KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


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- KnM Blade : In Destiny's Way - Part 1 (Coming in early 2019)
- KnM Blade : In Destiny's Way - Part 2 (Coming in early 2019)
- KnM Blade : I Love You And You Love Me : The Wedding Of Kixi And Mako Jhasmin. ISBN: 9780463160930.
- KnM Blade : Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (Coming by mid 2019)

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- KmM Blade : She Jhasmin & I Kixi, (Planned)
- KnM Blade in Destiny's Way (Single book will consist of 5 parts. Part 1 (fix) and Part 2 almost complete. In progress - main project. Smashwords versions will have parts published as separate books).
- KnM Blade : I love you and you love me : The Wedding of Kixi and Mako Jhasmin (Complete)
- KnM Blade : Beyond Seduction Deceit Betrayal (In progress)

6. Project X.

Chapter 2 : Project X.


At 07:15 hours that same morning...

A light Celestian breeze seeped in through the apartment's upper level windows and twisted around me, making my blonde hair twirl. I picked at my light sleeping gown – I had not changed since I had woken up and stepped out on the balcony below, and hence still needed to get myself ready for the long day ahead. 

When Mako strode past my view, she reminded me of a white swan I saw yesterday in a park taking flight from it's pond, with it's well shaped wings striking powerfully at the watery surface, raising countless drops of crystal clear water to be basked in the morning sunlight. Prior, she'd only been on the balcony with me for about a quarter of an hour, and the morning's rays from the rising sun had already produced tiny droplets of sweat from the well toned arms on the girl I loved.

I shivered as her beautiful shown legs contracted at the same time my own heart did. The athletic muscles decorated her body as a gorgeous pearl necklace would have done. When I began to notice I was holding my breath, I subtly nodded to her, and wandered away around our bed suite, picking my way around a reclining chair, and to a small table.

I undid my sleeping gown lifting it off of me. I tossed it onto the table and grabbed my bra which was already resting there, and hummed lightly to myself as I clipped it on. I kicked my slipper boots off before picking out a fold of light long legged pants from the walking wardrobe, and had just pulled them up to my waist when I heard someone clearing her throat behind me.

"Kiks. Your clothes are on my things." She said, as I realised she had been there for at least half a minute admiring the contours of my own toned legs.

I glanced back over my shoulder, smiling like a cat when I saw the woman behind me. For there once again stood Mako Jhasmin Zaneca my faithful lover, as well as my faithful partner in crime, predictably dressed in a tight black sleeveless buttoned shirt with red lines around the buttoned and collared areas, and matching coloured light pants. She held a thin comm tablet underneath her arm, the other hand buried in her pocket.

“My apologies, love. Will you forgive me if I let you pick out my shirt?”

The younger woman did not respond for a moment, just standing there with her eyes judgmentally trained on me, the woman in front of her. Mako; The hacker or slicer was just about one of the most talented people in her field of expertise that I'd ever met. This gave me no choice but to glance over her breasts and shoulders, an inch shorter than myself and slightly smaller in build. A faint tan line peeked over the hem of her pants, riding low without a belt. I could never get enough of looking at her beauty, although I did eventually pull back, glancing at her comm tablet and pointedly taking my attention off of her body. "Put a belt on, will you?"

Mako chuckled, reaching out for a thin red belt that matched the lining of her black shirt, and thread it through the belt loops of the waistband of her pants.

Mako pointed to a similar style light brownish shirt in my wardrobe, making her selection for me. I buttoned the shirt and tucked it into my pants, finding a similar leather belt that Mako had used before. I was quite aware of Mako's continuing presence, my girlfriend splaying through the holographic floating data and images being displayed in the air from her comm tablet and not moving from her spot. She put on a black military style beret which contained an insignia that I did not recognise on it, then rubbed her smooth silky like arms to warm herself up a little. Just watching her do that however, wanted to make me rub my whole body over her, I thought. As she turned slightly toward the window, there was this movement, just above her cheekbone, that I thought was a tear, but no— just the soft morning sunlight briefly bouncing off her skin.

"Cold?" I asked, apparently having looked away from the holographic images of her comm tablet. I then stepped forward to take a closer look at the floating holograms of data and images that Mako had been studying, gingerly moving away Mako's own discarded clothing.

“I see that you've been going through the initial part of the mission.”

"Yes." She responded in a soft sweet voice that just wanted me to fuck her brains out here and now.

"Well it's the easy part but I can recap it for you if you like." I said as I noticed the slightly confused facial expression.

“Yes please do.”

