His Aquatic Romance

"Human?' The girl cocked her head the other way. I caught a glimpse of pink gills under her chin. 'My sisters told me stories of humans. They said they sometimes sing to them to lure them underwater.' She grinned, showing off her sharp needle-teeth. 'I've been practicing. Want to hear?" ~Julie Kagawa, The Iron King


10. Dark Side

Jasper's POV


I laid in bed with Calypso draped over my chest. Her long brunette curly hair tickling the sides of my arms, we had just finished making love to each other. 


"What happened to that man that kept you hostage at that bar?" I asked.


Something about that whole thing bothered me, and she never really explained his disappearance.


"Must we really talk about him?" Calypso asked, sitting up in bed.


"Yes... I would like to know what happened to him.


"I killed him, Jasper." She plainly replied, staring into my eyes.


"Y-You killed him?" I stuttered.


There was no sign of remorse in her eyes, and her facial expression was blank. 


"Wait... What do you mean you killed him?" I asked, now sitting up.


"He would have never allowed me to leave, and even if I did escape he would have followed me. So I killed him." 


I ran my fingers through my hair, not believing what was coming out of Calypso's mouth. It would seem to me that my woman has a dark secret side to her, that I had not been aware of. Right then and there I remembered what Roman had told me about her, during the accident with Lexi and Calypso. Something about her had bothered Roman, he just didn't know what it was. 


"Are you judging me, Jasper?" Calypso asked, pulling her hair up into a ponytail.


"Uh no...I just didn't expect this..." I mumbled.


"It's okay if you think I'm a monster." She replied, wrapping her fingers around my manly hood.


I sucked in a mouthful of air, staring at her completely surprised. What the fuck was going on here!?


"What's wrong Jasper?" Calypso asked, leaning her body down, positioning her head above my now throbbing cock.


"Uh... Wait... The man... Sh-shit..."I stuttered, staring down at what this woman was doing.


"Can we forget about him and focus on us?" She asked, licking the head of my penis.


I stared down at her with my mouth open, not being able to express myself. I soon felt her lips wrap around the head of my penis and she began to swallow down my length. At the moment I decided, "To hell with the man!

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