KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


19. Pre-race shenanigans. Part 1.

Chapter 13 : Pre-race shenanigans. Part 1.


EST 00:00, CE 3016-O6-16, LST 08:00, CE 3016-06-16


I awoke to the warmth of the morning sunlight on my back. I stretched out…or tried to, but my arm hit something hard. "Since when was the sunlight pink and solid?" I asked myself. "On Mars perhaps? No, it isn't as Mars has been terraformed for around half a millennium now. And why is this pillow so stiff against my shoulders?" I continued to question my surroundings.

"Mmm…" Paige Langley moved a little as she quietly groaned in her sleep. Hearing her grumble and feeling a warm body next to mine, I looked down to see a pair of arms, my arms around her waist.

I raised my head slowly to see Paige sleeping soundly with her head on my shoulder. She looked peaceful and angelic compared to what she normally looked like when she was awake. Her reddish hair although usually stylish, was disheveled as she'd been sleeping, and she wore a pair of loose sweatpants with no shirt or bra. I stared straight into her boobs and couldn't help but bury my head deep into them before slowly sucking on her nipples.

"Mmm…Ki...xi..." Paige mumbled in her sleep, as I pulled her closer and nuzzled into her neck. "Ki…xi…please…more…" Paige pleaded urgently in her sleep. Although something else didn't feel quite right. How did Paige know my real name? To date she only knew me as Kay Blade. Further upon seeing my face on the mirror in my room, I was definitely Kixi Rajki and not Kay Blade. And what the heck was Paige doing in my apartment anyway, wasn't she currently at Vocheuhiri? Interesting although I couldn't quite put two and two together since whatever this was felt so good.

Then entered Mako from our ensuite, totally naked, I stared up at her, her body like always a total work of art as I stared at the tones on her arms and legs which looked like contours, while her fabulous boobs hung down like a pair of balloons waiting to be sucked. Mako then knelt down at the end of the bed in which both Paige and I were lying on. Pushing Paige's legs to each side to create an opening, Mako then slithered her way forward, face first and into Paige's vagina and began licking it causing Paige to further groan.

The threesome was truly on as Paige then awoke. With Mako still licking her out, I cupped both my hands on her boobs and then kissed her passionately on the lips.

"Oh! Paige! Paige! Paige! Daughter of fucking Cerberus! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes Yes! Oh fucking yes Paige!" I now also groaned as I said her name out aloud.


The rambunctious blaring of the small alarm clock jarred both Mako and me out of our sleeps, abruptly ending our dream as we both jolted up simultaneously, as I then smashed the snooze button as hard as I possibly could.

The morning of the eve of the championship deciding race of the F-Zero championship had truly arrived. Mako and I still laying in bed stared at one another. No words were needed to know that we had both just had the same dream and had just shared in the same fantasy. I slowly got up and walked over to the other side of the bed and gently kissed Mako on the forehead. Slowly I placed both palms of my hands to her cheeks and slowly moved my lips down from her forehead, down to her nose, then finally allowing my lips to touch hers and kissed her slowly. Moving back a fraction once we were done kissing, we continued to keep eye contact while I fondled with her cheeks and then lips.

“Oh don't worry Mako, I intend to make our little dream fantasy with Paige a reality. But later. My first chore for the day though, is that I have that annoying pre-race press conference. Afterwards we'll realise our little fantasy my little sweetie.”

I gave Mako a mischievous grin as I then got up and readied myself for the day ahead. I could tell by the rather confused look on Mako's face that she had no idea of the little surprise I had planned in store for us for later in the day. She would freak at the insanity of it all at first, that I was certain of, but at the same time she'd love it. But more on that later, I cut the thought away as I got myself ready with Mako promptly doing the same soon afterwards.

