she seen such brutality being inflicted on another human being; the cruelty; the cold-hearted side of humanity. It was all unfolding before her very eyes; to me her soulmate; heartbreaking; the torture I was going through because of loving her so much.

"You!" Cerberus pointed an intimating finger at a petrified eM, while never ceasing to push her body weight down on me, nor her other hand over my mouth. "I suggest you cooperate to avoid me repeating the same treatment I’ve just given Kay on you.”

"Okay! Okay!" eM cried out, finding it hard to breathe. Even though he wasn’t, she felt as if Dekker was in actual fact choking her. Her heart was racing. All she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save her. But no one would. I, her hero and her lover was down. A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat, and she felt a drop run down her cheek. It seemed as if this was the end of the road for her, as it would be for me.

"Good... Now what were you doing here? Tell me now!" Cerberus barked with the authority of a woman who was not to be crossed, determined to have her way.

"We were trying to access some secure files on your servers. We don’t even know exactly what it is we have downloaded. All we were told was that it was something of great importance to your organisation." eM said stuttering over a word or two, trying to still the sudden tremor of her hands.

"I see. Well you know that espionage is a very serious offence under our laws. Where's the data you downloaded?" Cerberus asked waggling a finger and shaking her head in disgust, before extending her hand out palm facing upwards.

"It's on a data storage device in my pocket." 

Cerberus nodded as she had another of her men search eM and find the device. After confiscating it from eM, he gently placed it onto the palm of Cerberus’ hand where she then closed her fingers, emitted a long, deep audible sigh, and then pocketed the device.

"Now I find it hard to fathom as to why your pitiful little friend would stay here with you, knowing that she could have escaped?" Her low-pitched voice broke and for a few brief seconds that felt like minutes, hushed to a frightened silence.

Nervously, eM answered quickly; her voice tense: "Kay doesn't leave anyone behind." 

"Bullshit! There's more to it than that!" Cerberus immediately retorted. 

“She stayed cos she wouldn’t have been able to live with herself had she left me here to die.” eM again responded quickly, but unable to hide the quiver in her voice.

“Oh really now? Well don’t worry,” Cerberus’ mouth contorted grotesquely, “She won’t be alive for much longer for you to have to worry about that.” Cerberus sneered while I struggled to breathe. The combined strength of Cerberus’ thigh and shin locked and pressed over my waist and neck areas respectively, as well as the sheer weight of her body pushing down on me, by this stage had been punishing. And if that wasn’t enough, there was also the addition of the continuous aching throughout my battered body.

“However I’m not buying it. I know there is more to it than that. There’s got to be another reason why she stayed here for you? She’s far too important to the Resistance to simply give herself up for one insignificant moron such as your pitiful little self.” Cerberus continued as she tightened the lock of her thigh around my waist area, causing my diaphragm to struggle doing its basic function. Fighting to even take small breaths with Cerberus’ hand still covering my mouth, she did somewhat take pleasure in moving the tip of her thumb from that same hand against the side of my nose, knowing that all she had to do was block my nose to completely cut off my supply of air.

“Umm... well—“

"Well what? Don't make me even more angrier than what I already am.” Cerberus’ mouth twisted with threat, her eyes glowed with savage fire. “Despite the fact that I'm sending you both off to the gladiatorial arena, and that you'll both die as a result, don’t make me give you the same treatment as your partner here. If I fucking have to, this time I will break your hand— both your hands for that matter after I wristlock them. Then you’ll never be hacking into anyone’s computer again— and before you say that it won’t matter cos you’re gonna die anyway, believe me when I say that it will— it will save you all the unnecessary painful torture.”

"It's, it's, it's, umm... well it's no big deal... re re really." eM’s ever increasing fear only caused her to stutter her words even more.

"No big deal? eM Blade are you asking for a fucking beating? Answer my question or else!" Cerberus’ muscle flicked angrily at the jaw; threateningly.

"Alright, alright. Kay and I are together.” eM said not having realised that she was holding her breath. “So she refused to leave me even though she knew she would consequently get captured by doing so." 

