KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


35. One thing leads to another - Part 6 : Taking a turn for the worse.

Chapter 25 : One thing leads to another - Part 6 : Taking a turn for the worse.


LST 14:00, CE 3016-08-04.


A raw ache echoed in my skull when I pried my eyes open. Panic settled into my stomach as I recalled what happened last time I was conscious. Gritting my teeth, I tried sitting up to assess my surroundings and groaned, immediately regretting that decision. I decided to observe the area from what I presumed to be the floor. The cement underneath my back cooled the exposed skin on my arms and shoulders.

I lifted my hand to the side of my head feeling something tacky coat the skin above my ear— blood. Why wasn't I dead? I certainly was more than uncooperative enough to piss off my assailants to earn a bullet in my head. Perhaps he had shot me after all and this is what death felt like— a cold, empty, and painfully eternal existence. I decided against that presumption though, after the pounding in my head increased. Pain is a sign of life, the body's way of alerting you of an injury.

The air smelt familiar— like earth, sawdust, and sweat. Metal girders lined the ceiling of the dark room, supporting the hollowed out rock ceiling. The top of a bunk bed caught my eye and I carefully turned my head in disbelief. It looked like one of dormitories at one of the several secret Arjian bases scattered all around the Sol System, I mused, even though I knew that that was impossible. The room looked disheveled, as if someone hastily moved the furniture about, leaving behind bits of paper, cloth, and dust. Two bunk beds remained in the room, one just an arms length away from me, and another about ten feet away.

"Welcome back to the land of the living, Kixi. You haven't moved all day, like a stiff pancake," a gravelly voice called from across the room. Hesitantly I lifted my head to find who the voice belonged to. Sitting on the bunk further away, was a man I didn't recognise at all, but dressed in all his glory in what was clearly some sort of formal military style uniform. Well almost all his glory, as his smooth brown hair was caked with blood, and a large gash marred his forehead from hairline to eyebrow. His arms and legs were discoloured with large bruises and he seemed to be nursing a sore shoulder. I had no idea who he was, but the arrogant sneer that seemed permanently etched in his features was on full display.

My eyes shifted to the object in his lap. A gun. Why did these arseholes always have to have guns. Now more than ever before I was tempted to just yank it off him using the invisible grip of my telekinetic powers, and then kill him along with the rest of these creeps. However that wasn't going to solve the problem in finding out who exactly these pretend Resistance wannabes were, or precisely what they needed my precious body for.

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously at the man who remained completely uninterested in my appraisal of our surroundings, and more interested in the weapon on his lap. Deciding he wasn't going to attack me at the moment, I took my eyes off him to assess my injuries. I took my time getting off the floor using the bunk bed behind me to assist my endeavour. Groaning and gasping, I managed to seat myself on the bottom bunk, and decided I was satisfied enough with that position for the time being.

"My head henchman really made a mark on you. Several to be exact," he smirked to himself, "but don't worry, I think it brings out your eyes." I ignored his remark and began inspecting my injuries.

The tight shirt I had been wearing was removed while I had been unconscious. Angry red lines were left behind on my pale skin where the seams of my shirt were sewn together. Those were probably from pressure and dehydration, and weren't as big of an issue as the soreness that throbbed in my shoulder, the one that had yet to heal properly from a prior injury. I could feel my heart beat in my shoulder, as my body tried to mend the wound. Perhaps I could find something to wash it out before I tore off a strip of a bed sheet to make a makeshift bandage. Several other minor scrapes and scratches decorated my arm, some with congealed blood surrounding them, others with lymph trickling out.

I folded my arms across my chest, eyeing the weapon in the uniformed man's lap, and glared at him totally unamused before I decided to finally speak. "Why am I here, whoever you are?" I snapped. "I have nothing to do with Skycom or Skysec. I just race cars for a living."

“Used to now." his eyes finally met mine. "Soon your body will be occupied by a new consciousness, and you long dead replaced by someone else identical to you, with all your memories who will resume your illustrious career, while no one else will ever even know that you're really someone else.”

“That's not even possible, which means in the end you're just gonna kill an innocent being for no damn reason.”

"Oh so you think you have all the answers?" He questioned back in the same heated tone, raising his uninjured eyebrow. "Perhaps I'll be a little more specific then," he raised the gun in his lap and pointed it at my chest.

“We want you're body in order to replicate it.”

"In other words clone me?" I said butting in.

“Yes, but it's more than just that. Its pioneering technology. My sister, she deserves a glamorous career like yours. If it works, we'll transfer her consciousness to a body that's an exact copy of yours, and she can resume your life as she'll still have her own memories, but also have all your memories and essentially be you. I'm sure it doesn't take an Einstein to work out why the reason to than have to kill you afterwards....”

“You have one sick vivid imagination, that is doomed to fail. Clone or not, people very close to me will know it's not really—”

“You?" The uniformed man said finishing off what I was going to say for me. "Well we'll have that all covered of course. We'll simply kill your fucking dumb girlfriend after we rape her before your very eyes, since my sister is no cock dodger, and two given you two are intimate, she'll know my sister isn't the real Kixi Rajki. But don't feel too hasty, we'll reunite you with your soon to be dead girlfriend soon after by killing you too. And like I said before, the great thing is, no one will know your dead cos my sister will be you, and well as for your girlfriend – an unfortunate accident will occur.”

“You're all such low lives you know. This is not anything the Resistance you speak of would actually approve of. None of you are Resistance, you're all worse than fucking Skycom!" I shouted back grabbing the metal pole connecting the two bunks to support myself, and not caring of the fact that the man still had a gun. "I'm just an everyday innocent woman, after all.”

“Oh yes, those words coming straight from a Skycom sympathiser. I will assure you though, that the new Kixi Rajki will not be, and we both know that is the biggest understatement of the century. You're more than just an average citizen. You're an ace race car driver, with a glamorous career, with fame to go with it." The man replied, lowering the gun slightly ignoring the fact that I had the metal pole in my hands. "Besides, you're not innocent as you claim. Secretly you collaborate with those villainous tyrannical Skycom scumbags. Oh yes the Resistance will approve of this." The man let out a frustrated sigh. "Since when were Skysec agents so sarcastic?”

"You've got it all wrong!" I protested stomping my foot and slamming the pole hard on the cold floor in protest. None of us spoke for about thirty seconds, listening to the clanging echoing sounds that the slamming of metal on metal had made, as the pole finally came to rest on the opposite side of the bunk bed.