Celestia City was abuzz with the latest gossip. From newsagencies, to cafés, to sports bars, to chat-rooms and forums, even down to neighbours in the many suburbs and prefixes of the one big spiralling city of the endless skyscrapers were conversing. Every resident in the city was fervently explaining, or listening intently to, the biggest news that wasn't bad news to hit the mega-metropolis in quite some time. In fact the hype extended far beyond that of Celestia City. Every major city, every non major city, town or what have you on the planet would be listening or watching in, and it didn't end there. The final and deciding race of the system wide F-Zero championship was scheduled to take place soon. Given it was a system wide series, the citizens of all inhabitants throughout the cities and settlements within the Sol System would be taking a keen interest on proceedings, as well as those of nearby star systems settled and colonised by humans originally from Earth. To be exact, only one day remained until the big race in which the results would be weighing heavily on both contestants, myself coupled with my copilot Kajtia Xiz'injhürek, and the current championship leaders and defending champions Michael Vickers and his copilot Ramsey Gatehouse. The final showdown had narrowed down to basically them versus us, with everyone else just racing for individual race honours only.

The press conference..... These formal events where the media and paparazzi in particular could ask all the questions they desired, many a time finding ways to scrutinise the situation. From the very word go I knew that I would be screwed. And not in a good way. It probably wasn't one of my best of days to put it mildly. It had only been three days since I, as Kay Blade had beaten the crap out of that Jason dude and as a result received a bit of a beating myself from his rescuing friend coming to his aid. To cut a long story short, Jak Zed was not overly impressed followed the news of what had happened the very next morning. To say he was absolutely furious with me was an understatement in its entirety.

His immediate disciplinary action that followed was quick and swift, although I could thank my lucky stars as in all honesty it could have been a lot worse. Insisting that we both had a reputation to protect, he couldn't have me getting myself caught up in trouble. Not before the race where even being at my absolute best may still not be enough to win given the highly talented level of our competition. In summary Jak grounded me. I felt belittled afterwards, and like a little girl who'd just been grounded by her parents, but in effect it was the only way he could ensure that I'd keep out of trouble. So I was basically banned from doing anything other than go to work and prepare for the race and then go home, with the strict order to stay there until the next morning for until it was time to go back to work again. This had ended up being my routine, and would remain the case for until the race was over. Then he would undoubtably properly evaluate my situation, but more than likely lift my ban. Not that he could actually legitimately keep such a ban in place indefinitely anyway.

However, as a result of me being grounded so to speak, nothing Jak had said forbade me from having a house party, nor waste myself drinking in my own place of resistance. Quite frankly, I had been hungover from last night's little low key party, or probably more accurately said, small gathering of friends, and now the morning possibly still a little high when Jak had already insisted prior that I had a Press Conference at around midday the Saturday or day before the big race. I didn't need to race or go near my car until Sunday's race, since the starting grid had already been decided by the results of the previous race meeting, and although Jak and very much most others didn't recommend I get totally trashed in any way even if it were still more than a day before the race, I simply could not give a shit. Although come to think about it, I knew I would come to regret it come the press conference and all the live media. Jak Zed would further be disappointed in me, I shrugged as I walked into my shower which was already nice and warm as I had turned it on earlier letting the water run. I then immediately let go of all my thoughts. Mako who wasn't hungover and had been quietly and almost unnoticeably getting ready next to me, followed me into the shower. Oh how it felt so soothing having her wet body touch me all over. It was moments like this that I wished could simply last forever, it was when attuned in moments like this, that I simply didn't care about anything else. Absolutely nothing. This was paradise for me.

LST 11:45, CE 3016-06-16


Upon my arrival to the press conference. Kajtia and a few others from our team, were waiting for me at the entrance.

"You look a train wreck Kixi, you had another late night drinking? You know they're all gonna see it and use it as a means to bring you down." Kajtia said troubled at seeing me in the state I was in.

"Yeah well I hate the media, I don't wanna be here, I don't intend to stay her long either. I just wanna race tomorrow and that's it." I said back, my voice clearly indicating that I'd really rather still be in bed and disinterested

Walking in to the packed conference room, the media were already awaiting. Preying eyes already trained on me, I was directed along with Kajtia and my entourage to what appeared to be the centre of the large conference room where our main protagonists were already getting ready to be bombarded with questions. So here I was then, dragging my sorry arse onto the elevated table next to none other than Michael Vickers whom I sat down next to on his right. To his left already seated was his co-driver Ramsey Gatehouse, while Kajtia took up position to my right. Michael of course looked absolutely perfect since he like a normal person went to bed early and slept early. That bloody rat. I wished I could both punch him and kiss him, even if he was a man, although generally I had those nasty thoughts pass through my head when next to the presence of a nice woman whom I didn't like or I didn't know but found her attractive. Of course, the press didn't need to know any of that as no doubt they would find it disturbing to say the least. The press also definitely didn't need to know how frustrated Michael Vickers made me.