“Well okay. As you can see by the 3D hovering map, we are not going directly to our destination. As the markings point out, I intend to make a few diversions in the opposite direction to avoid any possibility of being followed and traced. So like we already discussed, we are not going back to HQ to get all geared up.”

I turned to look at Mako who nodded her understanding thus far, and continued talking and splaying my hands at the floating images before us. "Okay so we're going to be going to the massive district area Argon Central. As you already know of course. And as you know that district houses the main Skycom buildings and so forth. However we're not going there directly. On the contrary, we're going elsewhere here on Celestia City. Our destination is around 300 kilometres in the opposite direction. An abandoned warehouse. The area is actually off the grid, but don't worry, last we checked, it was an abandoned wasteland."

"You sure Kiks?" Mako asked, some signs of uneasiness escaped her.

"Arjian Intelligence has confirmed it a number of times already. No one will be there." I said in a deep voice reassuring her.

She nodded once more as I summed up the rest. "So we basically gear up, then awaiting us there, will be another vehicle which our friends from the Arjian Resistance Cell had the courtesy to prep for us with fake Skycom IDs."

She was staring attentively at the holographic images and then turned to look at me. I returned a cheesy grin, one that she was so used to me doing when I was so sure of myself. "So we then head back to Argon Central in that. From there you already know the rest of the plan." I continued to smile at her and then took her hand. I could tell she didn't like the idea of going off the grid, yet although not ideal, in this line of work it was absolutely necessary. 

Although surprisingly she didn't mention anything about going off grid, asking a different question altogether. "I understand the details of what we are to do once we are there, but can we quickly skim through it again?"

"Sure," I said as I myself reached out at the holographic display before me, and with my other hand splayed my fingers, enlarging several key points and images.

"Our job is basically to break into one of the Skycom owned high security government buildings. Prior sources have confirmed that Skycom are working on some sort of secret project of great importance. Although no one including Jarvis, as well as anyone else on the Arjian Council know exactly what it is— except like I already said, something of huge importance." I explained as I turned off the comm tablet, and the many holograms that had been floating around us immediately vanished into nothing.

“So we break in and steal whatever intel we can get on this so called important secret project. And in case you didn't pick up on it, although I'm sure that you did, our mission has been dubbed, 'Project X'." Mako nodded acknowledging that she had indeed picked up on that particular detail as I kept going without stopping. "The X is supposed to mean that we currently have no idea what it is yet that we are actually after, but that we definitely know it is something extremely important and vital, and that we must discover it.”

"So we're pretty much going in on stealth?" Mako asked, confirming.

"Yes. You my dear love are going in to do what you do best. You will slice into Skycom's network and mainframe. Your job is primarily to slice through their complex network of computers to find what it is we are actually looking for." I said letting go of her hand and gently rubbed her lower back area. "If any fighting does occur, I will be engaging in the majority of it." I winked an eye, moving slightly away from her.

"However, it being a high security installation that we are going to attempt to infiltrate, it is highly inconceivable that at some point during our mission, that we will encounter some sort of resistance, thus why we have to be fully armoured and armed." At that point, my tone changed from relaxed to serious which simply could not be helped given the harsh reality of the situation.

Mako, however, was doing something else entirely to have even noticed my change of tone. I felt her warm breath brush against my neck and jerked away in surprise, glancing back to find Mako standing oddly close. "It's you, isn't it?" She mused, leaning in even closer. "That smell. Your perfume. Smells sensational."

I cleared my throat, as if to tell Mako that she should move away, and pay more attention to what I had just said regarding our mission… but I did not, and when I turned around defensively I was simply left standing face to face with her, inches separating our faces. "I put it on while I was in the walk-in wardrobe before." At a loss for what else I could do, I reached up to fix Mako's collar around her neck. My fingers were trembling though. My mind was reeling. I couldn't concentrate. I tried to look at her collar, but my vision was filling with Mako's lips, full and smirking at me.

"I am cold." Mako said, quite suddenly. And before I could react, I felt a dainty hand snake up over my shirt, then resting between the fine material of my shirt. Mako's lips grazed across my neck, our hips suddenly pressed together. I had nowhere to go, I was pressed up against the table, my fingers clasping at the edge. We had an important mission to get ready for, so I tried to pull away from her lips, but once again I caught onto the smell from that outside breeze, as the underside part of Mako's chin brushed up against my cheek.

