KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


15. One Hell Of An Action Packed Day. Part 2

Chapter 9 : One Hell Of An Action Packed Day. Part 2.


Inside of me, the brief meeting with Cerberus had been very confronting. As part of leading a double life, we were trained to keep our cool. As far as Cerberus was concerned she had met Kixi Rajki. She was a fan of super high speed and dangerous racing. For whatever reason she admired me not ever once suspecting I was the very same person whom she deemed a terrorist, and had sentenced to death. Ironic in its full entirety.

About 15 or so minutes had passed, and my train of thought was soon interrupted as Jak had returned, finally finished with his uneager tour guide of this facility, seeing off Cerberus and her escort. He called me over and asked me to follow him. It was a good thing that he did interrupt me. Thinking of Cerberus after coming with her face to face and shaking her hand had given me goose bumps and constant nonstop thoughts of violence. Thoughts such as grabbing one of the big spanners and repeatedly smacking her across the head with it. Beating her up, kicking her, spitting on her, slowly choking her to death and even raping the older woman beforehand. I damn hated her guts. When and where I would eventually kill her, I was sure to make it personal.

Jak lead us to small secluded office still in the main facility area of the building. No one ever really came here. Only him and other members of the Arjian Resistance for when going down to the main hidden headquarters wasn't necessary, however for when closed discussions regarding the cause were absolutely imperative.

Our eventual arrival was greeted by Mako who was already there, waiting patiently at the door. Although seeing her frowning upon us, I knew this probably wasn't gonna be good. Jak placed his hand on a security panel to the side of it which allowed the door to his open. "Girls please step in." He said calmly not giving away any hints in respects to this impromptu meeting.

The room was filled with hardware, terminals, monitors, screens, holograms and computers. It was used to serve a variety of purposes, but today it would be used for nothing more than a hard talking to us, moreover me by our boss. Jak seated himself at one of the monitors, his expression almost as grim as the day he had first declared war on the tyrannical government of the Sol System. His brow was deeply furrowed, making him look older than he was. The strain of the situation was wearing on him. Someone of my clear-cut calibre should have understood from the very beginning, that the logic of having to blindly endanger others to satisfy their emotional needs over the greater good of what this entire organisation stood for, would be nothing short of utterly unacceptable.

Since I had first met Jak, I had noted his tendency to take the safety of every one under his command personally, as if he were responsible for any harm that came to them.

“Greetings Mako, Jak said upon seating himself.

“Good afternoon sir,” Mako answered.

Jak did not even glance up. He simply flicked through some data on a data pad on his desk. Some time passed before Jak finally spoke, while Mako and I anxiously stood there facing the man seated at the desk. Initially he did not meet our gaze. His tone was uncharacteristically tense.

“You Kixi” Jak was angry, sputtering. “You have misplaced my trust in you." He shook his head looking up at me as we then glared at one other. "I'm gonna cut to the chase. You convinced me assuring me that Mako was ready for field action. From the reports you filed, you clearly have admitted that she on several occasions hesitated to kill an adversary which resulted in her eventual incapacitation and both your captures." He then shot me an angry glance. "Yours Kixi being voluntary!" He then turned to face Mako. "Do you confirm the validity of Kixi's report?" He said, his voice less irradiated.

"Yes sir, all of it sir." Mako affirmatively replied.

“I see. Then it is clear you were not ready for that mission. To simply freeze like that and hesitate causing your capture and potentially your ultimate demise." He paused a moment, once more glaring angrily at me, then turning his gaze back to Mako. "But it's not your fault." Turning back at me he then finished of his sentence. "It is hers!" It felt like he was overreacting regarding the situation, however he was indeed quite serious, his facial expression as well as his tone of voice clearly stating the obvious. "So what do you have to say for yourself Kixi?”

“I, I , I sir I..”

"Stop stuttering Kixi and just speak to me like you always do." Jak snapped at me not really helping the tenseness that surrounded us.

I, I, um really thought she was ready for this. We trained for hours, we went through drills, scenarios, she did the same with the other instructors. They were satisfied with her progress." I paused and then continued speaking at a slower pace now. "I gave her the final assessment. I could see how much it meant for her sir." I now lowered my head in shame. "She probably could have done with some more training sir. I allowed my love for her to misguide my judgement. I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I take full responsibility of what happened. It will never happen again sir."

