The (fairly) Complete Glossary of Mathematics

The Complete Glossary of Mathematics has been compiled by a team of experts with first-hand experience at making numbers into Greek letters and vice versa. This complete edition is certified really...but we're pretty sure it's all accurate. [THIS IS NOT A REVISION TOOL - USE FOR COMEDIC PURPOSES ONLY]


3. Area - Axis

Area - (1) The 2D space a shape takes up

(2) A place, e.g. "This is my maths area, here I ponder upon the intricacies of the Fibonacci sequence..."


Arithmetic - (1) The manipulation of numbers ('Mental arithmetic' refers to manipulating numbers in one's head)

(2) A pastime enjoyed by all who pursue it - [citation needed]


Asymmetry - (1) A shape that isn't trying hard enough

(2) Having no lines of symmetry


Axis - (1) The line(s) of a graph referring to x = 0, y = 0, z = 0 etc.

(2) The plural form of tool used to cut down trees (if you are poor at spelling)


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