"Mr Vickers, how is the racing going?" A reporter who sounded like he was from somewhere from the North American continent asked, and Michael was all cool charm and wit that could never work on me. I both loathed and loved him for it. Curse his insufferable intelligence and his cute rat teeth. Michael gave me a look as if having heard what he said before answering. "The racing is going well, I am very used to being in a car and winning, and I have high expectations that I will be system champion again this year." I couldn't help but scoff at his confidence and the press seemed to notice this. "Ms Rajki, how about you?" A girl from Mars asked. I could tell she was from Mars, definitely from New Rome as there was no mistaking her Solan accent. It was the same as mine and I was originally from New Rome too. By impulse, I gave the blonde a short wink before answering. She a definite cutie and a perfect example of one that presently was giving me those disturbing thoughts of wanting to punch her in the face and kiss her once she was totally neutralised and at my preying mercy. I noticed Michael eye rolling from the corner of his eye too. "I'm doing rather well, thank you. Michael is just too uptight, just before midday, he probably is like this because he hasn't eaten lunch yet, this is how he usually is. Right, Michael?" The press laughed as the cheek's of the Boston man puffed out in discontent.

"Ms Rajki, what is your relationship with Mr. Vickers?" a reporter asked, I couldn't recall who since I began to panic. Maybe it was because of the fact that I was thinking about how cute Michael had looked with his cheeks puffed out when he was asked the previous question, but I ended up replying rather defensively.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" I asked, looking for the reporter who had asked the question.

"Are you honestly just rivals? Are you friends? What is it, really?" More reporters joined in to gang up on me as I began to sweat. Michael seemed to have noticed because he reached out to me.

"Alright, there, Ms Rajki?" he asked, trying to sound unconcerned but failing miserably. He still managed to appear calm and cool, curse him for his iron resolve. When I wouldn't respond, Michael stepped in like a true gentleman and took it all in stride.

"Our relationship beyond the tracks is strictly platonic" he said, devoid of any emotion and I couldn't help a sigh from escaping my lips. Although, I truly wish it weren't.

The cameras seemed to stop and everything froze as every reporter in the room turned to stare at me. Even Michael was blinking at me in shock.

"Oh shit, I had done that out loud, didn't I?" I mentally said to myself.

The room broke out in a florry of questions as I attempted to leave the room.

“Ms Rajki, does this imply that you wish to have a relationship with Mr. Vickers that extends beyond friendship?”

“Does Mr. Vickers know about this, or is this the first time you have confessed?”

“Ms Rajki, are you in a confidential relationship with Michael Vickers?”

That damned rat really liked making my life hell to better his image. Why would I fall in love with him when I found no sexual attraction with the opposite sex and secondly I already had an absolutely adorable girlfriend. What an annoying male Formula Zero racer with the face of a rat he fucking was.

Sitting down again I took in a deep breath calming myself and thoughts down. "As he already said before, our friendship is strictly platonic. And if you sticky beaks really want to know, I'm already in a intimate relationship and her name is Mako."

“Her? Sorry Ms Rajki, I don't believe that—”

"That you knew I'm a lesbian....... Well you do now. Actually you might as well make that a celesbian." I said shrugging and giggling at the same time.

To my relief, one of the reporters, this one a man from the Sajnen Confederate turned to my co-driver and to my utter relief. Choosing to not speak to her in Solan, but rather in their own native language of Züncålidiom, there was a sudden release of tension in the air as the room fell almost silent as people not familiar with the language switched on their translators. I had to hand it to Kajtia, her posture of calmness and keeping her cool in such awkward situations was a trait I could only ever dream of having. Answering his questions in detail and then those of other reporters who then casually saw Kajtia revert back to speaking in Solan, she very much saved my sorry little arse big time.

"You're co-driver is quite the talker, and a stunner Kixi Rajki." A reporter from Celestia City wasted no time asking me, clearly craving for that opportunity to direct his worthless two credits at me. Kajtia simply rolled her eyes at the young cocky reporter and made the fact obvious.

