KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


25. Richter’s Party - Part Two : Time to enjoy and party hard.

Chapter 17 : Richter’s Party - Part Two : Time to enjoy and party hard.


EST 14:00, CE 3016-06-23, MST / LST 14:00, MTE 971-12-23


Accompanied by Jak, we paused at the arched entryway to a large ballroom designated the Grand Outer Court. Jak stepped forward to speak to the security guards on duty. There were two of them, large men armed with what looked like stun weapons only. The chance of violence here was almost next to zero, the job of security was to merely neutralise and contain any drunken troublemakers, should any present themselves. Between them, across the entryway, was stretched a sort of silver mesh material. I could see well dressed people dancing and socialising, but it was as if viewing them through a warped and mottled piece of unusually reflective screen. I spotted Richter Alvarez, a man tall in height with an average build, turn toward a large knot of men and women.

Jak returned. "Odd," he said. "You're definitely expected to make an appearance here, but you're not to be announced."

“You mean," Kajtia said, "nobody is going to introduce us, so that everybody turns and stares at us and we have nothing to say, so we stand there like idiots while they wait. That sort of announced?”

“Yes," Jak said. "It's a tradition. I think – why the tradition was suspended for this afternoon I don't know.”

Jak led us into the outer hall. We attracted no immediate notice. The hall itself was a tall two story chamber, with a balcony all around the second story, thick with onlookers – its walls were draped with tapestries in a shimmering silver hue, and the lights behind the tapestries offered not quite enough illumination. Two tapestries were drawn aside, revealing enormous flatscreens on stony walls, the screens showed, in magnification, whatever stood before them.

Excluding Jak, we were four very different people as we walked toward the Outer Court of the Grand Residence, or palace. Richter Alvarez wasn't just the CEO of the F-Zero racing series, he was a wealthy entrepreneur, statesman and a man of high status and influence throughout the greater city of Aries City.

I had chosen green for most of my outfit-boots, hose, belt-and had chosen a tunic in a creamy off-white. I chose to remain bareheaded. To my hip, hung an unusual device more commonly used by the citizens of Mars than anywhere else in the Sol System. On Mars during the summer periods, it was common place to carry a comfan when dressed in clothing that weren't suited to the time or season in question – like now. The comfan was a small hemisphere with a handle. On the flat side of the hemisphere were numerous little vents. At the bottom of the handle were an on-off switch and an intake vent. When switched on, the device would draw air in through the intake vent, cool it, and expel it through the other vents, making it a handy personal comfort device. The handling of the comfan was itself an art form, with certain gestures carrying a meaning behind it, something a native of this world such as me had no problem comprehending – but outsiders such as the rest of my entourage would not understand the language of comfan manipulation. Either way it was already a warm summer day, and the warmth of my tunic suggested to me that I'd be better off carrying such a thing.

Mako's dress style was almost identical to my own, except that her tunic was of a black tweed pattern, and she wore a black military style beret – very sexually appealing – at least to me.

Kajtia's tunic was a material that shimmered and changed colour as it moved. Depending on the angle at which one viewed it, portions ranged in hue from sky blue to a pearlescent royal blue. Most of her other garments, including a rakish looking hip cloak, were black, but she also wore a skullcap in the same material as her tunic. The skullcap came forward in a peak over her brow, an extension that looked like the sharp beak of a bird of prey, a comparison that I decided was apt, and the semi transparent visor over her eyes lent her a distant, mysterious look.

Chris was a riot of lines and angles. His boots, tights, and belt were a basic blue, his tunic a glorious red, however every hem of every garment was decorated with trim of eye hurting yellow, making it almost a dizzying experience to look at him walk.

Jak led us straight to the knot of people that held Richter's attention. As we approached, I could see that at its centre was one man, unusually tall, with a close trimmed white beard and alert, active eyes. His garments were all a shimmering red-gold; with every motion he looked as though part of his clothing were on fire. As we neared, I looked at Jak and asked, in a raspy but well controlled voice, "He looks more like a speaker or ambassador for distant rulers, than the CEO of a racing series."

Jak offered a smile that, to me, looked a little artificially tolerant. "Good afternoon, Commendator, allow me to present to you these two System Champions of the very race series that you own and fund, and their respective partners; Kixi Rajki my pilot and her girlfriend Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, and Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, Kixi's respective co-pilot and her boyfriend Chris Orton.

With each recitation of a name, the crowd around the CEO offered an "ooh," especially for me. The commendator nodded in slow and stately fashion to each and extended a hand to me. I shook it in standard fashion, hoping that was the reaction called for, and that I wasn't precipitating disrespect by failing to kneel and put the hand on his forehead or some such thing. But the CEO merely smiled.

"It's an honour to finally meet you in person Kixi Rajki." Richter said to me. "And to you too Kajtia Xiz'injhürek," he said momentarily shifting his gaze to the taller woman, shaking her hand. "In fact it's a pleasure meeting all of you," he then extended his hand to both Mako and Chris who shook it. "I look forward to hearing your words regarding your championship triumph. But first, I have someone to present to the both of you." He waved behind him, beckoning someone forward.

Into the open space surrounding the commendator stepped a young woman. Her garments were all white, though festooned with what looked like ribbons and military service decorations, something that I found weird at first given the celebrations were of a sporting nature rather than military. She was of average height for a woman, being half a handspan shorter than me, but walked with the confident gait of someone a head taller than anyone in the crowd, despite the fact that she was a year or two from what I would consider full adulthood. Her freckled features were pretty, open, bearing the expression of a youth rushing recklessly into life. Her black hair was in a long braid drawn over her shoulder, and her eyes were a dark blue that seemed almost purple in the dim light of the chamber.

