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Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


39. tour

"John!!!" The boys tackled John and when John saw me and my triplets he smiled "congratulations Ashton, you did one hell of a job" I hit John "no swearing in front of the babies" I snapped "names?" I nodded "this is Levy, Avery, Allen, Tyler, Andy and Karen." John kept staring at my babies and I giggled "John you can hold one of them if you want to" he smiled taking Allen. "He looks like Ashton almost" "he sleeps like him too" I joked "well, here's the schedule for the year" me and Ashton read through each of them "wow, there's more interviews than concert!" When our tour bus was ready we hop on and unpacked "baby carriers are in the closet, breast milk in the fridge, pacifiers in baby bags, extra diapers, toys-" I cut Ashton off "Ashton we have everything I checked." "I'm starting to regret bringing the kids along especially the triplets" I kissed his cheek "that's why we have security."


Karen helped me with my bags while Calum went off to unpack our stuff. "Aunt Shay, do you think we will meet other celebrities?" I hummed "...if we do you need to keep your blog out of it. You don't want to get in trouble again." After everyone is settled we all did our own thing on the bus. Avery and Levy are being fed again, Riandi, Luke, Michael and Raz are playing video games the kids are watching T.V in the back, Ashton is sleeping with Allen, Calum and I are watching Netflix. I felt him staring and looked up at him "you ok?" He smiled "yea I am" I smiled kissing him. He deepened the kiss then carried both of us back to the bunk. "Calum we should wait, Ivy won't be happy to hear her kids ask questions about what we're doing" he stopped for a moment and his skin went pail "y-yes we should wait till we get to the hotel" what did Ivy do to the boys when they were kids to make them act that way? "Calum what was Ivy like as a kid?" I felt him shiver "well..."


"Hey Ivy you want to come with us to the beach?" Ivy nodded. At the the beach Luke and I built sand castles while Ashton, Michael and Ivy played in the water. The sun was already setting which made the setting look perfect. As we made our sandcastle Luke spotted something "SHARK!!" Ashton and Michael ran out of the water except for Ivy. We watched her pull someone's foot out the water "TOMMY!!!" She yelled. She pulled him out the water WITH ONE HAND, HIWS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!! He smiled waving at us and Ivy. Ivy held him upside down with only one hand and she literally threw him across the ocean, rock skipping him. We never knew she had that much strength especially for her age. How was that even possible?

-Flashback over-

Wow, remind me to stay on her good side. We made it to the hotel and got our keys for our hotel room. We helped Ashton and Ivy with their babies "thanks guys" I smiled "no problem" I say and we left to our room. "Now, let's finish what we started" I giggled attaching our lips together. Calum deepened the kiss exploring my mouth. I take off his shirt as he takes mine off, he kissed down my neck till he hit my sweet spot and started nibbling on it. A few minutes later we're now naked in front of each other, I plant kisses down his chest placing my hand on his hard hearing him hiss "fuck baby no teasing" I wrap my hand around his shaft and started moving it up and down. Groans escaped his throat, I licked the tip and stuck him in his mouth. I hope the kids don't hear us, I deep throat him feeling the tip hit the back of my throat "fuck baby your mouth feels so good around my cock" he stopped me and layers me down on the hotel bed. He lift my legs and put my feet on his shoulders. He breathed against my sex sending shivers down my spine "please" I felt him smirking against me then he started tonguing me. I run my fingers through his hair "Calum" I moan he press his thumb against my clit. I became a moaning mess then he stopped; he crawled on top of me and started teasing "who's teasing now?" He shrugged pounding himself in me without warning me. I wrap my legs around him wanting him to go deeper. "CALUM!!" I scream as he goes faster "louder" I say his name louder and louder till we both came down from our high "I love you" I smiled "I love you too" he kissed me one last time then pulled the covers over us then we fell asleep.


