KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


43. The Citadel - Part 5

Chapter 31 : The Citadel - Part 5.


Outside the main entrance to the Citadel tower, where the almost windowless of the massive skyscraper stared down at them like a giant monster, Director Langley accompanied by an escort of her finest Secret Service agents approached. The huge doorway that should have been lit was strangely dark, and it gaped like an open mouth. Armoured guards stood at several key positions around and near the vicinity of the door, the closest ones acknowledging the director's presence, as she entered the Citadel that made the guards look like no more than tiny specs, as it towered above them like a great monolith of concrete and glass.

Kristy clenched her fist with satisfaction. Finally being able come face to face with me, Skycom Corporation's most wanted criminal, a terrorist in their evil eyes and most importantly of all, her chance to meet her mother's killer before she sentenced me to a fate no different. Sneering to herself she thought of Kes, the deadly bitch had been able to take me alive, satisfying her order, hopefully the other assassin Alice Salin would take care of her soon.

"They're in one of the examination laboratories used for interrogation. I know which one it is already. Follow me to service lift L50-100X," Kristy said to her escorting agents. "Kes and several other agents have Kay Blade there in custody. We'll meet them there." Kristy's men then piled out behind her, following, as she hurried toward the lift in question.


A minute later, deep inside the Citadel tower complex...

I came blurrily awake. I was being dragged near the service lift. As soon as the doors opened, Director Langley and her entourage would be greeting me with open violence. Two other agents stood to the side, who until now had not interfered. I must have been out only a few seconds, just long enough for the pain in and around my crotch area to settle down to a bearable level of agony.

They propped me up while waiting for the lift. I stared at the floor, offering no resistance, just trying to get more of my consciousness back. My eyes focused on something nice. After a moment I realised that it was Kes' legs. Too bad her heart didn't match the quality of her body!

I also noticed that she wore an ankle sheath, with a knife. There was no doubt that the assassin was armed to the teeth, given she also carried weapons that low down her body.

The lift doors slid open. There was a burst of gunfire.

'Huh? Had they shot me after all?' I didn't feel anything.

Then the agent in front of me fell. The man's face was a study in surprise. I hadn't been killed – the agent had. 'What was going on?'

Then a woman ran out of the lift. She had legs as good as Kes', and a smaller yet sexier bosom, and long dark hair. Well maybe the legs were not as good as Kes' but, as my gaze made it to the face, I was amazed. It was eM Blade! And yes, as for the legs, they were eM's legs or more precisely put, the legs belonging to Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, my fiancée, and thus the best legs in the universe as far as I was concerned.

eM Blade whirled, her gun blazing. In a moment she had mowed down the remaining three male agents, who for the ones that had been restraining me, their hands were occupied with me. eM managed to miss me, either I was lucky, or she was an excellent shot.

Kes dropped to the floor, swung her legs, and swiped eM's feet out from under her. The gun went flying. Kes grabbed eM's hair and yanked back so hard she almost broke the woman's neck. She wound eM's hair around her fist, anchoring the head, and smashed her face into the wall. Once.Twice. Three times. eM stopped fighting. I knew the feeling, having just experienced it myself.

I squirmed over the pile of agent corpses. My hands locked behind my back, I wrested a gun from a dead hand and by leaning my body inwards to keep the gun from sliding away, I ensured it had been set to stun. The agents did have guns, they just hadn't been using them on me. This time Kes pulled her knife from the ankle sheath. She lifted it high, preparing to plunge it into eM's heart. But she paused a moment.

eM's eyes came into focus. She saw the blade poised above her. That was what Kes had been waiting for. She evidently knew who eM was. My lover and my dream girl. She wanted eM to see it coming. Maybe she also wanted me to see her do it. She was out to hurt me any way she could, with this being the perfect way.

"Don't!" I cried. Although I wasn't pleading, I was warning.

Kes turned and saw that I had her in the sights of my pistol. But she also saw that I was contorted, with my hands cuffed behind my back. 'Could Kay fire accurately from that position?' She immediately questioned herself.

Kes' manner changed, in the chameleon like way she had. She evidently knew the answer to the question of my accuracy! Kay... she breathed. You can't shoot at me. You wouldn't wanna accidentally hurt your precious here, would you?"

I kept the gun aimed at her.

Kes lowered her knife and brought her hands together innocuously. "Be reasonable, she's your sweetheart here. The one you want to marry someday."

