KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


13. Fury, Emotion, Passion

Chapter 8 : Fury, Emotion, Passion.


As we roared away from the blasted arena with the authorities hot on our heels, Ālrai merged in with the traffic in the skylane we had just entered. He then began diving in and out of traffic, narrowly missing several vehicles. “Careful! Hey, easy! We didn't escape the arena of death just to die here," I said out dryly.

"When it comes to piloting and vehicular warfare, I can rival you any day Kixi.” Ālrai began boasting about himself as he cut a series of evasive turns.

“Only in your mind, my very good friend,” I retorted back at the cocky man behind the wheel.

“C'mon Kixi, I thought you already knew that, no need to be in denial, not now, especially since I'm the one here saving your damn arse." Ālrai said, his voice rising a notch, as he took the hovercar down suddenly to avoid some laser bolts from the pursuers behind us.

“They're closing in fast,” I urgently pointed out to Ālrai ignoring his last comment. However Ālrai needed little or no encouragement to fly recklessly. As I spoke my words, I nearly caught my own throat, along with my stomach, as Ālrai cut hard to the right, then dropped suddenly, punched the throttle, pulled back to the left, and lifted the nose, zipping the hovercar up through the traffic lane and back in sightly behind another vehicle, only to see volleys of laser bolts coming at us. Ālrai then kinked us a little to the right causing those same laser bolts to hit the vehicle that we had zipped up directly behind. “What you’re doing is absolutely suicidal! If you don't end up killing us first, you'll cause the death of someone else!” I emphasised my point as that same vehicle in front of us spun out of control and began to fall ground wards.

"Don't worry, their auxiliary safety systems will land them safely somewhere." Ālrai quickly ensured us, as more laser fire came at us. Ālrai then dived to the side, and the three of us opened our eyes and our mouths wide, as our screams were drowned out by another larger vehicle, a transport hover-truck crossing directly in front of us. Somehow Ālrai managed to avoid the hover-truck by dropping the nose of our vehicle down a fraction at the last second, and then coming out the other side. The pursuing vehicle closest to us was not as fortunate however, as it collided with the hover-truck, causing an explosion that resulted in carnage ricocheting in all directions. I looked forward and over to Ālrai, to see him assuming a casual and in-control posture.

“Don't worry Kixi, I’m very good at this.” Ālrai said with a sly grin. Although it was clear that Mako who was sitting beside him in the front passenger seat did not share Ālrai's enthusiasm on the matter, as she just sat still, frozen, pale and was hanging on for dear life.

Although slowing down was not an option as it was us that were trying to escape from authorities. Given Mako and I had just escaped the death arena, surrender wasn't an option either. Next Ālrai took the hovercar in at high speed towards and into a line of giant trucks. Around and around we went, cutting fast corners through the traffic, over the traffic, under the traffic, and around the buildings. The pursuers clearly began to struggle as all the pursuing police vehicles ended up crashing and burning into the large trucks or nearby buildings. Yet the Skycom hovercars, or better said, the Skysec hovercars continued keeping us in sight. Ālrai then took our vehicle right up on edge, skimming the side of one of the many nearby buildings.

Our hovercar continued to race through the skylanes, weaving in and out of traffic with Ālrai in control and so very sure of himself. The sounds of distress faded quickly into nothingness as for a moment we rapidly moved on, leaving the pursuers behind us, uncaring of the chaos and disgruntled beings that we were leaving in our wake. Our hovercar itself had been heavily damaged along its left side, the paint chipped away and metal dented, however, the damaged that was wrought upon it wasn't impacting the ability of the speed to function. This was immediately proven when Ālrai had to rapidly dive to avoid a collision, then immediately following that action with a sharp right, he almost caused another vehicle to spin out of control. However despite all that effort, it unfortunately appeared that the authorities were once again hot on our heels. Well it appeared to just be a sole Skysec vehicle.

“Seems hard to lose this prick!,” Ālrai stated the obvious. “But he’s getting desperate to catch us.”

“Oh just great, I really hate those stubborn arseholes who refuse to give the fuck up.” I answered dryly.

And then I soon realised, that my assumption that we only had one pursuer hot on our heels was very premature. To the side of the pursuing Skysec hovercar appeared two hover-bikes also known as simply swoops. And unmistakably, their riders were SS-7 droids.

"Um you guys out front, if I'm seeing correctly behind us, it isn't looking too promising. We got two SS-7s on swoops right behind us." Despite the seriousness of the matter, I seemed calm as I had made my remark, that had been up until the two droids on the swoops began opening fire on us. Ālrai was however quick to improvise as he dived us right into a hover-train tunnel, zoomed right in, and then zoomed right back out. The three pursuers however didn't hesitate to follow though. "Clearly that didn't work as they're still behind us!"

