KnM Blade - In Destiny's Way

Kixi Rajki, a professional high speed racer, is a seemingly average citizen of the United Systems of Sol in the 31st century. Going by the alias of Kay Blade, she is also a secret agent for an underground resistance cell intent on bringing down the powerful freedom restricting government. Mako Jhasmin Zaneca, alias eM Blade, and Kixi's lover, recently trained up as an agent, is also an expert computer slicer and hacker in her own right. She must accompany Kixi on what will be her first mission, and with all certainty, an extremely dangerous mission. Choosing arrest in order to save her lover, the two narrowly escape death, and consequently trigger in motion an unprecedented course of events. Unwittingly, her actions will forever change the balance of power, and with it the face of humanity as a space faring species.


29. Blade versus ke Hanadi : Enter the Züncålazin. Part 3

Chapter 19 : Blade versus ke Hanadi : Enter the Züncålazin. Part 3


EST 14:30, CE 3016-06-25, MST/LST 14:30, MTE 971-12-25


Groaning, I opened my eyes, or rather, I tried too, as Mako knelt down on the ground, wrapping her arms around me, holding me up. The nanites in my face had repaired most of the damage on the outside of my face, but on the inside, it all hurt like hell. Further I felt an agonising pain near my rib sections – probably broken, my stomach area hurt from the constant punches to it, and basically the rest of my body, especially my right knee wasn't fairing much better. 

"Kixi?" An ice cold hand touched my fevered face gently, a touch that uniquely belonged to none other than my beloved Mako.

"Mako." Speaking alone made my dry throat hurt, breaking my split lip once again, and I tasted my own blood in my mouth.

"Oh, God, look what she has done to you!" Mako carefully brushed a strand of sweat soaked hair out of my face.

I couldn't answer, my whole body felt like it was on fire. I simply pressed my face into Mako's hand, which gently cupped my blue cheek.

"Mako" I rasped after a while, turning my head in an attempt to look at my fiancée.

Mako stiffened and stayed silent for far too long, already answering my question. I had fucked up due to my arrogance. Had I obeyed Jarvis' order to begin with, and then listened to Kashia ke Hanadi who had been telling the truth from the very word go, none of this would have happened to me. I was a total mess and a shameful disgrace.

Before Mako had attended to me, she had in fact already signalled in for help. Alone and unequipped, Mako was powerless to do anything to help me. She held me tightly and securely in her arms – her beautiful arms, and although in severe pain, feeling and hearing her heartbeats as she was pressed onto me, somewhat soothed the pain a tiny fraction. If I were to die in her arms right now, it would be the best way I could possibly have died, the thought echoed in my head, as the ringing of a terrible headache was ever so present. The wind around us then suddenly picked up, and a swirl of dirt danced past in a whirling column of dusty air. The sound of an arriving ship dominated the air. Ālrai and the others had arrived in Jak's private transport ship. The same ship we had come to Mars with, and ultimately would be returning back to Earth with.

Hearing the engines sound die down to an idle, I opened my eyes as the lowering of the ship's ramp got my attention. A minute after arriving, Miyuki and Kajtia ran out with a stretcher, while Ālrai remained in the cockpit readying to leave once we were all safely on board.

I could hear Chris shout out to Mako after I had been securely strapped on to the stretcher. His words sounded distorted, but I understood it to bring her swoop aboard too, and that someone would be dropping it off later to where it had been hired from.

Chris and Miyuki stood at the foot of the shuttle's boarding ramp and took a moment to look around, taking in the nearby orange rocks and ever present view of the coastline. They weren't born on Mars like I was, but had been here many times. Staring out, past the rock formations and outwards in an easterly direction, the many rising towers came into view on the edge of the horizon of Aires City, in which it was time to say goodbye to.

Two hours later...

After having made a brief stop back at Venusville to return the swoop and properly check out of our apartments, we were now well and truly on our way back to the place I'd called home – Celestia City on Earth. The trip would be half a day's travel time at best, not that it really mattered though. I was a total mess from my beating at the hands of the young Züncålazin woman, Kashia ke Hanadi. Fortunately, the ship's medical facilities were adequate enough, along with Miyuki's qualification to administer any minor interventions on me for the time being – something I definitely did require the use of given my present state of health.