Yes, that was definitely so. But I knew better, was one step ahead, the pistol was set to stun. Even if I shot my fiancée in error, she wouldn't die, and all I would have to do is shoot again. My gun did not waver.

Kes subtly pulled the knife into the throwing position, holding the tip of the blade. I had no doubt of her ability to hurl it exactly where she intended. I had become her primary target.

"The gun is set to stun, so I can afford to miss," I said gruffly.

Kes swung her arm back for throwing. I fired. The energy bolt struck her in the forehead. The knife dropped from her hand. Then Kes dropped. Had the gun been set to kill, the bolt would have pierced straight through her head. Instead it only harmlessly knocked her out cold.

However I had no intention to let her go. She tried to kill both eM and I. I hated to kill in cold blood, but she had proved her nature right to the end. She was all assassin, as brutal as any of the goons, and by far more dangerous than most. It had to be done.

eM sat up, battered and shaken. She had evidently not expected to be bested in combat so easily after having had the clear element of surprise. "That is the assassin Kes En'jusek?"

I nodded.

"What a bitch," eM said kicking her unconscious body.

After eM unbound my hands, I rolled the unconscious Kes around so that her face faced toward the ceiling. I placed a hand first under her chin, then across her lips and mouth, and lastly I slid the side of my index finger across the sides of her nose, as I formed a cup shape with my thumb stopping just under her nose. Her skin felt like silk, yet cold. I stared at her unconscious form, she was as beautiful looking as she was when I had met her as Kixi, clearly oblivious that I was both Kixi and Kay.

"Beautiful and harmless when asleep, beautiful and deadly when awake." I said as I removed my hand from her face.

“Then it's clear that she needs to remain permanently—”

"Dead!" I abruptly finished the sentence off for eM.

"Yes Kay, dead." Normally eM was far more reserved, peaceful and not the sort to just kill when unnecessary, especially in cold blood. But something here had changed her, even if it was just for this one time only. As far as killing Kes while she was unconscious was concerned, it would be justified, not at all making her sick.

"Okay then eM. Then we need to kill her now, while she is unconscious and vulnerable. I know there is no honour in doing that, but this woman is extremely dangerous and nothing more than a heartless serial killer— she is far too dangerous to be kept alive." I said as I put my hand back on her, this time just above the hairline of her forehead to pull her head back, so that I could position my gun's nozzle perfectly on her forehead.

"I can't argue with you on that count Kay." eM nodded her approval.

Without a second thought, I switched my gun from stun to kill, with the intention to shoot her at point blank in between the eyes. I was about to let off several rounds through her brain, just to be certain beyond any cast of a doubt that she would be dead when— boom! A deafening loud thud— everything around us suddenly began to violently shake momentarily.

The weapon in my hand wobbled as I lost my balance, before I was forced to drop it. There was no time to think, nor time to kill my arch nemesis who began to groan. She was beginning to wake up as a result of all the loud explosions. I sprung to my feet with my X Plasma blade activated within milliseconds of the small squad of heavily armed droids that had entered. Both eM and I heard the metallic click as the droids snapped into attack position.

Blaster fire erupted from the droid squad. eM reached for her other blaster gun, one of the ones she had taken off a dead agent and had strapped across her chest, and along with the gun already in her other hand, kept up a steady barrage. I on the other hand charged. X Plasma in hand, I went after the left flank, while eM eventually charged toward the right, after having blasted several droids into a thousand pieces with her barrage of blaster fire.

I sliced off the head of a droid and used my backswing to disable the control sensor suite of another. eM flew through the air and executed a diving roundhouse kick, somehow slipping through the streaks of blaster fire without catching any of it.

The other two droids retreated behind the wide opening that was opposite the lift we had came in on. What had been a dense solid wall there before the droids had come blazing in, had retracted itself inward that had created the opening in the first place.

I raced to the open area, holding my guard up with the powerful blade of plasma of my sword. The two droids without hesitation began peppering me with blaster bolts. With absolutely no room or margin for error, I concentrated on each and every one of the blaster bolts that came at me, deflecting them away with the energy blade of my weapon. However my control was raw, largely uncontrollable, and far off the level of mastery. As a consequence, the deflecting bolts ricocheted in all directions, hitting walls, equipment and consoles, with none unfortunately coming back at the two droids who had fired them.