Unconvincingly Ālrai immediately answered. “Don’t worry. If I keep this up, they're gonna kill themselves any minute now.”

Yet it wasn't long before they began shooting at us again. This time what Ālrai would do, would prove the fact that it was us that were desperate to get away, as he zoomed us right into traffic, and soared the wrong way down a congested lane. They went in right behind us. We all zigged and zagged wildly, frantically, the occasional laser bolt shooting at us. Then suddenly, Ālrai cut fast, straight up and into a tight loop that brought us behind our pursuers. He in the process hit one of the swoops causing it to spiral out of control in a downward direction.

Then a blade rammed it's way through the back door of our hovercar almost hitting me in the process. The other SS-7 droid was trying to cut the door to our hovercar with an X-Blade while at the same time chase us. A daring move no doubt. Our hovercar continued to swivel in every which way as we were still trying to dodge traffic and ditch the droid, who was pushing the blade into the hovercar's cabin. Yet it was all to no avail. Somehow the door managed to remain intact as the window above it cracked with glass shattering in every which way. The SS-7s red eyes lit up as he spoke to us.

"Surrender now! Submit to us!" It shouted in a distorted voice.

The droid using the X-Blade, had it tethered to our hovercar, used it to lean over his swoop which was moving along side us, and then try and reach inside and over to me with its hand in an attempt to grab me. However I quickly disposed of the cocky droid by blasting it with one of Ālrai's heavy assault rifles he had left in the back seat. Shrapnel from the droid ended up all over the place, as the droid's body flew backwards and out to fall down hundreds of metres towards its doom.

"Go sucker that, arsehole!" I yelled out in triumph.

“Great move,” Ālrai congratulated. “And now for the Skysec vehicle beside us, I got this one,” Ālrai said as he slammed on the brakes, reversing thrust, then lurching as our hovercar dropped suddenly.

“Prick can’t shoot us down here,” Ālrai congratulated himself, but his smile lasted only the split second it took for the pilot of the Skysec car to register Ālrai's new tactic. They quickly replicated Ālrai's move and were right behind us. Ālrai then swerved out of the lower traffic lane he had just dropped us into, and shot straight for a building, coming in at an angle to just skim the rooftop and then banking left, right, left, as more bolts crackled all around us. Right, left, right again, up and over, down and around, and somehow, incredibly, out the other side.

“Oh, that was good Ālrai,” I admitted. "Perhaps you are an equal match to me when it comes down to it in terms of piloting."

"Yeah I reckon I should be an F-Zero driver like you Kixi?"

"Yeah let's not get too ahead of ourselves Ālrai, this and F-Zero racing are two completely different things." I snapped back cheaply.

"Yeah Miss Kixi Rajki, but just remember one thing and never forget it. I'm the one that saved your arse big time tonight." Ālrai responded withering.

"I know, and for that I'm extremely grateful." I then responded a little more apologetically realising that I was being unappreciative. Ālrai and I were at times a little too competitive with one another. We were all close friends who endeavoured to always take care of one another when in need. Him leading this rescue attempt would be perfect proof of that fact, however it was our competitive nature that got us carried away many a time. Although this time it was clearly me being the culprit, and I quickly realised it. Ālrai nodded his head acknowledging that he understood, agreeing that it was so, and continued flying. At this point, we then all decided it would be best to all just keep quiet as given the intensity of this chase, Āltrai didn't really need any extra distractions from me.

Eventually though, the inevitable would happen. Ālrai's cockiness got the better of him, as we raced through the smaller sky streets, weaving in and out of traffic. Turning, twisting, shifting, clutching and gripping. Then a barrage of laser bolts rained down around us causing us to fish-tail into open traffic. Immediately following that was a smash and a light impact into one of the other vehicles around us, as the side windows spider-glassed on impact. Ālrai then dived into a lower lane as our engines failed for a splinter of a second causing our hovercar to go in for a hard bank to the left. Yet it was pointless, the sole Skysec hovercar loomed directly behind us and readied its guns for the kill. Our engines were failing, we were sitting ducks.

Suddenly just as we thought it would be lights out and over, a huge explosions rocked us back and forth. We looked up to see the Skysec vehicle evaporate into a ball of fire. The shock wave from the sudden explosion violently threw us all back in our seats. Some of the debris from the carnage did hit our hovercar, resulting in further shattering of what was left of any windows on our vehicle.

Miyuki's voice came cracking into our comm unit, with a roar of triumph in her voice. "They won't be troubling you any further!"