"You damn straight! " Jak stood from his chair to face me at eye level as I lifted my head up again. He addressed me like an angry teacher, taking a heavy breath.

"I cannot afford to lose you nor anyone else of my agents. Neither can I afford to compromise the security of our organisation. If you weren't my best agent Kixi, I would have you digging up shit at some remote wasteland farm. Nonetheless though, your status doesn't make you immune in escaping punishment." Jak' voice was plainly skeptical on the fact if I had really understood the gravity of the matter.

"Now, as of this moment, Mako is suspended from all active duty indefinitely. She will undertake further intensive training effective immediately, training in which you Kixi will play absolutely no part of." Jak said in a voice loud enough to cause me to take a step back, and in a tone which was enough to embarrass me in front of Mako.

“But sir I object—”

“I insist on it.” Jak broke me off in midsentence.

"Consider yourself lucky Kixi Rajki that I'm not dissolving your dynamic duo team of KnM Blade. Also consider yourself lucky miss," Jak emphasised further, "and be extremely grateful for my soft decision over such a highly serious matter. If this were anyone else, I doubt you would get off this lightly. " Jak basically repeated his point rewording it, this time with more irritation in his tone.

I glanced sidewise at Mako for a split second and then back at Jak and saw the stony expression that had spread across his features. I figured it best to not argue with him as I would only make matters worse for myself and Mako. As it stood, he could've come down a lot harder on me had he wanted to.

“Have I made myself clear Kixi?”

"Yes, perfectly." My voice echoed a tinge of disappointment.

“Good. Now I have one last thing to say and you're not gonna like it." I stood there frozen waiting for the final piece of this reprimand that had become somewhat more of a pushover. "In light of having Mako grounded until I personally am satisfied that she is ready, I'm here by removing her from the upcoming mission to Mars.”

"Mars sir?" Now that caught me by surprise.

"That's correct. In fact we are scheduled to have an informal meeting regarding it now." Jak continued as he walked towards the door and gestured for both Mako and I to follow. "It's got to do with the data you two retrieved. Mako you are still invited to come along. Please come with me to our HQ. That’s actually an order." Not saying another word, both Mako and I exited the room as Jak locked it behind him. We then proceeded to walk to a small area not far from the office we were at. From there, a considerably well concealed wall housed a lift which lead to the secluded Arjian headquarters that lay many feet below.

The headquarters of the Arjian Resistance Cell was deeply hidden within Zed's Performance and Auto Care Centre. A hidden turbo lift ran along a long shaft that lead down the many floors from Zed's to the ground, and then many more metres below the ground from there. I had been to this place many times now, therefore the vibe and air surrounding it was all too familiar.

The organisation of it all for one purpose and intent only. All our agents, officials, runners, pilots, scientists, militia and contacts from different resistance cells from all around the world and other worlds, united in one common goal. I walked to the double doors of the compound & went inside. "Kixi, we have some matters to discuss,” said Jak who down here, was more referred to as Jarvis. "As I'm sure you would be aware of since it was your efforts that allowed us to obtain the latest data from Skycom."

Both Mako and I followed Jarvis to a large open area, where to others were present. In the centre stood a large long rectangular table. The corporate type. In its centre a small holovision device. At the wave of Jarvis' hand, the holovision device came to life turning into a large holo 3D visual that filled up the whole area of the table. The images floated gracefully in the air, readied for Jak to initiate his brief presentation.

“It would seem that Skycom has some site of interest here, some 600 kilometres south east of New Rome on Mars,” Jarvis said pointing at the hovering display that loomed largely before us. "A scientist we are working with has told us that it may be some sort of high tech research facility. He believes from the data analysed, it may house some sort of reactor or reactors. But there is more. Our long range reconnaissance probes that we have secretly situated in the Asteroid Belt have starting to detect anomalies in the vicinity of the far outer regions of the Sol System. The reactors on the Mars facility we believe may be related to these anomalies. Yet we have no idea what these are or might be. Whatever it is though, it must be something big. We cannot simply ignore this.”

"Interesting, and has anyone yet gotten close to this? Perhaps our contacts on Mars?" I asked already knowing that the answer would be no.

“Unfortunately no. But that's where we will move ahead to the next phase of the plan or Phase Two.”

"Which would be?" Although I already had an idea of what it would be.