With all their fire concentrated on me, an opening presented itself to eM. Using her own special abilities, she leaped into the air, flipping and summersaulting in one single blurred move, going through the door and then sliding in behind them. Before they had a chance to turn and fire, several bursts from each of the two guns she was wielding, turned them into scrap.

I stood there, almost startled, as my X Plasma blade fizzled out, the energy blade disappearing into nothing, overloaded by the huge amounts of blaster energy it had just absorbed. I momentarily gazed at the hilt, inspecting it letting the words, "fuck that was lucky," slip through my tongue.

"I'm glad to be of your humble service," eM said as she stood a few metres back from the opening she and the downed droids had retreated to.

“Why yes my sweetheart, my many thanks go to you. Your timing was nothing short of impeccable." I said with a half grin, lifting my broken X Plasma hilt up high to show her why, before clipping it back on my belt. "I'm so very proud of you. You just saved my arse twice in a matter of min—”

"Well there won't be a third time lucky bitch!" Came the distinctive and unmistakable voice of Kes En'jusek behind me.

"Kay behind you, she's conscious again!" eM yelled out. I didn't need an invitation to be told to perform a backward role to move well out of the way of the crosshairs of eM's two blaster guns, which she still had firmly in her hands, now trained on the assassin, and opened fire.

Yet the beautiful assassin woman was no fool. Well ahead of the game, the wall that had been present before the droid attack, quickly began closing inwards again. eM's barge of blaster bolts, save for the odd one that managed to pass harmlessly through the closing wall, violently peppered the wall, but caused no damaged to the reinforced metal.

Separated now by the wall that was really a concealed wall, I found myself trapped alone with Kes. With my X Plasma Blade damaged, my telekinetic abilities depleted, and no way to get past the assassin to get a hold of one of the guns the dead agents had, I felt more vulnerable than ever. I twisted my arm toward the rear of my shoulder and frowned when I realised my two long knives were gone. Clearly removed by the agents that had captured me, I further raised an eyebrow in surprise as the fact occurred to me, that they never bothered to remove the deactivated, but then fully functional hilt of my X Plasma blade.

"Kay I'm locked out and cannot break the access control to get in. In fact I can't even find it, and the material this barrier or whatever you wanna call it is made from, is far to strong to blast away!" eM yelled out in a frenzy.

"Oh fuck!" My words entered eM's mind telepathically.

"Fuck! Shit! Kay I can't open the door! There are no visible controls, and I can't pry it open nor blast it!" eM's thoughts immediately entered and filled my mind, as well as clear evidence of her mind's state of confusion knowing she was powerless to once again come to my aid. I would be forced to fight Kes to the death, and we all knew that this time, I would be the one at a grave disadvantage.

eM's screams despite being loud, were nothing more than a muffle on my end. Impotent to do anything about it, I watched her helpless and panicked stricken face though a small strip of reinforced glass, that ran parallel to the lines and patterns along the wall. Futilely and to no avail, eM banged on the glass with the small fists of her hands. Yet the glass was so thick and strong, that the sound of the banging alone, had little or no penetrating effect.

"Now it's just you and I Kay Blade." Kes' words came out slow and seemingly calm – on the outside at least. Within the very soul of the deceitful beautiful looking assassin, expressed a rather contrasting tale of mixed emotions. As if she were the fire about to be born in the seemingly calm of a forest. At first smouldering. Then the fire begins licking the bottom of a wooden post like a hungry kitten with a saucer of milk, crackling, playful, gentle at first, the fire then begins flickering, flaring, leaping, spitting, showering sparks like a fountain, plumes of black grey smoke, wounding itself around the post like a great hungry serpent, devouring everything in it's path, choking clouds of noxious smoke, inferno, blazing, out of control, ash floating to the ground like great dirty flakes of snow, showering onto everything, sprinkling onto the ground – I would be along the path of her devastating fury, and she would stop at nothing to end my life in the here and now.

My full focus now turned toward her, as I stared at her eye to eye, in complete silence. I breathed in and out slowly, remaining composed despite the ominous predicament of my current situation, not bothering to even mutter a word. It was pointless to panic, as that would only make matters worse, however my own body language was enough to tell the story on how I was feeling right now, and Kes could see and understand it all.

"You're trapped in here with me Kay Blade. And you're either gonna die here now if you don't surrender, or after your formal execution before the Director. Either way, you're not walking out of this place alive." Kes snarled in anger and hate.