"You're together?” Cerberus repeated in a voice that could cut glass. “Now what the fuck is that supposed to mean eM? Seriously do you really wanna taste the tip of my baton?" 

"No, no, no... please don’t hit me... I mean, um... that we are together. Like companion, girlfriend, um... that sort of thing." eM was filled with trepidation. Scared out of her wits, her heart was thumping so loud that she was sure that not only Dekker who was holding could hear it, but also everyone around her. 

"Oh, that together.” Cerberus said in an irritate tone that men usually reserved for women they thought were slow or stupid upon realising what eM had meant.

"Well how fucking romantic!" Cerberus cooed sweetly; out of pure mockery; naturally.

"So this piece of shit scumbag here is your girlfriend?" Cerberus crinkled her nose in disgust as she looked down at me and then back at eM, who responded the affirmative by giving a quick nod of her head.

“Fucking girl lovers!” Cerberus spat out disgusted, looking around to all her men. “Did you hear that? These two are fucking lovers,” she brayed a laugh, prompting Dekker to also snicker a laugh, as well as the rest of the soldiers after that. 

"Well eM Blade, you must be one dumb fucking stupid total fuck up, you know that? Do you know how long I've been trying to catch your sweet little lover, Kay?" 

Biting her lip, eM shook her head. 

Not caring about eM’s actual response to her question, Cerberus all the while pressed her knee down harder across my neck, just so she could take pleasure in hearing me whimper anew. Finding some strength to lift and move my one arm that was sprawled out, I tried to pry her shin off my neck by pulling up at her knee. However with all her weight pinned down on me, it was futile. I dropped my arm so it lay helplessly above my head, and let out a soft painful moan, further satisfying my spiteful adversary.

"Now, may I ask which of you two bitches was responsible for killing my men while you were breaking and entering into this highly restricted area? Ahem, did you manage to kill any on your own?" Her question was in fact, a rhetorical question. She already knew the answer to it, but no less, she still looked up directly at eM, her face stern, her nose beak-like, her eyes a piercing grey, and still she demanded a response.

eM and I had many unique gifts. One such gift was a limited ability to communicate telepathically. Reaching out to her, my painful thoughts touched her mind. “Tell her that I killed them all. Do not hesitate as she will otherwise unleash her brutality on you. If she asks about that innocent woman, tell her I did it as it’s the truth anyway.”

"Well I'm waiting, and I'm starting to get very impatient!" Cerberus snapped, irately.

Sniffling and trying to hold back her tears while looking down into my agonised eyes, she answered: "Kay killed them all herself." 

"Ah why of course Kay killed them all. I already figured that much out. It's quite obvious that you, not being a real fighter got injured cos after all, Kay is only one fucking human terrorist, and probably wasn't able to prevent you from getting hurt in the midst of all the fighting and chaos. She only just managed to close your wound, but given the nature of your injury, you were not able to get out of here and escape."  Cerberus paused a second feeling smug, cackled, and then continued. 

"And because Kay loves you so much, instead of leaving you here and saving herself, she chose to stay with you and ultimately allowed me to finally capture her. I must say that its a bit of a shallow victory for me, but nonetheless at least I have her now and it's all thanks to you eM Blade. I bet deep down your lover must think that you are the biggest fucking useless screw-up piece of shit ever. What is this? What? Your first mission out in the field and you managed to allow me to capture the most wanted agent on my hit list. I must say congratulations are really on offer to you. A job truly well done." Cerberus concluded in a tone that could have frozen peas, fist pumping her free arm through the air in triumph.

Finally removing both her legs from my body, as well as her hard pressing hand from my mouth, the relief from her release, as well as the immediate rush of air into my lungs was short lived. Cerberus picked my head up by my hair and then slammed it hard on the floor. That resulted in me hearing a sickening crack across the back of my head, and then immediately after that, an agonising pain mixed with a sudden rush of fear that slowly followed.

