His Aquatic Romance

"Human?' The girl cocked her head the other way. I caught a glimpse of pink gills under her chin. 'My sisters told me stories of humans. They said they sometimes sing to them to lure them underwater.' She grinned, showing off her sharp needle-teeth. 'I've been practicing. Want to hear?" ~Julie Kagawa, The Iron King


5. Mojito

I stood at the bar, waiting for Roman to come, as I downed a few shots of 1800 tequila. I was feeling myself at the moment, I wanted to unwind and let go. I wanted all this life-mate drama to go away so I can continue on with my party life. There was some kind of pop mixed with reggae music playing, and I just went with the flow. I was in the middle of the dance floor with a few girls rubbing and bumping their asses on me, not that I was complaining.

I soon heard Roman calling out to me, and I turned around to see him laughing, carrying some drinks over to my direction. I instantly got really happy, I didn't know if that was the work of the 1800 tequila in my system, but I happily bounced my way towards him.

"How did you find me?!" I called out over the music.

"I can see your hair ANYWHERE!" He replied, laughing while handing me a red cup.

"What's in this!?" I asked.

"MOJITO!!!" He yelled, then drinking off his cup.

I laughed and began dancing with my best friend and drinking at the same time. I had my eyes closed and felt wonderful at the point, nothing could bring me down. I soon felt the hands of a woman run down my chest, and when I opened my eyes a beautiful woman was dancing in front of me. She wore short, tight black booty shorts, her crop top was sparkly silver. She wore silver heels to match and as for her hair, it was a golden brown, long and reaching her butt. She stared up at me with her hazel eyes and I realized it wasn't just any woman, it was Calypso!

"Wait! You can get out of the water!?" I yelled, bewildered by this.

She smiled, slapping her hands to my mouth, and reached up for my ear.

"Yes. I wanted to see you." She said.

My eyes were dilating and my canines were exposed, I stared down at her waiting for a reaction, but the only thing Calypso did was smile up at me.

"You aren't afraid?" I asked.

She shook her head, and grabbed my free hand pulling me towards her, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and said into my ear, "Let's not stop the party, Jasper."

I found myself enchanted and my Harpy was soon tamed by this woman. The only thing I could do was smile and I swallowed what was left of my mojito and threw the cup over my head. I soon grabbed Calypso's hips and began dancing while she began grinding her front against mines.

I saw Roman grinning at me, and he threw a big thumbs up. I grinned back and watched as the girls began swarming around him, and I was with Calypso dancing. The music in the club was jumping and everyone was dancing, Calypso was smiling as she danced with me and I felt like I was in heaven. She soon turned around and grabbed my face pulling me down and she kissed me. Her kiss took me by surprise, but I found myself kissing her back.

I felt my Harpy trying to take control of my body, I had to pull away before it took over.

"Take me away from this place Jasper," Calypso said, staring at me seriously.

I stared down at my life mate and decided I wasn't going to run away anymore, I was going to make her mine. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the loud music club. I lifted her body into my arms and wholeheartedly allowed my Harpy to take flight into the night sky. I heard Calypso scream into my neck, feeling her arms tighten around my neck as my wings helped us soar through the sky.

"Are you afraid?" I asked, looking into her eyes.

"N-no... I just... I never experienced this before." She replied, looking at my wings.

"Are you a half breed Calypso?" I asked her.

"Y-yes." She replied, looking at me now.

"You forced my Harpy out of me the moment you touched me that first night," I said.

"Meaning I am your life mate..." She whispered.


I flew back towards my apartment with Calypso in my arms, with nothing on my mind. I didn't know what I was going to do, I didn't know how she was feeling at this point, nor did I know if she even wanted anything to do with me. I flew down towards the entrance to my building, landing on my feet, pulling my wings back in.

"This is where I live," I said, putting Calypso on her feet. 

She looked around, walking away from me and entered my home. I followed behind her watching her every movement, waiting for something. She stepped inside my living room and leaned on the couch taking her heels off, stretching her tiny feet out. I watched as she walked towards me and grabbed my hand, and she pulled me towards my bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

She didn't answer but began lifting my black shirt up and over my head. She watched as my breathing began to quicken. She soon began unbuttoning my jeans, pulling them down.

"Calypso you don't need to do this," I said, looking down at her.

She didn't reply, but only pushed me to sit on the bed. She left me with my boxers on and stepped back looking into my eyes.

"I am making you mine, and you are going to make me yours." She simply said.

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