“We send in a small infiltration team to the facility on Mars, in which you Kixi who will lead the expedition, will investigate and find out exactly what is going on down there. However we still have much planning to do. The mission is at best going to be at least a month away. The purpose of today's briefing was simply to keep you in the loop of what we know so far and where we're possibly heading with all this. However at this stage we a planning only an investigative mission to the facility. Then depending on what exactly you discover will determine Phase Three.”

“Just an investigative mission you say? And what if the unfortunate were to occur, and things were to quickly get out of control. Would you expect us to abort the mission or improvise?”

“That depends on your definition of out of control Kixi. At this stage we're still trying to gather all the necessary intel and info, and from there we will derive and appropriate plan for you and your team.”

"My team, and who would that be?" I asked curiously rising an eyebrow already knowing that it wouldn't be including Mako.

"I'm afraid that is yet to be determined. Closer to the time, once we have divulged an exact plan, it will be discussed with you in full detail, along with your team. You'll be then given the opportunity to review it, make suggestions and possible alterations to both plan and team." Jarvis’ expression as he answered, still expressionless in light of our previous meeting. "Anyway Agent Rajki, this it for now. You're dismissed." Jarvis gave me a broad neutral smile, suddenly no longer showing signs of hostility towards me as he swivelled his hand in the air allowing for the floating holo display to turn off.

I then proceeded to leave the secret underground headquarters of Arjian and made my way back to the turbo lift that led back up to Zed's. I had a million thoughts and emotions running through my mind not really knowing how I should be feeling. In a way I should probably be grateful or content with his decision. He could've put an end to KnM Blade had he wanted to in our earlier meeting regarding the partnership I had formed with Mako. And not because he had deemed Mako not ready for live missions, not because I misjudged her abilities and thought she was ready, but on the grounds that her being my other half. That inevitably could prone me in putting her needs over the interests of Arjian in general. This had already proved to be so, during the last mission. Despite it not being intentional, I had prioritised Mako over the business needs first. In the grand scheme of things, Mako and I were but two people out of billions in which our resistance cell sought to fight for. Yes in the end, I should be grateful as at least once Mako would be truly ready, we could once again be allowed to undertake special missions again as KnM Blade.


At approximately LST 17:00.


I arrived back at the main area of Zed's, some 150 stories straight up. It had been an extremely long day. First with the testing of my race car, then the unfortunate encounter with my nemesis Cerberus, then the hard talking to by Jak, and lastly a prelude on what lay ahead for us. Most exhausting and emotional at the same time. I looked around to find most of the halls and areas deserted as I walked to the main garage area where my day to day hovercar was parked. The aroma in the air smelt as per the usual. Metal being fused or cut, engine fuel, smoke from various materials and fuels, just like the air of a workshop should smell like. People had been busy all day and still were now. I however had had enough for a day. Mako had already left for the evening and awaited me at home. I hopped into my hovercar and slowly made my way out. Zipping into the constant stream of never stopping air traffic, I headed for home. For some peculiar reason though, I had a feeling that the day's proceedings wouldn't be over quite yet. And soon enough I would learn that indeed I wasn't mistaken regarding my hunch.

I very much had the hovercar on autopilot. The preprogrammed trip from Zed's to my apartment was a relatively short journey. Around 20 minutes on average and not a vividly scenic trip either. All I very much ever saw were the countless of never ending skyscrapers and hovercars swarming in every which way at various different altitudes.

Tired from the day's proceedings, I slowly began drifting a little, yet always keeping one eye half open ensuring I remained awake. Although had I fallen asleep completely, it would have begged to make a difference, as I was in the reliable safe hands of the vehicle's navigational computer piloting. Then I suddenly became fully awakened. My comm unit squelched. And it wasn't the built in holo unit on my hovercar's instrumentation panel. Instead to my unanticipated surprise, it was the small holo transmitter on my wrist. I had two of them attached to my wrist in actual fact. One for legitimate purposes like the unit in my hovercar, and one that used an extremely high tech 2048 bit encryption key used for business to do with Arjian only. To my utter surprise, it was the Arjian device that kept buzzing. Yet who would call on that now, I wondered. After all I only just left their headquarters not that long ago?

