KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


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20. Pre-race shenanigans. Part 2.

Chapter 13 : Pre-race Shenanigans. Part 2.


EST 10:15, CE 3016-O6-16, EST + 8 18:15, CE 3016-06-16, VST / LST 4309:30, VTE 310-335


Given the day on Venus is longer than its year, the concept of time as known on Earth was totally out of whack. In-fact I like many couldn't wrap my head around it. Unlike most planets which rotate around the sun in an anti-clockwise direction, Venus rotates clockwise, making its orbit around the sun extremely slow. Given the day is actually longer than its year, a day on Venus lasts 5,832 hours. Completely impractical for humans to adapt to, thus although a Venus Standard Time or VST is kept, the humans living on the planet follow Earth Standard Time or EST instead. This measurement of time is what once was known as Universal Time Coordinated or UTC before humanity's colonial expansion beyond that of Earth in the early 3rd millennium. A Venus year is also kept solely for time keeping purposes. The exact year which ironically is less than its days is 310. Referred to as Venus Terran Expansion or VTE, this began at Year Zero or CE 2706 on Earth, the year Venus' first city Vocheuhiri after terraformation was founded.

On the arrival at Paige's quarters soon after Mako and I had arrived at Gamma Delta IV on Vocheuhiri, I basically instructed Mako to wait outside. The long hallway to her room was well lit up, but no one was around. It even seemed that the other rooms if they were occupied by other agents or what have you were deserted for the time being. I quietly pressed the small buzzer on her door and didn't need to wait long as her response was quick.

"Who is it." The soft voice of a young girl squelched through the voice only intercom.

“A friend that you've missed who has come to visit you.”

In an instant the door to her quarters slid open with a quick hissing sound allowing me to casually enter, as Paige on hearing my voice knew who it was without a doubt.

"Oh hi Kay, what a, what a pleasant surprise. You've come and visited me. I've missed you so much. Paige who was completely overjoyed at my sudden surprise appearance walked straight up to me putting both her arms around my waist. Not holding back, nor caring, she cunningly tried to kiss me knowing that I would say no had she asked. Instinctively I flinched and pulled my head back to avoid the kiss.

"Paige no! No trying to kiss me." I said firmly .

"But I haven't seen you in ages. Just one quick one on get lips, please." Paige immediately protested.

"Patience Paige. Just relax a little. Perhaps you'll get more than a kiss and more than what you intend to bargain for." I blinked an eye at her and smiled at her with a cheeky grin.

"Really Kay?" Paige still holding me by the waist jumped in excitement like a little girl excited in the prospect of receiving some sort of treat.

"Yes for real Paige." I confirmed affirmatively.

“Awesome. Just don't keep me in suspense for too long okay.”

“Oh don't worry Paige I won't given this is a quick visit and time is against me.”

"So what is it Kay, you've been planet hopping and decided to just drop by to see how I was doing in person with all my training and what have you?" Paige curiously asked.

"Yes Asuka I've decided to drop in to give you a surprise visit." I now decided to call the young girl by her new alias name in order to introduce it to her, and also observe how she would react to it.

"Asuka? Um Kay I'm Paige, you confusing me with somebody else all of a sudden. What the fuck?" Paige said taking one hand off my waist and putting her index finger over her lip looking at me all baffled.

“Nope, that's your new alias. Asuka Blade. I know your training isn't complete yet, but your making huge strides that I've come to realise already. Even though you must complete your training first.... Obviously, I'm officially making you part of my team, KnM Blade.”

Paige simply stared at me for the briefest of moments, clearly overwhelmed, but at the same time excited. She tugged me in towards her, joy filling her body throughout.

“Oh thank you a many Kay Blade, you don't know how much all that means to me.”

"Oh I reckon I do." I giggled back at her softly.

“Can I kiss you Kay, really I just want to do that....... sooooooo badly.”

Just then Mako walked into the room. Of course she had heard everything and had deliberately waited outside as I had instructed her to do.

“Umm I dunno Asuka, perhaps you can, well in a moment's time. But first I wanna introduce you to someone. Asuka......Paige, meet my other half, eM Blade. She's my obvious partner and girlfriend.”

Mako stood there a moment. The light behind the door from where the corridor was, was causing a small halo to encompass her entire body. As eM Blade and her facial appearance significantly altered by her NFV, she looked nothing like her normal self. The stunning black haired half Asian and half Caucasian beauty that she was, heavily concealed and masking her as a black haired woman of full Caucasian complexity, nonetheless still gave her the appearance that was nothing short of impressive.

Paige wasn't one to be known as timid or shy. Instantly letting go of me, she approached Mako and also embraced her in a hug.

“I'm so excited to meet you in person after all this time eM Blade.”

"As am I. Kay has told me many things about you, some of which was good." Mako said trying to hold a straight face.

"What! Kay no! You wouldn't have?" Paige turned her head to face me looking all baffled while still holding onto Mako.

Then Mako burst out into laughter as did I and all at Paige's expense. "Was just messing with you girl. Kay's only said nothing but good and promising things about you."

"Get out!" Paige exclaimed letting go of Mako's waist and gently pushing on my breasts.

"Hey it was her joke Paige, but you'll soon be welcomed to touch my breasts properly," I said causing Paige to raise an elbow in surprise.

"Why have I got the feeling that you two have come here for more to just tell me that I'm now a part of your team?" Paige feverishly questioned.