I lay the babies down in their baby bed and kissed their foreheads making them laugh "time for bed you little goofballs" Jess and Andy climbed in bed with us while Karen slept on the bed next to us with Tyler. The babies fell asleep peacefully except for us and the other kids "is it bad that the triplets are still sleeping through all the moaning and screaming?" Ivy nodded. "Daddy, are they in pain?" I look at Ivy who just pretended to fall asleep. The next morning we have the security watch our kids while we hit the gym. Ever since Ivy's been getting rid of her stretch marks and baby fat she's been looking sexier than ever. "You ok?" Ivy looks pissed. She's practically burning holes in the back of calum's head. I set the weights down and gave her a kiss on the lips which I regret SO MUCH!! SHE BIT MY BOTTOM LIP MAKING IT BLEED!! "Ivy, what the hell?" Calum seemed to notice and tried to run but she caught him by the collar "wait Ivy, were all adults here" I decided to leave and let her do her own thing. After showering in the gym shower I went back to the hotel room and saw Dave and Tom feeding the triplets the breast milk that Ivy left in a bottle in the fridge "hey Dave, Tom" I say "you know Avery and Levy eats just like you" I laughed "yea Ivy told me, she told me that her nipples are tired of those two so she started putting her breast milk in bottles for them. She breast feeds sometimes but those two are beasts" I joked. "So are you planning on having more kids?" I stretched "yea I want to give ivy sometime to relax from giving birth. I don't want to hurt her" Dave smiled handing me Avery and Levy "women are tough. Trust me" I smiled "oh I know." Ivy came back to the room "hey Dave, Tom" she picked up Levy and I smiled kissing her cheek "you need a shower" I say "and you need to change Levy's diaper while I take a shower" I lay Avery down so she can sleep and grabbed Levy. "You're a stinky baby aren't you?" He started giggling and making high squeals kicking his legs. I lay him down on the changing bed and take his stinky diaper off "oh my goodness. What is your mother feeding you?" Tom laid Allen in bed and walked out with Dave.


After my shower I wrapped myself in a towel and came out smelling diaper "I'll go get the air freshener" Ashton laughed "pleas do." I sprayed the room and opened up the window for some fresh air. I changed into a pair of shorts and a green day t-shirt. I put on my flip flops then I felt Ashton pinch my ass "looking cute as always" I laughed "you're such an idiot" I put on Allen's baby monkey onesie on "but I'm your idiot" I kiss him a few times then put Allen in the stroller. Avery has on a penguin onesie that Luke bought her and Levy has on a giraffe onesie that Luke also bought. Avery sat in the middle and Levy sat on the end. Ashton pushed the stroller down the hall getting a few aw from people "the concert starts at 8 we rehears after our interview which ends at 5" I nodded. We met the others at the dining area, there isn't many people down here so it was quiet. After breakfast we walked through the city of Canberra the capital of Australia "Karen hold Andy's hand." She did what I said, Jess wanted to push the stroller so Ashton let her but kept his hands on top of her's to make sure she doesn't run people over or drop her little brothers and sister. "We have a few hours. We can take the kids for some ice cream and take them to the park" Michael suggested and we agree. We sat in the park letting the babies crawl around on the blanket we set down "hey snapchat, it's a beautiful day today. Karen, my beautiful daughter ran off to play with random people's dogs- Andy stop playing in the dirt, you're going to get dirty" And came back over and picked up his ball. Since the triplets are still a little to small and haven't learned how to crawl yet the just scoot on their bellies or the would kick. Allen went up to Ashton with his big brown reddish eyes and smiled showing his gums. "Hey Allen" Allen stared at him with his mouth wide open, he made a few adorable sounds and Ashton copied him making him laugh. Shay and I talked "are you ready for more babies" I laughed "not yet I need sometime to regenerate if you know what I mean" she picked Levy up and smiled "I guess but still, you're so lucky" she set Levy on her lap "I hope one day me and Calum can have kids."