I tried to say something, but it was too late for that. So I stood, rooted to the ground, as Mako's hands dug deeper. I felt my shirt slide out past my pants, and mumbled something uncertain about the mess I was making. Mako chuckled, and I felt the strong rocking motion in her shoulders as she did. Her voice, muffled as it was, was… admittedly sensual, and without hesitancy my hands began to crawl up to Mako's shoulders. Just as I did so, I felt the tips of her dainty fingers brush up against my skin. I couldn't help it, I shivered, tightening my grip on my girlfriend. It wasn't the appropriate time, yet this seemed to encourage her, though, and soon enough I felt the palms of her hands resting on either side of my waist. We were too far gone now, I decided. No point in fighting something I didn't really want to fight. I angled my face to the side, feeling Mako inch away in response, tilting her head upwards just a little, her lips not even an inch away. And then we kissed, my lips on hers, passionately, we both wanted each other now, just like every other time, and then I pulled back. I cleared my throat and tried to compose myself.

“You'll be warm enough once we fully gear ourselves up in our Gencore G7 armour.”

Normally our combat armour would have been stored at Arjian HQ. However given that our mission plan involved leaving from our apartment complex, we had stashed it in my hovercar parked some one hundred floors down the night before in our apartment complex's very secure car park, while we had still been at HQ going over some final mission critical details with others in our chain of command.

We had also done the same with our weapons and Mako's hacking equipment, by placing them securely in a single bag the night before in my hovercar. The actual weapons consisted of both of our katana swords, plasma firing pistols or blasters, a set of knives, a hand held forward energy shield, as well as several small explosives.

In regards to our armour suits or combat hard suits they were designed to augment tech, biotic and weapons damage, as well as provide some shield strength. Furthermore, these expensive hi-tech suits allowed its wearer to survive in environments like outer space – should that be required. The actual armour itself, consisted of reinforced sheetings of ceramic plating on non flexible parts of the body. Each set of armour, regardless of its weight, had a kinetic barrier generator and an onboard computer that gave readouts on any given environment. It was also designed to be modular and could be customised with a variety of chest pieces, gauntlets, helmets and leg pieces that were able to be swapped in or out.

“Yes of course," replied Mako, "but you knew that I wasn't really cold didn't you?”

"I knew, but we really need to get going soon. So much as I want you all the time as well Mako, we can't keep... let's say... diverting from our mission objectives." I said chuckling slightly and winking an eye at her.

"I know," Mako said sounding almost disappointed, but nodded in understanding.

"Finish getting yourself ready and I'll wait for you downstairs," I finally said as I turned around and casually walked out of our bedroom.

I made my way back downstairs and slipped my feet into a light pair of sandals. As soon as I was done slapping on my usual hi-tech gizmos on both my wrists and arms, I once again popped outside and onto the balcony. Closing my eyes, I felt the steady wind breeze brush past my hair and then my entire body. For just that one moment, I let my mind go, forgetting about the perils that would unmistakably lay ahead of us today. I caught the scent of salt and seaside. The bay, it technically wasn't that far. It made my mind wander for a while, thinking about Mako Jhasmin, and the many joys we shared together, pleasant and placid, past and present.

I remembered swimming in the turquoise ocean. Floating in the void free of gravity. The ocean was something I loved, something I respected. I understood its beauty and its dangers. I found true fascination by the way the waves softly crashed against the rocky beach, my curling fingers brushing each stone with a gentle caress as the wind ushered me gently towards the shore. The way the sun shone off the rippling water, its golden light warped in the twisted, glass waves. No description could truly capture its mysterious majesty, yet only a few words could express its beauty.

Opening my eyes, I snapped out of my trance like thoughts. The autumn breeze tousled my hair and pinked my cheeks. The warmth that had been in the wind just last week had either evaporated into the sky or leached into the earth. It gave life to the plants on our balcony, still yellowing from the high sun.

I gradually made my way back inside. As I went to close the balcony door, I took notice of the light breeze touching the leaves and watched them dance in the air. I still continued to smell the sweet air that was all around me. I could almost see the wind, for it seemed to move everything slightly, like it was in control over the whole city. My blonde hair continued to fly in wild directions. I reached up and tucked my hair behind my ear and kept walking back toward the door, observing the taller swaying plants, eventually going back inside. The wind had picked up, despite it being sunny. It felt as if nature was planning for a storm, yet no such weather was forecasted. The only storm that would be coming was our fiery arrival at Skycom HQ, that part no doubt would be a certainty.