"No kidding, what took you so long." I said back to her into our comm unit, relieved to see her just like both Ālrai and Mako were. Yet we had sustained some serious damage as our hovercar careened out of control, and Ālrai fell back over the controls, desperately but futilely. We dived and spun, sidelong and head over. Screaming, we all hung on for dear life as we spiraled toward the street on the ground below. Finally, at the last possible moment, Ālrai gained some control, enough to turn the impending crash into a spark throwing skid along the road surface below us. The hovercar bounced up on edge and then slammed to a halt. Our vehicle then lay half into a street stall that we had crashed into.

The three of us were quick to get out of our crashed vehicle. After all that, Ālrai had managed to get us back on the ground unscathed, although in the heat of all the action, he did hit some other vehicles that had been stationary on the ground, poles, street stalls and other objects, but thankfully he hadn't collected any people along the way. In fact they all had seen our hovercar coming in hard for an emergency landing, and very much were able to take evasive action and get out of the way on time, just as our vehicle touched the what had been only moments ago a busy side road in the Chinatown district of Celestia City.

The people on the ground were clearly freaked out at what they had just witnessed happening. Although hovercars were everywhere, it was extremely uncommon for one to simply just crash land anywhere. All vehicles that were fly worthy, had built in failsafe units. The moment any part that was vital to the safe operation of the vehicle failed, or was about to, a smaller auxiliary motor would kick in taking full control of the vehicle from the pilot, and landing it safely to the nearest available location. The auxiliary units were automatically checked every time any vehicle was started, basically initialising a remote sky worthy test every time. Thus no non sky worthy vehicles were ever in Celestia's busy sky lanes. Of course if you were shot down from the skies like we were, then that was another matter altogether.

Soon after, Miyuki would land metres away from us in her own stolen Skycom hovercar. Bystanders and what looked like could become an angry mob of mostly locals, didn't appear very welcoming to our sudden explosive and violent arrival. Although they were not of any immediate concern to us. Instead, a droid without any warning swooped down on us on its hover-bike. The droid an SS-7, which I identified as the one who had spiralled out of control earlier on. Clearly it had survived that incident and must've resumed its chase. At least the droid who now stood about ten metres away was unarmed as a result of the previous incident. Ālrai and Miyuki without hesitation, quickly ran and jumped into what would be an unarmed fight with it. In a way, this confrontation with the droid would become a test of their own superior skills and agility in the various martial arts, that they were trained in.

"Hey Kixi, Ālrai and Miyuki could do with some extra assistance, don't you think I should jump into the fight?"

"No Mako, they're doing just fine on their own. Agents of their calibre as you can see will have no problem defeating one elite SS-7 droid." I quickly pointed out in the direction of where the other two agents were tackling that droid with my uninjured arm. "Look they're clearly on the verge of defeating it."

"But I think I should go there and help anyway?"

"No, I said stay here and out of their way. You'll most likely cause them unnecessary problems!" I had to raise my voice at her in a somewhat abrupt way. I knew she wouldn't like it. I knew where this was heading, but in the light of recent events, I really had no choice.

"Why? What good am I if I stay here and just watch when I could help?"

"Because they don't need your help that's fucking why Mako." I said as frustration began to get the better of me.

"Kixi why are you swearing at me?"

Now I could see the young child still in Mako, very reminiscent of the kid that I had met being bullied all those many years ago in that park.

"Because you'd think you've learnt or realised by now, from all the shit we'd just been through that you're not damn ready for any of this. That's why Mako. You simply just don't get it. All you're gonna do is get in their way, fuck up and then we all get fucked on again trying to rescue you!" I angrily shouted at her as bystanders watched on.

"Oh so you really think I'm useless then? Just like that Cerberus had said?" Mako said as she slowly began to sob.

"Now I didn't say that Mako. I said you are not ready, not that you are useless. There is a big difference, or do you not understand Solan? Perhaps I'll say it to you again in Zorugo?" I said walking up to her, tapping her on her head with my fist as if her head were a door or something. Although I quickly felt horrible soon after, realising that I had just humiliated my true and only love in the entire universe.

"Why are you all of a sudden being so nasty to me Kixi? You...... You don't love me anymore?" Mako pushed me away with both her hands, and without realising it she touched me where I had been shot. I took a step back yelping in pain, putting my hand from the opposite shoulder side of my body on my injured shoulder. I breathed heavily holding the sudden jolt of pain in, trying not to show Mako that I was in excruciating pain . "Oh sorry Kixi, umm I forgot you were hurt there, I really honestly didn't mean to...."

