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6. Silence's Voice- Ms. Holly

Story #5

Title: Silence’s Voice

Author: Ms. Holly

Chapters: 1-21

Review begins in 5….4....3….ain’t nobody got time for that.

Ah, the world of Elder Scrolls, one that I tried so hard to get into, but it all boiled down to the fact that PC that I own is ridiculously weak. Anyways, I’d like to begin the review by commending you not only on your writing skills but also on the fact that you had the guts to write such a massive, well thought out fan-fiction about such an intricate and complex world. If it were me, I would’ve given up by chapter six, like, “I can’t do it. Fuck this shit."

Even reading this required me to completely stop all distractions, and there were quite a few instances where my eyes started glazing over the words as I scrolled down, and I had to start over again. No, this doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the story. It is quite the masterpiece, I must say. But the issue is, that there is simply an over-abundance of substance for the reader to grasp. Although, once I did get far into the story, I absolutely loved it.

The grammar and punctuation were up to mark, with few to almost no instances of any error that I may have encountered, not that it was hindering the story or anything. I think (emphasis on think) chapter fifteen had some punctuation problems, but honestly, in such a vast story, it doesn’t even matter. The dialogues and descriptions were adequate and pretty skillfully used, in a way that I, even as someone who hadn’t played the game, could visualize the surroundings, the palpable tension in places. The oxymoron as a title was a nice touch as well. Reading this, with all its fantasy elements, towns, magic and what-not, somehow reminded me of the time when I read Lord of the Rings. In both cases, the story had seemed to be intimidating at first, with the immensely deep plotline, difficult to remember names, and yet, I somehow managed to find a corner for both the universes in my heart.

It’s a shame that this story is a fan-fiction, because if it weren’t, if it were world that you had created by your own wits, and published it as a novel, this has the potential to rival the likes of Lord of the Rings. I still bang my head on the wall knowing that well thought-out stories like yours and mine have meager views and receive little credit, while fan-fictions about five ridiculously peppy boys get hundreds of thousands of views...*sigh*

I hope you found this review satisfactory and helpful, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors. All the best, and keep writing.


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