Falling for the Gang Leader (M.C.)

Sophie Love is a normal high school girl who always sees the good in everyone. According to most people, she is a good girl.
Michael Clifford is the leader of the Jet Black Hearts gang. According to most people he is ruthless, dangerous, and not someone that you want to mess with.
Travis Meyer is the leader of The Sadistic Sinners, who is also Michael's rival gang, he meets Sophie and decides that he likes her and will do anything to get her.
When Sophie meets Michael and his gang will she realize that they really are as heartless as they seem or will she discover another side to them?


4. Chapter 3

I was now home after school after Grace had dropped me off. Grace always drives me to and from school. I started thinking about those gang members again. Especially the one I locked eyes with. I really wanted to know more about the Jet Black Hearts gang. I want to know why they do what they do and if they're really as bad as they seem. Personally, I think they're good people. There's no way they could be totally heartless.

I walked through the front door and saw my mom sitting in the living room watching tv. She looked up at me with a smile on her face as she heard me walk in. I look a lot like my mother. My mom and I both have naturally curly brown hair, except her hair goes to her shoulders while mine goes to my lower back. We both also share our blue eyes and shortness.

"Hey honey. How was school today? Do you think you did well on your test?" My mother asked me, still smiling at me. That's one of my favorite things about my mom, she's almost always smiling and cheerful. 

"It was good and I think I did okay." I told her, sitting down on the couch and setting my backpack down on the floor next to my feet.

"Well I'm glad you had a good day and do you think you got an A on your test?" My mother asked, growing more serious towards the end of her question.

"Um... yeah maybe."

"Well as long as you did your best then that's fine." 

My parents are both pretty strict on what grades I get, but my dad is definitely more strict about it than my mom is. My mom doesn't care as long as I'm doing my best and passing, but my dad expects nothing but A's.

"Oh Sophie, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going to the store for me and picking up a few things for dinner. You can pick something out for dessert if you want." I know my mom threw in the dessert thing just so I would say yes and do the shopping for her. I don't mind shopping, I'm just lazy.

"Okay just make a list of what you need and I'll get it." I told my mom starting to get up so I could put my backpack in my room before leaving.

"Thank you honey." My mom yelled from downstairs.

"No problem mom." I walked back downstairs to the living room where my mom was still sitting. I watched her write a few things down on a piece of paper before she handed it to me. I grabbed the paper from her and got up to leave.

I walked out the door and started the walk to the store. Before you ask, yes I'm seventeen and I do have a license. I just hate driving so I try to avoid it as much as I can. Plus, I love going for walks. I actually really like being outside and breathing in the fresh air. As I was walking, I glanced down at the list that my mom made to see what she was making tonight. I smiled when I realized that she was making macaroni and cheese tonight.

About five minutes later, I had made it to the store. I walked in, got a cart, and headed off to get the things on the list. After I got everything, I headed to the ice cream section to get the dessert. I was looking through the ice cream when I heard some guys talking and laughing loudly. I turned around and saw two guys walking down the aisle towards where I was. Realizing that I didn't know them, I went back to looking at the ice cream in front of me.

I was still looking at all of the ice cream and trying to decide between getting cookie dough or cookies and cream when I heard someone talking.

"Hey, I haven't seen you around before. What's your name, gorgeous?"

I stayed silent, not thinking that they could be talking to me.

"Are you going to answer?" Another guy asked, sounding annoyed.

I turned around and saw the two loud guys from earlier staring at me. I also noticed a certain symbol on both of their jackets. After noticing the symbol, I realized that they must be in the other gang in town, The Sadistic Sinners, who are rivals of the Jet Black Hearts. I haven't heard much about this gang, but I heard that supposedly they're pretty bad too. But you know what I think about the Jet Black Hearts, so that's what I think about this gang too. I don't personally know anyone from either of the two gangs or the reasons as to why they do what they do, so I'd like to think that they might not be that bad.  

"Oh yeah sorry I wasn't sure if you guys were talking to me or not."

"It's fine. So what's your name?" The same one who talked first asked again.

"I'm Sophie. And you are?" I asked.

"I'm Travis and this is my friend Josh." Travis said pointing to himself and then Josh.

Travis was pretty tall with pale skin and had short brown hair with chocolate brown eyes. His friend, Josh, was an average height with tan skin and golden blonde hair. He had a small ear gauge piercing and bright green eyes. They were both wearing a black hoodie with dark blue jeans. 

"Cool." I said not really knowing what else to say as I grabbed both the cookie dough and cookies and cream ice cream. Hey, I couldn't decide so why not get both? It's not like the ice cream is going to go to waste. 

"So Sophie, like I said I haven't seen you around before. Did you just move here or something?" Travis asked me eyeing me up and down. I'm not going to lie, I hate him doing that.

"No, I'm not new I've lived here my whole life." I laughed. 

"Actually, I should probably get going. My parents will worry if I'm gone for too long."

"Oh okay. We should meet up again sometime." Travis said smiling at me.

"Yeah that could be fun." I said smiling back. 

"Here give me your phone so we can exchange numbers and meet up sometime." Travis said reaching his hand out so I could give him my phone.

I hesitantly took my phone out of my back pocket and handed it to him. Travis seemed nice, but I don't know if I want to give him my number or not. I mean, I don't know him. Travis took my phone and handed me his so I could put my number in. I put my number in and handed his phone back to him and he gave me mine back. I looked at Travis and noticed that Josh had left. 

"Text me later so we can plan a time to hangout!" Travis yelled walking away. I don't know if I'll text him or not though, I mean I don't know him. But if I do text him, we could become good friends and he can tell me more about his gang and the Jet Black Hearts gang. I walked out of the ice cream aisle and went to the checkout. After paying for the groceries and taking my bags, I walked out of the store and began my walk home.

As I was walking I got a text from Grace inviting me over to hangout tomorrow and I quickly replied that I thought that'd be fun. I decided to tell her about Travis and Josh later once I got home. She probably won't be happy I met them or even talked to them, but maybe they're not so bad.

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