The New Girl (Vol. 1)

Sa'Mayah Marie Burleigh is the new girl at school. She goes to classes, the nerd in the school, and everyone bullies her. In her "Sex Ed" Class, Mrs. Murrow has assigned her to work on a project that is about how "orgasms" happen during sexual experience. She's paired up with a partner named Justin. The things that may happen to during this project may be related to this project. Will Sa'Mayah stay the same, or will she turn into a bad girl. Find out in the story called "The New Girl"


3. First Day At Summer High

I was in my bedroom putting on my Vans until I heard my door open. I saw Stephanie wearing heels, a high skirt, stockings, and a tucked inn white shirt. I looked at myself. Flat ironed hair, bucket hat, ripped jeans, crop tee, and my Vans.


"Mom said get ready for breakfast fatty" Stephanie says laughing.


She closes my door and I grab my Gucci bookbag, my Wireless Beats, and my iPhone 6s. I run downstairs and I go to the kitchen table and eat.


"Goodmorning sweetheart" My mom says sarcastic as ever

"Hello mother" I say plainly. 

"Look at my baby" My mom says walking over to the table, referring to my sister. 


My mother goes and gives Stephanie a hug and walks past me saying "Eww". I look down and my phone and it's time for me to go. I get up and rinse my plate. I wipe my face and get some Fiji water out the fridge. I close the fridge and walk out the house down the street. I see my school in the distance. My sister running behind me calling my name. I decide to block her out. I put on my Beats and I listen to "No Flocking x Kodak Black".


20 Minutes Later

I make my way to school and everyone is staring at me. I walk up into the high school parking lot. I see the jocks. Computer geeks. Nerds. Teacher Pets. The Bad Ones. The Bubbly Ones. Harijuku-Barbie Ones. Goth-Emo Ones. Anything you name it, I see it. I walk into the room that says in bold "Central Office". I go up to a lady at the desk with her glasses on her nose. 


"Hello ma'am" I say politely

"Hello sweetheart, how are you today" She asks typing on the computer in front of her. 

"I'm doing okay" I say. "Well I was wondering if you have my schedule ready for me because I'm a new student" I say to her. She looks over her glasses.

"I believe so.....are you Miss. Burleigh" She asks me

"May I see the first name" I ask her


She gives me the paper and I see it says "Sa'Mayah Burleigh". 


"Yes ma'am this is me" I say to her. 

"Okay great! See you around sweetheart" She says getting up pinching my cheeks.


I smile just a little bit. I walk to my class, looking down at my schedule. I bump into this tall guy. I look up at him. He has blonde hair. Straight pearl white teeth. Amazing scent of colonge tingling inside of my nose. I fell when I bumped. 


"Oh I'm sorry" He says helping me pick up my stuff.

"No. Your okay. I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention" I say.

"Hey, I'm Justin" He says standing up brushing himself off.

"I'm Sa'Mayah" I say extending my hand so we can shake hands.


He shook my hand. The boys were just staring at me until my phone rung.


"Shorty bad as hell yeah, with them Kylie Jenner lips" My phone rung.


I answer it, holding ip up with my shoulder giving Justin the finger to wait a minute. It was my sister nagging away. I hung up right in the middle of her speech. I walked over to Justin. We talked until the bell rung. He took my schedule


"We have all the same classes, sweet" He says licking his lips.

"Yeah. Well it's looks like we have Sex Ed right now correct" I say to him looking down

"Correctomundo" He says. 


I walk to class and I knock on the door. A lady with jet black hair with a bob cut comes up to answer the door. She pushes me and Justin out the classroom and tells us to wait. I see these girls walking to the class and they knock. They push them out too.


"Man, she always does this" One girl said.

"I know right. She act like an old bitch sometime" The other one said.

"Who's this" The girls said at the same time.

"I'm Sa'Mayah" I say to them


They wave at me. We talk while Justin goes to talk to these other group of guys. We clicked just like that. Talking about all of our problems and everything. Finally she came outside to talk to us. She was screaming



"Yes Mrs. Murrow" Everyone said in unison. 


We walk into the classroom to sit down. I sit next to Anahi and Valentina. That's there names. Justin sits behind me. We were talking about the human body and how sex impacts a lot of energy. Justin passed me a note



You bad as hell. I wanna get to know you better. Your really bad and you seem nice. I really want to get to know you better. Is that okay with you



This is what I wrote

Well let's see. Many guys only want to get in my pants and I think your one of them who just uses a girl for sex. Goodbye and no we can't hang out

~Your Girl, Sa'Mayah.


At this point, I was pissed off because he didn't think I saw him flirting with my sister earlier. I threw the note at his face and walked off to the next class. The teacher name was Mr. Marino. Just then someone grabbed my arm and took me into a vacant room that they use for SOL testing. Justin sat me down and stared into my eyes. I couldn't take it anymore. I just kissed him. He kissed back of course. It got kinda touchy-feely. Someone barged into the classroom and it was my sister. She sat on Justin's lap talking to me.


"You. Him. Kissing You" She says with her mouth open

"Yes" I say looking down, fiddling with my finger-nails

"You know what, you need to stop being a thot. I'm so tired of you" She says.

"Ayee ladies" Justin says pushing Stephanie off his lap. 

"She's nothing but a pig anyways. That's why mom talks about you behind her back and calls you a "Hole in a condom". You were a mistake Mayah" She screams.


At this point I feel tears running down my cheek. But you see, this is why I do suicide and self-harm to myself. I even thought about hanging myself because it's ridicoulous how people bully people because of their appearance. I run yout the classroom and I'm walking down the street. I facetime Anahi and she tells me that it's going to be "alright". I look behind me and there was Justin standing there. I smile at him and wipe my eyes, avoiding the pain. He lifts my head up and kisses my lips so softly. He gives me his number and walks away. I run home happily and I get into the house. I slid down the door and called Justin


~Phone Convo~

"So, how about that date" Justin says

"Sure why not" I say hanging up the phone


I sigh deeply and I go to take a shower. I get out 20 minutes later and go into my room and put on my pajamas. I sit down on my bed and write in my diary


Dear Diary, 

Today was an amazing day at school. I mean a couple peopl laughed, more liked the whole school, but I mean I met this nice guy named Justin, and made soem new friends names Valentina and Anahi. I love them already. My sister Stephanie already probably told mom about me kissing Justin.


Before I could write anymore of my journal entry. My mom calls me downstairs.


"Sa'Mayah" My mom yells.

"Coming mom" I yell from upstairs.


I tucked my diary underneath my pillow and walked downstairs to see Stephanie and my mom standing at the kitchen table. I walk over slowly and quietly, tip-toeing my way. 


"Yes mom" I say to her

"Well, I heard you and Mr. Big Shot at school kissed today huh" She says getting food out of her teeth.

"Well yes" I say looking down sadly

"I don't even know why you try though. Your nothing but a fat lump anyways" My mom yells at me.


My mom throws something at me but I keep my tears back. I ran upstairs, locked my door, grabbed my diary, some clothes, and other stuff and hopped out my bedroom window. I ran down the street putting my beats on my head listening to "Exchange x Bryson Tiller"



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