Mako really took me aback a little. She began acting like a lost little child. Once again it reminded me of her past. "Of course I still love you, and no less than before." I answered initially before realising she had apologised for accidentally hitting my wound. "It's okay. Mako, it really is okay." I said holding my breath a little as a result of still being in a little bit of pain. I then slowly removed my hand from my shoulder. "I know you didn't mean to." I didn't want her to see the real extent of my injury. After all, despite our little argument, I was undoubtedly still her hero. I viewed this injury and the inability to be able to fight as a sign of weakness, something she didn't need to see in me at the present moment. I took in a few more deep breaths, still doing my best to mentally absorb the pain. Mako however had her head down. I realised that I really hit a soft nerve with her and had upset her. Although I couldn't back off now. If the opportunity was there to teach Mako a valuable lesson in maturity, mow would be a better time than ever.

"Kixi why are you doing this to me? Picking on me, putting me down and humiliating me? I thought you were the only person who ever really cared for me? Why Kixi why? If not even you care for me, then no one does!" Mako spoke still looking down at the ground not making eye contact with me.

I slowly walked up to her and gently placed my hand under her chin. I then lifted her head up slowly, so that she could look me in the eye as I spoke to her. "Mako you need to understand how things work in life. You're an adult now. If I constantly shelter you, you'll never learn. I've sheltered you up until now, and look at what happened?"

I then stretched both my hands out in a gesture of sincereness. "You were not ready for this despite me convincing Jarvis that you were. I made a huge error by misjudging your abilities, and now I will undoubtedly need to explain myself to Jarvis. Mako I know you want to be ready, I know how much it all means to you, however look at what happened because I shut my eyes and convinced you and everyone that you were when you were not? Mako, from the experience you have had in these last two days, you have learnt more than training can have ever taught you. I assure you that all in good time, that you will be ready. However if I constantly pretend just to make you happy and constantly shelter you, where would my true love for you really be? I love you no less than before, even with all the shit that has happened. In fact I just want to hold you in my arms more and more than ever before, just to feel each other's breaths, heartbeats, and our damn existence. And this is why I'm being honest with you Mako. I don't want to see you die. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. That's why I was prepared to die with you in the arena instead of running when I could have. But this can't ever happen again, because we are so damn lucky to get out of this on this occasion. Also on another note, I might be the one that cares for you most, but others do care for you too. Like Ālrai, and Miyuki, plus many others such as Zenon and Chris, not to mention Jarvis. Oh and on the topic of Jarvis, you do realise that he's gonna drill into me hard for convincing him in allowing you on such a dangerous mission when you were not ready. That my little sweetheart, is because he really cares for you like the father that you never really had."

Mako and I had been locked into a heated discussion, that nether of us had realised that both Ālrai and Miyuki were done with defeating the SS-7 droid, and had come back to get us.

"If you two lovebirds can finish squabbling, we really need to get moving along now, and I mean now." Ālrai butted in interrupting us, succeeding with relative ease in getting our full and undivided attention. By this stage, the SS-7 droid had been defeated in what had turned out to be an entertaining fight in its own right, between it, and Ārai and Miyuki. Now, several angry bystanders armed with clubs, sticks and even bladed weapons began moving in on us.

"Uh oh, time to go then!" I blandly replied to Ārai's original comment.

We quickly got back into Miyuki's stolen Skycom vehicle. Most of bystanders around us were still anxiously looking at us, as others made an attack run on us. Yet for a change, we were able to avoid another unneeded confrontation by quickly getting back in the air. Just prior to our departure, I had been able to hear several bystanders muttering some confronting words that were undoubtedly about us. Discussions about the evening's arena games had echoed through the air. Without a doubt, some may have been watching the games on bar screens and on the huge holo screen several metres above ground level. Therefore I clearly concurred with the others about not sticking around further. Miyuki thus resumed flying. Ālrai took up a seat in the front passenger seat with her, while Mako and I hopped into the back. Inevitably more police and others in authority would soon be arriving to investigate the chaos that had just taken place in Chinatown district, therefore we were glad to have left that chaos long behind us.

"We need to dump this vehicle soon." Miyuki quickly exclaimed as she delibrately kept away from the main skylanes, flying low at less than half a kilometre from the ground.

"Fly to the Wastelands, my own hovercar is stowed away in an abandoned warehouse. Mako and I were supposed to have flown back to it after our original mission. We can go there meaning we will be off the grid. We should then have plenty of time to at least get changed, that's Mako and I. We can destroy this vehicle, and on our return to the city, fly past the location or building Skysec assume we have been at this whole time after we hacked turned off our microchips. We fly back there, turn our real IDs back on, and then go back to Zed's like normal everyday law abiding citizens." I probably gave a tad too much information all at once, some of which was obvious to my fellow friends. It was a habit of mine to do that I guess, as I told them the exact coordinates to where my hovercar was located at. Ālrai then punched them into his own wrist holo computer which also acted as a navigation device.