"This young lady," Richter said, "is the most recent winner of the local F-Zero/2 Ground Championship." The F-Zero/2 championships were a racing series considered a stepping stone to the system wide F-Zero series. The series were ran at a more local planetary level throughout the Sol System and beyond, with cars that lacked the ability to make the full 180 degree high speed wall and ceiling climbs, unlike their respective quicker and more dangerous F-Zero counterparts. However they were still lightening fast, coming with their own perils nonetheless.

“With that victory comes certain obligations and prerogatives. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Kashia ke Hanadi. I know that you have the most informed Jak Zed to give you outlook upon my palace, complex of buildings, facilities and so forth that are here, but Kashia will serve you as a native guide throughout your stay, should you need it.”

I gave Richter a slight bow. "Thank you, sir." I spared a glance for Jak, but the man highly distinctive in stature did not seem in the least curious or disconcerted, this was obviously not an unusual sort of occurrence.

“I am honoured to serve," Kashia said. She stared at me with disconcerting intensity, but I could detect no animosity in her expression - just curiosity. "It is also a great honour to meet you in person, the current and newly crowned F-Zero System Champion. You aspire me Ms Rajki, in fact both you and your co-driver Ms Xiz'injhürek, are an aspiration for all girls wanting to make it in the pinnacle category of all racing. I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps one day.”

Richter returned his attention to me, just as both Kajtia and I shook hands with Kashia. "This afternoon," he said, "is an informal gathering. Meet the other important people regarding the sport, celebrities from elsewhere, and other important people from this great fair city that we have assembled. Tomorrow night will be the formal night of our official gathering. For later tonight, you're all free to engage in whatever activities tickles your fancy." He offered another smile, then turned his back and moved away. His knot of courtiers moved with him like a set of shields moving with a starship. Kashia turned between Richter and me, indecisive, then stayed behind, her attention and her recording unit's gaze on the newly crowned F-Zero crew of champions – us.

I turned once again into the high beam intensity of Kashia's stare. "Well, it was certainly a pleasure to meet you Kashia, perhaps we can meet up over lunch or dinner and talk more about your prospective racing career, I humbly offered the girl."

Kashia smiled and gestured. "Yes I would like that a lot," she said as we exchanged contact details wirelessly through our own implanted microchips. "There are long tables along those walls where there is food. You can just walk by and take what you choose. The others here would be most happy if you would wander, meet them, tell them more about yourselves. There are so many, though, that greeting them and saying you look forward to longer discussions later or tomorrow will be enough." Kashia concluded with a broad smile on her face, then promptly excused herself, leaving to attend and mix with other party guests.

It took us nearly thirty minutes to cross the thirty metres to the food. In that time, we ran across group after group of admirers, most of them either fans, or young aspiring race drivers still in their later teen years. I shook hand after hand, smiled at face after face and name after name I knew I would never recall despite my best efforts. By the time I reached the buffet style tables, all five of us had an appetite and eagerly went after the foods ready there. Most of the dishes consisted of bowls of some sort of meat or vegetable simmered in heavy, spicy marinades. I found one that I liked, what seemed to be some sort of fowl in a stinging marinade with ground spices clearly visible.

"KIXI RAJKI!" I cringed at the sound of his yell.

"Michael?" I said meekly.

Michael Vickers smirked.

“Yo, the runner up and his totally outclassed team members of the 3016 season have annoyingly morphed out of nowhere." I smirked, brushing a hand through my well kept, shiny hair. "Miss me already?”

An immediate answer came. “Miss you my arse," snorted Michael. "Who'd miss an attention seeking little brat like you?”

I simply stood there almost frozen glaring at him a moment, as did the others, before finally responding.

"Why there are many people who would miss the now great Kixi Rajki," I smirked gallantly, flashing a bright smile.

Michael cringed. "What a self centred person."

"I see your hair's grown longer, Mr. Vickers," I retorted, raising an eyebrow as my statement hit two birds with one stone. "I kind of don't like it. I prefer the previous do better. Want me to help you re-do it again? After all I am a girl, and didn't you once say that I would be better suited in a salon studio than behind the wheel of a race car?" I smirked suggestively, reminding the ex three time System Champion of his defeat in the most recent race that had crowned me the new champion. That day was one of my finest days in my entire life. Having defeated Michael Vickers, the elite as far as F-Zero racing was concerned, fulfilling my own childhood dream to one day become the F-Zero System Champion.

“Actually, I was thinking of redoing your hairstyle, Kixi Rajki," Michael pushed back, recovering quickly, trying to relieve his face of his scowl. "Perhaps getting rid of those stupid bangs of yours before they cover your eyes entirety like the sheep dog that you are!”

I opened my mouth wide opened, shocked and offended by his insult and was about to make another smart arse comment of my own when Jak interjected.

“Enough," the older man sighed, exasperated. "We all get the point. You two miss holding the other at the throat, but the season is over so get over it, both of you. We all came here to celebrate and enjoy ourselves, so please no more arguing here.”

Michael pouted, harrumphing and taking a sidestep, inching closer to Ramsey Gatehouse his co-driver who was with him, and further from me as a sign of annoyance. I sighed as well. I knew that I could really be childishly stubborn when I wanted to. Mako found it unexpectedly cute, but Jak wasn't at all impressed. As far as he was concerned, stubbornness was something a person did not want to retain in their personality. Persistence was one thing, but that was entirely different from stubbornness. The thing was, I knew he was totally correct on the subject, yet I couldn't help myself but take a swipe at my arch rival. In the end it had all come down to that.

"Enjoy your moment of sadistic triumph while it lasts Kixi, I do not make mistakes twice." Michael angrily snapped back as he, Ramsey and two others he was with turned away and left.