I slightly craned my neck a little to the side, still keeping my peripheral vision on Kes, in order to glance over at my fiancée. She had stopped with the yelling and banging, her face however still one of great despair. Not knowing if it would be the last time that I would see her again, I telepathically relayed the words, "I love you Mako, now and forever." Immediately she relayed the same message back to me. Through the thickness of the glass that separated her from me, the unmistakable drops of tears could be seen coming out of her pain stricken eyes.

Patiently observing eMs despair, Kes' general lack of empathy towards others, or anything for that matter, had her totally amused. I found her demeanour hard to fathom. Yes she was my enemy, yes she wanted to kill me along with my fiancée, however I found it rather bemusing that she found such sickening acts as one big joke.

Finally having had enough of the awkward silence, Kes decided to speak, her words further proof of her sickening cold chilling nature.

"Perhaps you should tell your lovebird to calm herself down. In reality this is only a minor change of plan Kay Blade. Now I'll simply kill you first instead of her. But don't worry I'll kill her immediately after, as there will be no road of escape for her. In fact if you cooperate with me now and offer little resistance, I promise I'll make your reunion with your little pet lesbian lover in the afterlife, a quick one for her by snapping her fucking neck clean." Kes said sounding very delighted at the prospect.

"Fuck off! Go to hell Kes you fucking mother fucking piece of scum bucket!" I snarled back in anger.

"Kay why make this so hard on yourself and especially for your girl. You know you can't possibly beat me, and that you're dead all the same. If not for yourself, make this easier on her." Kes continued in a pleading pretence intended solely to mock me.

"If the outcome is going to be the same, then I'll rather go down fighting. Slow death, quick death, dead is dead so I'll rather make you work for it whore!" I retorted back.

“Then be it!" She grinned showing perfectly whitened teeth between her cold reddish lips, her eyes wider than any sane person's should be. She ran a hand through her long brownish hair, and began with her self proclaimed righteousness speech, that was meant to be her own passing of a death sentence to me. “I don't just want to kill you, I want to put you in a pit and add the shovels of dirt slowly until your fucking damn mouth is full of muck. I want to hear your cries as the rocks rain down on you thicker than a hail storm. By not accepting your fate willing, then prepare to meet it with the full brutality of my wrath baring down on your pitiful soul. Neither you nor your pet girlfriend shall receive the mercy of a quick death when in turn you both are begging for it!”

"You really must be satan's reject that he sent amongst the living. You're a fucking curse Kes. I bet you have no fucking friends. Your life must be such a huge misery given the way you turned out. I'm willing to even bet that the devil hates your guts, thus the reason why he sent you here!" I hissed and spat in anger, figuring if I was going to go down, that I best do it in style and taunt the fucking evil bitch that Kes was until the very end.

"But I'll be damned if touch eM. You'll never hurt my eM, not if I can do anything about it you wretched fucking witch!" I said warningly.

“Oh... Well you see..." Kes said mockingly, her voice a deliberation mix of soft and childish sounding, "that's the problem Kay, you fucking can't do shit to stop me.”

Totally unfazed by my prior taunts and insults towards her, she smirked and then produced a cackled laugh. "That's because dead people can't be around to defend their helpless loved ones. You're about to die by my bare hands! Now I think this is enough pointless talking. Your stay amongst the living is long past its due date Kay Blade. It's my duty to end it!" Kes said snarling and hissing.

Kes and I circled each other, the former grinning at the tension she had caused. Suddenly, Kes leaped forward, charging at me at surprising speed for someone who had no genetic enhancements nor any sort of telekinetic abilities. Unprepared, I recoiled from a punch to my jaw with a wince. In retaliation, I prepared to strike Kes in the stomach, but with my ability to use any sort of enhanced power temporarily depleted, I was too slow.

“What's wrong Kay Blade? Too slow with your psychic talents taken away? Fucking dumb freak!" Kes told me before striking me in the shoulder with a hard fist. I fell backward with a loud thud, but managed to quickly spring back up onto my feet. "The next one's gonna be fatal slut face," Kes slurred out, reading herself for her next assault. "I've gotta say, I'm quite disappointed, I was expecting more of a challenge from you.”