"Your protests are futile young lady, and there is no point lying about your connections with Skycom." He exchanged the gun to his left hand to wipe a sweaty palm on the bed sheet before returning it to his right. "Turns out that Arjian greats like Kay Blade aren't fond of Skycom boot lickers or sympathisers." He replied, shadows reflecting across his angelic face.

By now I had had enough of the bullshit. "You know I should really beat the shit out of you?" I sneered standing up to meet him, refusing to shrink away. "I think you are a coward, and a definite liar. You see you can't be part of the Arjian Resistance Cell, nor can you know Kay Blade, cos simply put, I am fucking Kay Blade!" I snarled angrily, but did not at any point consider using my NFV to actually change my face to that of my alter ego.

The man as expected, didn't believe me, bursting out into a wild laughter. "That is where you're an idiot Kixi. How can you be Kay Blade. For starters you don't even look like her, and secondly she's a valiant warrior unlike you, who is full of nothing but cowardice. You'll try and say anything, even the most ludicrous bullshit to try and get out of this mess. And now I believe we're spoken enough of this nonsense. Before your fate is sealed, I have a little surprise for you. A gift." He said flashing me a white smile.

"And what would that be?" I said rolling my eyes.

“The gift of my fucking dick being the first one ever buried inside of your little lesbian cunt you whore. I'm gonna rape you hard and ensure you have experienced what real sex with a man is like before you breathe your final breaths.”

"What! You even try that and I'll use that gun of yours to sizzle a laser bolt into your villainous brain." Something seemed to stir within him at my statement and for a second he looked hurt, but the expression was replaced with a smirk. It happened so quickly, it could probably just have been a trick of the light.

He was inches from my face now, close enough that I could see a mural of blue and gold in his green eyes— obviously too close for comfort. We continued to stare at each other, silently fighting for dominance. I could see his gun pressed to his side, in my peripheral vision and knew this could be my one chance at escaping.

Without breaking eye contact, I lifted my foot back and kicked him in the shin, satisfied when I heard an involuntary groan escape his lips. I twisted my body and tried to duck around the man, but my injuries slowed me down. A hand enclosed itself around my neck, and I fell backwards onto the bottom bunk I had previously perched on. The man's grip on my neck did not loosen when my back hit the mattress and he had me trapped under his weight. I was clawing desperately at his hand, trying to pry it from my throat. The edges of my vision starting to fade as my body searched for oxygen. His grip on my neck loosened, but the barrel of his gun dug into my temple.

"You little fucking shit Kixi. I so can't wait to squeeze a blaster bolt into your pretty brain," the man whispered, his hot breath tickling my ear causing an involuntary shiver to erupt through my body. Then, after an agonising minute of his crushing weight on my weak body, he finally sat up, his gun aimed at my chest.

"It's time that you finally submit to my needs you good for nothing little scumbag." Before I could even register a response or reaction, I felt the impact of the blaster bolt hit my chest, causing my body to spasmodically jolt as a result. The gun had deliberately been set to stun mode, and as an immediate consequence I felt my torso go numb, barely able to move any of my limbs nor my head as I slumped back down on the bunk bed. The man had deliberately set his blaster on the lowest possible stun level. It didn't require a genius to figure out his reasoning behind doing that either. For the time being, he wanted me immobilised, yet still very alert and conscious, so that I would feel his every bit of flesh and bone whilst he raped me.

My eyes blinked in and out for several minutes before my eyelids fluttered wide open again near a brightly lit light. The man had grabbed me and then dragged me into another room which was nearly empty. By the time the effect of the numbness paralysis had worn off from my now ailing body, I found myself slumped against the wall, but when I tried to get up, pain dug into my wrists. I looked down to find that metal shackles were secured around my wrist and connected to the wall behind me. I stared at them for a moment, trying to work out how they got there, then realised that he must of put me here in preparation for his sexual assault on me in the few minutes that I was out. I pulled as hard as I could, but all I achieved was hurting myself as the metal cut into my skin.

“Stop that." A voice said from the opposite wall. The voice made me jump and sent a shiver down my spine, but I couldn't place it. "You're going to hurt yourself.”

"Let me go!" I demanded, pulling at the chains once again in a pointless effort to break free. I realised now that I was in serious trouble. I had prolonged for too long with playing my charade. When I had said I was Kay Blade, I should have changed my facial image into hers, and then taken out the horrible man that now was on the verge of not just raping me, but killing me. Desperately I thought on how I could break free, desperately as I felt helpless and more vulnerable than I had ever felt before.

"I said stop it!" The man's voice snapped. I squinted as my eyes finally had adjusted to the light and made out the figure of the same uniformed man who stood leaning against the wall.

"Look dude, I know for a fact that you're not from the Resistance, but if you wanna join it, let me go and I can organise a meeting for you with its leader. Just release me dammit, I'm no longer playing your stupid game!" I demanded.

“My stupid game? Oh hang on, I forgot, you think your Kay Bade who knows everyone in the Resistance. Nice try bitch." He said in a voice where I could practically hear the smirk in his tone. "Just give up with your ludicrous claim that you're Kay Blade. Even if you looked like her, as if anyone would ever believe some dumb arse weakling like you could be her.”

"I am her! When I told your cronies that I had powerful friends, I was referring to the Arjian Resistance and not Skycom. If you hurt me, you'll pay dearly. Fuck! Fuck!" I desperately pleaded.

“Oh yes we had a good laugh over that. We all know you really meant Skycom, but don't worry, they won't be interfering as they wont even know that you'll be dead once we clone you and transfer my sister's consciousness to it and kill you. Now shut the fuck up cos I want to indulge myself with your pretty body. Oh and you shouldn't feel so bad, at least before you die, you'll get to experience something that you've always denied yourself, and get to feel how good real sex is like.”

Just the gross thought of him, a male, having sex with me, even if it were willingly gave me a sickening feeling.

"Pe... please d... don't." I began shaking, my eyes wide opened in fear. "I don't want you!" I said.

"You don't really have a choice in that now, do you?" The man said. He had moved closer towards me now, and I could see the sick smile plastered on his face.

"You can't do this!" I said, "This is crazy... I don't even know your name. I'm really not who you think I am. I hate Skycom, Atul's government, the lot of them, really it's the truth. Please don't do this to me." I said almost in tears.

