Boyfriend, father, husband💍

Hey I'm alive and back it's been a while also people who are reading my book Myths I changed up a few things sorry


35. the search

I should have brung the kids with us, this is all my fault. Ivy is going to kill me! The cops has us under protection while everyone else is went searching for my family. Dave came down to L.A to help with the search and had extra security with us even though we have the cops to protect us. Me and the boys went online looking for a new home in Australia luckily we did and I know Ivy will love it. We purchased the house online and waited around hoping Ivy is ok "what's taking so long she could be dead by now" Calum grabbed my arm "calm down everything will be fine." I was on the verge of crying "why don't we play a game to make you feel better and we can eat-" before Michael could finish the door bust open revealing my babies! "IVY!!" I hugged and kissed her then noticed a lot of bruises on her body "what did he do to you?" She shook her head tears flowing "come on we're leaving, we're moving back to Australia and I found a house you might like" she smiled "dad" Karen hugged me along with the Jess and the boys "daddy" Jess cried reaching up for me "my poor baby girl" I picked her up kissing her forehead.

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