I sat, my jaw clenched in pain, on the examination table. Chris stood a few feet away in front of the computer, with a glare on his face, daring me to try to stand up again. I scowled slightly, bending my right knee experimentally, only to cause pain to shoot up through my body. I froze, a small gasp escaping through my teeth as I gently lowered my leg back to its previous position. Kashia had hit me good and my knees were just one of many things that hurt.

"Just sit still until Miyuki gets here." Chris sighed, sensing no doubt my eagerness to want to get up.

Although I didn't argue, the bruises around my neck was making talking painful, and instead I allowed for the nanites in my body to change my face back into its original self – that of Kixi Rajki. I pulled my wrist and lower arm bands and gadgets off, stretching my aching fingers before running a hand through my hair, stopping when it hurt too much to raise my arm. I could feel the bruises decorating my back and chest and winced, thinking how painful moving would be tomorrow.

“Chris, I must insist you sit down as well.”

I looked up to see Miyuki entering the medical lab, her sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a stern expression on her face.

"Miyuki, surely this can't be as bad as it looks." I said thinking wishfully.

"I'll be the judge of that." Miyuki glared at me and shook her head in disapproval. Chris collapsed himself into the chair in front of one of the computers. Miyuki raised an eyebrow and Chris scowled, standing up and walking over to the table I sat on, and perched himself on another one next to it. Miyuki nodded briefly in approval before making her way over to me. Chris wanted to assist in mending me, but it was clear to the both of them that Miyuki was by far the more qualified to assist.

“Now, Kixi, let's see about getting your clothes off. Of course you can keep on your underwear, but everything else including your bra off.”

I grunted in agreement as Miyuki went around behind me, and carefully began helping me to strip, stiffening when she saw the bruises. However she didn't say anything, instead gently drawing the short sleeve of my shirt over my shoulder, bringing it down until I could slip my hands through.

“I must say, Kixi, you've turned a lovely shade of purple.”

I smiled a bit, my neck still too sore to speak.

"I take it your encounter didn't go too well." Miyuki directed that question at Mako, who'd just stepped in while examining my face.

“I got there after the fight was over and found Kashia beating the crap out of Kixi. She could've killed her if she had wanted to, but chose not to.”

"She got fucking lucky and she seemed to know all about me." I snapped back.

“Did you find out how?”

I sighed. "Well she was probably saying the truth about not really being from the Skysec Secret Service, as she would have killed me otherwise – or captured me."

Chris who was still seated gazed at me, his face full of sadness and disappointment. "Whilst we were en-route to rendezvous at your location, Jarvis confirmed that the Züncålazin Order located primarily at the Alpha Centauri System, have been in contact with him on several occasions. They are a key in our prospect future alliance with them and the Sajnen Confederate. Kashia ke Hanadi was indeed a Züncålazin sent in to infiltrate Skysec."

"Javis knew and didn't tell me or even us?" I said almost expressionless.

“What he did tell you was to hold back and not do anything about Kashia until further notice." Chris said folding his arms not overly pleased at me. "He was going to inform us, but instead you disobeyed a direct order. I personally don't care what you think Kixi, but Kashia whooped your butt. You're lucky she let you live.”

I nodded, glancing at Chris but remained wordless. He was right. I fucked up, and once again it could have all been avoided if it weren't for my arrogance, I pondered as I lightly ran my fingers over the cuts on my wrists.

"Ah!" I gasped as I felt Miyuki's small smooth hands gently prod my chest, running over the collage of bruises. She did the same to my back before moving up to my shoulders, running gentle fingers over my collarbones and down my biceps.

“Well," she finally announced. "It doesn't appear as though you have any broken ribs, despite it feeling like you do. Though no doubt, you have a great many bruised ones. Bending over shall not be an enjoyable task for the next week or so.”

I nodded, looking down at my own chest, and drawing in a breath as I saw all the bruises. Luckily, no skin was torn in that section of my body though. Miyuki disappeared around the corner for a moment, before coming back with a roll of soft bandages which she began winding around my chest.