"I'm past caring about any of that Kixi. Even if you don't have anything to do with Skycom, my sister deserves a better life and you're the perfect candidate to use in her fulfilling her dreams. Oh and the name's Peter by the way." The man said to me, a battered expression evident across his face as he spoke and shrugged at the same time.

“Look Peter, please." I said, "Just let me go. There has to be another way. I can, like I said hook you up with the real Arjian Resistance. I won't even tell anyone about this, meaning we can forget about all of this little misunderstanding. No one has to know, just please...”

A twisted laugh escaped from his lips, his eyes shining as he looked at me, "God, you're so hot when you beg."

My eyes widened in fear as he stepped towards me, crouching down so he sat beside me - his face inches from mine. "Now, apart from not being able to help my sister, where would be the fun in letting you go?"

"Please have a little dignity. I fucked up. I let you capture me so I could see who you are, as being Kay Blade of the Arjian Resistance I knew you were lying. Now I've played along too much and you've cornered me. I can't get out, so I'm asking you to do the right thing and to not rape me. Please Peter.." I whimpered, my attempts at hiding my fear going out of the window as I felt his hand sliding up my bare leg.

“You still insisting you're Kay Blade. Right, now that's gotta be the biggest joke of the century. You, a stupid ignorant spoilt little brat. And as if the real Kay Blade couldn't have gotten away from my clutches, or really would have allowed her to get captured. Nope, you can cry and beg all you want Kixi slut face, but I'm gonna do something that I always have been wanting to do from the moment I first heard of you. I've been actually wanting to do this a long time now," Peter said, "Now before I kill you I finally can.”

"Peter... no..." I wriggled, trying to get away from him. It only made his smile grow larger. His hand snaked up my thigh and under the hem of my shorts, reaching the hem of my lacy underwear.

“And now," He whispered in my ear, "You don't have a choice.”

In a second, my underwear were gone, discarded on the floor beside me. I squirmed as Peter's finger brushed against my entrance - slowly, a touch that was barely there. He kept his hand lingering there as he used the other to unzip my shorts. My fabric slid off of my body, leaving me bare except for my lacy black and pink bra. Peter made short work of removing this last piece of my clothing, and he moved back, sending an admiring look over my body.

“You're quite the woman, Kixi. By far the most attractive race car driver I've ever met, and I'm honoured in being the first man in having the privilege to fuck you nice and hard." He said, ignoring the glare I sent him. "It's a shame, that I won't be able to do this with your soon to be created clone that will have my sister's consciousness in it, thus not ever seeing you like again moving forward.”

"I'm not interested in men, and I have standards, Peter." I snapped, but that only made him laugh more.

“Standards." He echoed, "You're just a frigid little bitch, aren't you? Well, my little Kixi, I'm afraid your days as a cock dodger are over, as well as your right to continue breathing once we're done cloning you.”

I screamed as he shoved his finger into me with no warning. He pushed it in as far as he could, grabbing my hip with his free hand and pulling me even closer to him. Then he pulled his finger out torturously slowly - the polar opposite of the sudden, fast entrance. It was almost out all of the way, when a smirk crossed his face, and he thrust it back inside of me with a speed to match the first time.

"Now, doesn't this feel good?" He asked me.

"Please..." I whimpered, feeling a tear trickling down my cheek.

"Please, what, Kixi?" Peter asked, starting to pull his finger out again oh so slowly.

"Please stop." I said. He froze, his finger half inside of me.

“Stop? Now?" He asked, "I don't think that would be such a good idea. Plus you've done this fingering shit thousands of times with your little slutty girlfriend before. I know you like it bitch.”

"Peter." I whimpered.

“Changed your mind?" He asked, the smirk reappearing, "I knew you'd come round. I knew you'd like it eventually.”

I couldn't protest at his remark, because another scream escaped my lips as he thrust his finger all the way in. He began moving it back and forth, slowly at first, but getting faster and faster, harder and harder. More tears were streaming down my cheeks, but this only seemed to make Peter enjoy it more.

He stopped his thrusting, leaving his finger all the way inside of me. It remained still as he looked at me, the smile still in place. His head moved down towards my exposed chest, and his tongue flicked out to lick my left nipple. He did this a few times before nipping with his teeth. I cried out, trying to get away from him as he nipped it again, and then licked the pain away. He did this a few more times, bringing his free hand, the one that wasn't stuck inside my vagina, up to cup my breast. Then, he put my whole nipple in his mouth, sucking gently at first and then more forcefully. When he was done with that, he repeated the whole process with my right breast, ignoring my tears and protests.

His lips trailed higher, his teeth grazing against my neck. In a second, his lips were crushing against mine in a forceful kiss. I tried to pull away, put he was holding my head in place, rendering my escape attempts useless. Removing his lips from mine, he moved towards my ear, his voice barely more than a whisper, "You might want to stay still for this, my little Kixi."

A sharp pain erupted from my vagina as he pushed another finger into me, joining the first. He pushed it in slowly, painfully as I felt my opening being stretched. I cried out in pain, wriggling beneath him, which only made it hurt more. Peter made a tut tut sound, "I told you not to move Kixi. It will only make it more painful for you, and more enjoyable for me."

I kept crying as the second finger slid all the way in. Now with two fingers inside of me, Peter twisted them around, turning and spinning them. I whimpered, wanting nothing more than for this to end. "Please... Peter, stop... please."

“You can't tell me you're not enjoying this." Peter said. I shook my head in response. "If you don't like it, then why are you so wet?”

Another tear slid down my cheek. Peter pulled his fingers out of me, all the way this time. Lifting them up, he smirked at his glistening fingers. He put them into his mouth, sucking them. "Fuck, you taste good."

His head was no longer near mine as he travelled down to my vagina. His tongue flicked out, trailing my entrance in a slow line. He slid his tongue inside of me, pausing part of the way in, lifting his gaze to meet my tearful one. He slid his tongue the rest of the way in, flicking it around inside of me. After a minute, he pulled out and moved his head back up my body, pausing for a moment to nip at each of my breasts, before finding my lips again.

"That's enough foreplay." Peter said standing up. He took his shirt off in one fluid movement, his pants not far behind. He slid down his boxers and his erection sprung forth. I shrank back. If he thought he was putting that inside of me, he had another thing coming.

"If you put that near me, I'll snap it off." I threatened.

Peter laughed, "And how, my little Kixi cry baby, do you plan on doing that?"