"Oh and one last thing, who was responsible for the slaying of that woman near the lift? Was that also Kay's work?" Already knowing the answer, Cerberus’ stomach clenched with the force of their restrain; she simply awaited the confession.

eM’s face turned a telltale ghostly white as she nodded her head, paling at the thought of what other bursts of violence Cerberus would unleash on me.

"Why of course she did it... of course she did." Cerberus simply responded; grimly. 

The blood pounded in eM’s ears. Her heart thudded in her chest. Her hands shook. Her feet tingled. Her vision disfigured, as if she were looking through a fish-eye lens. “Please you’ve hurt Kay enough, please don’t, please—“

Yet eM’s desperate plea for mercy on her part, was cut short by Cerberus placing a finger before pursed lips, hushing her up. As Cerberus stood up, she took hold of my head, yanked at my hair and forced me up to my knees. I screamed in agonising pain with my whole body. My eyes wide with horror, my mouth rigid and open, my chalky face gaunt and immobile, my fists clenched with blanched knuckles, and my nails dug deeply into the palms of my hands.

Once again Cerberus placed her baton to my throat and began yelling. Her holler reverberated in my ears like a clap of thunder; such was her rage. It was a roar of pure anger, unlike I had seen before. A pair of tears raced down my cheeks; such was the severity of my beating.

"So then you fucking wonder why I call you are terrorist.” Cerberus continued pulling at my hair to push my head back, while firmly maintaining her baton to my throat.

“You are a cold blooded murderer too. Why did you fucking kill her? Why fucking?” Cerberus’ yell was like a booming bark; it even made her men jump like scared rabbits; making her feel mighty powerful.

Cerberus’ emotions transpired into her violent actions. A tear came out of her eye as if she were the righteous one. Slow desolate tears ran from her unblinking eyes, and dripped steadily onto her uniform.

Then she smacked me across my face with the baton. Pain erupted, blocking my vision. My face felt like it was on fire, and my head spun. I could barely see what Cerberus standing above me was doing. My eyes rolled back in my head and I gave a deep, guttural roar of pain.

"You will answer me even if it is the last thing you say as you take your last fucking breath! Answer me now!" By now her temper was on a hair-trigger. The smallest thing would have her flying into a rage, yelling, saliva spitting out with each jagged word.

"I didn't mean to kill her. I only wanted to stun her. It was an accident, she just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time." I managed to get the words out, choking back a gasp, tears streamed down my cheeks. 

“Fucking unacceptable!” Cerberus cursed as she used the baton to smack at my right arm. I writhed, roaring with pain. She laughed, readying for another shot elsewhere on my body. My eyes rolled back in my head and I gave the loudest roar of all, a shout that shook the walls. The proceeding blow came, knocking me backwards, as a thick, warm pain spread, and my breath escaped from my body. I landed on the ground, choking, trying to regain breath. Blood coated my shirt, and I felt weak in one area. My chest tightened as the pain came fierce. 

Then, she lifted me off the ground by the back of my collar, where inevitably, more brutality immediately followed. This time, the crushing blow of her fist impacting my stomach, caused vomit to come up looking like clam chowder and smelling like acidic cheese. My face blanched under the corridor’s bright lighting, while I sunk to my bottom, resisting touching my face with my fouled hands. As I leaned forwards, the last of the vomit dribbled from my lips, and my stomach turned over one more time.

“Still your lips terrorist, or I’ll cut them off!” Cerberus snit, hovering above me; blustery and blithering; giving me a keep your mouth shut glare. “Had you not fucking come into this building to steal our data, not only would any of my men not died, not only would have this innocent woman not died— a women with a husband and children— a fucking mother dammit, nothing would have damn fucking happened. In the end had you not come here to commit your crimes, she would still be alive. This is not an accident you fucking whore piece of shit!" 

And then, Cerberus pulled her fist back and looked me in the eyes. “Pathetic girl lover!” She snarled and lunged her fist forward, directly into my stomach, with her middle knuckle filling in my bellybutton. My intestines curled as the stinging pain and my body quickly clenched my ab muscles. I felt dizzy and could feel my morning’s breakfast running up my throat.