“If you will lift your arms up, Kixi.”

I raised my arms with a bit of difficulty, softly sighing in relief when Miyuki finished wrapping my chest.

The woman in her late twenties and originally from Tokyo on Earth, then reached out and took my right arm in her own. She peered at the torn skin on my wrist, before pulling out some antiseptic, and pouring it over the wound. I gasped as it stung, resisting the urge to pull away until Miyuki finished wrapping my wrist in bandages. She did the same to the other wrist before moving down to my legs.

She reached out and gently touched my right leg, only to pull away as I cried out in pain, the sound hoarse and scratchy. Mako looked over, her expression worried.

"Where does it hurt the most, Kixi?" Miyuki asked, her lips pursed slightly.

"My knee." I managed to reply, my throat burning. I didn't miss the look of concern that Miyuki shot at Mako.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to get your pants off like I stated earlier, however they will need to be cut off." Miyuki told me, and I could tell she was struggling to remain impassive.

"Okay." I croaked, glad she wouldn't have to try to pull them over my leg.

Miyuki pulled out a pair of scissors, especially heavy duty for jobs like this, and began cutting the tough thick leather material of my pants along the side of my leg, careful to touch the leg as least as possible. I heard the smallest intake of breath as my right leg was exposed, but didn't dare look down. Miyuki moved and did the same to the other leg, and soon I was sitting on the table in only my underwear and boots.

When I did finally look down at my leg, I almost wished I hadn't. It was a mess of black bruising, exceedingly swollen around the knee with small cuts oozing blood. Miyuki stood like she was afraid to touch it, her hands floating just over the skin. I heard Mako walk over, my fiancée's face, unusually stoic, remained tight with emotion.

“I'm afraid there isn't much I can do for this from here. I will have to inform Dr Nina Bela about this. As soon as we're back at Celestia City she'll be able to attend to it properly." Miyuki finally spoke. "But for now we must get the leg up on the table and elevated if possible.”

I clenched my teeth harder at the thought of moving my leg again. It hadn't been nearly this bad earlier, and I'd even been walking on it, but now that all the adrenaline had worn off, the pain was hitting full force. I looked down at my leg again and scowled, knowing Miyuki, Mako and Chris were no doubt be thinking the same thing I was.

About a year and a half before this incident with Kashia, I had injured my right knee badly in a high speed car accident. It wasn't while driving or racing an F-Zero car, but rather a millennium old Nissan GTR from the year CE 2017. I had found the liberty in thrill driving it on the same test circuit ZRT used near our large workshop in Celestia City, got far too carried away, clipped a side barrier, flipped and rolled several times, and in a nutshell wrote of the fine piece of machinery that had belonged to none other than Jak Zed himself. As expected he wasn't too thrilled at me afterwards, and I was lucky I'd only seriously injured my leg during that rather unfortunate scenario. I had to have surgery to repair my leg, and metal pins inserted to hold the bones in place. I'd been out of commission for months and it had taken over a month of physical therapy to get me back into both driving and fighting shape. I knew the incident had scared Mako badly, however in the end, my leg had eventually healed, and I hadn't had problems with it since. Yet I knew it was still weaker than it had been before, and judging from its current condition, still more susceptible to injuries than it had been before.

“Kixi." Chris' voice called my attention back to the present. "We're going to move your leg onto the table now.”

I nodded, bracing myself.

I nearly screamed when Chris and Miyuki placed their hands under my leg and lifted, swinging it over the top of the table before gently lowering it onto a pillow that Miyuki must have just moved there. Once it was over, I found myself panting heavily, my eyes squeezed shut and my teeth pressed together so hard I was afraid they would crack. I felt Mako's hand on my hair and I struggled to control my breathing. Miyuki quickly pulled off my long black boots and dropped them to the floor.

"I'm going to clean the cuts on your leg now," Miyuki spoke, moving around to the other side of the table.

I waited as Miyuki poured more antiseptic on my leg, barely even feeling the sting over the shooting pains coming from my knee. She then gently wrapped my knee while Chris held my leg up, the pain thankfully not as bad this time. Disappearing into the medical supplies room for a moment, Miyuki returned with a black knee brace. She laid the brace next to my knee and opened it up, sliding it under my leg before carefully closing it around the joint.