“Yes indeed we have. Two more things actually. One is to share in a very highly confidential secret of ours. One that you must know since you Asuka Blade are now part of KnM Blade. The second thing which I will get to after I've told you the first is more of a special treat, an indulgent to put it more mildly, and one in which I'm quite certain that you'll truly enjoy. ”

Then in an instant, the NFV implanted in the pores of both eM Blade and my own face did their work. A small whooshing sound could be heard by the stunned Paige Langley who stared at us in utter disbelief in what she was witnessing. The facial features of both of us became all mushy, only for just a moment, as cells twisted, changed form, became distorted and began forming new shapes, rapidly reforming like pieces of gel being tethered together. From before Paige's very eyes, the images of both Kay and eM Blade had vanished, morphed back to our very own original selves of Kixi and Mako. Paige who'd never seen such elegant and neat transformation on any living being in her life, let alone of such a thing even being possible was nonetheless nothing short of being absolutely flabbergasted at this technological marvel.

"Wow! What in the name of........ You've both changed your faces and look completely...... Um..... Different. How the fuck you two do that?" Paige said dropping her jaw in total amazement.

“Nanotech technology implanted into the pores of our faces. It's complex stuff Asuka, but it's what allows us to dramatically alter what we look like in so that we can also live normal everyday lives and never be identified. It allows us to live a double life.”

“Wow, that's probably the most awesomest thing I have ever seen to date, really I'm totally stoked.”

Then the young red haired woman stared me closely. I could tell she was thinking hard, trying to make the connection. I could tell she knew, but chose to remain silent as any moment she was about to say it.

“Hey I know you. I can't fucking believe this. You're Kixi Rajki. The F-Zero racer. That wretched Cerberus was a fan of yours. Oh hang on, how ironic, she had no idea that her favourite sports person was also the same person she resented most, Kay Blade who ultimately helped eradicate her. How fucking cool!”

“Well yeah not exactly one of my best highlights, not the killing Cerberus part, but more how we killed her, but anyway the most important thing right now for us is that Cerberus is dead and we're altogether.”

"By the way Kixi, I'm sure I do not mistaken myself, but isn't your championship deciding race tomorrow?" Paige curioriously asked.

“It sure is.”

“And you came all this way to see me to then just have to leave again? Well at least in the next few hours." Paige said not all too sure of what the heck was going on, sensing that I had come to visit her for a totally different agenda. "I'm guessing Kixi that that thing about becoming a part of your team could have waited and that you came here for something else.”

“Yeah I sure fucking did. And if Jarvis finds out I came all the way here on the Eve of the race just to screw around a little with you........well let's say that he being pissed at me would an understatement.”

“Haha" Paige laughed out aloud. "So whatever the last thing you need to tell me must be very important for you to take such huge risks for me.”

“It is. Well depends on what point of view you see it from.”

“Point of view?”

“Yeah Paige, cos you see we're here for pure pleasure, your pleasure and for our own. Remember how I promised that I'd let you cut sick at kissing me and all before? Well I meant it. I need to let all my frustrations and tension out before the race, so we're here to fuck and fuck as a threesome.”

"You know, I can't believe we are actually about to have a threesome with the daughter of Cerberus Kixi." Mako's eyes looked as if they were glowing while she spoke to me, but stared Paige in the face excited at the prospect of the three of us fucking the absolute crap out of each other.

“Uh! I'm confused..... Kixi? I mean don't get me wrong I wanna do this like right now too, but how'd you know I like wanna fuck your brains out Kixi? And now that I've seen your little missus Mako, her too.”

“Well Paige, apart from the fact that you made it obvious from the day you killed Cerberus, do you remember that time we were chatting on the comms and you were dying to see me face to face again because you like wanted to make out with me?”

"Yes." Paige said softly still a hint of confusion in her body evident.

“Then what are you waiting for. Kiss me, and kiss me with passion. You've waited so long to do that, so make sure you don't fucking disappoint me.”

Paige looked at me rather dumbfounded as she moved her head from left to right looking at both Mako and I.

"It's okay Paige, you may passionately kiss my girlfriend to your heart's content and desire." Mako said with striking conviction in her voice.

Then not needing any further invitations, Paige virtually pushed and slammed me onto the wall nearby, causing a minor thud. Although it didn't bother me as I had let her unleash her sexual desires on me. Paige's hormonal levels ran wild, of course that wasn't to say that mine didn't either. However it did feel like Paige wanted to totally rape me, breathing heavily as she kissed me all over my face and moved her hands all over my body, even placing one of her knees up pinning me on to the wall to help keep her balance as she passionately made out with me.

"Hey Asuka, be gentle on your master will ya." I said giggling and clearly not really wanting her to stop, even though Mako was watching. Although that too would change, as soon Mako would be joining in. In the meantime Paige continued to press on me aggressively. Kissing and touching me all over, fondling with my boobs and then cupping one of her hands under my chin while pushing my head back with the other. Digging her lips deeply into mine, we kissed in a kiss that lasted a good two minutes at least as we tongued and then kissed and kissed. Paige was like a wild animal just unleashed into the wilderness with me as her prey. Yet I didn't protest a single bit as I started grunting and groaning in the pleasure Paige was giving me. Mako was watching the whole time of course, analysing the way Paige behaved sexually, as soon she'd be joining in in this sexual fantasy of ours to play her part.