"Yeah that will have to do, but I suggest you two hurry up once we are there to get changed and get that hovercar of yours in the air and back to Celestia. That means no flirting around, as you'll have plenty of time for that later." Miyuki was quick to add the last part knowing me all too well.

Ālrai would then hand over one of those small basic body healing devices that could repair minor injuries to body tissue, muscles, nerves, bone and skin. He instructed Mako to carry out the quick procedure on me in which she promptly did. I did find it difficult to remove my mostly torn t-shirt the normal way, so I ripped it off completely. This exposed my breasts which were covered by a bra in which Mako had to then ask me to remove. That fully exposing my breasts in the process, but necessary for Mako to better treat my injuries. I initially felt cold, however Mako applying the treatment on me meant her getting up and close to me. Her touching me on my fully naked upper body quickly countered my coldness. Although this was more psychological if anything.

"The trip from here to the Wastelands is just over an hour away at our current speed. I suggest you two girls rest up a little, or at least you Kixi."'Ālrai advised, stuttering his words slightly as he couldn't help himself but stare at my breasts. I chuckled a little at realising the fact, flattered just like most women would be when a guy stared at her beauty. Even being a lesbian it still flattered me.

"Yes Ālrai, I think I'm gonna do just that infact." I couldn't argue more with his suggestion. I had been by this stage totally drained and out of it. Mako had healed the worse part of my injuries by this stage, however I would still require further treatment at a later time at a proper medical facility. That, to be immediately administered when we eventually returned to Arjian HQ, deeply hidden within Zed's legitimate workshop complex.

"Thank you dearly Mako," I said looking back at her. I had become comfortable as she tendered to my injuries, that I only then realised just how tired I really was. My eyes would half open and then close, then open and then close again as I began drifting into sleepiness. "Looks like you'll get to play with me as I fall asleep in your arms. I'm all yours Mako," I said jokingly as I slowly then fully closed my eyes. Mako wrapped both her arms around me. I lay the side of my head onto her shoulder and chest. I closed my eyes as she slowly brushed my hair. This indeed was sweet as I then fell asleep peacefully in her arms in the back seat of the hovercar, as we headed directly for the Wastelands.

"Are you two okay?" Miyuki asked Mako, taking a quick glance behind her as she continued to fly the hovercar into the direction of the Wastelands. Mako was still brushing my hair gently as I continued to sleep in her arms. The two conversed in Zorugo, rather than the standard and common language of Solan that we usually all spoke, and the common tongue of all citizens of Sol.




Solan was one of four official languages of the USS, as well as the chief language in all its associated interstellar colonies and territories. Of course many other languages were still spoken on Earth, but when it came down to everyday practice, the four official ones were mainstream. In fact Solan was the only tongue that was officially spoken by very much all citizens of Sol. The name Solan, or Solān in that language, was a hybrid word for the words Solar Language, or to put it exact, Solar Lānguij. The language was very much the same as the language that was formally known as English. The version of English as was spoken in the late 20th century onwards, was very reminiscent to modern day Solan. However as the centuries of the third millennium passed, it had undergone writing reforms to make it phonetic, received many new words from many other mainstream languages of the given era, and by the mid third millennium, received the name change of Solan. This ultimately would better identify it as the language of the people of Sol.

The other three official languages off the USS, although nowhere near as widespread as Solan, were Latinova, Zorugo and Züncålidiom. Latinova, a hybrid of the words Latina Nova or New Latin, was a language primarily based on the Spanish language as was spoken from the 20th century onwards. It received a minor writing reform over the years, plus many words from other Latin based languages spoken at the time such as Italian, and today spoken mostly only on the American and Western European continents on Earth, as well as in several major districts of the second largest Martian city of New Rome.

Zorugo on the other hand was a language based on Japanese, also reminiscent of the language that was spoken from the 20th century onwards. Spoken primarily in what was once the nation of Japan, as the centuries slowly passed through the third millennium, it gradually became more predominantly widespread in many other countries on the Asian continent, replacing Mandarin as the most widely used Asian based language. This was due to a major series of events, that inevitably changed the face of political importance, and balance of power surrounding the countries of the given era in the region. Zorugo was also a major spoken tongue in several districts in the largest Martian city of Aries Prime. The name Zorugo was derived from the words Sol Language in that language, and unlike traditional Japanese, it was written in the Latin or Roman alphabet.