In the meantime, the majority of the rest of the crowd had decided to ignore us, and to the total relief of Jak. Although a few had watched on with a keen interest at the growing tantrums between Michael and I, recognising exactly who we were, before finally returning their gazes back to their own business.


EST 17:00, CE 3016-06-23, MST / LST 17:00, MTE 971-12-23


With the formal introductions final over, at least as far as the evening was concerned, it was time for all of us to go back to our rooms, change into more comfortable but less elegant and formal attire, to very much engage in a more chilled partying environment – the very thing I, along with the others had been craving for.

My hair was still the same, my skin the usual pale, my eyes still those crystal blue in colour, yet I looked a far cry from what I'd looked like only a couple of hours earlier, the former now being a vague memory as far as those who'd seen me earlier were concerned. I wore a dress that seemed to defy all logic – tight fitting, pushing breasts up and out, accentuating my curves that would give Mako a small half smile as I cocked my head. And as far as Mako's choice of clothing was concerned, it did not differ too far from my own. She wore tight shorts and low cut boots fully exposing her olive coloured legs, with a tight fitting top causing the same amplified effects on her upper body as with my clothing, while still choosing to continue wearing her military style beret.

Meanwhile Jak Zed had taken the liberty of leaving early to return back to Earth, in light of the info that was given to him earlier today by me. I had found the time to meet up with him alone a little before midday. Richter's complex was relatively quiet at that hour given most of the would be party goers were already probably hungover from the first night, and would continue to party hard tonight. The pathways between the buildings, cafes, the pool and so forth had seemed a far cry from what it would have been on the night of our arrival, and to what it would end up being tonight.

We both could hear the natural sounds and beauty of the birds chirping around us, and the tranquility of the soft breeze brush across our faces. I kinda liked it over the usual fast turbulent life that I lead, whether it be as Kixi Rajki or Kay Blade – who wouldn't take the time to enjoy some relaxing time out. Although the whole concept of relaxing, would only go as far as the environment that had surrounded us was concerned – the words I had to tell him had painted a rather completely opposite picture.

The matter regarding Project X had circulated within our ranks for some time now. The initial discovery of an important secret project that first came to light when both Mako and I had infiltrated and sliced into a Skycom mainframe server. Despite the best efforts of both me and my counterpart back then, we had learnt practically nothing regarding the mystery surrounding Project X. Now, even after agent Stephanie de Calderón here on Mars had potentially shed more light on the subject, we still weren't any closer on even knowing what Project X even entailed – no thanks to the potential of a new deadly player, the deadly assassin seen briefly in the interrupted recording sent by the very same agent now deceased.

The gruesome remains of Stephanie's body had been found by Skycom authorities in the early hours of the morning. It was of no surprise, as after I had seen the recording she had personally sent to me, given the nature of the circumstances, I had my doubts that she would still have been alive. Skycom publicly had come out to say that the slain deceased had been a resistance agent – and much to the relief of shocked locals who were assured that the killing was not the random work of a potential psycho serial killer – although given the way she had been killed, I begged to differ. As far as we from the Arjian Resistance were concerned, we were not able to get her body back, simply put, we couldn't exactly send someone knocking on their doorstep to claim it. Skycom authorities would simply dispose of it once their forensic autopsy was complete, and inevitably not learning anything new about the Arjian Resistance – that on the only positive note at least.

Not to arouse suspicion, Jak's excuse for his sudden departure was due to an unexpected family matter – a totally legitimate excuse even for a team owner and that of the championship winning team for that matter. Leaving in the same personal ship that we had come to Mars with, he had instructed both Ālrai and Miyuki to accompany him back. Not to spoil our celebrations though, and given that there was no immediate need for anyone else to rush back to Earth since we would all be back in several days anyway, Kajtia and I, along with our respective partners remained. Besides if we, the F-Zero System Champions were to have left early, it would have without a matter of doubt drawn much unneeded attention and possibly suspicion towards us.

Returning to Arjian HQ, Jak as Javis and the prominent leader of the Arjian Resistance would get to work in speeding up our upcoming dangerous infiltration mission back on Mars – however it would not be here in the sprawling cosmopolitan of Aries City, but at an already suspected Skycom site located not far from New Rome, the much smaller city of my birthplace.

Ālrai and Miyuki would immediately return here using his personal ship after dropping off our leader back at HQ. Before Jak and I had parted ways, I couldn't forget the deep concerned tone in his voice, the serious look all over his facial features, as he said the words, "Be prepared to come straight back to Mars after you're back on Earth. However it won't be to party, but to go on a covert mission."

The wide shiny walkway that led up to a pool area had a line of flashbulbs along it and I awkwardly stood for a moment to allow several people who recognised me to take pictures. I didn't discuss anything with them, they merely took their pictures and went along on their merry ways to my total utter relief.

Walking alone through the large outdoor party area reminded me how much I loved having to attend these events. That was until I looked over to see Michael Vickers standing near the outdoor bar area, lazily leaning against it and talking to a young model wearing a dress with a deep v at the front who was listening to his every word as if he were God. For some reason it made me angry. I knew Vickers would attend Richter's party. That he was obligated just as I was. All drivers and teams of the F-Zero Championship had an obligation – but it was just – simply put – that our rivalry extended well beyond the race tracks, and after my breathtaking clinching title that had crowned me the new champion, he had made that fact perfectly clear during the post race conference, summing up with certainty that I couldn't stand him and vice versa.

I was already pissed at him from earlier this afternoon, although having seemed to have won that round of exchange of insults with him, it made me feel like I had a chip on my shoulder. Although regarding the latter, one could easily argue that as being a part of my usual behaviour.