And then she came at me again. The punch glanced my chin. I noticed too late that it was a feint, though, when the follow up punch doubled me over and expelled the last bit of choked air from my abdomen area. It was a heck of a shot. Outside of having the wind knocked from me. I noticed a fair amount of pain with the gut shot, which admittedly was something I wasn’t used to. A hit to the face, yes, or even the kidney... but the gut shouldn’t have been much more than discomfort, if that.

Kes stood straight, her eyes bulging with rage, and stared at me, her opponent. I tried to stand tall, but the pain inflicted on me didn't allow for it, as I clutched my hand on my stomach area panting for air. Kes had me where she wanted me.

“Fuck you...” I took a lurching step forward with each word. On the third, I swung, “cur!”

The blow felt too sluggish. I knew the second I launched it. The agile, smirking assassin woman ducked under it. Before I could even register the dodge, however, another body shot, this one to my ribs, sent fresh ripples of pain through my torso. I didn’t fall, I made absolutely sure that I did not fall, but it was a lot closer than I would have liked.

I charged in for another shot. She shoved me off. Seeing me scoot back so far against the weight of it gave her a second wind. She covered the distance between us. Threw three more punches that did land, and this time I fell. However I quickly executed a series of backward rolls and instantly stood up again.

Between the pain in my gut and ribs, and the general confusion, the sight of Kes still coming at me, this time with a predictable left ­right left series of punches, was not something I wanted to see. I took it as an opportunity to throw in a haymaker punch, that Kes saw coming well in advance, ducking in response but didn’t bother to parry it. I swung another, as Kes predicted I would, she swung under it and responded in turn with an uppercut.

Crack! The sound of my upper and lower rows of teeth making unplanned contact sickened me. Still, I kept my feet. I had to. Falling down was not— I didn't even see the proceeding karate chop like strike to the side of my head coming. Falling like a tonne of bricks, I blacked out, even if for only a glimmer of a second. One moment I was on my feet, the next I was laying flat on my back with Kes firmly pressing her body weight on top of me.

My body ached in pain, as I remained immobilised by Kes' knees which dug deeply into my torso area, where she used her own body weight to pin me down. Her facial image that menacingly stared down at me was momentarily a blur of colours, before I finally saw her face close up in detail as my vision returned to normal. She continued to hold me down firmly, cupping my face with one hand, and punched me in the nose with her other in which she had formed a fist with, resulting in my eyes momentarily rolling to the back of my head.

She violently pulled my head back up by pulling at my hair with the same hand she had punched me with, while maintaining her other cupped hand on my face. "Lesbian slut face!" she yelled out spitting in my face at the same time. By this stage, my head ached in so much agony, that her colourful words of hatred had barely even registered. “I'm gonna so enjoy killing you slowly while your little pet girlfriend is forced to watch outside,” she said, again bursting out in cackling laughter.

Kes moved a hand and rested it below my ear, her thumb caressed my cheek as she moved her head closer to me causing our breaths to mingle. She ran her fingers from her other hand down to my breast area, put her hand inside of my shirt and fondled the tip of her thumb on the nipple of my breast. Despite the sheer pain I was in, it sent my heart racing in a frenzy. "Before I brutally kill you, I'm gonna fuck you and your lover out there up mentally. My touch and my kiss will be the last your living body feels before you fucking die you slime filth ball!" Kes crudely said, my eyes staring out helplessly wide at her as she deliberately went with her indecent assault on me, her sickening way to traumatise her many victims, whether male or female before carrying out a similar barbaric like execution.

She leaned down and softly kissed the tender area at the base of my neck. My body went rigid, and then trembled in shook, before my arms and legs began to twitch helplessly. Despite that though, warmth radiated from the spot where her lips had just touched my neck, slowly spreading through the rest of me. "Twitching already are we?" Kes sarcastically asked not expecting an answer. "I've only kissed you, I haven't even started killing you yet. I guess you'll be experiencing a lot more spasmodic twitching once I slowly start draining your pitiful life away." She continued as she lifted one of my limp arms by my wrist and brushed her lips gently on the top side of my hand. "Um weird, that these hands of yours feel familiar." Kes' voice sounded rather startled as she kissed my hand again. Of course I knew exactly why my body had felt familiar to her. She had touched me and kissed me when she had rescued me as Kixi, oblivious that I was the very same person now. Although the grim reality that it wouldn't count for much if I died now immediately did pass through my thoughts.