“Look dude, I told you before already. I know you're not really from the Arjian Resistance, nor have you got ties to it, nor do any of you know Kay Blade for I am her. Back off now or I will kill you.”

"You're gonna kill me? You Kixi Rajki out of all people? I'll beat you to a pulp like my men did earlier on if you even try and resist me. Ah life is so easy for you." He burst out into a menacing laughter.

"No for real, you're a fucking liar and a coward." I defiantly snapped back, only to receive a slap to my face for talking back at him, causing blood to come out of my now cracked lips.

"You should just shut your fucking mouth." He yelled back, pulling me down sharply so that I was lying flat against the cold hard floor. He laid down on top of me, his weight crushing. I screamed and protested as he lined the tip of his cock up with my entrance, but it only made his twisted grin grow larger.

My eyes now grew even wider in fear. However strangely enough it wasn't for the fear of dying. No, I had been closer to death many a time before this. This was very different. Instead the fear of being made to give into his sexual demands vividly entered my mind. He was within seconds of raping me, and within those few seconds, I felt my darkest fears from within me turn to hate. I felt a power far greater than I had ever felt through fuelling my hate towards Cerberus. Without even using my hands which were still in shackles behind my back, I felt what were like invisible hands by my side. I projected my thoughts of my hands forward, extending them towards his neck, wrapping them tightly in a tight invisible grip, inevitably causing him to stagger back a step. His hand automatically reached for his throat.

Peter began to gag now as his throat, as if in the grip of invisible talons, began to constrict. Peter's face was hideously contorted as he fought for what would have been one final breath of air. With a fit of rage, I broke my hands free from the shackles that had been binding them behind my back, letting go of my telekinetic grip on his throat, stopping short of killing him. With a quick swift forward movement of my now free right arm and hand, I subsequently sent a telekinetic push straight at him, sending him hurtling backwards across the room, where then he dropped into a heap on the floor.

I immediately sprung to my feet extending my other hand, and using telekinesis to pull the metal pole from the bunk bed that I had removed earlier and thrown to the ground, I allowed it to graceful fling towards me, where I then caught it with my right hand.

Immediately after that, the expression on Peter's face was nothing short of priceless. He stared at me, bamboozled, not knowing whether to believe what he was seeing. My face, it practically absorbed itself into my skin, my NFV doing its shape shifting abilities as it took root across my entire facial features. Still stunned, he did not sought cover, but watched in amazement as my head buckled in a momentary pain, and the facial image of me as Kixi Rajki slowly losing its humanoid form. It appeared to melt into a gelatinous puddle, but did not spill itself off my body and onto the floor, but rather reformed itself into another face within a matter of seconds, that of Kay Blade, my alter ego.

He looked at me in astonishment. "What the... Fu... Fuck? You're face just changed. You look like... like her." Came the hushed cry that momentarily filled the room.

“That's cos I am her, Kay Blade you fucking moron. How do you think I knew all you idiots were lying from the very beginning.”

“This must be a trick, an illusionary trick! How can... this even... be—”

"You are clumsy as you are stupid!" I retorted not allowing Peter to finish.

Yet amazingly enough, due to the man kidding himself and not wanting to believe his eyes, he regained his composure and confidence, getting up back on his feet to stand his ground.

"And they thought placing you in a room with me would make me behave?" He then began to sneer at me angrily. "Kay Blade or not, I disarmed you, and so did my men. I or we could easily do it again," he threatened. "Injured or not," he further added for good measure. "It won't happen again," he narrowed his eyes.

Despite my injured state, we both knew he would be bluffing if he thought he could take me down again. Even now that I had clearly demonstrated that I could take him out with a telekinetic blow, my wounded shoulder would make little difference, as would his blaster if he could manage to get to it, which lay on the floor about a metre to his right, due to him dropping it when I had thrown him across the room with my invisible hand.

"You just tried to rape me, and your friends intend to do what again, take my body to transfer someone else's consciousness to it, kill me and take over my life. Whatever this technology is, show it to me. It needs to be destroyed." I said ignoring his now futile threats.

"Go to fucking hell! I can't fucking believe you Kixi Rajki out of all people are Kay Blade. If you harm me, well I know your secret now." Peter countered, now making new threats of his own.

"Yeah, well dead men don't particularly speak." I said tapping the metal rod with my other hand not prepared to play anymore games with him.

"You don't have the fucking guts Kixi Rajki!" Came the expected almost childish like comeback.

“Oh I do, I'm Kay Blade too, remember." I said smiling, as Peter began gulping in fear and I began to enjoy the sudden turn of tables. "However if you help me though, I promise that I'll let you live.”

"Okay, okay, I'll take you there. It's not far from here." Peter said now appearing himself to be begging, finally accepting of the fact that I was who I was, and that he stood no chance against me. "We can even walk to it without any of my men seeing us as it's just down the corridor from here.

“Very good Peter, that's what I like about you, you're always thinking about what's good for you." I said now belittling him as I tapped the tip of the metal rod onto my free hand. "Now start moving." I motioned, menacing him with the rod. "Any funny business, given what you just tried to do to me, I'll fucking beat you to a pulp.”

Not speaking a word, I could sense Peter trying so hard to cast away his fears as he lead me to another room, that was, after I put back on whatever was left of my clothes. The other room as he promised, was only several metres away, with not another soul present. The corridor was brightly lit, a noticeable contrast next to the dimly lit room we had just exited, but as my eyes adjusted, I found the light strangely comfortable. We passed several windows which allowed me to peep on what had to be the lower levels, although I had no idea exactly what level we were on, or if we were even aboveground to begin with. I could see others busy in the areas below, but thankfully we had the upper ground, and the likely hood of any of them spotting us was next to nothing. My heals clicked and clacked on the floor as I spun the metal rod in my hand several times while walking behind him. Normally after changing into Kay Blade I would pull my hair back, however on this occasion I hadn't bothered. As a result, the loose strands from my bangs, caused me to annoyingly wipe my forehead several times, as I cleared my vision from my own annoying hair.

We moved quickly. I was struck by how clean this place was, given the nature of my abductors. Surprisingly enough, everything appeared to be polished and shining and smooth. Before I knew it, we were at the front door of the room that held the alleged equipment that I sought to destroy.

Peter went in first, however I initially half entered through the now open door, choosing to be pre-cautious of any possible traps waiting in lure. There were none that I could observe or detect. This indeed was exactly what Peter had promised he would take me to. My eyes wondered outward, as far as they could see, left then right, then up and down. Racks holding glass spheres stretched across the large room. Each sphere was suspended in fluid, however contained nothing.