"Take off your clothes Paige." I whispered quietly in her ear. She then eased off from me a moment to do just that. Watching Paige completely strip out of her clothes was still having it's effect on my libido. Having removed all of my attire at the same time, I again fell into her arms. We rocked together in a warm embrace and resumed kissing one another passionately. Mako, who hadn't said much of anything, slipped behind Paige and joined our embrace turning us into a Paige sandwich. Soon Paige turned around and began kissing Mako, her chance to test drive Mako now, as I continued to hug her from behind.

As my hands explored the two women's breasts and arses, my hormonal levels suddenly rose a notch telling my body it wanted more. Our threesome then fell to the floor as Mako collapsed under Paige's kisses. As Mako stretched out on her back on the cold steel floor, Paige's kisses roamed lower, to her breasts and eventually her shaven pussy. I found myself poised to first lick Paige out from behind, then fingering her pussy and finding it already very wet, as I pushed my whole hand into her puffy pussy. I hand fucked Paige slowly and enjoyed watching the pleasure she was giving my little sweetheart Mako. I knew that Paige had been with at least a few guys in the past. Clearly she didn't find the opposite sex as attractive as the same sex, but I assumed given this experience, that Paige probably gave great blowjobs and must be talented in cunnilingus as well, because Mako was writhing underneath us as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. In all the fucking and masturbation, we were enjoying ourselves, and I had yet to see Mako cum so emphatically.

Paige pulled away from an exhausted Mako and I pulled my hand out of Paige's vagina, turning her around to face me once more and madly fondled with and then kissed her boobs, losing my head in them at the same time. Paige admitted to us that she initially had considered herself bisexual. Something that I'd at least known for quite some time. Paige admitted that she missed having sex with girlfriends and was exhilarated that she could enjoy sex together with two women, in particularly me, and that she clearly wanted just other women from now on.

Paige laid down and spread her legs. Mako then quickly straddled Paige's face and put her own mouth to Paige's moist mons. I got up and walked around the two girls like a tigress examining her prey. I admired the incredibly sexy scene in front of me. Finally I bent down on my knees just behind Mako's roundish arse. Paige's long auburn hair fanned out on the floor and I had to be wary of stepping on it. Her head and tongue were moving frantically all over Mako's slit.

We had fucked for what seemed like an hour. Yet I didn't come all the way to Vocheuhiri for all this to be over in just one hour and then have to fly back all the way to Earth. My knees were sore, and initially Mako could not get off of Paige. She had orgasmed at least a half-dozen times.

"Okay girls, I'm sure you all had fun. I've got good news for you. This was just a warm up. Rest up, clean yourselves up, Mako and I are on a tight schedule as we need to be leaving for Celestia City in a couple of hours." I quickly turned to face Paige and then looked at both girls again. "Therefore we go for round two in half an hour's time." I smiled mischievously at the other two girls.


EST 11:45, CE 3016-O6-16, EST + 8 19:45, CE 3016-06-16, VST / LST 4310:15, VTE 310-335


Half an hour passed quickly as I looked around Paige's quarters analysing the area space.

“Your quarters a cozy Paige but I think we go elsewhere for round two. Somewhere bigger.”

"You got somewhere in particular in mind?" Paige questioned enthusiastically.

"As a matter of fact I do." I said smiling grievously.

"Where?" Mako butted in folding her arms already anticipating that I would most likely pick some place totally inappropriate and that she like usual be forced to follow.

"The base's training dojo." I quickly replied sensing Mako's objection.

"C'mon let's go now, we're pressed for time...... Yes that means you too Mako." I said as she walked out of Paige's room with me, and Paige exiting last and closing the door shut behind her.

"Kixi, what if they're training or someone comes in to train while we are doing it?" Mako finally said very concerned.

"No one goes there at this time, trust me I know. We have nothing to concern ourselves with." I said brushing off her concerns.

The lift from the sleeping quarters led to a large space upstairs which was rather large and open. The polished wooden floor boards gave off a natural smell. It was a simple dojo, very reminiscent of one from ancient Japan on Earth. Rectangular in dimension, a shomen area stood on one side of the wider length sided walls, and on the wall opposite to where the shomen lay, a weapons rack ranging from bokens, swords, X2 and X-Plasma weapons. It's design was in the typical ancient oriental Japanese, and it dominated the entire dojo.

"This looks like a great place to fuck, don't you think?" I said sarcastically.

I looked at both Mako's and Paige's faces and their expressions told two different stories. Paige giggled like a little child all excited to play and break the rules. Mako my girlfriend on the other hand, even though four years my junior, she generally was more conservative, sensible and mature than me. She wasn't overly impressed that I had chosen the base's dojo as our next choice for our next round session, to unleash our sexual desires upon one another.

"You had to pick the dojo out of all places Kixi didn't you? You as a warrior that trains in one of these should really know better!" Mako shook her head in total disapproval.

“Oh well, this isn't my dojo nor yours Mako, and although I know Paige has been doing some of her training in it, clearly she does not protest over this matter. So we're here now, therefore make yourselves at home as quickly as you can and let's fuck and fuck fucking hard.”

“Kixi if we get caught in here doing—”

“We won't Mako so don't worry, besides I don't care. What can they do to us anyway, especially to me, after all I'm Kay Blade, Arjan's best agent and warrior.”

"Kixi you are not above the organisation. This is the problem with you. Because you are good at what you do, you think you are greater than the organisations you represent. Like with Zed's racing team. You might be his best driver but I can tell you Kixi, that if he finds out we are here behind his back, that we will be screwed." Mako said still troubled.