The comm unit then stopped squelching, and then not even ten seconds later began squelching again. Whoever it was really was determined to speak to me. And that was me as in Kay Blade. Well given they were trying to persistently get through to me, whoever it was, I assumed it must surely be important. Perhaps Jarvis forgot to tell me something, although at this stage I couldn't think of anything that important that couldn't wait until the morning, or be sent as just a message for that matter. The wrist the holo transmitter was on was on the arm of my now extremely sore shoulder, the injured one. I decided to quickly recline the back part of my seat a fraction so that I could lay back a little and gently place arm with the sore shoulder on my own lap. As far as flying was concerned it obviously didn't matter given I was flying on autopilot. I then used the NFV implanted in my facial skin to alter my facial appearance into that of Kay Blade for the just in case, as although this being a secure channel, one still couldn’t be too sure of things. A precaution that in the end would prove imperative and pay off. I then proceeded to press the small green button on my wrist's holo device. Then within seconds and after a bit of buffering and static, an image of a young girl appeared before me. Her enigmatic beauty stood there vividly, the striking portrait of the girl that was being projected into the empty air the holo transmission allowed for, eyed me directly. This most certainly was an unexpected surprise. Very unanticipated indeed as it made me flinch and momentarily I jumped up.

“What in the name....”

The image then began to flicker, indicating some sort of unorthodox hack into my frequency was in progress. How did she manage to obtain or hack the complex encryption algorithm only startled me and sent alarm bells running through my head. Then the image stopped flickering, replaced by a much sharper, better defined image of the same girl which I noted with much admiration.

“Kay Blade I'm contacting you in this desperate hour of need. I regret the abruptness circumstances of this communication, yet this was the only possible means to find you." The girl frantically looked around her, the look of fear in her eyes evident as she continued to speak. "My mission is to meet personally with you. Hence I have been forced to resort to this method of communication." She paused, and when she continued, her words were hurried and less laced with formality. "I want to help you Kay Blade. What I have to offer is vital to your cause and also to you personally. I assure you that my defection to you is nonetheless real, and I have the perfect plan to convince you that it is so. But my plans must be put to fruition soon. It is imperative that I act quickly in gaining your trust Kay. I am taking a huge risk alone in contacting you. After all I've seen, from all that I know, I now realise that what you are fighting for is the last hope for freedom. I know what Skycom is up to on Mars and beyond. I intend to tell you all that I know.”

My mind was as muddy as a pond laced with petroleum as I listened to her, Cerberus' youngest daughter Paige Langley speaking words of defection and treachery against her very own. Unanchored, my thoughts and eyes stared in utter disbelief at the holo image of the girl now suddenly gone quiet before me.

"What do you take me for Paige, an absolute fucking moron? If I take your bait, I will be once again captured by the agents of your corrupt government. Then your mother of whom I desire nothing more than slowly squeeze the life force out of as I send her to the afterlife, will finally get her desired satisfaction." I gazed up expectantly at the holo image of Paige locking eye contact.

Yet the words that would come out of her mouth next would leave me totally astonished, yet at the same time breathless.

“Yes speaking of, the way you eluded certain death at arena was nothing less than courageous and fearless. You are brave, and I see you as my champion. But I fully understand you being skeptical about all this. After all I am her daughter. I want to prove it to you if you give me the chance. I hate my mother just as much as you do. Except I have an edge in the sense she doesn't know that. I want to be your apprentice Kay, and I'll prove myself to you and that this isn't any elaborate trap of the sort. I desire nothing more than to kill her. In doing so I will prove my worth to you." A momentary pause followed, the tenseness in air between both parties evident. "I don't how to put this convincing to you, but I admire you, idolise you, damn worship you.”

I simply remained frozen and totally astonished as I absorbed Paige's extraordinary declamation.

“Kay I know I'm probably one of the last people you want to hear from or see, but please hear me out. Please. I've gone to a lot of trouble to be able to make this transmission, and further if Cerberus catches me, it will thwart my plans.”

“Your plans? You're her fucking daughter Paige. I know too well who you fucking are. What the hell do you really want? You've got a minute to plead your case girl and then I'm terminating this transmission!”

“As I said before, I watched you fight at the games recently.”

“Once again you mean the death sentence your mother tried to carry out on me? And how the heck did you manage to find me on this secure channel. Care to explain that?”

“Oh that, that wasn't hard. When you allowed yourself to get captured," Paige deliberately emphasised the word allowed as she wanted to make it clear that I had only been caught because I had allowed it to happen. In her eyes I was noteworthy of being exempt beyond anyone else, thus she saw me as untouchable and superior to anything her mother or her soldiers could throw at me. A flattering notion no doubt. "After your capture, I got my hands on your equipment and weapons that they had confiscated. I took your holo transmitter, and after pulling it apart I was able to reverse the encryption keys, decrypt all the code, workout that algorithm and be able to use it to contact you. In all honesty I thought you would have changed all the encryption codes, yet I figured that I would try my luck and try using it anyway. It obviously paid off.”