"The cloning equipment," I stated more than asked as I stepped fully through the door.

"Yes, obviously," Peter replied.

"Very impressive. How many are there?" I asked.

“Just these, what you see before your very eyes. All this is sophisticated equipment of course. Through techniques derived from some of the best scientists we managed to find, with our accelerated growth methods, we expect a survival rate of over ninety percent.”

Peter's boast echoed ominously in my thoughts, even if I could sense a tinge of sadness in his voice, knowing that I'd come here to totally destroy this place. I continued to stare at the closest sphere, a chill ran down my spine at the thought of a copy of me being grown in one of them.

He shuddered, looking up at me, saddened eyes more than obvious. "Come, there is more," he bade me to walk along a smaller corridor from within the same room with him.

I reflexively looked at the shining white walls of the room, almost expecting to see mirrors there. I was very surprised as to how these thugs had managed to even get a place like this so clean, let alone the funds to even have such advanced equipment in their possession and operational. It made me wonder if there was an even bigger player or players much higher up than these criminals, that were behind all this and funding this very ambitious project.

“Here is the experimental consciousness lab," Peter's voice snapped me out of my thoughts as we arrived at another smaller but isolated area of the room. "Here with the aid of sleep deprivation, hallucinogens, and all this fancy tech, consciousness can be transferred. Or at least we hoped it would be from one body to another.”

I narrowed my eyes as I listened to Peter's explanation, but at the same time carefully analysed my surroundings. As my eyes gazed upon a metal examining table at the back of the room, I felt disgusted and sickened in knowing that these bunch of criminals were going to transfer the consciousness of Peter's sister, whoever the heck she was, into an exact clone or look alike of me, and then kill me, and have the clone seemingly resume my life.

This part of the laboratory was different than what I originally had imagined. I was expecting a place where nasty experiments were to take place or have been taking place. Yet it was absolutely nothing like I had expected.

Like the rest of the place, it was clean like a hospital instead of a dirty hideout, the walls in this section of the room covered with white tiles. However the sight of dissected animals soundlessly floating in some kind of liquid didn't quite agree with me. I couldn't find any bodies hanging from the ceiling, or cells holding wailing captives. Nor could I see any blood stains in the room. It was spotless. Perhaps the clones were supposed to be the subjects of eventual experimentation – clones of me. A rather chilling and disturbing thought. Nonetheless, I could still smell the faint, metallic scent of the crimson red liquid. My eyes drifted to the left part of the room, where the smell was the strongest and I spotted a large freezer next to the wall.

A half smile appeared on my face as I followed Peter's gaze. He slowly walked to the freezer and opened it to reveal hundreds, maybe even a thousand, neatly labeled small vials containing the aforementioned red essence. "Blood samples, mostly from volunteers from people in our ranks, the rest from other legitimate sources. I promise you no one was killed to obtain any of these samples."

I nodded at the explanation, however, I didn't know exactly why. The hair on the lower part of the back of my head near my neck, had been on high alert ever since I had set foot into the lab, and despite it really looking like an extraordinary facility in its own right, it unnerved me like nothing else before. This wasn't good. Either way this place was the reason why I had been abducted, and the place where questionable experiments were to have taken place at the expense of my life. This place had to be destroyed, there was no questioning about it.

Walking out of that part of the room, and stepping back into the seemingly large part of the chamber where the cloning equipment was, we were greeted by the sole person present, a female scientist who appeared to be perhaps in her mid 40s. She wore a typical white laboratory coat at knee length, commonly worn by professionals involved in scientific laboratory work. It covered her underneath clothing serving as a simple uniform, exposing only her facial features, her brunette braided medium styled hair, her hands, and her brown medium cut boots. Beneath her garment made from white cotton polyester, probably lay an attractive woman, beckoning the question why she would stoop to such low levels working for the present scum.

"Peter." She greeted as she raised an eyebrow at my surprised present.

Not even waiting for Peter to give her an informal introduction of me, I cut straight to the chase. "Yes I am her, Kay Blade, and also the same woman Kixi Rajki, that his group of thugs kidnapped, so you can use all that wonderful equipment of yours to experiment on me and ultimately kill me." I said in a semi sarcastic tone of voice.

“What in the name of… but how?” The female scientist's expression quickly went from surprised to shocked.

“You idiots fucked up. But yes me, the F-Zero race driver is the powerful Kay Blade, hence I knew from the very beginning that you were not Arjian Resistance. I allowed his thugs to capture me so I could find out who you were and what you wanted.”

"But your face—" The scientist cut her own speech off, mouth wide open as she stared in utter disbelief, witnessing my entire face turn into a momentary gelatinous liquid, as it shape shifted back into its original state.

"Fuck! You really are Kixi Rajki! How in the world did you do that?" The scientist said curious even though still somewhat shocked.

"It's called a Nanotech Facial Veil. It's a piece of technology from the Sajnen Confederate. Basically put, I have thousands upon thousands of tiny nanites implanted inside my skin, which allows me to totally change the image of my facial appearance at any time. It was obviously developed in secret, meaning Skycom is not aware of its existence, just like with whatever it is that you're conducting here." I emphasised the last point menacing, taking an a angry breath in and out as I raised the metal rod that I was still holding at her.

“I guess you are gonna kill us now that we’ve seen your real identity?” The scientist said taking a step back gulping.

“Not quite. Allow me to destroy these so called transfer of consciousness and cloning facilities, and ensue that they are permanently destroyed.” I said as I sensed a hint of hesitation from Peter who stood speechless to me right.

"If given a choice, I don't want to kill either of you, even despite you trying to rape me Peter." I said turning my head from side to side, shifting my gaze over both Peter and the scientist.

“There are real Arjian contacts not far from here. I will tell you how and where to find them, so you can hand yourselves in to them. But first you must help me destroy all the equipment and facilities here.” I said now sensing the hesitation in both of them.

“Its either that and you get to live, or you'll both leave me with no choice but to permanently silence the both of you. The choice is yours.” I finished off crudely.

"Okay! Okay!" The scientist immediately conceded to my threat.