"With adventure comes risks my love. And that's with everything that we do." I replied trying to be more reassuring.

"That's what I like to hear. Kay Blade.... Kixi, you are my true hero!" Paige couldn't help herself by proclaiming and flattering me.

"Anyway enough chit chat girls and more action." Both Mako and me then took each other's hands as if we were about to walk away hand in hand and back out the door. Obviously we didn't, but instead stood there and gestured for Paige to sit down on the wooden floor.

"It's time to strip again my apprentice." I said chucking and still holding Mako's hand as we both looked down on her.

Paige then pulled her bally boots off and then unclipped her bra. She felt the cool air caress her breasts, bliss, after only cleaning herself up from our previous session. She pulled off her panties and left them in a ball with her bra on the floor. She lay back on the wooden floor boards fully naked.

Instinctively Paige's hand had begun meandering across her body. Lost in reverie and beginnings of lust, she spread her thighs as wide as she could, and lay on her back, head up against the hard floorboard of the dojo, her right hand grinding across her moistening pussy lips, her left hand fattening her nipples with featherlight caresses until they became so sensitive, they began to ache, her back arched, quickly she inserted two fingers into her waiting wetness, her thumb bent slightly until it mashed up hard against her clit, there, oh yes just there! With her legs spread out wide, toes dug into and pressing on the floor, she began to hump her hand. Her mind wandered and she began to mutter. "Oh Kay Blade, fucking Kixi, fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkkkkkk me! Tongue my pussy! Make me cummmmmm..." It didn't take long, her orgasm began with telltale electric tics along her inner thighs. Her breathing quickened to short gasps as rapture flooded her, in waves of pure physical gratification. Her eyes closed as wave upon wave of sexual release. "Kixi...of fuck! You are so wonderful..." she groaned. "I have fucking sexual fantasies of you every night!"

Mako who was still holding my hand and watching Paige orgasm with me, turned to face me momentarily raising an eyebrow sighing. Although it was nothing more than Paige's own fascination, clearly she was unimpressed at the young auburn haired girl's last comment.

"Hey, are you ok?" Mako asked letting go of my hand approaching closer to Paige and not concealing the fact that she resented her last comment. Paige however lay spread open wide, still stroking herself, not taking notice to Mako's slight annoyance at her. Paige's right hand tried to cover her wet gaping pussy, while her left arm covered her breasts. Mako then sat on the floor next to her. She bent forward slightly and pulled Paige's arm away from inadequately covering her lush breasts. Her lips brushed Paige's still sensitive nipples. Current flowed from Mako's lips, Paige's nipples surged into rubbery hardness. Mako's mouth was amazingly hot and wet and her lips were soft, Paige's whole breast was sucked into Mako's mouth and her covering hand was brushed away by my hand as I also got down to join in on the action.

Paige felt Mako's palm cover her pussy. Nimble fingers slid easily into the cleft. Mako's hand began slow steady swirls, round and round, pressing hard against Paige's softness. Slender fingers probed her pussy, soon a slow sensual rhythm developed, Paige's breathing shallow and almost hesitant as Paige began to speed up. Paige's breast popped out of Mako's mouth and with deliberate slowness, Mako slid her tongue down until she crouched between Paige's legs. Her mouth was incredibly hot and wet, her soft lips mashed themselves hard against Paige's mons, while her clever fingers delved deeper and faster. Her tongue flicked upward finding Paige's shy clit hard and rigid. She sucked noisily. Paige's hands tangled themselves into Mako's hair. She arched herself so much her body was off the floor. She gripped Mako while humping herself closer and closer to her orgasm. She came with a gush and a primal squeal, her heartbeat loud in her ears. She released her hold on Mako's matted and now wet long black hair. And she sank spent back onto dojo floor.

Mako still between Paige's thighs licked and preened her. I chuckled at seeing Mako indulging herself with my young apprentice. But now was time for me to properly join in the action, so I finally decided, as I slipped naked next to Paige and caressed Mako's arse, and my hand moved with confidence and familiarity to Mako's pussy. I crowded over Mako, forcing my knees wider from behind, until there was room enough for my face. Mako ground her face involuntarily into Paige's sensitive pussy as my wet warm mouth found what it so urgently sought. It wasn't long before Mako was squirming, her face ground into Paige's pussy, her nose accidently pressing onto Paige's clit. Their orgasms were simultaneous and loud, Mako crumpling in between Paige's legs, her arse high in the air, her thighs still wide and me licking at her delicately.

For a while there was a contented silence, but it wasn't long before both Mako and Paige began to caress me. I spread myself open to both. It was Mako, who, with familiar experience snuggled in between my widespread legs. Paige slid over until her lips met mine. We kissed wetly, our tongues danced. I hand cupped Mako's still sensitive pussy from behind, which I squeezed possessively, before spreading the outer lips allowing the cool air into her superheated core. Mako sighed contentedly and with two fingers, she spread her labia, gentle fingertips traced tight circles around a stiff little clit. I sucked her breath and most of Paige's tongue, as without warning, Mako slid her thumb into my cunt. To Mako, it felt like wet cloying velvet, she used her thumb like it was a penis. She fished it side to side, in and out, toying and teasing, while her finger continued to circle her aching clit.