"Obviously." I retorted sarcastically.

"Look, I'll cut to the chase. I've never liked her, Cerberus, my mother, nor the whole government and their tyrannical system of absolute rule and authority. She forces me to watch those games, do and observe many other horrible things that they do. I'm not like her or them. Really I don't know how to convince you or gain your trust. I understand your skepticism on the matter. It's a total natural reaction, but in all honesty I had heard many stories about you prior to the games. Stories of courage, valour and bravery. When I watched you at the games, you confirmed it all true. Obviously Cerberus doesn't know, but to me you're an idol. An idol of strength and hope. When I see images of you, hear stories of your deeds, it makes me more determined to wanna be like you. Kay I see you as a role model. I want to be your apprentice and learn from you." Paige said relieved to finally get all those words out.

“Me as a role model? You, the daughter of Cerberus.? You've got to be fucking kidding right? Is part of some electorate plan your mother put you up to. I'm not buying into it. In fact I'm finding this all a tad too much to digest. Excuse my bluntness on the matter, but how exactly do you actually expect me to believe you or trust you? Like I was saying, how do I know Cerberus hasn't put you up to this, and that it isn't an elaborate trap on her end? How am I supposed to know Paige?”

"Well I guess you don't." Paige said lowering her head in disappointment.

“Exactly, and why this conversation is effectively over.”

“No, no wait. I can prove it to you. I can prove that my desire to defect to your side is real and genuine and that there are no tricks.”

"Yeah how?" I snapped back.

“I know of your hatred towards Cerberus, your desire to end her life if given the chance. I would like nothing more myself.”

“Ha! Really? Now you have me stoked. Really you do, but once again this all inevitably leads to the same vital question as before. I don't know if you’re trying to corner me into a trap?”

“Once again you don't. However I don't want you to kill her. I want to kill her myself.”

"Well then why don't you do it and stop annoying me. You're with her all the time. You could kill her while she is asleep. After all she doesn't suspect any foul play from you Paige." I burst into laughter as I tried to absorb absurdity of it all.

“Yeah but how would you know I killed her if you’re not there to whiteness it. I want you to see it with your own eyes. Also I have no intention to kill her in her sleep. She won't suffer any agonising pain that way. I would rather strangle her slowly and look into her dying eyes.”

“Um this is your mother we're taking about right?”

“Look Kay, I can be of great value to you and your resistance cell. We both have the same desires in the end.”

“Do we now? And apart from killing your wretched mother, what else would that be? Do you care to explain?”

"We both wanna fight for freedom." Then a longer than usual pause followed as I leaned further back against my already reclined seat, tugging thoughtfully at the sides of my bob cut hair.

"Okay Paige, I've heard enough for now. Really I have." I murmured, brooding at the thought of what had unquestionably been a breathless yet anxiety-ridden conversation.

“This is far too much to digest in a space of just a few minutes. I'm sure you understand my predicament. You do realise that this matter cannot be taken lightly and that I'm gonna have to engage with my superiors?”

“I totally understand. I will play this totally by your rules, just so it can alleviate some of your doubts about me. Decide on a suitable rendezvous point, and I'll be there. ”

"Umm you’re a persistent little one aren't you Paige?" I quickly said sensing the sudden excitement in the young girl's voice.

Well for starters, I'm changing all the encryption codes for my comm unit. Therefore you won't be getting back to me this way. If you genuinely wish to fight for our cause, you'll have to play this my way. But you already said you would," I said curling my lips.

“I'm sure you'll understand the reasoning and can excuse my reluctance to do this any other way. I'm giving you a set of coordinates. It's in the Wastelands. You meet me there in two days at 10:00 hours. From there we will go elsewhere to ensure that you don't have any unwanted company with you. From there we will explicitly discuss the conditions of your full surrender. Try any funny business, and I'll personally slit your own throat myself. ”

“I got it, I got. I promise you that you won't be disappointed, and that it will be the real deal.”

“Yeah well it had better be, for your sake. You don't want to witness the dark side of me being unleashed on your sorry arse girl.”

“I got it Kay, you've made yourself perfectly clear.”

