Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


5. unexpected guest

After breakfast Ashton and I had a make out session. His grip tightens around my hips grinding on each other "I'm ready for a round 2" he kissed down my neck and- "Ashton!!!!" We quickly jumped off each other "mum! How did you get in here?" "The key you have me remember also Harry and Lauren is here."

He quickly put on a shirt while I went up stairs to put on some shorts "mum you have a suit case?" She smiled "of course I'm staying for thanks giving and Christmas" Ashton looked like he was about to pass out but I was excited to spend time with his family " I'll show you your room" I told Ann leading her up stairs. Ashton gave me the 'don't you dare' look, I just gave him a shrug and a kiss.

I open the guess bed room for Anne "thank you, and I'm expecting a grandchild soon?" I laughed nervously "not yet Anne" I went to Harry and Lauren "are you pregnant?" I looked at them surprised "who told you two that I was pregnant?" "Mum" I laughed "no, I'm not pregnant" Ash smacked my ass "yet, your not pregnant yet" I blushed "wait, you guys are still trying for a baby?" Lauren asked "kind of" I can't believe I'm talking to Ashton's younger siblings about this "I gave up but I didn't tell Ashton." Lauren nodded "so he's still going?" I nodded blushing; me and Ashton been trying for a baby but I soon gave up but I guess Ashton is still trying.

I went to Ashton and I room "hey babe, you ok?" I sighed "Ashton, maybe we weren't supposed to have a child." He stopped doing what hew was doing "you're giving up?" I shrugged "I just feel like we're forcing it" he ran his hand through his hair "so your giving up" I can see the hurt in his eyes "I'm not trying to give up" he frowned "well it looks like you are" he put on his black skinny jeans a tight black muscle shirt and his black vans "where you going?" "Out I'll be back probably in an hour" he stomped down stairs and slammed the door. He must really wanted a child " I sighed going to the kitchen "did you and Ash have a fight?" I nodded at Anne "he really wanted a child" I say to her "well of course, his father walked out on him, well us so he wants to start an actual family so he can heal his wound" now I feel like shit.

It's been 5 hours since he left and I'm starting to get worried, I tried calling him but he didn't pick up. Where is he? The moon and stars are already out and it's getting late. I decided to go to bed, maybe he will be back in the morning.

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