Allen played with my keys that were in my pocket and tried putting them in his mouth "no Allen, this is not food" I take the keys away from him and started searching for his bottle. I held him in my arms so he can drink from the bottle "I can't wait to be a dad" I looked at Calum with shock. He never wanted kids in his entire life but I'm guessing he wants to have kids with someone special. And that special someone is Shay "you" I scoffed "THE Calum Thomas Hood who specifically said he doesn't want kids, wants to be a father? I am shocked!" He rolled his eyes playfully punching me "Shay is special, and I want to make her feel special so with that. I Calum Hood want to have kids with her, but first we're getting married but don't tell her." I smiled nodding, Allen fell asleep so I lay him in the carriage, "we should go so the babies don't get bitten by anything" Luke said grabbing Levy and Avery, and putting them in the stroller. I pushed the stroller this time "these babies are heavy" I say "yea they are." Have you ever had that feeling that when you go outside and you have that sense of something random happening? Well that's exactly what happened; we ran into Cameron Dallas one of the youtubers I follow on YouTube and Twitter. "You guys look familiar" I smiled "were 5 seconds of summer" who looked at me confused "I'm Michael the one who told you to follow me" he shook his head slowly. I roll my eyes and started singing one of our songs "...she's kind of hot though..." "oohhh, Michael Clifford; nice to finally meet you" I nodded "are you baby sitting cause theres no way your the father of these children especially those" wow this guy is a real jerk in person. I noticed that Ivy was getting pissed "oh my gosh you're Cameron Dallas!" Karen took a few pictures of him "the one and only" that cocky little bastard (no hate on Cameron just thought I can make things interesting)

Cameron signed Karens phone case "here you go beautiful" Karen blushed and I rolled my eyes. "So what's the babies names?" I pointed to each one as I say their name "Avery, Allen and Levy" he bent down looking at them closely "those two look I girls and she looks a guy are you sure you-" he was cut off by a scary pissed Ivy "say it and I rip your throat" my skin feels like burning eyes. It's like she's looking through people's souls and I'm pretty sure she stole people's souls before. "I dare you to finish that sentence" Ashton pulled her back "Ivy baby, let go before you almost kill him." Her grip tighten and this time I don't think she'll let go in like Alex our class mate in 8th grade she almost killed him but stopped. "Come on Ivy he's not worth our time. He's just a jerk" I say; she huffed and let go, we sighed in relief and kept on walking till the damn kid opened his mouth "you fucking bitch you almost killed me " our eyes widened. "Oh no" Ivy is like a freaking time bomb, she walked back over there and I see Cameron's face going pale "you should have kept your mouth shut."


I'm going to call the ambulance just in case this goes bad "Ivy don't do it" I say. I never knew I can meet someone this scary in my life, she grabbed him and this time she picked him up!! She slammed him against the wall a few times then threw him on the ground "call me a bitch again and I'll show you a real bitch. And next time you want to target my family like that I'll make sure you stay down permanently" I can see the coldness in her eyes. What made her act this way, so violent. After her temper we went to the building for the interview we're having. We go inside a few girls start screaming the boys waved and when Michael came in with the triplets and the 3 other kids, aw filled the room. We sat down in bean bag chairs "who are these cuties?" The interviewer ask "this Tyler, Andy and Karen Ashton and i's adopted children, and these are our triplets that I gave birth to on February 18, this is Allen, Levy and Avery." Ashton took Avery and Allen out the seat earning a few screams. Ivy held Levy "ok on with the questions first we're going to start with the cuties. What's it being the children of Ashton? Don't look at him you can be honest" he joked "it's like having a babysitter that don't know how to babysit. Dad lost me, Tyler and Jess 5 times Jess 3 times counting the last time he lost us" I couldn't hold back my laugh.


Ashton didn't seem angry he just laughed it off, I guess he knows it's true. Even the fans laughed at what Karen said "ok on with the boys, so you boys are back on tour again, how do you feel?" Like wrap an arm around me "great, we get to see the fans, meet new fans that are hearing about us and going off into a new side of the world" the lady nodded. Allen started kicking and making hiccup noises about to cry "AAAWWWW!!" The fans say in unison. Allen started crying making the others cry as well, I grab Allen and Levy while Ivy grabbed her baby girl Avery. Ashton handed me their bag and we went off to the back " they're just hungry" Ivy says pulling out 3 baby bottles. After they were done eating we put pacifiers in their mouths and they drifted off to sleep.