I wanted to cum, I needed to cum, and the pounding in my head reached a fever. Paige reached out and pinched my nipple. Torturing and pulling the trapped flesh between thumb and fore finger, bringing me so close to orgasm. My pussy felt like it was a volcano, so hot with ripples of pure pleasure beginning deep inside my belly and radiated outwards, each swipe of Mako's fingertips around my clit made me shiver, I began to bite my bottom lip while Paige still kissed and locked our lips wetly. The tickle reached a crescendo. Finally the orgasm came like a massive hovertruck, overloaded and smashing everything before it. I screamed, my body convulsing, every fibre of my being touching heaven. I roughly pushed Mako from between my legs and gripped my hands over Paige's where I pinched her nipples. The aftershocks were just as delicious, I lay on my belly, sated as both my girlfriend lover and wanna be lover stroked and loved me.

A few minutes went by, and finally we decided to get up. I got myself onto my feet first and both Mako and Paige followed suit immediately afterwards.

“That was loads of fun. You see Mako, no one came here and in the end you enjoyed every moment of that.”

"Yeah true Kixi, I don't know why I doubted you." Mako said as she put her clothes back on.

"You sure are one to not be shy and go all the way with things." Paige further added and laughed as she too began getting dressed.

“Well go all the way or forget it is my motto." I said winking at the two girls.”

Looking at her watch Mako pointed out that we had the less of two hours before we got on our way and back to Earth.

"Ah yes Mako, we will wash up quickly back at Paige's quarters and then go for a final round or round three on the Maelstrom." I said as I winked at Paige and then back at Mako.

"Round three? We don't have enough time Kixi." Mako again was doubting me, but I'd soon convince her otherwise.

"Um you doubting me again sweetie?" I softly mumbled as we made our way back to Paige's quarters.

“Well no, but you're pushing it for time that's all.”

"Well Mako that's why we're gonna do it on the cruiser. We fuck, we say bye to Paige once we're done and we go. Simple isn't." I said giving both girls a cheesy grin as we arrived back at Paige's quarters, walked in and refreshed ourselves up again.


Meanwhile back on Celestia City on Earth.


Jak Zed having sensed a hunch that I possibly were up to no good, made the discovery that Ālrai's Maelstrom had indeed been gone missing, yet Ālrai was ever so present. The suspicion already triggered by the fact that Ālrai almost immediately had been answering for both Mako and me when Jak had been trying to contact us, but had received no responses. Initially he had been convinced that I could be sleeping, however he had began getting a little suss when he began to question why Mako would also have needed to sleep for such a long period of time given she too wasn't answering any of his calls.

"Ālrai, may I speak to you for a sec?" Jak called out upon seeing Ālrai casually working on one of several hovercars being serviced within Zed's large workshop.

"Oh hi Jak, what is it?" Jak answered playing dumb.

“Not much really. I'm just curious as to why your ship is missing from the main spaceport in which you usually keep it at.”

“Oh it's nothing to be concerned about Jak, I merely lent it to someone.”

“You lent your pride and joy to someone? Although I normally would find that hard to believe in most cases, if you were to lend it to someone, I would say it's to only a very limited number of people you solely trust without a hesitation of doubt.”

“I'm sorry sir but what are you trying to imply?”

“Don't play stupid with me Ālrai, you know very well what I'm trying to imply?”

“Well I can lend my ship to whoever I wish, it's not illegal and surely you can't expect me to have to have to tell you—”

“Of course you don't. It has nothing to with me or your employment terms with me. I'm not particularly concerned in what you decide to do with your ship, things or spare time. I just find it extremely odd that your ship suddenly leaves Celestia's main spaceport only an hour after.....”

“An hour after what sir?”

"Never mind. Do you know where Mako is? I believe she's not with Kixi who's at home sleeping." Ālrai could clearly sense that his boss was trying to bait him out.

“Well it's still like 7 pm Jak, Mako has no need to stay at home all day with her girlfriend who's doing nothing more than sleeping. It's not like she needs it, the rest and all, as it's not her that's—”

“I didn't ask you for an explanation as to why she wouldn't be home Ālrai, I simply asked if you knew of her current whereabouts?”

Ālrai gulped knowing too well that he could no longer continue with this conversation without lying, and to blatantly lie to Jak Zed, and directly to his face would be a big no, no. The man was no fool. He clearly was onto something regarding Kixi's true whereabouts and one way or another would ultimately find out. Jak Zed was also Jarvis, his commanding officer as far as the chain of command was concerned in the Arjian Resistance. If Ālrai lied to him, he knew of the immediate consequences.

“I lent my ship to Mako sir.”

“You lent it to her, may I care to ask as to why?”

“She said she needed to go somewhere, visit someone off-world, so being one of few of my close and trusted friends I lent her my ship like a good friend should.”

"Of course you did Ālrai, like a good close friend should." Jak began laughing for just a moment before returning his serious glaze back at Ālrai.

"Where did she really go and with who?" Jak quickly said the moment the laughing ceased.

“Sir she's a free woman to do as she pleases outside of—”

"I'm fully aware of that fact Ālrai, but I asked you a question in which you can either answer me by lying or telling me the truth. The thing is though, you're right, you like Mako are free to do whatever you want in your free time, however if it involves anything that directly and knowingly on yours and her part, that violates any specific instruction or orders given when part of doing your jobs in anyway whatsoever, then that is still classified as a breach of etiquette. So Ālrai, while this is still your amnesty period, I'm gonna ask you one more time and I suggest you answer truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. Where did Mako go with your ship?

“Okay, okay, she went to Vocheuhiri. She wanted to go there badly so I lent her my ship.”