I felt the horrid crunching feeling of bone against metal as she then whacked me across my forehead with her baton, and then on the side of my head. As I began tumbling forward, she lay a heavy boot over my upper back. I let out a deep agonising groan, coughing out blood, my head racked back and consciousness left me by the time I dropped, and my body hit the cold hard floor with a loud sickening thud. 

“General,” Cerberus instructed her first in command, “I’m done with her for now. Transport both these women down to the Celestia Interplanetary Arena, and throw them into the holding cells beneath it.” 

As she began marching her way out, she kicked my unmoving form across the side of my ribcage, making an arm gesture at the dead bodies of her fallen comrades. “Oh, and somebody’s going to want to clean this mess up.”


The next morning, LST 09:00, 3016-05-25.  


Ālrai dropped into a landfall traffic lane and cruised slowly through the maze of buildings, sliding along the magnetic guidance lines for airborne vehicles. 

While he moved along in his hovercar, nervous as he was, he eventually settled quietly into his seat. He glanced over his shoulder, taking a peep at the fascinating view from behind him, before he turned away again. Normally a look of excitement would cross his face, but not today, not after Mako and I had been captured and consequently, our fate’s now resting in the balance of the unknown. Fearing the worse, Ālrai felt a shiver running down his back as he thought of it, while he had felt the tension in his stomach increase tenfold. 

Zed's Performance & Auto Care Centre, like a select few other buildings in the vast sprawl of Celestia City, it stood alone. A colossal structure with multiple towers rising skyward from its larger central tower, it sat apart from everything at the end of a broad promenade linking it with bulkier, sharper edged towers. 

Within its broad central tower, Zed's garage was a local repair shop and by far the largest in Celestia City. At its very top it resembled a very large hangar. Inside there were many different types of vehicles both civilian and military, such as hovercars, racing cars, swoops and tanks. This area of the garage was the largest, including a wide open floor facing the entrance to the garage, and where Ālrai would be entering in by. Cables hung down from the ceiling to hold light atmospheric jets, small space fighters, as well as light copters in suspension until they were ready to be worked on. Employees did most of their repair work in that area. 

Hidden deep within its complex of structures, accessible only by hidden shafts that lead many metres beneath the actual towers, were the headquarters of the Arjian Resistance Cell. 

Ironically Skycom Corporation was Zed's biggest customer, with their director of security, Cerberus commissioning repairs and special vehicles for their armada there. Holding a firm healthy relationship with the owner Jak Zed, little did they know of his deception, and that he was in actual fact, also the mastermind Jarvis behind the Resistance and unknowingly to them, their sworn enemy. The Arjian Resistance was shrouded within the heart of the enemy itself. 

Although even with the healthy relationship that Zed had with her, it was a known fact that Director Cerberus was ruthless in every sense. Whether it be in person or through her lieutenants, Cerberus frequently threatened Zed's workers with death, or the participation at the city's gladiatorial games which were essentially a death penalty. 

Ālrai slowed his hovercar, edging his way out of the traffic lane. To his left, he took note of a large platform that floated near the cluster of the huge buildings. Meanwhile, he peered down through the hovercar's side window noting that he was hundreds and hundreds of metres in the air, before tearing his gaze away.

The landing dock inside the hangar came into view as he approached a section marked clearly for hovercars. He docked the vehicle inside Zed's hangar like garage, with a soft bump on the landing platform. Several hundred stories up, he disembarked taking in the huge bustle of activity from workers and machinery that ultimately surrounded him.

Ālrai had long reported back to Arjian HQ, delivering the news of the demise of KnM Blade— or Mako and I. Not withstanding our unavoidable capture, because Mako had managed to upload the data to our own cloud servers beforehand, as far as our primary mission was concerned, technically it had been a success. In having used a combination of heavy encryption and a trustful off world location for storing the stolen intelligence at, our lead scientists and engineers were already busy analysing the data from deep with the walls of the Arjian Resistance Cell.

