His Aquatic Romance

"Human?' The girl cocked her head the other way. I caught a glimpse of pink gills under her chin. 'My sisters told me stories of humans. They said they sometimes sing to them to lure them underwater.' She grinned, showing off her sharp needle-teeth. 'I've been practicing. Want to hear?" ~Julie Kagawa, The Iron King


2. Queen Has Chosen

When Roman and I got to the night club, I noticed the theme to the entire place was water. Why in the hell would there be a water based night club here?

"Dude, someone just told me they have a mermaid in there!" Yelled Roman.

"A mermaid...?" I asked out loud. 

How the hell did these people get their hands on a mermaid!? I walked into the club, pushing people left and right. There was loud music, and misty smoke covering the entire place, and it reeked of drugs in here. My dad was going to kill me if he ever found out I was in this place, I found myself walking towards the front of the club where a large glass tank stood, but nothing was inside.

"Ladies and gents are you ready to see the Queen of the Sea?!" Yelled a tall man, standing next to the tank.

The music was soon lowered down and people began cheering. Bright lights turned on from the bottom of the tank, illuminating the entire tank so that the water inside became visible. I soon saw a woman appearing from the milky yet clear water, she swam towards the front, exposing her mermaid body to the people watching her.

She was beautiful, her long brown hair surrounded her upper body, her tail was of golden color, with a silky thin like veil covering it. Her fins were rather large, which only meant she was a fast swimmer. She had webbed hands, and gills on the sides of her neck, she also had pearls and shells tied into her long hair.

"Bro, she's staring at you." Mumbled Roman into my ear.

I snapped out of my state of awe, and looked into her hazel eyes, which were indeed staring at me, she appeared to be sad, she did not smile, but only put her scaly webbed hand to the tank glass towards my direction.

"Looks like the Queen has chosen herself a person, people!!!" Yelled the man, with the mic in his hands.

"What does he mean Roman!? I'm confused." I turned around, asking Roman who was smiling at me.

I turned back around and saw that the mermaid was no longer there, I stepped closer to the tank in search for the beautiful woman, but the tank was empty.

"Hey YOU, come on up here!" Yelled the man.

I was confused, and didn't know how to react to what was going on, but before I could do anything, I felt Roman pushing me towards the stage, laughing.

"The mermaid wants you, Jasper! Go give her a good time!" He yelled.

I was soon pulled up onto the stage, and led towards the back of the club, into a chamber not seen from the front.

"You must be lucky, Calypso never picks anyone. You're actually the first." Said the man, leading me to a misty outdoor lake.

"What do you mean? I do not understand." I replied, clearly confused.

"Relax. Just go in!" He said, roughly pushing me outside of the club.

I looked around, and felt no one's presence, I knew the man locked me outside to fend for myself. I walked out and looked around. It was a really large lake, with trees surrounding the area, almost like it was a private property for private eyes.

"HELLO?" I called out.

I soon heard the disturbance of water to the side of me, and as I turned to see what it was, the woman's head popped up through the surface of the lake's water, and she swam towards me.

I stepped back away from the edge of the lake, watching her closely. I didn't know what she wanted nor what she was capable of, I've heard stories of mermaids. Mermaids dragged their men to the bottom of whatever ocean or sea; in this case a lake, and did God knows what with them. The more I stared, the more enchanted I was with her, but she didn't look happy. There was no life in her face, her eyes were soulless and she frowned.

"You are different from the rest of those men that come to see me." She said.

Her accent, she had a french accent?

"I was singing, and you were not phased by it." She said again.

Singing? I didn't hear anything. Her voice was so soft and sensual, and as her lips moved I could see her sharp pearly white teeth. She slowly made her way towards me, and just stared at me with her hazel eyes, waiting for me to say something.

"Uh... I'm a bit confused..." I mumbled.

"You've never seen a mermaid?" She asked.

"Well... No. I haven't."

"I was captured and brought here." She said.

"Why don't you escape?"

"Because I have no memory of the outside world." She replied.

"So you've lived among men all your life?"

"Yes." She replied.

"You look.... Sad."

She said nothing after that, but only stared at me. Throughout this entire conversation, her facial expressions remained as dull as can be, never showing emotion. She was empty inside.

"What is your name?" She asked.

"My name? Oh, uh, Jasper."

"Are you human?" She asked again.

"No. I am Harpy."

"Will you come to see me again?" She asked.

"Wait... What?"

"I took a liking to you, Jasper. Please come see me again." She asked, her eyes never leaving mine.

"Uh, sure. I wouldn't mind that."

She ran her webbed fingers through her hair, taking out a shell from her tangled, wet hair, and swam closer to me.

"Here. This is a gift." She said, extending her scaly arms out towards me.

I stepped closer to her, and reached out to take the white shell from her hand when my fingers brushed against her webbed ones, I suddenly felt my body spark into a heating frenzy. I felt my eyes dilate and my canines extend out through my gums, and I stepped back, falling to my knees.

"Jasper? Are you okay!?" The mermaid cried out, crawling towards me.

I covered my face to hide my Harpy appearance from her, "Please don't look!" I yelled.

I felt the mermaid lightly place her gift to me on my lap, and she made her way back into the lake, never looking back.

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