Seeing Vickers again here brought back that irritation – those snide comments, that smirk and that devil may care attitude. And when Vickers turned, I pointed in his direction with my hand shaped like a gun, cocking it and pulling it in an imitation of firing it with a wink, and it irritated him even more.

The girl he was with, she was beautiful, but it was not her beauty that made me jolt or made me feel as though I'd taken a punch in the gut. I was almost certain that I had seen her before somewhere. She glanced at me, and when her gaze stopped upon me, I then started moving towards them.

"You look tense," the female that Vickers was flirting with said.

Yet before I could even utter a response, Vickers abruptly intervened.

“What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy.”

"Yeah busy talking shit trying to chat up this beautiful woman?" I instantly retorted back matching his abrupt rude tone.

"Perhaps you should take a chill pill, it will help you remove that chip off your shoulder." The young female quickly said coming to the aid of the same man I despised so much, causing Vickers to smirk at my expense.

Stunned I decided to play dumb by responding with the word, "What," while shaking my head in confusion.

"Wow… we really are the bad girl, aren't we?" The young model said irritated.

Sensing her frustration, Vickers immediately cut to the chase. "I think three is a crowd so you should take a walk and fuck off Kixi. And that's not an invitation, it's a request." He locked gazes with me snarling angrily.

He was clearly attempting to be rude which worked in distracting my train of thought. I looked back over to the model next to him who as a result of Vicker's comments, laughed hysterically.

"Oh you find this fucking funny do you?" I snapped at her giving her an evil eye.

"My, my… someone is very tense." Vickers then cut in dryly.

"There," she said, satisfaction in her tone as she could sense Vicker's determination to best me in the current exchange of insults.

"Why my little sweetheart," I began to say as I tried to touch her soft feminine arms with mine, only for her to impulsively push me away.

Vickers only smirked in response, his eyes drifting down to where the young model was now swiping the back of her hand over her lips as demurely as possible. Vickers wasn't at all phased by my feeble attempts in having just tried swaying the model over to me, as he could figure out where her eyes were looking – towards him.

"Nuh, I don't think so… hot shot," said the model girl. Getting to her feet and giving Vickers a small coy smile before walking around me and then casually leaning against the bar ledge next to him. Apparently she seemed a little more perturbed at the fact that I had just shown interest in her of a more sexual desire, but then a glint in her eyes suggested her amusement at the whole situation.

“I can't believe you're actually trying to compete with him for me Kixi Rajki. I guess it's really true then, you really can't help yourself, that is whether you're competing with him, or seeing an attractive woman like me." She said with a shake of her head finger-wagging. "But I got bad news for you hot head. I'm straight, so unless you have a beef thermometer in between your legs, then go take a hike. Oh, and your nothing attractively special either.”

"Vickers who was probably destined to get some benefits from this girl later tonight, mischievously stood there grinning. The sheer sight of his face instantly infuriating me.

"Why you little fucking slut, I can run rings around you any fucking day in terms of looks!" I lashed out at her, suddenly the conversation started turning ugly, as I lifted my hand and readying to slap her hard across the face.

Yet Vickers easily anticipated my move, intercepting my arm, grabbing it and causing me to stop short of hitting my intended target, which at the same time caused the young model to flinch.

"Get the fuck out, Rajki!" He barked at me, letting go of my arm, pushing me away from the model girl.

I sighed heavily, infuriated. I raised one of my distinctive eyebrows and then took a glass of champagne on a passing tray held by one of the many waitresses that passed. I sculled it down before angrily slamming the empty glass on the bar. Immediately I began to walk away, the sway of my hips exaggerated by the large black heels on my feet.

Although assisted by his would be one night stand, on this occasion, the victory for this round of insults had gone to Vickers hands down. I reluctantly conceded the fact leaving the scene, not turning around even once to take a second glance at him, with obvious anger replacing the initial humour that I had had in me.


EST 19:00, CE 3016-06-23, MST / LST 19:00, MTE 971-12-23


An hour later it was still a typical hot summer evening at Venusville, even at around seven o’clock in the evening it was still slightly over thirty degrees centigrade. Mako who had rejoined me called me and told me to come to the pool. She sounded tipsy and not too far of the mark from being drunk. She said there was a kegger going on, however they were also serving spirits too, and that everyone who was there were having an awesome time. The pool was in between the large apartment complex, and only about two hundred metres from the entrance to the palace of the grand outer court.

I got there in about five minutes. When I showed up I was immediately aware of how sober I was. Chris and Kajtia were fucking hammered. I knew them and their drinking well, and from what I could gather they were about fifteen deep. There were maybe thirty people including Chris, Kajtia, Mako and me. It appeared to be a good even mixture of men and women, with some probably over forty, while others in either their high teens and twenties and a few in their thirties. Apart from the odd rough looking people, despite their being hammered, most people looked stunningly elegant, especially the Bavarian beer maids - I so much just wanted to grab one of those girls and fuck the living daylights out of them.

Chris and Mako excitedly pulled me aside to tell me what I had missed, just as somebody suggested doing keg stands. Chris was an absolute maniac by now. He had been downing beer after beer and flirting at ludicrous levels with the other young ladies present – which was perfectly acceptable by Kajtia as long as he didn't put his hands on any. Chris ran right up to the keg and screamed, “You two fuckers, get the fuck over here and pick me up,” as he pointed at two of the older guys. They did as he commanded, and before they could get a hold of him he leaped up with his hands on the keg and they caught his legs right before he teetered past a handstand. “Put that fucking thing in my mouth!” One of them obeyed. As he chugged the beer upside down, Chris put on an impromptu exercise exhibition, doing handstand push-ups on top of the keg. One, two, three, four, all the while risking destroying his liver. I was inspired. Seven, eight, nine, ten. He wasn’t even slowing down. The beer had blessed him with incredible abilities. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. He was a goddamn alcoholic superhuman! Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five. He did twenty-five handstand push-ups while chugging roughly four beers. What a guy.