“Vocheuhiri?" Jak raised an eyebrow. "Why in the heck would she suddenly wanna go there? On the eve of Kixi's championship deciding race in which Mako will need to be back by tomorrow as I'm sure she wants to be at the race to fully support her girlfriend.”

“To visit Paige, Kixi's request sir.”

“And why couldn't she just call her then, what's so important that she needed to go see her the day before the race?”

“I have no idea sir.”

"Oh really now. You still haven't answered my other part of the question on if she went alone. I admire your effort in trying stall me and move away from the topic, but we both already know too well on who's she's gone with. By the way, as of now the amnesty period is over." Jak said smiling grimily.

“Kixi went with her sir.”

"Kixi went with her," Jak said softly back as Ālrai confirmed the fact, and basically verifying exactly what Jak had already suspected all along.

“And why would you in particular allow her to go by taking your ship knowing all too well that one, she is racing tomorrow and needs to be fully rested and two, she was given direct orders after the incident of last week which I do not need to remind you the details of, that she was not allowed to go anywhere but to and from work and her apartment until after the race, or unless I specifically said she could go. I don't recall telling Kixi she could go for a quick trip to Venus.”

“She was insistent sir. I couldn't stop her. Not without hurting her, and hurting her could've compromised her ability to perform tomorrow.”

“You mean to tell me she used force to persuade you to give her your ship?”



“I know her well enough, and trying to stop her wasn't a good idea at the time.”

“And when were you going to inform me about her little mischief?”

“I wasn't I guess.”

“You guess? Ālrai I'm very disappointed in you. You should know better and are capable of much better.”

“I'm sorry sir.”

“I realise it's not you to blame entirely. You care for your friends and you were only trying to help her by covering this up. I'm quite certain Mako is in a similar situation to her, meaning Kixi is very much the culprit here.”

“Why did Kixi want to go to Vocheuhiri to see Paige the day before her race? Surely she could've went after it, and if speaking to Paige was so important, why not call her like always?”

“Do you really want to know, you won't be at all pleased after I tell you?”

“I'm waiting?”

“To go and engage in the sexual act of a threesome which is to involve obviously her and Paige, and I take it Mako.”

Just then Jak did everything he could to contain his anger. His face flared and turned red. Then trying ever so hard to hold his calm he spoke.

"So you mean to tell me that she went all the way to flaming Venus just so that she can get intimate with Paige! That on the day before the race in which....... I don't need to say anymore." Jak decided to not even bother mentioning the obvious. He was fuming.

“Who's bright idea was that, or do you not know that Ālrai.”

“Well sir, Paige appears to be attracted to Kixi, I take it she's a lesbian too and—”

“Cut to the chase Ālrai!”

“Oh yeah well, from what I gathered Paige had been dropping many hints and all—”

“So it was fucking that Cerberus offspring's stupid tart's idea to sucker my top race driver into that trip then?”

“No, no, no. On the contrary it was Kixi's idea. And of course the rule between Kixi and Mako is, since they're a couple madly in love with one another that when they go exploring other women so to speak, that they do it together, thus the threesome and thus why Mako was dragged into it in the first place. I'm quite certain that she would've at least initially, have objected to the idea of having Kixi running off to Vocheuhiri on the eve of the race.”

“Right, I've heard enough. When exactly does she plan to get back?”

“By tonight. I'm supposed to pick them up at the spaceport tonight and take them home. They should be home by around just after 1 am. Plenty of time for sleep, although I'm sure Kixi has been sleeping during the flight.”

“Doesn't change the fact that she has totally violated my trust and shown total disobedience. She has a total disregard for respect and authority and this time she has gone a tad too far.”

“What are you going to do to her Jak?”

"We don't want to rattle her before the race now do we." Jak said stating the obvious.

“No we don't sir.”

“We pretend this conversation never took place, and that means you play along as if I don't know when you see both of them later in the early hours of tomorrow morning.”

“I concur.”

“However if she loses the championship tomorrow, and it's due to as a result of her senseless actions today, then I'll have no choice but to dismiss her as my team's F-Zero driver.”

“In other roads you're gonna fire her?”


“Surely you don't mean that?”

“I mean every bit of it Ālrai. No one, regardless who it is, is bigger than the team. No one. She had absolutely no right to believe she is cos that's exactly what she thinks at the moment. It's quite obvious or are you too blind to see it Ālrai?”

“Well now that you mention it Jak, I guess you're right.”

“If she wins the title, or loses but only because Vickers was simply too good, she will not be dismissed, however she will be given a formal warning. Had this happened as her being an agent and as Kay Blade, it would have been an instant court martial, especially since I had already disciplined her over the matter with the young man she bashed for unacceptable reasons earlier this week.”

“And what of Mako and me, we were clearly her accomplices in this matter.”

“I'm letting you both off with a verbal warning since in both your's and Mako's cases are an isolated incident unlike Kixi who thinks she has a God given right to do whatever she likes.”

“Yes sir I understand sir.”

"You had better because you don't ever wanna feel the full wrath of my authority on you." Jak said warningly.

“No definitely not sir.”

“Good. That is all for now, I'm done. You may go and make sure both Kixi and Mako are not made aware of this discussion. I will deal with Kixi in the appropriate manner after the race is well and truly over.”