"Good. Now given what we have available to us at the moment, what is the quickest way to ensure everything is wiped out?" I asked intuitively, despite already having noticed what I was sure was a small Non nuclear electromagnetic pulse or NNEMP generator. The weapon which was almost concealed by the fact that it was surrounded by a scrap heap, would be the perfect tool to effectively and efficiently destroy everything here – and both Peter and the scientist were trying ever so hard to hide the weapon's existence.

"We could smash each piece of equipment one by one with metal rods such as the one that you are holding, or better still, if you allow me to go get my blaster back, or even get some more powerful weapons, we could flatten this place easily." Peter suggested, clearly more eager on getting his weapons than to actually destroy the place.

“Yeah nice try Peter. Do you really think I'm that stupid to allow you to put any weapons in your hand? And I saw the NNEMP generator in the corner over there. The one you so much were hoping I wouldn't notice. We'll use that to destroy this place thank you very much.”

“But if you fire that, the EMP blast will take out the whole hideout and furthermore it will—”

"The alternative is that I kill you here and now Peter. Now which will it be?" I snapped cutting in harshly.

"Fine if you put it like that." Peter responded knowing better than to argue with me.

“Excellent. Now both of you, go over there to that scrap pile and bring that generator over here. A burst from where we're standing now will be in the perfect spot to take out everything.”

The two did as they were told, despite their total reluctance to do so. The continuous use of threats ensured that the NNEMP generator was brought to where I needed it within minutes. Then, within several more minutes after that, with the use of more menacing persuasive tactics, the female scientist got the weapon online, as I observed the totally priceless looks of the saddened expressions on their faces.

Although by the time the EMP was ready and primed, I started having second thoughts. There were so many things that could go wrong, and every one of the possibilities went through my mind. With this type of EMP, it was the type of a non nuclear electromagnetic pulse, thus the abbreviated use of the name NNEMP. Although I still wondered how a bunch of thugs such as this group had managed to get their hands on one of these as they weren't exactly readily available, even on that black market. In a nutshell, NNENPs generated electromagnetic pulses without the use of nuclear technology. In the case of an NNEMP, the electromagnetic pulse came from within the actual weapon, rather than a secondary effect from a nuclear blast. Given the obvious fact that an NNEMP wouldn't have the destructive power of a nuclear blast, the EMP range of such a weapon were far more limited. Although they did allow for a finer target discrimination. Perfect for the given scenario, making the use of an EMP the best option in terms of ensuring that all equipment in this large chamber were obliterated, without any, or at least very limited reaching effects on anything in the vicinity of this hideout. Thus I quickly blanked out any further thoughts of concern regarding the use of the weapon.

"We're going to have to do this quickly." I warned the two in the room. "As its only a matter of time before your buddies find that I'm missing and start searching the place, and we wouldn't want that to happen. Not at least until this place is destroyed." I said, my tone of voice making it more than apparent that I wouldn't be tolerating any deception or funny business from them. "Once you have the reactor safely locked inside, set of the EMP. Don't waste anytime, we need to pull this off quickly." I concluded expressionlessly at the female scientist.

"The reactor's already ready. I've done it so let's get this done already." The scientist said, a downcast expression defining her entire being, as she kept her thumb over the manual activation for the EMP weapon.

“Great." I said deliberately ignoring any of their feelings. "Count of three." I announced. "One, two, three, set it off.”

The scientist pressed the button which quite undramatically set off the pulse. The light above us flickered off, but I was prepared for any opportunities that either Peter or the female scientist might have tried in terms of taking me down. By using a weak telekinetic push to safety throw Peter against a corner wall behind where the NNEMP generator was sitting, he exhaled heavily as his breath was knocked out of him as he hit the concrete wall behind us causing a minor thud. Almost in a simultaneous reaction, I then grabbed the scientist by the back of the neck, throwing her over in the same spot Peter had landed in.

I had been so concentrated in ensuring that my now former assailant and his scientist were held at bay, that there had been no sign that anything had happened at all. Although as I turned around and looked around me, I immediately realised the surrounding darkness. However it wasn't total darkness. The expected flickering soon followed, strobe like flashes of bright white light casting things in relief, never allowing my eyes nor the eyes of the other two, to fully adjust to the dark before flaring blindingly. Screams and shouts could be heard from beyond the chamber.

From my position, still standing in the same spot, I tried to make out what was going on around me. The EMP had detonated in the centre of this chamber, and the worst of the physical damage was centred out here – just as intended. But the shock wave had blown out all the glass walls, the cloning spheres, destroyed any physical monitors, and shorted out all electronics, some overloading and causing smaller explosions. I flinched as a shower of sparks exploded above me, and the faint sting galvanised me into action.

The computers here, and most importantly of all, the equipment that would have carried out the so called mind consciousness transfer on a clone of my body were unsalvageable, so close to the EMP blast that there was no possibility that anything could have survived. There was a chance, unlikely though, that some data could be retrieved from the shielded servers, but right now I had other concerns.

Skycom would come here eventually, to investigate what had happened, causing me to develop a sense of paranoia. I knew any number of unfriendly parties would just love to take advantage of the assets that were now defenceless and confused, with Skycom being the most likely candidate – and it would be sooner than later as my ears caught on to the sound of something else beyond the walls of the chamber. I could hear it, all three of us could. The sound of what most certainly was broken glass crunching underfoot, as frightened people stumbled into each other, dazed from the shock of the EMP's pulse, and the resulting feedback that had shrieked in everyone. Yet there was something else amidst all the chaos. Unmistakably the exchange of gunfire. As a dim light returned due to some auxiliary power coming online, I finally was able to ingest the full extent of the damage the EMP blast had caused. However where a satisfying grin normally would have been my natural reaction from a job well done, instead a dire concern enveloped my body. Skysec forces had infiltrated the hideout, this I was most certain of, as further loud bangs and the eruption of an explosions further rocked the installation.

"What the hell was that?" Peter exclaimed still rubbing his head from the knock he received from his contact with the concrete wall.

"An explosion?" The confused scientist muffled stating the obvious.

“It wasn't a result or followup from the EMP blast." I said immediately following up from the other two. "Someone else is trying to blast their way into here.”

I paused for a moment, my face turning pale white that even in the dimness of the light that surrounded us, both Peter and the scientist could not miss the sudden change in my demeanour. "Skysec, it can only be them." I said my voice coming out broken, as the obvious signs of fear from within me could not me mistaken.

"And it's your fault they are here Kixi Rajki— Kay Blade— Whoever you fucking are. You villainous piece of shit!" Peter yelled at me furiously.