We walk back in with my babies and I hand Ashton Avery "they were just hungry" he nodded at me. "We are going to play a game, now the kids will be involved. We have 4 different spices. The Kanye pepper, Californian ghost pepper, Carolina reaper and the Naga viper pepper. Since Ivy can't play she will keep score. Here we have team cake with Luke, Calum, Shay and Riandi. Then on team Mashton we have Michael, Ashton and Raz" I handed each of them a pair of gloves and went back to my spot "these cards are nothing but random facts first question is for team cake. what is the capital of the united states?"  the boys thought about it for a while "New york?" I face palmed "wrong  its Washington D.C" Riandi slapped him in the back of his head "ok Jess which one do you think Luke should have?" I ask her and she points at the nice red one "this one because pwetty just like uncle wuke eyes" the fans awwed at the comment she said. I gave one to Riandi, Luke, Calum and Shay; they bit into it and started panicking from the heat. I quickly poured them some milk and handed it to them, they quickly drank the milk "next question goes to team Mashton what year was Luke born?" Michael please don't raise your hand. I don't want Ashton to suffer a pain of fire. "1965" Michael said with confidence. That idiot "I can't believe you didn't know my year of birth" Michael shrugged "i choose this one since it matches the shade of red on his head" Kathrin says. I kiss Ashton and whisper "sorry baby" he kissed me a few times and I went back. I pour their milk and handed it to them after they were done, after the game we washed up making sure we don't have any of the spice left over on our hands. "we heard you guys did a song with one ok rock, how was that?" I handed Ashton, Allen and I held Avery and Levy. the kids went to the back so they can eat "you and Ivy are getting married congratulations on that and the babies." the interview was mostly about our private life instead of the music, after the interview we went to soundcheck. "play the drums with me like we used to do" I sat on Ashton's lap and started banging on the drums, I heard him moan a few times and I giggled "sorry to interrupt your fun but I need to talk to Ivy" Shay pulled me off  of a frustrated Ashton and took me backstage with the other girls. "what's going on?" I ask a little worried "I'm pregnant with Calum's baby" I hugged her "that's amazing! when did you find out?" "this morning but I wanted to be sure that I am pregnant and I am" we squealed "so when are you going to tell him the big news?" she shrugged "I don't know to be honest i'm kind of nervous to tell him. would if he gets upset?" I smiled "if he does then we will have a little talk." I walked back on stage kissing Ashton "so what was so important that they needed you?" I giggled "you will see" he nodded and we continued the sound check. After sound check we watched the fans from backstage pile in and settle in their spots "good luck" i say kissing him. he put his ear piece in and kissed the children on their forehead before going up on stage getting the fans hyped; he started playing the drums while the boys strummed their instruments backstage waiting for Ashton's count. the triplets slept in their cribs while security kept an eye on them "she said to me forget what you thought cause..." Luke let the fans finish and played his guitar along with the others. during the whole concert as it gets darker outside Calum pulls Shay on stage.


Calum pulled me on stage talking through the mic "this is Shay, she is very special to me and I want her to know how much i love her. I love waking up and seeing her beautiful face and when i'm upset she's always there to cheer me up and she's my motivation." he gets down on one knee and i knew where this was going, i started to cry as he opened a box with a beautiful ring in it "Shay, will you marry me?" i smiled nodding yes and kissing him as Ashton banged on the drums i grabbed the mic "Calum I also have  a surprise for you" he looked at  me confused "I'm pregnant" the fans started to scream some cried as Calum kissed me a few times "I love you so much" i giggled "I love you too."  After the concert we went out to eat to celebrate real quick then went to the bus "i'm off to put the babies to bed. Karen, Tyler make sure Jess and Andy is in bed" Ivy said  as i help her put the babies to bed.

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