EST 12:40, CE 3016-O6-16, EST + 8 20:40, CE 3016-06-16, VST / LST 4311:10, VTE 310-335


Just a little under an hour had passed and here we were, boarding Ālrai's Maelstrom cruiser. We had to do more than simply refresh ourselves. All the fucking, especially the last session in the dojo had been tiring for all of us. So while we were at it, the three of us had injected ourselves with a special military grade stimulate. One generally used to keep soldiers and the like on their legs and moving during those long missions where the luxury known as rest simply didn't exist. I guess that was something we didn't have either, since we wanted to squeeze in one more session in the already short time we had on Vocheuhiri with Paige.

“Hold the fuck up!" Paige gasped as Mako began to kiss and touch me. "Straight into it already?”

“Time is short and this is your open invitation to get straight into us. "Us lesbians don't like to waste time." I said throwing my head back with laughter. "As you've already seen first hand Paige, Mako and I are madly into each other, but to your benefit we like you too.”

"Yeah, that's good cos like I said earlier, I dream of you a lot Kixi." Paige chuckled and once again to the annoyance of Mako who this time decided to remain subtle about it. I could tell Mako was starting to get annoyed over the matter. I was her girl, and although I intended for things to stay that way, the fact that Paige genuinely had let's say more than a liking for me probably felt a little threatening. A totally normal reaction most certainly.,

"Okay then Paige," I softly replied. "Like before in the dojo, go with what you feel and you'll do fine." I finished not wanting to give the younger girl too much confidence, but enough to still go for it again and not piss off my girlfriend completely.

Mako nodded her head in agreement. "You're doing well and you'll enjoy it again." She was doing extremely well not to show her utter frustration with Paige, as Paige simply nodded and smiled back at the two of us.

Paige was still a little lost in thought, thinking of the sensational time she already had had with us, that she didn't notice that both Mako and I pulled her into one of the ship's larger sleeping compartments, slid the door shut, and sat her down on a blanket in the farthest corner of the compartment. She didn't even notice us taking off her jacket and feeling my lips against her cheek. This now being our third and final session at this game, we decided that we would play it a tad different just to keep things lively and interesting.

"Don't think just cos we're starting off a litter different this time. Just feel like you did the other two times." I whispered pulling Paige's head back momentarily kissing her gently on her lips. Slowly just so I could have her feel the soft gentleness of my face, I rubbed the side of my cheek and nose to hers, allowing her to whisper something into my ear that Mako thankfully did not hear her say. "I love you a lot Kixi, I so wish you could be all mine one day." Not reacting to her comment, I pulled back and removed Paige's top and bra altogether as Mako then hungrily attacked them, licking Paige's breasts expertly while I let out a pleasing noise. Both Mako and I then began to slowly undress and pleasure one another while Paige had nothing better to do but watch and find herself getting wet.

After watching me cum against Mako's fingers, Mako licked them and moved closer to me. Mako first pressed her lips against mine, then she faintly tasted Paige's against her lips. She pressed harder wanting to taste more of Paige.

“Hehehe, slow down girl," Mako chuckled. She traced her finger down Paige's chest area and down to where her bottoms were still on. "First we have to get rid of all those clothes.”

Not wanting to waste any time or more foreplay, Paige quickly threw the rest of her clothes off and quickly pressed her naked body against Mako's.

Mako gently laid her back down on the blanket as she kissed Paige's forehead, nose, lips, chin, neck, chest, and belly. She kissed slowly and added a few licks down her trail. When she reached her destination, she could feel Paige's body tense up a little.

"Paige, relax." Mako spoke against her flush skin. Paige quickly nodded her head and began to relax her whole body as Mako continued on with her path. I was watching at this stage and could tell Paige's hesitation was due to the fact that she had preferred me to be in Mako's place at the moment. Once Mako reached Paige's wet pussy, she gave it a long lick causing her to moan and arch her back slightly. Mako smirked as she did it again and again, repeating the action until she got Paige obediently calling out her name. As Mako worked on Paige, I crawled behind my girlfriend and inserted a finger into her wet folds.

"Ah! Kixi!" Mako hissed as I continued pulling my finger in and out of sex. I added another finger and increased the speed of my action. Mako moaned directly into Paige's entrance which made her cry out and hold onto the blanket tighter. Within moments both girls had reached their orgasms and came. Mako and Paige began to pant heavily while I laid in between them, smiling from ear to ear.

"What are you smiling about?" Mako joked as she poked her nose in a silly manner.

“I don't know," I shrugged my shoulders. "I just kind of find it incredible that we travelled all this way to do all this with Paige on the eve of my big race.”

"Yes you did Kay...Kixi, you're amazing, my hero and I love you, I love you and I fucking damn love you and am glad we killed Cerberus together and that now we're one big happy family together." Paige giggled. She felt so relieved! All the stress of her hard enduring training was instantly replaced with happy, giddy feelings. Paige had never had such an amazing sexual experience as she had undertaken today with Mako and I, and most certainly not three times in just one day, but in a mere several hours.

Mako although was about to lose it inside. I could read and sense her thoughts, and the simple fact that Paige had declared that she was madly in love with me had sent currents of hate and negative energy flowing through her body. Telepathically touching her mind, I at least calmed her down for the time being.

I simply poked Paige's boob with my elbow making Paige erupt with more bubbly giggles. Hard to believe this girl was one of the late Cerberus' daughters. I smiled devilishly. "Did you like today Paige, you glad we came to see you?"

Paige paused for a moment before answering. In fact she seemed almost shy for a split second as I placed all the attention on her. "Yeah, I guess I did. A lot, actually. In fact it was awesome. We gotta do it again some other time."