“Um, I've never met you until now." She further said, with confusion still surrounding her voice. She then dropped my hand and proceeded to kiss me, her lips first slowly brushing with mine, and then the slow passionate kiss followed. "Fuck seriously what the fuck! Why does it feel like I've kissed you before, your lips feel familiar." Kes said moving her head back up and then shrugging. "Perhaps it's cos I've kissed too many of my victims before killing them. Oh well you're just gonna be another one of my countless victims whore." She looked down on me evilly, all controlling and content. "How does it feel that your last kiss won't be from your precious slut outside." She said cackling in laughter again. "But don't worry I'm not without a heart, I'll give her the same equal treatment just before I end her too.”

Not being able to speak, I simply just weakly stared at her. Defeated, knowing that it would take some miracle now for me not to wind up dead. "Time for you to die bitch!" She said swinging her head with a quick jerky movement, so that her hair swung back. She then placed both her hands on my throat, initially pressing down gently, then gradually pressing down more firmly, before finally pressing down and squeezing hard.

Her hands were grasping at my throat, leaving me without air. My eyes were wide with fear and small ragged gasps were escaping my throat. My face and throat began getting an immense pressure in them, and then my lungs started to ache, as my eyes began bulging. I begin gasping, trying to get air but couldn't. My eyes got unfocused and my lungs began burning as my head spun, and I slowly sensed myself drifting away from my body. I was almost out of time and I did the first thing I could think of. I summoned whatever little energy that I could gather to my arms and hands, and clawed my fingers at her hands uselessly. Then when it all seemed to have been over so I could use my last breath to scream for help – gun fire erupted out of nowhere, before much needed air came rushing back into my ailing lungs, with my would be killer having sprung to her feet and ultimately having let go of my throat...

About two minutes earlier...

eM couldn't believe her eyes. She didn’t want to anyway. She had never seen anything like it even in her worst nightmares. But that was only because her brain always woke her up before such a horrific image covered her mind. And now she was seeing something her eyes would never be able to erase. Her fiancée, me, being slowly murdered by a merciless assassin.

The adrenalin flew over her veins like a carp through the river, but she couldn’t move a single muscle, not even to scream. The absolute horror completely paralysed her, and the more she watched on, the more she felt discouraged and utterly terrified. She didn’t remember being this scared in her life. And this was just the beginning. That assassin would move on to her next once she was done killing me.

Her legs felt like they were no longer hers, and she began to tremble the same way she would in deep cold wintery night, and then, unexpectedly, a deep, not so welcoming, but at the same time welcomingly sound of another's voice came from behind her.

"Move out of the way you useless piece of shit." In the split second that it took for eM to jump back a notch and swivel around on the balls of her feet, was all it took for her to learn who the voice belonged to. Before her and menacingly making eye contact with her, the smooth pretty face of another, perhaps also a beautiful looking assassin reigned down on her.

"Who the heck are you?" eM said, her right hand instinctively finding itself on one of her holstered blaster pistols.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The newcomer's voice came out soft and calm, yet eM could sense the disdainfulness in her voice along with the malicious intentions that would possibly follow. "I'm not here for you, I'm here to collect my bounty which just happens to be the head of that woman who is about to kill your friend in there."

"Oh! So whoever you are you're here to help? You're a friend?" eM said as suddenly she felt a glimmer of hope.

"Your friend? Why would I wanna be your friend. I'd rather shoot you in the stomach and watch you fucking die slowly, but I don't have time for that right now. So if you'd just move the fuck out of my way, I'll open this concealed door and do what I came here for." The woman who eM was certain had to be another assassin, responded crudely.

Moving slightly to the side, eM remained silent as she watched in awe what the other was doing. On what looked like a sheer wall, the blonde haired woman started pressing several metal plates on the metal structure just below the glass part, in what appeared to be a random pattern.

"Thank you... whoever you are." eM said with much anxiety and desperation in her voice.

"Thank you for what? I couldn't care less about you or your pathetic friend. I would kill the both of you too if I had a bounty for you." The woman's voice was harsh, yet she unlike the other assassin woman who was slowly draining my own life away, showed no high levels of agitation, anger or hatred.

"Who are you, and who sent you?" eM asked, gulping, and also resisting the urge to reach down for her gun, knowing that even if she could shoot the woman, any hopes in saving my life would be instantly shattered.

"I'm Alice Salin, an assassin and bounty hunter, and I was sent by Director Langley." She responded dryly, not bothering to even look at eM as she continued to press down on the metal plates in front of her.