"Good! And just so you know, I'll be bringing company with me. You had better not!" I said sharply giving her a death stare. "I'll see you in two days. Don't be late!" A small cloud of tridimensional static replaced the delicate portrait of the young girl, then it vanished entirely as I tempestuously cut the transmission. Just the thought of being able to kill Cerberus made my blood boil. For an offer to carry out such a deed to come from her own daughter, it made me feel more vicious than a wild feral like creature gone mad.

Almost home and I didn't want to wait until I got there. Immediately I contacted Mako and explained Paige's shocking revelations. The transmission between Paige and I had been recorded. I then forward the holo recording of conversation with Paige to her so she could attempt to verify its authenticity. I was confident that Mako being an expert hacker and slicer could shed some further light over the somewhat disturbing, yet at the same time exciting matter.

By the time I had reached my apartment building, parked my hovercar and made my way up to my actual apartment which consisted of two floors on levels 153 and 154 of the tall 200 plus storey building, Mako had already watched and analysed the holo recording.

She waited for me by the door as I strode into the apartment. "I've gone through the whole recording. Very intriguing I must admit. From what I can tell it is genuine. Although there is only so much one can tell from a recording. I'm afraid more than that will be impossible to reveal." I sensed a tinge of annoyance in her body posture. It seemed she was bothered by something else.

"Now let me guess Kixi, you've made up your mind already to meet her somewhere? I don't like this, I think it's an extremely terrible idea if you want my honest opinion. Yet you'll go anyway and nothing I say and do will possibly change your mind. However I strongly suggest you confer with Jarvis first before doing anything rash." Mako said in an unsettling voice.

"Why of course Mako, I would never do anything of the kind without consulting Jarvis first. In fact I intend to bring company, kidnap her, take her to a secure location and from there reassure she is the real deal. Although I have a feeling, one that I can't explain, that this is not a trap and is indeed what it appears to be." I responded confidently.

"Well yeah okay then." Mako said almost brushing the whole conversation off. "That's fine. But you should leave it all for tomorrow. It's been a very long day." Mako's voice now sounding irritated again.

"Oh why tomorrow—." Mako abruptly cut me off mid-sentence. This was very unlike her.

"It can wait. Right now we have more urgent and pressing matters to attend to." She paused once again and then finished off. "Only for the remainder of the night, it's only gonna be about us. Forget Jak, forget Paige and especially forget flaming Kajtia!" Mako's eyes were on fire. Like a savage beast set loose into the wild. And I knew exactly why.

“Oh! Ah! Umm, uh, okay Mako," I said my face going all red. "Tonight exclusively I'm all yours." I put my hands out to my side and sort of in the air. "I surrender my body to you.”

"Damn right you will." Mako said as she flung her long black hair around her shoulders, flirting, inviting and wanting.

"Well are you going to kiss me, or just keep admiring the view?" A sound of irritation still evident in Mako's voice.

"Well sure, but drop the angry tone why don't you?" I could tell Mako wasn't happy about about the whole Kajtia thing from earlier today. Tonight she was gonna stamp her claim on me. Not that I wasn't hers beyond any reasonable doubt. She just wanted to virtually rape the crap out of me to satisfy the fact, and I was going to let her with absolute no resistance and total pleasure.

Then without warning, not that I didn't see it coming, she grabbed me with both her arms and pinned me on the wall. I had allowed her to do this. She placed one hand under my neck pushing then pinning my head to the wall. I gasped in shock. "What the heck are you trying to do to me Mako, is everything alright?" Mako narrowed her eyes and smiled wickedly. She then removed her hand from my neck and lowered my head. She then touched my lips with the tip of her thumb.

"You Kixi are an immature little girl. Kajtia told me earlier on just how much you adore her body, especially her damn boobs. Now although it's perfectly okay so long as you don't touch, right now you need to be reminded that there is only one body you want to fuck the living daylights out of, me!" Mako now enraged like a little beast on fire, she put a hand on my chin and the other on my forehead holding my head tightly on the wall behind me. She stared at me, her eyes appeared to be on fire. "You speak of maturity and all, yet in this area it is you who needs to grow up. Do you understand?"

"Umm I guess so." I replied stunned. Kajtia must've told Mako a tad too much detail and exaggerated the story in the process.