I locked the balcony door and turned to look at Mako who had finished getting herself ready. I looked into her sweet face, her innocent eyes, and naturally the worries once again entered my mind. She turned away for just a moment, her back facing away from me. My eyes glistened with emotion, my face slackened and my brow furrowed. My eyes darted about in concern while my lips trembled as if I were to let out a sob – but I never did. My nose twitched as my mouth suddenly became agape and I drew in a breath of air sharply, turning my neck. My brows then drew together and I bit my lower lip. My eyes dropped. Yet thankfully she did not see my anxiety.

'Don't worry Kixi, you're just overreacting, Mako will be fine, she is ready.' I said those words to myself, ever so hard trying to convince myself, and ultimately shrouding my anxieties away from her.

Until recently, Mako's experience in unarmed combat was almost non existent. After much effort, I had convinced Jarvis the leader of the Arjan Resistance Cell, that not only could Mako be trained, but eventually convinced him and several other important figures below him that Mako was mission ready. We had formed our own duo, our own team, 'KnM Blade', fulfilling the dream, both our dreams where we could fight together, side by side as one force, and a force to be reckoned with. In essence this was to be Mako's first real live mission. Although deep down I had reserved some doubt, given after all, she only just scraped through her final assessments, with me further withholding the true final results from those in command.

Despite my official chosen profession being that of a race car driver, my keen interest in martial arts could be traced back as far as childhood, which subsequently, resulted in me being versed in a selection of various combative martial arts. These consisted primarily of Ninjutsu, Kendo and Aikido/Aiko Ken-Jo from the old world country of Japan, now part of the Asia Majoris province, dating back to Earth's 13th, 14th and 20th centuries respectively. Mako had received elementary training in the above, whilst I also had formal training in Dim Mak, a more distinctive martial art specialised primarily in using pressure points to incapacitate or even kill and opponent dating back its origins to China, another old world country now part of Asia Majoris.

The terms 'hacker' or 'slicer,' were used to describe computer experts, often self taught, who excelled at working within a complex computer network, and were able to extract information from that network with great skill. Often, that information was secured by any number and manner of encryption and lockout systems, and a skilled slicer was able to circumvent those systems without triggering alarms. Here was where Mako excelled at most. In this field she was nothing but the best, with few to none that could match her skill.

"You feeling okay Mako. You feel ready?" I asked with caution approaching her. My hand slid down the side of her face in a warm caress, my fingers finally cupped her chin and lifting it. I shuddered at the need and caress in her voice. I reached out and ran a finger down her cheek in a soft caress that increased her pulse. In these delicate situations, I understood the value of a gentle caress and a soft spoken word, as well as the need to ask the question more to gage how she felt if anything else.

She didn't answer immediately, distracted by the clear sight of the shape of my breasts within my tight sleeveless shirt. She had of course seen them many times before, but somehow she never got tired of looking.

Her gaze returned to me, following the lines of my shirt and the caressing of my hand on her neck.

“Yes" she answered sympathetically as she reached forward to wipe the sweat from her own brow. "Yes Kixi, I'm all psyched up already and we haven't even left our apartment yet.”

"That's great Mako. That's what I like hearing." I nodded taking my caressing hand off her.

"It's time we get going now." I then said taking a quick glance at the time showing on one of the gizmos on my wrist.

Mako simply acknowledged the fact by nodding, and without further hesitation we both exited our apartment so that we could head down to my hovercar.

The corridor was a well lit hallway. The soles of our light sandals lightly clicked and clacked on the dark tiled flooring. Along with that, the dimly lit hallway also featured cream coloured walls going up to a low ceiling, and doors identical in colour to the floor.

We walked side by side, as I reached out to take Mako's hand in mine. Holding hands, we walked together down the corridor from our apartment, which then lead to several others, which eventually would lead to one of the main turbo lifts. On the way there, we whisked in a straight line, while my thoughts were whirling, that I barely registered the faces of the people we were passing. Strangers gazed at us and then looked away, with some muttering imprecations. One little girl, watched us with an open mouth, her eyes flicking from Mako to me and then back to Mako. Her mother grabbed her by the shoulders and, mouth pressed into a thin line, drew the child away, shooting glances back at Mako that I couldn’t interpret until we finally rounded a corner and found ourselves at the lifts.

The trip in the lift down to level 40 was quick and smooth as per the usual. Neither of us so much as muttered a word during this time. However I could sense it, the nervousness was beginning to build inside of her. Neither of us moved a muscle. I could hear my own heartbeat. I could even hear Mako's nervous breaths. The lift doors opened on level 40 and we stepped out and began walking again. Our footsteps seemed heavy and slow at first, and then as we got closer to my hovercar, they then seemed quicker and lighter.