Although just then, my wicked party rage instinct that lay within hit me hard. I smirked and Mako knew exactly what I was about to do, naturally not overly impressed. Yet she knew better than to try and stop me. “That’s nothing,” I said, somehow feeling cocky. I staggered over to the keg and looked at the two guys that had lifted Chris, expecting them to do the same for me. They were totally not at all apprehensive. After all I was a stunningly good looking chick, and what straight guy wouldn't want to have a feel of my hot smooth body. I placed my hands on the rim of the keg and the guys each grabbed one of my toned sexy legs. Where Chris had been cooperative, and had done a sort of jump manoeuvre in an attempt to help the guys invert his body, I just stood there, and expected them to make me not standing anymore. Happy to comply since it meant holding my legs up and feeling them for as long as possible, they heaved me up to a horizontal position and stopped. I wasn’t getting higher than that. One of them put the nozzle in my mouth and the challenge was commenced. I easily ripped out the push-ups with grace and speed certain that I would soon beat Chris' record – so I thought. Then, in an incredible turn of events none of us could have foreseen, my shoulder, the one that had been injured during Mako's first field mission, suddenly and unexpectedly bucked, causing my elbow on the same side of my body to shake and then buck, giving way, instantly causing me to smash my face on the top of the keg. However, as my face rested on the keg, I did not wince or say “ouch” or acknowledge in any way the pain I was experiencing. I just laid on top of the keg, and continued to drink, not with great fervour, but nursing on the brew like a sick runt clinging to life with every drop of its mother’s milk.

A few hours passed and I had done it. I was on the edge of tipsy and drunk. But I was nowhere near as inebriated as Chris and Kajtia – the latter in which I would have happily shoved my head into her tits had both our partners not been present – and given her current state, she would have happily complied. As things currently stood, I could see nothing happening behind their eyes. It was as if they were no longer people. Zombified and sloppy beyond belief. They had both consumed upwards of fifty beers. I was amazed they could still stand. Rarely in life do you catch even a glimpse of true greatness – save for my last minute clinching of the System Title, but what these two drunks had done here this evening transcended into the realm of legend – well at least in my very immature little books. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been, but I was moved.


EST 21:30, CE 3016-06-23, MST / LST 21:30, MTE 971-12-23


The poolside wasn't the only place that the party was going off at. In the many parts of the large complex it was all happening, alive and jiving. About fifty metres from the pool with Richter's Palace majestically facing it to the north, stood a building of around ten stories high, and slightly secluded from the rest of the mostly apartment complex of buildings. On its rooftop, the party raged on.

I reached the roof first, smiling at what had been set up. "Wow."

"Oh, yeah..." came Mako's approval from behind me.

One by one everyone climbed up onto the roof. Once we were all on the rooftop, there was a carpet, table, chairs, and couches and of course a bar area. It was all lit up by strings of party lights. By now the party up here was in full swing. Somehow, Kajtia ended up with a guitar, and started singing. I joined in, much to the amusement of Chris and Mako. Eventually Mako walked over to the railing of the roof, looking out on the city. She would occasionally turn around to face us with a bright smile, but stayed apart from us for now. She wouldn't join us, but she wasn't uncomfortable. She had a look on her face like she was trying to memorise the moment. Her bright wide eyes stared at everything, soaking up everything. She listened intently to the noises of the crowd bellow and the surrounding city, and the sounds coming from us, her friends.

The DJ who had just happened to take a break when we got to the roof started DJing again, prompting Kajtia to put down her guitar. He started playing a variety of music, although it was mostly House music. Immediately Chris and Kajtia got up on stage and began dancing, shaking their bodies on stage to the song. Others, people we didn't know, and mostly girls immediately joined them, while others, mostly guys who stood by and watched, ogled at Kajtia and the other girls who were on the dance floor, cheering at them as they danced. Kajtia even did a pose which made some of the males have a nose bleed and whistled like wolves enjoying the entertainment.

I then hit the dance floor, flirting, promoting the surrounding men to whistle loudly, deciding to dance and groove to the song, and no doubt getting the attention of the crowd with my moves. All of sudden, Kajtia decided to challenge me to a dance off battle, and so we began to dance to see who would win the dance off.

Then a total stranger approached Mako who was watching the dance off smiling, and then shook her head as she took a sip at the bottle of Jim Beam that I had gotten earlier, and had asked her to hold on to.

"Hey there." he greeted.

"Hi um do I know you?" Mako asked.

"No you don't. My name is Mike, your girlfriend on the dance floor dancing off over there, I recognise her, and also the chick she's dancing with.

Mako smiled, as she took a quick glance at Mike, extended her right hand introducing herself. "Uh you do, well I'm Mako by the way."

"Yes I know, and the blondie with the bangs is Kixi Rajki, the F-Zero driver dancing off with her co-driver, the tall dark haired woman Kajtia Xiz'injhürek. Their victory to snatch the title was nothing short of electrifying." He complimented, while Mako simply nodded in acknowledgement. The two stood there a while, hanging out, watching and socialising, talking about their lives in general.

The party continued on and everyone was getting wild, with everyone having a good time. Kajtia and I were done with our dance off, with no one really knowing who won, not that anyone really cared anyway. Mako walked on over to the dance floor, taking my hand and then we began to dance, while Kajtia turned over to her boyfriend, wrapped her arms around him and began dancing with him. Mako got close to me, turning herself around and faced her arse against my pelvic and began grinding against me. I wasted no time in hesitating, wrapping my hands around Mako's waist, and the two of us began to dance. I looked over to my right and saw Kajtia and Chris, as we continued grooving.