"Oh shut the fuck up Kixi. I can't kiss you while you god damn talk. I didn't move at all, I just let her kiss me. Mako however left her hands as they were. On my chin and forehead. Her kiss lasted a good minute. I could feel the passion from within her, as she slowly removed both her hands from my chin and forehead that had been pressing down on me. The long kiss continued for another extra minute as I felt her heart begin to flutter. She stopped kissing me placing a hand gently to one of my cheeks. "I'm gonna fuck your damn brains out tonight Kixi." Her eyes full of passion as she spoke and breathed heavily.

"Hey girl. Watch out," came my slurred voice as she gently pressed on my injured shoulder.

"Sorry," Mako apologised.

I gritted my teeth as Mako turned and shuffled her backside up against my body.

“Put your damn arms around me and hug me!”

"Sure, but why are you making things so complicated?" I said as I complied to her demands.

"Complicated. That's an understatement?" Mako countered as she grabbed one of my hands and lowered it down first to her pants, and then after under doing her zip, stuck my hand inside her underwear

"Fucking feel it, my fucking pussy, and the only pussy you have any exclusive rights to." By this stage Mako was fully aroused and I wasn't far off the mark either. She then turned back to face me releasing my hand from her vagina in the process. Lifting her arms up, she then linked them behind my neck and kissed me wildly on my lips. Then she stopped. Stared at me before gripping her hands that were linked to my neck even harder and kissed me again. We tongued each other in a kiss that lasted a good two minutes before she finally stopped. Then taking a step back and putting one hand on my head, she forced me down on one knee. My face now staring right at her vagina.

"Well what are you waiting for. Lick me out or do you need an invitation or something?" She didn't wait for a response though, she simply shoved my head into her pussy. "C'mon Kixi, lick it, I know you like it, lick it for Lucifer!" I licked her out with pleasure. I couldn't understand why she was being so rough though. It wasn't like I wasn't gonna comply. She made grunting noises now as I continued to lick her out. Mako was totally turned on, as was I for that matter. By now we were making up. And making out.

Then she pulled me back up on my feet again and slammed me on the wall. Once gain linking both arms behind my neck she began kissing me again. Her eyes twinkling up at me causing me to gulp. She pushed down hard on my lips with hers as she moved both her hands from the back of my neck to my cheek bones. Putting a hard grip there she then stopped kissing me and looked at me. I moaned as she shifted against me adjusting herself.. "Mako," I mumbled against her lips as she began kissing me again. "Take it slow, take it easy a notch. No one is gonna steal me from you."

Mako nibbled on her lip for just a moment. "No, fuck off Kixi, no fucking chance." She slid her arms around my back and pulled me as close as possible. Our bodies touching more intimately than before. "I'm gonna fuck you hard girl." Mako once again forgot about my injury. Her desire was obvious. She was gonna stop at nothing to show her total affection and love for me tonight. Removing one hand from my back, she then placed it under my right breast. Pushing upwards as she squeezed, she inadvertently pushed against my injury. I yelped at the sudden pain. Mako realising didn't care however. Instead she ignored my sudden burst of agony, place both hands under my arm pits and swivelled my around tossing me onto our ensuite bed. Removing the remainder of her clothes, she stared at me as I lay on the bed. I clutched my sore shoulder with my good arm and looked back at Mako, my facial expression clearly showing that I was in some obvious agony.

“Really Kixi, for someone of your calibre, your injury is no excuse to go easy. I definitely want less talking and more kissing from you." If the look on her face was anything to go by she'd been jealous. Despite being allowed to look at another women, she clearly didn't like it. The whole Kajtia thing really had ticked her off. She furiously approached me, stripping off the rest of my clothes. "Now Kixi, a little less conversation, a little more action please. All this aggravation still ain't satisfying me. I need a little more bite and a little less bark. A little less fight and a little more spark. Close your damn mouth and open up your heart and satisfy me. Satisfy me girl!”