Our footsteps echoed sharply around the deserted car park, sounding overly loud in my own ears. Abruptly, Mako whipped around thinking she had heard a thud behind her. Yet there was nothing there. An eerie silence hung in the air, as I also turned as a result of Mako's reaction. There was definitely no one there. We resumed walking toward my hovercar which wasn't far.

Mako's heart beat hard, I could sense her anxiety now, causing the air around us to seemingly thicken. She thought she heard more thudding and froze in her tracks.

"Mako there is no one here." I said reassuringly, and also coming to a momentary halt.

"Sorry Kiks I know. It's just my imagination. Feeling a bit unsettled, that's all. I'll be okay. I promise." Came Mako's very apologetic response as she then kept walking.

For a moment my legs had gone jelly as I tried to walk again. I was trembling inside, worried that perhaps having convinced the Arjian Council that Mako was ready was a grave mistake. I turned around in total fear, my heartbeat booming like that of a condemned prisoner of what could happen. Thankfully she had resumed walking before me and had thus failed to notice my anxiety over the matter.

Casually we walked up to my vehicle. Not that I suspected anyone to have touched my hovercar, but I decided to take a quick look into the compartment area. I eyed Mako oddly for a moment before giving her a small smile in return, and then further inspected the hovercar. "Our armoured suits, our weapons, it's precisely as we'd left them last night."

I placed a hand on Mako's waist and guided her towards the passenger side of the car – unnecessarily since she could've just gone over there herself. She smiled appreciatively for my gesture all the same, and collapsed herself into the bucket seat instantly making herself comfortable. I drew in a long breath and ran a hand through my hair before taking a good look around, and then walked over to the vehicle's left side and comfortably got myself into the driver's seat.

Mako although seemingly comfortable appeared awkward, staring outward at nothing. Placing a hand on hers, I moved the tip of my thumb over the top of her fingers giving her my usual affection, and then pecked her on the cheek. Mako smiled, turning her head around to face me as a result.

"Don't worry too much Mako. I've gone off grid on countless times and nothing has ever gone wrong. The only thing we should concern ourselves with are Skysec, or Skycom's security teams. They'll be out to either capture, maim or kill us. Once we're there, stay close to me at all times. Fighting them is nothing new for me so I kinda know their tactics and what to expect." I said finally taking her face in my hands, and with my thumbs, gently caressed her cheeks.

“Now take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, as once we get to Skycom's centre of business district at Argon Central, we'll be in the thick of it. Okay Mako?”

Mako nodded, but as she drew her breath, she let it back out with a sigh, almost resembling the great winds of Antartica, brushing past society in a cold harsh tone."

"Mako relax," I repeated, this time taking her dainty hand, and gently kissing the top of it.

Yet Mako was tense. Her blood felt as if it were running cold as I now held both her hands. I loved holding her hands though. They were perfect, baby soft and smooth, like an infant, perfect nails with a French polish, and long dainty fingers. They smelt of a pleasant odour, a familiar fragrance that inevitably made me slowly peck both her hands. Mako Jhasmin's hands, as far as I was concerned were the best hands in the world – as was the rest of her body for that matter.

Moving her hands around to wrap them around mine, she then fondled with my own exquisitely manicured hands. She touched and felt my long, spear shaped fingernails which were lacquered with terracotta varnish, my hands themselves, long and white and slender. We were warriors, but there was certainly no denying the femininity inside of us.

I felt the warmth of her face so close, that I could virtually feel it through my own skin. Then the feeling of my own heart racing, the thoughts that run through my mind. As our lips crushed together, we both felt like we were walking on air. We could die right now and be fine with it. We would be fine, as long as we were kissing one another.

And then she finally became relaxed. Pulling back and letting go, I wiped my hand across my forehead, sighing in relief. “Phew!” I exhaled as I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand, my shoulders relaxing visibly.

I finally powered up my hovercar, the engine humming to life as I allowed it to levitate slightly off the ground, floating the hovercar a metre or so above the spot it had been parked in. Slowly moving the hovercar toward the exit, I began giving its engine a little more power. Mako was about to say something, but her voice was drowned by the loud hum of the engine as we shot out of the building and away, the engine roared with such force, that in the process of exiting, we could feel the rumbling in the ground below our feet.

I wasted no time hovering away, zipping deeply into the heart of the chaotic fast moving sky traffic, that looked like wavy lines that wound it's way around tall buildings and structures like great angry snakes. Ultimately we blended and disappeared in the endless river of countless vehicles, that stretched into the horizon in front and behind as far as the eye could see. Drawing no particular attention to anyone or thing, we were just another amongst the thousands going about their everyday business.

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