The party continued on, becoming wild by the time it was almost twelve at midnight. People were still partying as they drunk or danced to the now full Techno music the DJ had decided to play. Eventually though, after the wild party died down, the crowd also began to either settle down by either dancing to the more relaxing hip hop music, chat, sip on their drinks, or simply leave the roof top altogether.


EST 00:15, CE 3016-06-24, MST / LST 00:15, MTE 971-12-24


Now alone with Mako on a secluded part of the roof, the breeze which was still warm gently brushed past our hairs, and in my case, occasionally pushing my bangs into my face. We could still hear people raging on by the poolside below us, while the scene on the roof was slowly beginning to wind down.

It wasn't exactly how I saw the night ending though. Well, of course, I had predicted that we would have ended up kissing and making out by the end of the night – we very much always did, but never would I have guessed that it would have not waited until we were back in our room.

After all, we'd been flirting for most of the night, Mako giving me the eyes of her usual mischievous intentions, while I, in general being the cold stoned faced woman I was, had been much more subtle. My eyes, they looked just about impassive to anybody else, but with Mako being so close to me, and for as far as her adult life was concerned, having grown up around me, she'd been able to catch those glimmers of lust and interest. Yes I couldn't get enough of her. Despite me not being able to take my eyes off the many other attractive women at the party, in the end, Mako was the centre of my universe. She would always win me hands down, no matter the scenario, and despite me being the more talented one in virtually everything, I treated her like a goddess, bowing down to her every need, allowing her to do whatever she felt fit with me and unquestioned.

Apart from the setting, tonight would be a little different to others. Although by this stage, neither of us were drunk anymore, we weren't sober either, instead were somewhat in between – such as tipsy. It was almost hilarious actually. The more we drank, the more it seemed like we were two newbies who had just met each other for the very first time – in contrast to the fact that we'd been in a serious relationship for several years now. Mako's interest in me became evident. Her eyes started to drop in an almost seductive manner, her skin brushed mine intentionally on several occasions, and I'd even caught her stealing discreet glances at my cleavage and long exposed legs. Yes Mako was doing all that as if we'd never touched each other before, let alone fucked – and I was happy to play along. We were flirting madly.

When our eyes met, like always we both understood each other's feelings, wants and needs.

Putting the bottle of Jim Beam on the ledge that we'd both been drinking out of, suddenly, we'd launched at each other, lips and teeth crashing fervently against one another, while hands fed lustfully on the feeling of our bodies. Despite the foul smell of alcohol in both of our breaths, I could barely think with the feel of her mouth on my own, and her tongue tangling with mine – the kiss was still nonetheless mind blowing. My fingers left her breasts, only to explore her scalp and memorise the softness of her hair. A low groan left my mouth as I applied gentle pressure there.

Her hands cupped my face as she leaned her mouth more against mine, lips now almost pressing hard enough to bruise mine. I didn't seem to mind the brute movement that Mako, although smaller than me was capable of inflicting. Fact was that I thoroughly enjoyed her doing that.

With a sudden move, Mako backed me up on the edge of the roof, a smirk forming on her lips as my back hit the fence harshly. I let out a pained gasp at that, but the ache on my muscles was quickly forgotten as her hands groped my breasts through my shirt. I arched my back at the feeling of her hands squeezing lightly, as if testing the waters, and at the sight of that reaction, she seemed to instinctively dive in to take our session to the next level. One hand went to the hem of my shirt, gripping it tightly, and the other hooked itself on my bottom so she could lift me up against the fence.

I moaned keenly when she felt me up under my shirt, her smooth fingers dancing across my skin and applying just enough pressure to please me. Her mouth had left my own just a few moments ago to dive to my neck and apply butterfly kisses down to the smooth slope of my shoulders. Light kisses became more raw and possessive as she added teeth to them, nipping at the tender flesh.

"Mako..." I breathed, clenching my teeth as I ground my hips into hers.

The sudden movement tore a groan out of her mouth, followed by a rough thrust against mine.

"Ah...!" I gasped, pulling on her hair tightly.

A feral growl escaped her lips at that, but it was cut off as I slashed my lips over her again. Fiercely, we kissed each other with raw emotions, letting the heat of the moment consume us, but it was not long before Mako finally continued her ministrations on my body. Quickly, she lifted my shirt up to reveal my bra, and grinned devilishly as I squeaked in surprise from the unexpected move.

Her hands then groped my breasts again, applying more pressure than before, and I hissed in pleasure at that. "Oh I'm feeling so great at the moment." I growled against her mouth, as the warm breeze momentarily brushed across our hairs, and I lifted my hips and dropped them down against hers. Mako grunted at the move, the one hand that was at my back tightening its grip on my shirt while the other kneaded my breast.

I lifted my hips against hers to repeat the move, but Mako tore her mouth away from mine and quickly steadied me with her hands. "Easy," she whispered hotly, "we might attract some unwanted attention."

"No, not easy," I snarled back, grasping her hair and pulling on it sensually, like before. "I don't care. If someone comes here, let them fucking watch us. Guys will love it anyway." The movement elicited a groan from her lips, but I muffled it with a harsh kiss. "I don't want to take my time with foreplay, Mako. The alcohol may be effecting us a little in that we're playing like newbies, but we're not, so I just wanna fuck," I whispered harshly into our heated kiss.

"Oh how sweet of you Kixi." Mako immediately whispered hotly against my mouth, her hand cupping my cheek, while at the same time I ground my hips against her vagina area, and groaned in delight. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and pressed my mouth to hers in a soft kiss. By this stage her face was sweaty and hot, as no doubt so was mine, but neither of us cared about that.