“That should hold it in place until Dr. Bela will be able to operate on it." Miyuki said, going over to the sink and quickly washing her hands. "We'll take a look at your neck and head, and then I'll give you some pain medication, and we'll move you into a bed down here.”

"Okay." I agreed. As much as I would've preferred my own bed that I shared with Mako on the ship's living quarters, I didn't like the idea of trying to get all the way there with my leg in its current state. Even if Chris carried me, which he wasn't too enthusiastic about, it would still hurt a lot.

Miyuki's examination of my throat, neck and head was quick, with no major serious concussions or lacerations, despite Kashia having repeatedly hit me across my face with both her fists and elbow. My NFV repaired most of the cuts to my face and inner bruises. Just the deeper bruises remained, as well as the minor concussions to my head and swelling around my neck and throat areas. Soon I found myself in a bed in the infirmary, my leg propped up on pillows, as I listened to the other three talk. I heard Miyuki advising Chris to go tell Ālrai and Kajtia of my condition upfront in the ship's cockpit, which he promptly left to do.

“Dr. Bela said she would be awaiting us the moment we touchdown at HQ in a few hours." Miyuki told Mako, her voice strangely muffled by the wall separating them from me. "So will Jarvis. He was looking forward in congratulating you two on your recent engagement, now he will not be pleased at Kixi's latest defiance of his orders. I suspect though, that he'll wait until Kixi is fully treated before he has stern words with her.”

"Well there's nothing new in terms of that." Mako said sighing. "She's a loose cannon wanting to take the government down on her own. I admire her courageous spirit, but I wish she'd just listen to orders more often. Jarvis clearly knows better – and he's more than just a leader, he's like a fatherly figure to her – and all of us for that matter. No matter how angry he will get at her, in the end he's just trying to protect her." Mako shook her head in sorrow. "Like with today. Had Kixi listened, she wouldn't have almost gotten herself killed.

Mako then reached out to hug Miyuki, breaking out in a tearful cry. "She proposed to me last night. It was the happiest moment of my life to date. I'm so scared that I might lose her Miyuki."

As I heard the two women converse in Zurogo, I felt myself becoming drowsy, most likely from all the pain medication Miyuki had given me.

Miyuki simply held on to Mako tightly for the few minutes that they hugged, occasionally tapping her gently on her back. "It's gonna be okay. Kixi will recover from her injuries, but I won't lie to you Mako. We all live dangerous lives. You must understand that something drastic could happen at anytime, and anyone of us could simply be taken away from the living in the blink of an eye. All we can do is cherish the love, appreciation, friendship, or whatever is relevant to the individual in question, live in the moment and not take anything nor anyone for granted. You do understand that Mako?" Miyuki then pulled her back and placed the palm of her hand gently on Mako's cheek. Miyuki was like the older sister that Mako never had. Both born and originally from Tokyo on Earth, both very close to one another.

“Yes, I do." Mako responded in a teary voice as Miyuki pulled out a soft tissue to wipe off her tears. "Thank you.”

"Hey little sis, it was nothing. Just doing what I can to help." She said smiling, referring to Mako as her little sister. Despite the two women not being blood related, they were so close that they normally acted like siblings – very cute indeed.

My eyes got heavier and heavier and I felt myself drifting off.

Shortly after I felt the familiar touch and feeling of none other than Mako's warmth, as she curled one of my hands into hers. Spontaneously I produced a smile. It was a struggle, but nonetheless a natural one. She placed her other hand gently on my forehead, and then moved it down my hairline to stroke my hair.

"You'll be okay sweetheart. I'll stay by your side for as long as you need me to. We'll get through this together." Her words alone felt caring and gentle as she bent down to kiss my lips. As she pulled back, I smiled despite barely being able to see her beautiful face with my eyes only half opened. Then I finally drifted off to sleep, and despite being all battered, I breathed peacefully like a sleeping beauty waiting to be kissed by a princess charming – Mako to wake me up. My fiancée held me closely by her side, and I would remain in my current state for the entire duration of the journey back to Earth.

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