Then before I could blink or ounce a word, her body was soon above mine as she then jumped on me. Although normally a pleasant feeling having Mako's weight holding me down, again I yelped as part of her body slammed into my injured parts. Incredibly Mako just didn't seem to care though. It's as if she wanted to hurt and fuck me at the same time. "Shut the fuck up Kixi, you're my fucking bitch tonight." She hissed as she spoke covering my mouth with her hand and digging it into my mouth. "Just shut it already." Slowly she removed her hand from my mouth, and began sliding it up and down my face. The sensation of her smooth hand touching my facial skin increased my hormonal levels a notch in the process. Then first she put the back part of her hand on my lips, expecting me to kiss it which I willingly complied to. Then she slid her arm across my lips in which I also kissed as she slithered it across. I groaned as she then linked both hands to my cheeks and we began kissing. Then I slanted my mouth across hers and flicked out my tongue. Mako then wrapped one of her legs with mine as I felt our vaginas touch. From there her mouth was assaulting me ferociously and I readily accepted it. I felt the passion rise even further when Mako shifted sideways and began to explore. "Kixi," I heard her murmur. I moaned out and her hand reached my chest. When her lips ripped away from me and went seeking the tender flesh of my ear-lobe, a shiver raced up my spine. Mako shifted her body and she felt her hard desire push against my pelvis.

I pulled my lips away from hers and let out a sweet sigh. She kept her mouth only an inch from mine but let her breath out in pleasure. Her eyes closed as she experienced the same rush when I rocked against her. Then she dived for my lips knowing that we were heading towards the next step already.

Mako brought her hand up and brushed at my hair, tangling it in my hair in the process. I had the arm on the side of my injured shoulder resting just above my head. I could hardly feel it due to the injury, yet upon Mako rubbing her smooth hand across the smooth skin of my arm, it sent tingles across my body and down my spine. Lifting herself up a little she first smelt and then kissed the smooth skin of my arm. Lifting her body again we simply stared into each other's eyes. My eyes widened in shock as abruptly she placed her hand once again on my mouth pressing down tightly. "I'm only just warning up Kixi, you ain't seen nothing yet." She then took her hand away from my mouth and moved it down to my neck. This time pressing gently on my neck, it almost felt like she was going to choke me as she began kissing me all over my hands and arms, then my face and lastly my lips. She then slowly moved the hand on my neck down to my breasts, and began to gently play with my nipples. With her other hand she formed a fist and gently rubbed it up and down against the smooth skin on the inside of my other arm that rested to the side of my body. Moving my arm so that she could place her arm perfectly on top of mine, she finally linked her fingers with mine. Still kissing me like crazy across my boobs, nipples and chest area, she had the rest of her body on top of mine, locking both her legs with mine. Despite the pain I had been moments earlier, now I was in total ecstasy.

My hormonal levels increased more and more as Mako continued her aggressive pash on me. And I didn't care as we both were experiencing orgasms by this stage. We were both loving every moment of this, expressing our true love for one another. I moaned, showing her pleasure at the friction between both our bodies. She then stopped kissing me and let go of my hand. Moving down to my lower body, she first furiously rubbed both her hands across my smooth thighs. Then she stuck one hand into my vagina and pushed it in hard. Feeling, enjoying, grunting, the sensation was mutual for both of us. I giggled as Mako continued to take a good feel at the insides of my vagina. The deeper she pushed her hand into my vagina, the more my heart began to race. I completely forgot about everything. Not caring about anything, my obligations and my problems. I really was in total ecstasy. The pain from my injury now almost nonexistent, I groaned enjoying every bit of this. And then I sighed as Mako released her hand from the insides of my vagina.

Moving back forward so she could lay fully on top of me again, Mako's arms dug under me coming around and drawing herself closer again. Pushing her weight down in me, she pressed herself tighter to my body. It was almost over. After tonight's heart racing, adrenaline pumped experience, I felt the hard length of Mako's desire indicating another level to our relationship. She opened her lips inviting me to taste them. Again she dived further into another kiss, threading her fingers into my hair, indicating she wasn't quite done yet. The hand tangled in my hair once again while the other rested on my shoulder, my good shoulder for a change.

By this stage I was exhausted. We both were for that matter. We now decided to spoon with each other. Me on the inside and Mako wrapping herself around me. Tired, I kept fading in and out of sleep. Now calmed down and satisfied, Mako was fine with that. She placed one hand on my breast gently playing with it a little as I just purred semi-consciously, like a spoilt little kitten, for indeed Mako had indeed indulged and spoilt me tonight. Kissing me gently on the side of my forehead, she then gently brushed at my hair one more time. I loved her more than anything in this entire universe and she knew it, knowing too that the feeling was mutual. Within minutes I zonked out curled up comfortably still spooned within her warm body. Soon after she too fell asleep. Given I had had one hell of a shit day, in the end I couldn't have asked for more. It was the perfect ending that had cancelled out all the negatives of the day now long behind me. I slept uninterrupted and in total tranquility for the remainder of the night.

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