By now, all the major news networks had sent shockwaves throughout all of Sol, labelling my capture as a forward leap in the fight against terrorism; a victory for peace, political stability and prosperity.

Citizens of the entire star system were waiting for Director Emilia Langley to come out, and give a press report regarding my capture from the day before. The news of my arrest had spread quickly, and people wanted to know what was next for me.

"There she is!" Someone from one of the news teams shouted out.

The news teams tried to get themselves organised, as Cerberus who was being escorted by General Dekker and an entourage of armed soldiers approached the podium. The crowd of the various news teams and crowd spectators quieted as the Director began her speech.

"Yesterday at around midday Celestia City time, Kay Blade, one the Resistance’s formidable protagonist was apprehended and brought into custody. She has a long list of charges that includes terrorism, and espionage. Are there any questions?" She asked the audience.

"How is it that Kay Blade was caught? She has eluded Skysec and other USS authorities for quite some time, and now you've finally captured her." One news reporter in the audience asked.

Cerberus was prepared for such a question. "The suspect in question, along with her slicer accomplice who calls herself eM Blade, were caught breaking into a highly restricted Skycom complex, and stole sensitive highly classified Skycom information. Fortunately all the data was immediately recovered upon their capture." 

Cerberus was enjoying the fact that she finished up the case of the century. "Kay was intercepted by Skysec forces in the same building, and after a brief firefight, she along with her accomplice were forced to surrender. I just so happened to arrive at the scene during the fight and hit her twice with my stun pistol. Each shot hit her directly. After making sure she was indeed unconscious, my men placed handcuffs on her and then, along with the slicer who wisely surrendered, took them away." 

She paused in her speech, she was obviously lying regarding the real details of mine and eM’s capture, but that had hardly mattered within the larger context of things.

“As far as sentencing is concerned, both Kay and eM Blade will now be the main feature of the upcoming Gladiatorial Games in two days, at this city’s Celestia Interplanetary Arena. In order to maintain the ongoing integrity and security of this nation, Kay Blade’s admittance at city’s amphitheatre which many refer to as the Colosseum, will effectively serve as her rightful condemnation for the death penalty for her unspeakable crimes against the people. You the humble citizens of this great nation, will stand witness to this glorious moment of triumph, by being rewarded with the spectacular entertainment in which our very despicable Kay Blade, however unlikely her success, will actually be able to fight for her freedom.”

Cerberus paused. Her lips turned up slightly in one corner, creating a sly little grin, before her face was washed clean of expressions.   

Chuckling slightly, she continued. “Most importantly, this will serve as a grim reminder to any wannabe terrorists, that our government’s policy stance against terrorism is zero. We do not, and never will negotiate with terrorists nor their demands.”

In her arrogant triumph, she smirked – just a small pouting of the lips; a narrowing of her eyes and a tilting of her head. It was so subtle. The left side of her faint red lip tugged upwards creating a sinister smirk on her goddess like face; casting a spell of lust to eyes that dared look her way.

"This is all I have time for now. If you have any further questions, you can pick up a copy of my report at any Skysec station when it becomes available shortly.”

Her sideway glanced the way of the audience, shrivelling her face to match that of an unspoken question, before General Dekker led her off the podium, where she swiftly retreated away with the rest of her entourage.

Jarvis was prepared to stop at nothing to mount a rescue effort to save both Mako and I, as were his right hand men Braj’tec Qarr and Zasalamel. We were more than just employees for the leader of the Arjian Resistance; more than just his agents. Whether he was Jak or Jarvis, I considered him nervous and fussy. Yet I, as did Mako alike, liked him well enough due to his shows of blustery enthusiasm and fatherly assurance.

Jarvis, Braj’tec, Zasalamel and the other five remaining members of the Arjian Council had already convened, been in session, and concluded proceedings long before Ālrai’s arrival. Seized by anguish; a rescue plan had already been devised, but the harsh reality was, that until the day of the upcoming Gladiatorial Games arrived, there wouldn’t be a single thing that anyone could do but wait.

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