Lastly there was Züncålidiom. This tongue was distinct from the rest, as it was one rarely used in the USS. More the less it was used in the interstellar colonies and territories. It  wasn't an evolution of a once existing mainstream Earth language. In short, Züncålidiom began to evolve as a constructed language in the mid 22nd century as a means for separatist colonists on Mars, to make it difficult to be understood by the governments and powers of the time on Earth. Although it wouldn't be for at least a few more hundred years, when the first interstellar colonists on Proxima Centauri had began rallying for their own independence from Earth, that the use of Züncålidiom really became predominant and widespread there. In time as the colonies became established nations, controlled by their own local governments, the language also became accepted along with Solan. The word Züncålidiom was a hybrid word from that language. It was comprised of the words züncålazin and idiomus, that translated as warrior and language respectively.




The trip to the Wastelands would be an uneventful one. I was fast asleep in Mako's arms as she cuddled me and kept me warm. She would gently hold one of my hands, slowly rubbing the tip of her thumb on it, just so she could feel my warmth. Occasionally she would kiss me on the top of my head. I slept peacefully throughout the trip, like a baby who was in need of much sleep. Even if this small bit of rest would last only for the duration to our destination, which at most would be around an hour.

In the meantime, Mako and Miyuki would converse quietly in Zorugo. In contrast to how Ālrai had been flying, Miyuki flew with extreme caution. Miyuki was from Tokyo, a super mega metropolis on what was once the county of Japan. Zorugo was her main language. Like Miyuki, Mako was also originally from Tokyo and spoke Zorugo. However only her mother was from Tokyo. Her father on the other hand was from one of the super mega metropolises in the old European continent. As a result, Mako's appearance was a mixture of Asian and Caucasian complexity.

During the trip, Ālrai would completely zone out from Mako and Miyuki's conversation, doing his own thing on his own holo computer on his wrist. For a change, it would be a relaxing trip, despite our urgency to drop off from the Grid. The police and Skysec would soon, if not already be out at force, stopping random vehicles and people, in light of recent events that had occurred at the Celestia Interplanetary Arena. We were now on top of the most wanted list in all of Celestia City.


At approximately LST 01:00, CE 3016-05-28


I was still fast asleep in Mako's warm arms. We had just arrived at the set of coordinates at the Wastelands, where my own personal hovercar had been safely stowed away days earlier. I slowly woke up as Mako shook me a little.

"Wake up Kixi, wake up. We've arrived back at the old abandoned warehouses in the Wastelands."

Her voice like always was sweet. I quickly yawned, then realising where I was and who else was with me. Rubbing both my eyes with my fingers, I squinted a little before finally becoming fully aware of my surroundings again.

"We're at the coordinates you gave us Kixi." Ālrai would turn his head around staring at me. It was then that I realised that I was still topless. Instinctively I covered both my breasts with my arms.

"Yes I can see that we are. How long was I asleep for? Not that long I take it, but man could I do with a lot more sleep right now."

"About an hour. Very much how long it took for us to get here after you gave us the coordinates, and for Mako to treat your injuries." Ālrai responded quickly.

"Oh!" I moved what had been my injured shoulder and arm a little. I found that now I could at least move it a lot better without any agonising pain. However my movement in the area was still stiff and sluggish.

"Your treatment is temporary Kixi, you'll need proper treatment once we're back. Speaking of which, your vehicle, if you can kindly take us to it, we'll happily all get moving along." Ālrai produced a cocky smile as he then exited the vehicle we had all arrived in. The rest of us then got out as well, and walked over to the warehouse where my hovercar was in. I soon realised though, that I no longer had the key to the lock that I had placed on the door.

"Umm guys, they took the key off me when they stripped us of all our staff during our imprisonment." I said somewhat irritated at myself for forgetting.

"I can't believe you damn used a key with a physical key lock. So primitive!" Ālrai quickly commented not wasting any time retrieving his pistol. "Move out of the way girls." He said taking aim at the lock. We all moved out of the way as he shot at it. The laser bolt from his pistol instantly vaporised the lock, allowing for him to then slide the door open.

"I'll make an important note to use more modern sophisticated locks next time. Not that someone like you couldn't have blown it off anyway." I laughed as I spoke and we all walked in.

"I'm glad you haven't lost your good sense of humour Kixi." Ālrai was once again quick to comment, while I walked over to my untouched hovercar and took the covers off.