"Look, I don't know who it is nor what is going on, but it seems like I'm being rescued. I'm betting it's the authorities which one way or another will lead to Skysec. However if they discover that the identity of Kay Blade is me, my rescue will turn out to be my arrest and ultimate death sentence." I said trying to reason with him. Yet I already knew that I would be kidding myself given the fact that I had just destroyed his facilities that would have given his sister, whoever she may have been, a new lease of life at the cost of my expense.

"I'll help you escape, both of you." I continued, momentarily gazing at the female scientist, who still had her jaw dropped upon seeing my face shape shift again into that of Kay Blade for only a second time in the space of thirty minutes. "But you must come with me to the Arjian Resistance, because of the obvious fact that you now know the real identity of Kay Blade. There is nowhere to hide here, for both of you. Pretend that you both were taken hostage with me. I'll back you both up." I continued as the violent noises got louder and louder and got closer and closer. "You're men appear to be falling one by one. It's the only chance of survival for the both of you." I desperately urged them, despite having momentarily changed into Kay Blade again, and for the sole sheer purpose of making my demand a threat that I would kill them myself if they refused.

“No! I will not join you... Whore!" Peter snapped back beyond all belief. "You killed my sister by destroying these facilities!”

“How is that even possible? Her consciousness wasn't in it?”

“She wasn't in it and is still alive elsewhere, You destroyed any hope for a new life for her! Bitch!”

“Oh for fucks sake you were trying to kill me! And steal my fucking life!”

“Yeah well stuff you woman. I'm gonna tell the authorities that you are Kay Blade, the truth and that you actually orchestrated all this. You don't care about us anyway. You just wanna save your own skin, hence the reason why you want to bring us into your damn Resistance.”

“What! No!”

The sound of gunfire and rocking explosions continued to get closer and closer, and now at a much faster alarming rate. I knew I had to do something, and it was imperative that I wasted no more time. Peter would either cooperate with me, or I would kill him here and now.

“This isn't fair. Please be reasonable. You tried to rape and kill me, insisting I was one of their sympathisers, which further clarifies your hatred for Skycom and the current government. Join me, both of you. Your skills will be of great use to our cause no doubt.”

“I'd rather see you die slut face. I'm now making this personal bitch!”

"Peter, you're not thinking rational. Don't hand me in. They will execute me." I pleaded for the last time, as a bit of concrete dust showered down between us as a result of the constant explosions.

“Well it's better you than me—”

Peter barely had finished his words as I charged at him. Naturally he threw up his forearms putting himself in an offensive position, despite having to defend against my attack. Upon seeing his reaction, I slipped to the side, pushed the man’s elbow down and away, caught his head, and rolled him onto the floor. Third of a second once contact was made, and I was on my feet, watching the muscular man rush toward me in slow motion. Peter reached under his shirt even as he pushed past all the rubble. All this time he had had a second concealed blaster, and I had failed to realise it. Yet I did not try to stop the blaster. Instead I rolled my hand under Peter's wrist, drove his arm over and back, and pulled him backward and down. I had the blaster before Peter slammed into the ground, and hit him on the forehead with it two hard times. Although it didn't end there. I still had the metal rod in my other hand. Dropping the blaster, I turned him around and whacked him across the back of the head several times, not killing him, but ensured that he wouldn't just be out cold, but would suffer severe head trauma and brain injury. In the end, he wouldn't be dead, not by my hand at least, however he wouldn't be talking either, and importantly enough, he would suffer for having tried to rape and kill me for the rest of his life.

Getting up and tossing the metal rod away at the same time, the echoing dinging sound it caused as it hit the hard concrete flooring, produced a sickening sensation in my stomach. I looked up at the frightened female scientist, who took several steps back shaking in fear, knowing better by simply keeping her mouth shut. My face gelatinously melted again, changing shape and form reverting back to the me of birth, Kixi Rajki – and just in the nick of time too.

Just then a loud deafening explosion caused me to stumble backward several feet, almost resulting me in tripping over as my feet kicked up on the many scattered pieces of rubble behind me. I inadvertently shrieked, with the sound morphing into a high pitched stutter, as the entrance door to the chamber flew off in a fiery bang, missing me by mere centimetres, causing me to duck my head for cover.

"Get back!" I shouted at the scientist who was already scrambling away from the blast area of where the entrance door had stood only seconds earlier.

Then within all the chaos of the smoke and dust that lay where there had once been a door, stood the silhouette of a female in which I couldn't quite identify with all the haze amidst. I was half expecting a squadron of armed Skysec soldiers to storm through the now gaping gap that was once a door, but instead the sole female figure stood there for just a moment, her blaster pistol visible in her hand.

Finally, a warm burst of air greeted me upon the figure walking through. Armed to her teeth, yet strikingly stunningly attractive and beautiful at the same time, the woman strode in.

'An assassin?' I mused to myself not so much as flinching. I hadn't met her before until now, but my gut feeling told me that this wasn't just any ordinary assassin. Silent, cold, and deadly, the assassin gazed both the scientist and I in the eye.

Still in the midst of regaining my focus, and grasping what was going on around me, the assassin remained silent, as did both the scientist and I. She looked perhaps a few years older then me, stunning in every sense, yet her eyes, I peered into them, and they told me nothing more then being those of a killer. I recognised her immediately – without failure she was the one I had seen on the transmission sent by agent Stephanie de Calderón – I was staring face to face with her killer – it sent chills down my spine.

Momentarily looking away from the both of us, knowing that either of us posed no immediate threat, she gazed her eyes away from us and on the unconscious thug laying on the floor. The assassin had been sent to rescue me, this I was certain of.

I moved away slightly from her, and the petrified scientist whom was standing next to me. An eerie feeling spread throughout my body, as I continued to back myself away from her into the wall behind me. "Don't... don't... hurt me," I said putting a hand out, pretending to be frightened. "Argh, argh."

Yet the assassin smiled at me coldly as she dropped to one knee next to the unconscious man turning him around, feeling his neck area for a pulse. Then she immediately got back to her feet, pointed the pistol which she had been holding directly to his head, and without hesitation fired a blaster bolt in between his eyes. The body twitched momentarily before becoming motionless, or for as long as it took the female assassin to get back on her knees, give herself the pleasure to no longer feel a pulse in the same area of his neck where she had felt one only moments earlier before killing him, and then get up again and surprisingly holster her weapon. Peter was dead.

