Melissa finds the right person at the right time, and from there on her life is perfect. Will it stay this way though?


1. Melissa Jarvis

We always make up these perfect scenarios in our heads, and dream that they might one day come true. They just never do. Or well, at least they didn’t for me. My name is Melissa Jarvis, and this is my story.

I was in junior year of high school, and everyone thought I was living the dream, just because many people called themselves my friend, and told me I was pretty and cute. And I have to admit, I really thought I was. Everyone liked me, especially the boys. Everyone said I was smart, sweet and pretty, and that’s why I was chosen as their “leader”. Leader may be an exaggeration, but it pretty much fits what they saw me as. Even though people said they were my friend, and I believed them, I guess everyone deep down knew that it was all faking. I never quite realized all this, until one day it came to my mind, no one actually knew the little things about me. Like what my favorite food was, or what kind of music I liked. All they cared about was my popularity, and that really destroyed me. Waking up every day, and knowing that no one actually cared about me, really was horrible. Just in the time I needed it the most, I stumbled upon this truly eye-catching person, who was soon to change my life completely.

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