His Aquatic Romance

"Human?' The girl cocked her head the other way. I caught a glimpse of pink gills under her chin. 'My sisters told me stories of humans. They said they sometimes sing to them to lure them underwater.' She grinned, showing off her sharp needle-teeth. 'I've been practicing. Want to hear?" ~Julie Kagawa, The Iron King


7. Oblivious

Calypso's POV

My body was aching, especially in between my legs. Jasper had taken my virginity last night, and he helped me get my memories back along with my powers. Sleeping with Jasper had awakened the Harpy in me, after having it dormant inside since birth. I somehow felt different, my senses were heightened, my eyesight was somewhat enhanced as well. But no wings... I stared at myself in the mirror for a while longer, staring at my back. There were no signs of wings ever coming through. I guess having a mermaid mother wouldn't let that happen.

I walked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed, I looked around Jasper's room, looking for something to keep my mind off of things. I had his shirt on since I had no clothes that I owned. I did live 90% of my life in the water. I walked out of his room and into the kitchen. I was hungry, eating that club owner last night wasn't enough to satisfy my hunger, that foul man needed to die sooner or later. I couldn't play pretend prisoner forever.

I heard shuffling at the front door, and I walked towards it trying to hear what was on the other side.

"Roman shut up and open the door." Said a female voice.

"Lexy I'm telling you Jasper will not like this!" Roman tried to plead.

I stepped back and decided to sit on the couch, and waited for the two of them to enter, I could hear Roman struggle against the woman called Lexy.  I smiled to myself, thinking I may have another meal added to last night's menu. The front door soon opened, and in came the woman and following behind her was Roman.

"S-shit..." Muttered Roman.

"Hello." I greeted them.

"Who the fuck is this bitch!?" Screamed Lexy.

Roman quickly stood up and grabbed Lexy by the arm, pulling her close to his chest.

"My name is Calypso, are you looking for Jasper?" I asked, staring innocently at the woman.

"I'm sorry Cali, she wouldn't let up," Roman said, looking down.

"DON'T APOLOGIZE!" Screamed the Lexy woman.

I smiled and only stared at the woman, she obviously was feeling some type of way, and she couldn't handle the sight of me sitting in Jasper's house.

"She's wearing Jasper's clothes too?! Just who the fuck are you?" She demanded.

"I am his mate, and you are?" I asked.

Roman's eyes were on Lexy as if he was waiting for her to do something.

"LEXY STOP!" Yelled Roman.

"I am Jasper's woman." Replied the blonde woman.

"So you are his side bitch?" I asked innocently.

Before Roman could react Lexy was already across the living room and her hands tightly around my throat, her eyes fully dilated and her teeth bared, "What did you say bitch?"

I felt excited by all this for some reason, it must have been the Harpy side of me. I wasn't scared of this woman, I only found myself laughing, grabbing Lexy by the arm and twisting it down and around her back, forcing Lexy down to her knees. She was now whimpering in pain, looking up at me for mercy. 

"I believe you made a grave mistake laying your hands on me, Miss Lexy," I said, smiling down at Lexy.

Roman stared in shock as if it was the first time he ever saw someone bring this woman to her knees before, he was now nervously biting his nails, "Fuck Jasper is going to kill me."

"Touch me again, and I will dine on your corpse, Miss Lexy," 
I said before letting her go. 

Lexy crawled away, holding her hurting arm to her chest, looking at me with pure hatred, if only looks could kill. 

"I'm home --- what the fuck!" Jasper yelled, walking inside the apartment.

"Sorry Lexy just wouldn't listen and ---" Roman began to explain.

"It's alright, we were just getting acquainted," I said.

"Acquainted? Really?" Jasper asked, looking down at Lexy, who was now avoiding eye contact. 

"Yes. " I replied, blankly staring at Jasper.

"Lexy why are you on the floor?" Jasper asked, putting the groceries down on the kitchen table.

"I tripped," She replied.

"Then get your clumsy ass up," Jasper ordered.

Lexy stood up off the floor, stretching out her arm, wincing a little, but she never made eye contact with me. I was guessing she didn't want Jasper to know of this incident. 

"I'm out of here..." Lexy muttered, making her way out of the apartment.

"Uh, well see you later then." Replied Roman.

I sat on the couch and watched as Lexy made her way out of the apartment, locking the door behind her, leaving Roman, Jasper, and I behind.

"Just so there isn't any future confusion, I told your side bitch if she ever laid her hands on me again... I would eat her." I announced. 

Jasper stopped what he was doing and stared at me.

"Sorry... You know how Lexy is..." Mumbled Roman from the corner of the living room.

"SHE WHAT?!" Yelled Jasper. 

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