Slowly, I felt myself being backed up to the fence again, and I smiled as Mako's hand came up to grab one of my breasts, while the other caressed the back of my neck. Her mouth bit down on my neck, and I yelped in shock and slight pain. And then something wet, hot and soft caressed the spot that she'd bitten, and I abruptly came to the realisation that it was her tongue.

"Mako," I whispered back, putting one hand on her back while the other grabbed a fistful of her long hair strands. I felt her hand grab my breast again, kneading it slowly, but ravenously. I moaned in approval of her actions and tugged at her hair hard enough so she would tip her head up to look at me.

I took in the sight of her dark eyes clouded with lust, and the thought that my own were probably the same fleetingly crossed my mind. The hand on my breast squeezed, and I moaned keenly, before smiling and bringing my head down to kiss her mouth. Lips and teeth tackled each other in a fiery passion, and it was not long before our tongues joined in the action. We entered a battle of dominance, mouth fighting against the other, with my hands gripping her shoulders and her still gripping my breast and bottom.

Her mouth then formed a smirk against my own, and she slowly lifted me up again, the hand on my breast now gone to explore the skin under my skirt. "The things I love doing to you. I own you Kixi." She murmured huskily as she rubbed the inside of my thighs.

I bit my lip but moaned keenly, my mind hazing with lust once again. I grinned against her neck as her fingers slipped past my underwear and stiffened. "Holy fuck, Kixi, you're so wet," she groaned against my skin, brushing her moistened fingers against my folds. I moaned in response to the touch and bucked my hips towards her digits. "Easy," she hissed against my skin, licking my shoulder. I clung hard to her neck and panted heavily as she let a finger brush past my folds, making her jaw tighten at the feeling of how warm and wet I was for her already.

"Oh please... oh fuck, please Mako... I need you... I wanna worship you!" I breathlessly whispered, while mustering all my strength to drop my hands at the hem of her shorts.

Mako pressed her body against mine powerfully, blocking me access to her shorts, and the move made me growl in impatience. "Oh for fucks sake Mako I know we're a little tipsy at the moment, but we're not first timers. We are fucking girlfriend and girlfriend so it's time to cut out that shit now!" I growled in her ear. The hand gripping my bottom now slid to my smooth thigh, where she urged me to wrap my arms around her waist. I did so immediately, bucking my hips impatiently against her intruding finger.

Slowly, she stroked me, enjoying the feel of my slick walls around her finger, and the way I moaned softly against her ear. My tongue parted to catch the earlobe, and her mouth tightened at the wet sensation. While adding another finger into me and stroking harder, deeper, her tight jaw went even stiffer as I cried out and rounded her ear with my mouth.

“Hmm... ahh... Mak–!" I gasped and gripped her harder, my mouth dropping open to cry out silently. "...ko!”

Mako almost groaned as I started moving my hips to meet the movements of her fingers. But instead, she captured my lips with hers and sucked on my bottom lip, an arrogant smirk crossing mouth as I hardly responded to her kiss, as I was far too caught up in the pleasure of her ministrations.

"I want... to touch... you..." She heard me breathe, my hands releasing her soft arms and dropping to my stomach. "I want... to please you..." I moaned against her mouth, my eyes opening vaguely to gaze at her. Slowly, as she saw the honesty and the pleading emotion in my eyes, she stopped her movements, dark coal gazing directly at me.

She then pushed away a little, giving some space between us, and as she put her hands at the zipper of her shorts, she smirked. The way I blushed under her watching gaze almost made her laugh, but the amusement she felt had quickly disappeared when I boldly leaned and dived my hands into her shorts. The feeling of my hand petting her over her underwear drove her wild, and with one harsh growl, she unzipped her shorts, and pushed her underwear down. I smiled mischievously at the sight of her shorts still hanging on her hips, while her underwear were pushed down just low enough to reveal her hairless and familiar pussy.

I licked my lips hungrily and brought her close as I pushed at her back, while my other hand dived straight at her pussy, three fingers in. Mako drove her hips forward, and the movement made her grunt harshly. Mako dropped her head on my shoulder, one hand gripping the back of my neck tightly while the other gripped the fence.

I pushed my fingers in and out of her pussy in a hard pumping motion, loving the way she moaned against my flesh, her hand gripping tighter, and I loved it so much that I did it again, faster, deeper. The hand that gripped my neck moved to my hair, and she went to kiss my lips, but my hand suddenly touching her clit made her throw her head back with a low groan. "Kixi..." she murmured in a strained voice, driving her hips forward into me tightly.

I smiled wickedly but wordlessly continued to please her while watching her through needy emerald. I knew that she was close when a vulnerable cry tore out of throat, and her hips started to drive senselessly into me. I again drove my hand in and out of her pussy wildly, making her drop her head in my neck, her hand tightening in my hair. " That's good... Keep it that way..." she groaned against my neck. Soon, I could feel that she was close to coming, and it was at that moment I decided to put my plan into action.

Just as she threw her head back and moaned in desperation, I slowed my hand motion and almost removed my hand from her pussy. A growl left Mako's lips, and I gasped as I felt her lift her hips and thrusting once hard against me in attempt to drive my hand fully back into her pussy. "Fuck, Kixi, don't be a tease, look who's pretending to be a first timer now," she rasped, tugging on my hair.

I then resumed pushing my hand harder into her pussy, as she went to groan, but it was muffled as she crashed her lips against mine fervently. Her hips dipped again, and she panted heavily on my lips as she felt me continue achingly slowly.

"I'll fuck you however you want... just do it, Kixi..." she growled against my lips, her voice so strained and pleading that I could not help but to comply.