“Good because this is just the start of many good times ahead." I smirked again before kissing both girls. "Girls, I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Although let me make myself clear. Mako is my only girlfriend and true love. Paige you are welcomed to fuck me in a threesome with Mako present, but with just you and I, it's never gonna happen. I know you love me Paige, I'm flattered and I do like you, but it's not the same as with Mako.”

These words that I told Paige just before it was time for her to leave did make Mako feel somewhat better. Although I anticipated that she would more than likely want to have a word to me about it once we were alone. We hugged and kissed Paige goodbye. I held hands with her as I walked her down the ship's boarding ramp. As always I told her that I would continue to monitor her training daily and if I could I would return before her training was complete. I could tell she desired me more than anything. I couldn't understand why though or what she had seen in me, but I could see it in her eyes that given the opportunity to break me apart from Mako, that she would pounce on the chance to steal me. Blocking out that chilling thought, I finally said my goodbyes, kissed her and re-boarded the Maelstrom cruiser raising the boarding ramp.

Soon after Paige had disembarked from the Maelstrom, we got clearance from control pretty much immediately. She stayed in the hangar deck and waived to us as we rose upwards in the air in our ship and hovered above the hangar floor, and then flew outwards and up into Vocheuhiri's clear evening sky. It wasn't long until we broke away from Venus' atmosphere and were speeding along back to Earth at maximum sublight speed. With Mako at the pilot controls silently observing the blackness of empty space, I good hear the loud hum of the Maelstrom's engine as we moved through what seemed like an endless streak of nothingness ahead.

Finally breaking the awkwardness that had followed, Mako spoke to break the silence.

“I don't like how she is making all those advances on you Kixi, nor do I like the fact that she openly admits to having sexual fantasies with you.”

“Yeah I figured you wouldn't but rest assured that I hold no feelings for her.”

Mako didn't immediately reply instead chose to remain silent contemplating. Finally she then began speaking the words she wanted to tell me. What she really thought of things and Paige.

“Just promise me one thing Kixi, if Paige ever gets too close to you and doesn't back off, I want you to kill her......and I mean that in the literal sense. She's got Cerberus blood in her. She's venom.”

“Um I think you're overreacting with her being venom simply cos she was Cerberus' daughter. She did actually kill her with her own hands, you do know that?”

“Yes...... But her dreaming of making love to you and having those sexual fantasies with you everyday are not exaggerated, and quite frankly it gives me the creeps. It can't go on. Well not in a literal sense anyway.”

"Well it hasn't." I said a little confused which Mako could see in me and it began irritating her deeply.

Mako took a long deep heavy breath before continuing her spill which did seem like initially would turn into some sort of a tantrum, but instead she firmly cut to the chase.

“She knows that I love you and that means your committed to me and are taken. You have vowed time and time again that you'll do anything for me. I know she loves you even if you do not. If she continues to make advances on you, I would like you to promise me that you'll do the one thing for me and end her life.”

It was a rare sight seeing Mako upset like this and her facial expression so cold and emotionless. She genuinely wanted Paige dead whereas I did not share her view on this matter at all. Instead I saw Paige as a valuable tool in fighting in our resistance cause, and of course as a sexual toy in which I could play with and indulge myself in. But I couldn't betray, or could never fail to carry out something Mako asked of me, especially if it were within reason, and although hard for many to probably comprehend, if it came down to it, her request was most certainly within reason.

"Don't worry, I'll let you personally slit her throat if it comes down to that." I said with a slight sigh in my voice which was very evident.

“Kixi I really mean it, please take it serious as it's upsetting me deeply.”

“I understand Mako, I really do. When have I ever not understood you? Have I not always been there for you?”

“Yes, but—”

“Look I don't mean to sound disinterested in your concerns. We've had quite the adventure today, but I'm really tired and need to rest now and also need to do the same as soon as we arrive home. The reality that I basically need to beat Vickers in tomorrow's race which basically is likely to equate in needing to win the race is starting to hit home hard. All eyes will be on me as far as the team's concerned, and also a great many other people and organisations for that matter will be taking a keen interest on my performance and overall outcome.”

"I know, but I just want your promise and have your reassurances that you will carry out her execution if it goes down that path." Mako said staring me in the eye in a way in which I just could not look away nor say no.

"Okay Mako I will, I promise you that I will, and that's not you doing the killing since you obviously would want me to do it. That is, slay Paige if she tries to take me away from you and all." This time I said it to her with total conviction in my voice and I really meant it. "Paige is nothing more than a pastime pleasure for us to enjoy together and a mere tool to help fight our rebellion so to speak. You Mako are my only true love and I'll give the universe for you and even die for you." My sweet words brought a warm smile to her face. She'd heard those words many times before knowing it was all true. I then kissed my little sweet love on her forehead, her feel always soft and gentle, as was her touch when she took hold of my hand and momentarily fondled with it, before I finally left the cockpit to go retire for the duration of the journey back.


EST 17:30, CE 3016-O6-16, LST 01:30, CE 3016-06-17


I very much zonked out for the entire trip back to Earth. Briefly being woken up upon our arrival at Celestia City's spaceport, Ālrai awaited us and promptly took us back to our apartment. The three of us spoke quietly during the relative short trip back with Ālrai not giving away even the slightest hint, that Jak Zed had unfortunately for us and me in particular been made fully aware of my little shenanigan today. He dropped us off and after that it was lights out for both us girls where I had an uneventful nights sleep. The big race awaited me next.

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