Still looking down at the corpse, she commented, "Skysec sends their regards." Then she looked back at me, as I allowed my body to shiver, in that to demonstrate to who no doubt was my rescuer that I was totally frightened.

"I'm Kes En'jusek, and I've been sent here by Skysec to save your sorry little arse." The assassin said coldly, cranking her neck and feeling no emotion having just killed a man in cold blood.

"He was out cold, killing him was not necessary." I said shaking while continuing my pretence, actually glad that she had killed him since he would have blown my secret identity.

"You're fucking welcome!" Kes' voice sounded at most, irritated.

Turning at speed well above that of an average person, Kes had taken the scientist's wrist before the woman could so much as flinch, jabbed a pressure point on her hand, forcing her to release a knife which until now I hadn't seen her even carrying. Letting go of her wrist the moment the knife was dropped, the assassin allowed her a step back while she turned back to face me, but keeping the scientist well within her peripheral vision.

"Who's she?" The sound of Kes' cold deadly voice once again sent chills down my spine.

“She... um... she was here... um... when that thug you just killed found me... and dragged me here. It seems like someone destroyed this place to cover up... what they were doing.” I said in what was probably my best ever attempt to sound terrorised and dismayed.

Kes then took a moment to look around her, taking in and analysing the extent of the destruction that surrounded us. There was absolutely no doubt of the obvious. Everything had been virtually wiped out, and it hadn't been due to Kes' own efforts or that of the Skysec troops that had stormed the building.

“You gonna tell me what this place was?” Kes snapped as she gaped back at the scientist. "You got exactly three seconds until," she paused to get a look at the scientist's name-tag which was another thing I had failed to notice, "Until you Janice, go on a permanent vacation if you don't speak up!"

“No! Cos you’re gonna kill me if I do anyway. I got a better idea, something else you might be interested in. I can—” I could read the deception in her, read her mind. She was gonna tell Kes who I was. However before either the scientist could finish off her what would have been words of deceit, and I could even react, the woman dropped and was deceased before I heard the thud of her body hit the hard concrete flooring. Lucky for me that Kes had a short fuse, I mused to myself as I observed the smoke from the laser blast ooze out slowly from Janice's forehead, and breathed in the foul smell of burnt flesh at the same time.

Then I witnessed the unimaginable, something even that through all the violence I had seen, and been involved in, I had not expected to see from the assassin. Well perhaps one short of Paige Langley trying to rape her own mother, my once nemesis Cerberus after she had killed her. Kes spun around and crouched down beside the deceased scientist. She quickly threw her fist into her stomach, getting no obvious reaction from the body, begging the question what the hell for. Once she was done with that, she leaned forward to take a whiff at the smell of the charred flesh on the deceased's forehead, almost as if she were indulging herself in the taste of death, before gently patting her cold cheek.

"Thank you Janice. Let's not be so hesitant and questionable next time." She said and got back up to face me. I literally just stared at her in utter disbelief with my jaw dropped wide. Sure she had just done me a favour by silencing someone who was on the verge of revealing my true identity, but – this assassin wasn't just deadly, she actually enjoyed killing people. If only the Skysec troops weren't present I contemplated in my mind. Given she had no idea that I was Kay Blade, and rather simply me as Kixi Rajki, nothing more than a woman who lived the life of fame and glamour racing fast cars and going to the many after parties, I was nothing more than a weakling in her eyes. Simply not expecting it, I could have been done with her, killed her when she wasn't expecting it, and rid her venomous existence from the realm of the living.

Yet given the current predicament, there was absolutely no chance of me pulling off such a deed. Instead I continued to play my charade, further pondering, as we stared at one another in silence for a good part of a minute. Death incarnate stood directly upon me, I, her ultimate arch nemesis in which she would not hesitate to kill in a single heartbeat – yet she didn't know it. From this point on as we continued to eyeball one another. I understood that this assassin, unforgiving and deadly, yet concealed in her rich beauty, would be my new arch nemesis. And this would only be the beginning. I felt a sudden sickening sensation pass through me, in being certain that we would meet again in battle, and a lot sooner than later.

“C’mon, we’re fucking going!” Kes abruptly said, interrupting my thoughts, and readying herself to leave. She grabbed me by the scuff of the neck, turning me around and virtually dragging me out the door.

"The Skysec police will clean out whatever is left of this place and investigate whatever they can. My job is to safely get you back with your pitiful little friends that are like you." She said in a very disdainful tone.

She made it no secret about what she thought of others, felt about them, and what she would do to them either, as I tried not to trip over all the debris that were scattered everywhere. I observed the many Skysec special police units scrambling in every which way, and the trail of mangled bodies, all of them of the thugs, sprawled in all directions. The floor glistened like rain had fallen, the liquid that shone wasn't clear but red. The men and women who died, all slaughtered like animals at the merciless hands of Skysec. Death stared at me everywhere, as did the foul stench of charred body parts from the deceased or soon to be deceased, as the troops systematically executed any would be survivors one by one.

Although Kes continued to drag me out toward the exit, I yelped upon my feet stumbling over a decapitated head that now lay under my feet. I quickly identified it as belonging to the pink haired punk woman that I'd encountered during my capture, her eyes were as immobile as the many limbs from the surrounding bloodbath.

"Lovely isn't she." Kes' attempt at sarcasm regarding the head almost made me want to vomit. Or rather I faked it, just to further convince the sickening assassin that I definitely was no warrior.

From there Kes practically dragged me out the door, nodding or acknowledging the odd Skysec officer. A shinny black hovercar isolated from the rest of the other vehicles, which were primarily Skysec was were we were heading.

“Now my little Miss Rajki drama queen, I've been assigned the honourable duty of taking you back to your awaiting pitiful friends, and the idiot media that's with them." She said in a very mocking voice. "Whilst we are en-route, I have many questions I need to ask you, questions that you will answer immediately. And after that I have something special in store for you. Something that some stupid weak minded idiot like yourself will undoubtedly enjoy.”

Something 'Special,' I pondered silently as my heart felt like it had just sunk into my stomach. Now the painful ride back with this insanely good looking, but menacingly dangerous assassin who would kill at the knowledge of knowing who I really was. 'Great!' The remark passed sarcastically through my mind. Now I would have to endure another torturous and gruelling experience – this time in a one on one with her.

"Now c'mon dumb arse!" Kes snapped at me as she dragged me unceremoniously to her hovercar. My interview with death incarnate itself was only just beginning...

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