“Given Mr Vickers has beaten you to the wire in the past two years, do you think you can change that this time around and how?”

I internally groaned as I got up again to answer him. "Yeah I most certainly can change that by simply beating him." I smiled turning my head down towards Michael who was still seated to giving him a smirk and half grin. "Oh and my I ask your name mister?" I then said turning my head back up to face the reporter.

"Oh I'm John, pleased to meet you Ms Rajki," the reporter extended his right hand at me trying to be cool in front of all the cameras that were now focusing on the two of us.

Staring at him for just a moment, I smirked back at him, and not taking his hand to shake it, I started walking away but not before glazing at him directly to tell him, "Hey dude you should really change whatever perfume you're wearing cos you stink." A huge mischievous smile covered my face as I kept blinking both my eyes at him to further make him look like the idiot that he was. The shocked look on the poor reporter's face was priceless, even to my own surprise, both Michael Vickers and Ramsey Gatehouse couldn't help but chuckle at my sardonic attitude towards the reporter. Although as far as I was concerned and to be fair to at least myself, he did ask for it.

"Where are you going Ms Rajki? The press conference isn't over yet." Another reporter asked masking away the embarrassment of the reporter to whom I had just embarrassed and to his total relief.

"I've got a splitting headache, I'm just gonna walk outside for a breath of fresh air. Come to think of it, I'm going home as I need to relax and sleep. Tomorrow as you all know is gonna be a big day for me. Kajtia and team boss Jak can answer any further questions you may have for me on my behalf." I paused a moment and before anyone could speak again I firmly spoke the words, "That is all," in a high pitched voice sounding and looking like the sophisticated type.

As soon as I was eventually free of the swam of reporters that I had to fight to get through to reach the exit door of the conference room, I gracefully made like the wind before anyone could follow me to where Mako awaited me in a small secluded area.


LST 12:30, CE 3016-06-16


"Oh my dear Mako, you're here waiting for me my dear sweetheart. How lovely and thoughtful of you." I said in a deep heavy posh accent deliberately trying to be funny and knowing all too well that she would be awaiting me here all along.

"Oh yes my dear Kixi, I am here for you, yours truly like always, and my wish is your command my sweet love." Returning the sarcastic gesture by swivelling her body, arms and hands, Mako promptly replied before wrapping her arms tightly around my waist, and then slowly kissing me on my lips.

"Oh Mako, I could die in your arms right now. Oh Mako that feels sooooo ever good, being in your arms and all. Although shall we get going?" I continued putting on my deep posh accent in amusement.

"Well then yes indeed my dear Kixi, let's do get going, as my little ear hears unwanted company heading our little way." We both giggled like two little kids as we stared at one another not breaking eye contact, before darting off down the hallway and outside to an awaiting hovercar, leaving the scene with me simply no longer giving a damn at what neither the reporters nor my detractors were saying about me.

Now in her hovercar, Mako began flying us back to our apartment. I just sat there and simply couldn't help but smirk at her now that I was excited about something else.

"You're all happy and vibrant all of a sudden. The press conference reporters must have had you in psychological chains, but at least your free from them for now." Mako observantly commented.

"Well yes Mako, however it's more than just that. I want to go to Vocheuhiri and see Paige." I very much decided to drop that like a bomb.

"What? Are you kidding me around Kixi?" Mako asked alarmingly.

"No. I really wanna go. Let's leave as soon as we can." I replied calmly despite the obvious seriousness in my girlfriend's tone.

"Kixi it's at best a four hour trip to Venus, so that's eight hours up and back if you look at travelling time alone. You need to be back here for tomorrow's race." She responded analytically, and trying a tad too hard to convince me that my idea of going to Venus was ludicrous.

"I know. However on the other hand, all I'm gonna be doing now is staying at home resting. So I was thinking, we borrow Ālrai's Maelstrom cruiser, you fly while I sleep, and then we can go even if it's just for a few hours. Then we fly back, obviously you fly and I sleep again, we'll be back home easily before midnight tonight, we then both go to bed and I'll be nice and fresh for tomorrow's race anyway." I said sounding very convincing, although it's not that I needed to, because Mako knew all too well that she wasn't going to stand a chance in convincing me out of this. She then looked at me a little confused and I totally understood why, as she then proceeded to ask me the next obvious question.