"What? That makes absolutely no sense!" eM exclaimed, placing a hand over her chest area in total shock at the revelation.

"Well apparently according to the director, Kes is a loose cannon and a pest, and she wants her eradicated just as much as you and your friend." Alice emotionlessly responded.

"Really. Well what a traitorous slime worm. She's just as deceitful as her mother Cerberus was!" eM responded still bewildered at fact, that the Director Langley would stoop as low as killing one of her own.

"Well it's your lucky day that she personally didn't give me the bounty to kill you. She gave it to the one that I'm supposed to kill over there. However I was supposed to kill her after she either killed or captured you two. Although killing her is difficult enfuckingough. So I'm gonna do it now while she ain't expecting it. Of course Langley won't be happy to see Kay Blade and you escape with your lives, but I guess I can spin some bullshit later, or perhaps after I'm done with Kes, then come after you two and kill you both afterwards and just say Kes did it before I killed her." Alice turned her head slightly to eM's direction, gritting her teeth, snarling, before turning back to fully facing the wall again.

eM looked at Alice taken aback, but before she could say anything, Alice turned around and stuck a hand out and pushed eM well out of the way saying, "That's why as soon as I barge in there and go for my bounty, you go and collect your half dead dumb fuck of a friend, and fucking disappear, and I mean disappear real fast, because if I see either of you still around afterwards, I'm putting a blaster bolt in both of your fucking heads." Alice stuck out her index finger and pressed the tip of her her finger on eM's forehead as she blew her a kiss. "I don't like either of you just as much as I don't like Kes, so I fucking mean it."

Finally one large metal slot slid out. Alice then tapped a special security chip pass she had on a lanyard around her neck, the one that Director Langley had given her so she could have free access to roam the facility. Upon tapping the chip, a loud long beeping sound followed, and the metal slot immediately slid back into place. The heavy steel part of the wall that was really a concealed door finally gave way, and Alice, followed by eM were soon easing themselves past it.

Booting away several objects that lay in her path, Alice Salin peeled off one of her leather gloves and charged in, blaster in hand, with eM following in close behind her too. Alice wrinkled her nose at the stench coming from the bodies of the dead agents that had been downed earlier on and sighed. With an air of martyrdom, she moved in cautiously into the well lit up room, her long polished red boots slipping on the shiny slippery surface of the floor. Huge machines towered silently above her like giant robots, that Alice wondered were probably some sort of interrogation or torture equipment.

Kes only needed the good part of another ten seconds, to keep her hands firmly on my neck that was chocking me to have killed me. Reluctantly she was forced to remove her hands off of me and jump to her feet and off my body to avoid the deadly barge of energy fire that came at her from an unknown newcomer. I gasped loudly as the flow of oxygen returned back into my air stricken lungs, and the colour of my skin returned to normal as blood began to bring the flow of oxygen to my body. I could still barely move though, as eM who followed in after the blazing blonde haired woman came to my aid.

"We gotta get the hell out of here now." eM yelled in desperation yet at the same time relieved that I was still alive.

"Who the hell is that?" I managed to violently cough the words out.

"I'll explain later." eM ripped out placing an arm around my upper body and shoulders, to help me back on my feet.

"Shouldn't we help her?" I questioned, sensing the opportunity that the combined efforts of three people should now be able to defeat the vile and treacherous Kes En'jusek.

“She is no ally of ours. She has a bounty to kill Kes, but she'll kill us too if given the chance. The reason why she hasn't is because she's clearly occupied with her prime target.”

“I'm not understanding," I said still coughing my words out and clutching a hand over my sore gut area. "Who sent her—”

“Director Langley did.”

“What the fuck eM!”

"I told you I'll explain later, for now let's run while we still can." eM said with a dire sense of urgency in her voice.

"Okay eM, you're absolutely right. Escape first and explain later. Do you know where to go from here?" I said as the familiar sound of the exchange of gunfire could be heard from the very same room we exited.

"Yes, it's all clear in the map in my intracranial link." eM said confidently as we both staggered out, and made our way into the many open walkways and corridors beyond.

We began to run slowly at first, and then gradually picked up speed. "Good." I responded nodding meekly, but failed to smile for reasons that were more than obvious. "Let's hurry then cos regardless on who wins the battle with those two women assassins we just left behind, whoever remains standing will surely come back for us, and I'm willing to bet that it will fucking be Death Incarnate again..."

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