"There you go, just as I left it, brand new second hand hovercar." I burst out into more laughter as I could still see that Ālrai could not take his eyes off my boobs. "And now my good friend." I walked right up to Ālrai flirting my body at him even more. "Mine and Mako's normal clothing are inside this vehicle, so take one good last glance at me." Mako who was standing back wasn't overly impressed at what I was doing. She didn't feel threatened or anything, after all Ālrai was a man and I being a lesbian was into women. She simply wasn't impressed at my childish like behaviour.

"Yeah who needs to grow up now Kixi?" Mako would sternly comment as she placed her hand on my shoulder and indicated for us to hurry up.

"Okay Kixi, and Mako of course. Miyuki and I are gonna go dispose of the stolen Skycom hovercar outside. I suggest you two both be ready once we have returned."

Having said that, both he and Miyuki turned around, exited the building and got back into the hovercar we had arrived here with. They left, but obviously wouldn't be going far and would soon be returning back on foot. It didn't take Mako and I long to get our clothes out of my hovercar and get changed.

"I feel much better now. Almost refreshed just being in clean clothes again." I looked at Mako as I powered up my hovercar. "As soon as they're back, we'll be ready to go I guess."

Mako didn’t respond, instead she just walked straight up to me. Before I even took a chance to process anything, she wrapped both her arms around me in a hug. I began to cry a little, but I quickly soaked up my tears. As I did, she pulled me in close to her until our lips locked. At first, the kiss was small. But then, it grew bigger, and more intense. I reckon it was probably the most intense kiss that I have ever experienced. It wasn't totally unexpected though, as after all, the two of us had only narrowly escaped death.

Without any thought or worries about our other two friends coming back, I leaned on my hovercar and pulled Mako on to me, wrapping one of my legs around her waist, while supporting myself up with the other. Mako had no problems playing along. Her fingers slowly unzipped my shorts, and I pulled off her shirt as she pulled down my shorts. Ironically we threw our clothes on the floor beside us. Ironic in the sense that we had only gotten changed in them minutes earlier. Our kiss broke as Mako worked to unclasp my bra, and in turn I unclasped hers. She stared into my eyes as we allowed each other to slip off our bras. Our lips locked again, deeper this time as Mako's warm fingers slipped off my underwear. I didn't slip of her underwear, but instead chose to put my hand into hers, feeling her intensely.

We were both exposed and there was no way knowing just when Ālrai and Miyuki would be back. Mako tasted tentatively with her tongue, as she traced it across the bottom of my lip. Soon, we started swallowing each other, making the kiss even more intense. I let out a moan as Mako’s breath traveled down to my breasts. Her gentle fingers prickled my skin with her touch. I moaned out her name as she continued. My fingers were tangled in her hair. I was trying to keep my grip under control, being careful not to pull Mako’s body thrusts against mine, causing a moan to come out from both of us. I felt a lot of pain as she moved in, and back out again. Although there was pain, I was patient. The moment became sensational and beautiful. As Mako worked, our tongues were down each other’s throats. And then our moment of joy and happiness was abruptly interrupted. Ālrai and Miyuki had returned catching us making out.

"Ooh la la, and what do we have here." Ālrai commented laughing. "Looks like our two little lovebirds have clearly made up by making out." Ālrai continued to speak with a huge grin on his face, while Miyuki who was standing right beside him wasn't phased at all at what she saw. "Umm I could watch this all night, oops I mean we don't mean to be intrusive girls, but we should best get going now." Miyuki shook her head in disapproval of Ālrai's typical male mentality at seeing two girls kiss and make out, as Mako and I quickly got all our clothes back on. "Um you two darlings will have plenty of time to pash later." Ālrai, who simply was a typical male, simply couldn't wipe that huge grin he had on his face as he spoke. In a way I could tell he probably wouldn't have interrupted us had he had a choice. I mean what man would, at the exotic sight of two drop-dead good looking women kissing one another, I mused to myself.

"Oh there you guys are." I replied blushing and embarrassed at getting busted. "Yes, yes, let's go now," I quickly added before Ālrai could reply again.

"Mako you fly since I still can't move my arm properly." I promptly told her as I took my seat in the front passenger seat. Mako then following, seated herself comfortably in the driver's seat. The other two took the back seat, neither making any further comment. The hovercar's engine were already fired up, thus after exiting the warehouse, we zoomed up into the dark night's sky, racing away back towards the bright lights of Celestia City.

Once back in the city, we cautiously headed for the apartment owned by our boss Zed. We had to make sure the authorities didn't stop us. Not yet, as our microchips still registered that we were there and not anywhere else. As we slowly passed the apartment, using the same hack, we all turned on our microchips which now effectively registered our location and identities. To the authorities it would now register that we have for the first time, left the apartment in the last two days.