“I see that that could work out, but why the hell do you want us to go to Vocheuhiri now? Wouldn't you just rather relax at home. You could just contact Paige to checkup on her progress by calling her like you've been doing since you dropped her off there. And furthermore may I add, Jak has barred you to not being allowed to go anywhere until after the race. If he finds out, you'll—”

"He won't find out." I abruptly cut in.

“Yeah but why are you so keen to go there right now when things are—”

"Cos I want us to indulge ourselves a little in well deserved pleasure." Again I cut her off mid sentence and indirectly stated my purpose.

"Sorry Kixi I'm not following you." Mako responded rather confused.

"Well Paige and I have been chatting, she's not really into men, she's just like us and all, and um well....... well Mako she wants to fuck me." Now I just cut to the chase as I could tell Mako simply wasn't getting it. However as expected, she clearly didn't seem to pleased about the last part, or the fact that another woman had the hots for me.

"But hear me out sweetie. Of course I would never fuck her or even pash with her behind your back, or in other words cheat." This was very true.

"Yes I know you wouldn't Kixi." Mako responded knowing it was indeed the case.

“Right. So how I was trying to say, since we beautiful girls like to get a feel for other attractive girls too, we made that rule that we can go ahead and explore as long as we always do it together. We've always allowed ourselves to do that haven't we Mako?”

"Yes Kixi we have, so your suggesting for us to go to Vocheuhiri the day before the race of your life to have a threesome with Paige?" Mako said seeking clarification on something that she already knew was the case anyway.

"That's precisely what I'm proposing." I answered smiling, my confidence growing ever so greater.

"You're totally out of your freaking mind Kixi. Although I would love the adventure of a threesome with Paige right now, why can't this wait until after the race?" A tinge of doubt began to seep into Mako again.

"Because I just need to get my mind off things. To be honest, the pressure is building up. It's really getting to me and starting to effect me. This will be the ultimate way to just forget about everything and be totally rejuvenated for tomorrow." If there was going to be any further shadow of a doubt in Mako, was now the time to convince her otherwise.

"Okay but how do we convince Ālrai to lend us his ship, and what if Jak checks up on you and finds out that you're not at our apartment like you're supposed to be? And out of all places, at Vocheuhiri! He'll fuck you up nice and hard Kixi, you do realise that don't you?" Mako asked expecting me to reply affirmatively.

"Ah my sweet little Mako, that's where I've already sorted things out." I smiled deviously.

“What do you mean?”

“He already knows.”

"You mean you already discussed it with him and had planned this all along?" Mako now asked a little bemused.


"And you're telling me now?" Mako said suddenly a little irritated at me.

“I wanted to keep it as a little surprise to you, plus I figured if I told you earlier that you might have freaked out too.”

"Ah hem." Mako sighed.

"So you're all good with this Mako? I asked still not too sure of what Mako was thinking now, having seen her expressions swing a little too much.

“I'm definitely in, and it's not like I have a choice in the matter, as like always you've already made up your mind. But yeah, I'll go along with your totally insane idea, as come to think about it, I wouldn't mind sexually testing out Paige Langley too.”

"Excellent. Then that's all sorted then. Ālrai's already waiting for us at our apartment. We'll go from there with his hovercar to the spaceport. He will actually take us there is what I mean. We turn our microchips off and spoof them so if Jak decides to check on me in particular, he'll see that we're still in my apartment like we're supposed to be. He won't suspect a thing either to wanna check up properly. He doesn't think that I'd ever be crazy enough to pull such a crazy stunt like this just before the race." I grinned now very certain of myself, fully having gained in confidence.

“Clearly he's got you wrong. You better know what you're doing is all I got to say Kixi, cos if you screw up, you'll have more to worry about than Jak finding out that we went to Vocheuhiri the day before the race.”

“Haha don't worry, nothing will go wrong. Trust me sweetheart.”

"Yes and that's what worries me. When someone says to trust them and are up to shifty business." Mako said as we finally ended the conversation.

We arrived at our apartment and as anticipated, Ālrai was already there. From there we were quick as before we knew it, Mako and I were on our way to Vocheuhiri to begin our cunning adventure.

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