Immediately, my hand quickened the pace to a wild one, and Mako was found once again throwing her head back, eyes blinded with the ecstasy she was feeling. The pleasure mounted again, faster, higher, until she was finally drunk off of it. "Kixi," she gasped, dipping her hips for the final time before I retreated my hand from her pussy, accompanied by a low, pleasure filled groan. She cursed and whispered my name under her breath.

And when we were done, I found myself staring at a Mako with half lidded eyes, an uneven breathing and a flushed face. I cupped her sweaty face, but was surprised as I found myself being pressed hard against the fence again, her mouth pressed passionately against my own.

"I need you..." she whispered on my lips, one hand lifting me higher while the other slipped my underwear at my knees. Her fingers dipped to touch my wet core, and by just the feeling of how warm and wet I still was, she then readied her hand and tapped at my entrance, as I gave her my usual sexy and desiring look.

"Ahn...!" I moaned, tightening my legs around her waist. But I didn't have time to say anything as she lifted me and then dropped me back on her hand that was now embedded deep into my vagina, making the both of us moan lowly. Putting my hands on her shoulders, I lifted myself up and dropped quicker, harder. As one of her hands gripped the fence, the other hooked itself on my bottom, and she started to frantically meet my drives, pulling my arse towards her every time she drove forward.

"Ma...ko...!" I cried out, lifting and lowering myself continuously. "Oh fuck," I moaned, wrapping my arms around her back and burying my face in her neck. My constant moans only served to arouse her more, and her need to bring me to the edge grew intensely. The way I clenched around her so tightly already gave away the fact I was close to release.

"Are you going to come?" she teased as she leaned over and nipped at my ear, pushing my bottom harder against her as she started driving her hand more violently into me. She fucked me passionately and wildly.

“Mmm... Y...esssss..." I moaned against her neck, licking the tender flesh. "Ahn...!”

She licked my lips and grinned devilishly, before she pulled her hand out of me quickly. I started to complain, but I soon cut myself off as she turned my back to her and shoved her whole hand and part of her wrist into me from behind. The pain and uncomfortable feeling of being pressed against a fence barely registered in my hazed mind as she pushed into me brazenly from behind. "If only I had a dildo on me, I wanna rape the fuck out of you Kixi fucking Rajki!" She ripped out the words like an animal on fire, her teeth gnawing at my ear while one of her hands slipped under my shirt to fondle with my breast.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ...." I moaned, wrapping my arms around her neck. "Harder, Mako!" I cried pleadingly.

She complied wordlessly and groaned as my walls tightened scrumptiously around her hand and wrist, making her bite her lip. "Fuck, you're so tight..." she moaned in my ear. Even from her position behind me, she saw me grin lightly, and almost got herself confused before she felt my walls tighten once again around her. "For the love of..." she trailed off, shutting her eyes and pushing into me more violently while she moaned continuously.

"Are you gonna come?" I taunted her, as she had earlier, while squeezing her tighter.

“" she moaned. "...are you trying to kill me...?”

"I want you to come before me, Mako..." I whispered, my words followed by a loud cry when Mako slipped a hand between my legs and stroked that bundle of nerves while hammering faster into me.

“...Not gonna happen..." she gasped, bracing herself against me. "Remember I fucking own you, and in this game I hold all the trump cards.”

We moved in wild passion, kissing fervently with teeth and tongue, while our hands pleased each other. But funnily enough, neither of us had come before the other, and we had in fact reached the peak of our release mutually. Mako murmured my name, while I pushed my bottom against her continuously as I cried out her name in ecstasy, my fluids covering her length and the inside of my thighs. As we were done, Mako slumped against me, her arms wounding tight around my waist. Not saying a word, she tipped at my chin, so she could lay a soft kiss on my lips.

I returned it slowly, one hand resting at the back of her neck, while the other gripped the fence for support, and the knowledge of being the one to make me this exhausted made her smile in our lip-lock.

"...could you... back away... I really.. need... to get off... this fence..." I whispered between intakes of breath as we parted from the kiss.

She chuckled and nodded, giving me one last peck while I tried to catch my breath and sat down. Mako fixed her shorts and underwear back on, before sitting beside me as well.

I smiled softly, leaning my head on her shoulder, and laughed as she moved to lean in front of me. Her hands grasped my underwear, and she slipped them back on for me while pressing her mouth hotly against my neck.

"That was great," I commented, lazily slipping my arms around her neck.

Mako smirked against my neck, before she pulled away to look at me. Cupping my cheek, she traced my bottom lip before moving to sit beside me, her arm slipping around my waist. I hummed contently and leaned my head into her breasts, while wrapping my arms around her neck.

"I'm tired, Mako..." I mumbled.

She pecked the top of my head. "Then it's time to get back to our room and sleep. It's been one long hell of an exciting day and night, and I’m totally exhausted too."

"Yes I agree. I love you, Mako...," I murmured softly while nuzzling her breast.

Mako smiled and responded, "I love you too, and in more ways words can ever describe. Thank you dearly for tonight."

“And likewise.” I whispered softly back into her ear.

We slowly made our way back down from the rooftop, passing the bar section where the music had all but died down, people still danced on the nearby dance floor, and we got the occasional stare from the typical male onlooker. I gave then a cheesy grin as I virtually had to hold Mako upright. She had her arm wrapped over my shoulder with me having to carry her down. Brushing my hair with the other hand, I winked at one guy who simply wouldn't stop perving at us. Finally I got to the small side lift, wisely choosing it over the stairs.

From there I couldn't believe I was able to pass by the pool area and get back all the way to our room unnoticed. Perhaps it was because others were either drunk or having a swell time, either way it didn't bother me, as both of us were totally wasted. With neither of us even bothering to shower, we got into our bed covers and it was lights out for the both of us before either could even kiss each other, let alone say good night.

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