We now proceeded to slowly fly back to Zed's where Arjian HQ was located. As we headed deeper into the heart of the city, police and Skysec presence became ever more prevalent. And as expected we would soon get pulled over. Mako would then safely pull our vehicle over a few metres down from the lane we were flying in, to safety then pull over into one of the parking ledges on the side of the city's many tall buildings.

"May I see your licence and registration miss?" The police officer dryly asked Mako who was driving my hovercar due to my injury. No one said a word while Mako allowed the policeman to scan her wrist.

"Umm, you are Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, the list of registered vehicles in your name doesn't include this one." The policeman calmly said as he scanned the vehicle separately. "I see it belongs to a Kixi Rajki?"

"Yeah that's me sir." I quickly spoke up looking into the man's visor.

"I see. And care to tell me why she is driving miss Rajki?"

There was clearly nothing wrong with the fact that Mako was driving, nothing at all. The police officer wasn't even being as inquisitive as it might have appeared to be to some. He probably just found it odd as to why I just happened to be letting someone else drive my hovercar. Given the nature of the situation, I thought it best to just play by his rules. "Sir I had a bit too much to drink, so didn't feel up to the task of getting behind the controls. I think I've sobered up completely now, but have a splitting headache." I thought it best I add the last bit, simply incase he decided to check my alcohol levels. At least if he did, and saw that I obviously would then return a zero reading, he would at least see that I wasn't lying, and thereby cast any suspicions.

"Very well miss Rajki, a fair enough reason." The police officer then took a peep into the back seat of my vehicle, and noted both Ālrai and Miyuki sitting down quietly not uttering a word.

"Sorry for having to sound so intrusive miss Zaneca, but to where are you and your friends exactly off to? The policeman was extremely polite and appeared genuine, I had to give him that one, so the four of us just kept our calm as he continued to speak.

"We were at an apartment owned by our employer Jak Zed, you probably know of his workshop. His main customers are the police force, Skycom and of course their special police unit Skysec," Mako began rambling on to the police officer.

"He lent us the apartment for a couple of days. Basically we have been under the pump at work for over a week now, so he decided to reward us by giving us a few days to chill and do what we wanted. So we, that is the four of us, just ate, drunk, some a little too much," Mako would point her head towards me as she continued to ramble on. 

"And we just joked around, played virtual reality games in the holodeck which our boss has in the apartment. Anyway to round off a great couple of days, I'm just dropping those two in the back off home, and then me and drunk girl over there will go home as we actually live together. We'll be resting up as tomorrow it's back to reality sir, or in other words back to work. Now what better way to get over a hangover than to sleep." Mako finally stopped rambling on, nudging me while she referred to the getting over the hangover part. The police man just listened to her story and smiled politely.

"Looks like you four had a swell time together. Anyway Miss Zaneca, the scan of your microchip earlier on clearly verifies that you indeed were at the apartment you said you were at. You sure have one awesome boss miss. Wish I could be so lucky myself." The police officer chuckled as he spoke.

If only he knew who we really were, and that we were the ones the authorities were looking for. No doubt he wouldn't be laughing in our company if he did. "I clearly believe you all were where you said you have been for the last two days. However given the nature of the situation tonight, I just need to scan the microchips of your three passengers to verify it. It's to cover myself in case my own superiors check up on me. I'm sure you understand and don't mind guys?"

Now it's not like any of us really had a choice, but yeah we had already all tailored for this scenario. Our microchips were already rigged to show that we were all last at the apartment in question, before we had rigged them to no longer track or records of our whereabouts and identities. Ālrai, Miyuki and myself then allowed the policeman to scan us, and as expected we were all cleared.

"Okay girls and the one lucky man in the back seat, you're all good. I will not bother you guys any further. You may go now. Fly safe and take care." The police officer finally said with a half grin on his face and waved us off.

Mako then got us back on our way. "You did well Mako, very well indeed actually." I softly rubbed my hand on the top of her shoulder. "You composed yourself well and not once were you intimidated by the officer, nor were you showing signs of nervousness. You held your cool well. I'm proud of you Mako." I then stop rubbing at her shoulder as she smiled at me.

"Thank you Kixi. Those words mean a lot to me, especially coming from you." After the last two days of hell, and knowing she had let Arjian down and especially me, the compliment was warm and soothing. She kept her shoulders high with a smile on her face, as we slowly made our way back to Zed's, and the secret Arjian HQ located deeply within. Then all the explaining would surely undoubtedly begin. After all we had gone through, hopefully they were able to retrieve the data we stole from Skycom, I quietly mused to myself.

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