Silence is the most powerful weapon

One day a girl by the name of Rose moves into a small town. She's always....quiet. Never says a word, she really doesn't need to. Will something change her mind? (Sorry i suck at this.)


1. Music and Pain


     intro~ Andy P.O.V.


     Sometimes I wonder why I even bother doing anything at all. My name is Andy, Andy James I'm 19. I live in the small town of Hedgelove, Pensvill (NOT REAL PLACES.) Oh, if you were wondering, I'm no normal guy. Normal isn't a word I use to describe myself at all. I'm emo. People think that emos are people who always self-harm, are attention whores, and think their life is worse than everyone else's. I'm not like that because I have a pretty nice life. An emo is someone who likes a kind of music and I like that kind of music. You want to know what I look like?? Ok here is what I wear along with what I look like. Panic!At the Disco shirt, white pants, a lip ring, a black tattoo of a black rose on my left arm, black converse, I have a hair cut that makes my hair cover one of my hazel eyes, I have tan skin, and last but not least I don't look scrawny. I'm pretty average when it comes to body structure. That was brief. I want to dive into the story already!! Here it is. It all started with a girl named Rose Esperanza Perez. 

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